‘Tis True: Fable 3 Officially Confirmed For PC

Lionhead have confirmed on their website that Fable 3 is indeed destined for PC. Which is interesting, given previous form (there’s no Fable 2 on our beloved box). Lionhead say: ” The Windows version will retail for $49.99/£39.99/€54.99, and will also be available for download exclusively on Games on Demand on Games for Windows – LIVE.” More details about the special edition through the link. I’ve rounded up some of the more watchable videos for the game and posted ’em below.


  1. kedaha says:

    £40 = €46. Fuckers :(

  2. Gutter says:

    What? No Steam?

    I’m getting my popcorns out, laughing at the irony of so many people wondering why publishers do not want to do anything with PCs, and when they do, for not using their digital distributor of choice.

    • Bhazor says:

      Steam really is the iTunes of pc game platforms. Built purely as a means of copy protection it ended up exploding into the most popular digital download shop. But it has still kept its original purpose.

      I don’t think GFWL is better than Steam but this is purely because Steam has more games at the moment. But I also do not want Steam to have a monopoly. My time with GFWL shows it to be less resource heavy, much faster at loading games (because Live loads alongside the game rather than Steam’s load steam>choose game> Steam loads access to game>game loads), it has an offline mode that works and I’ve had no equivelent to the “Cannot access steam servers, please try later” which I see every third time I try to turn Steam on.

      It’s no perfect, but it’s competition from a major company and thats enough for me.

    • TheApplePie says:

      “I don’t think GFWL is better than Steam but this is purely because Steam has more games at the moment.”

      Well, do you actually know that GFWL is supported only in 26 countries. That if you register a product you paid a full price for with an account from an unsupported country, you will have no acces to it’s multiplayer features. That, in case of certain types of GFWL product keys, you will lose those features permanently.

      I don’t think GFWL is better than Steam but the amount of games it has certainly wont change this.

  3. Dubious says:

    $50 = €40. Fuckers :(

    • Nikolaj says:

      That’s what I was thinking. Disgusting.

    • Alexander Norris says:

      New PC games cost £43 in Europe. There are no sales in most places, so you can’t buy them from Amazon to get them half-price, either. VAT doesn’t explain the surcharge since both the UK and most European countries have a similar VAT (at about 20%) and yet the UK mysteriously gets away with paying US prices.

      So yeah, unless you live in a country where the minimum price for a new game is ~£45, there are no sales, and games stay at the £45 price point for 12-24 months, you don’t have much to complain about.

    • TeeJay says:

      “…the UK mysteriously gets away with paying US prices…”

      UK pricing has to take into account the Channel Islands, where Play.com, Sendit.com, Amazon.co.uk, HMV and so on base large mail-order warehouses. The ‘no VAT’ only applies to items of £18 or less, but this does have knock-on downward-pressure effect on all video-game pricing aimed at UK consumers IMO.

    • Paul says:

      I just ordered Alpha Procotol for 23 euros incl. shipping from zavvi. I LOVE UK shops and hope stupid governments will keep it this way.

    • Gutfried says:

      It’s also worth remembering that the UK version is the same as the US version, whilst modern games require full translation and hundreds or thousands of hours of additional voice acting for European releases with relatively few sales to spread the cost over. So games will be more expensive in Europe regardless of the exchange rate, since those hours to make the Italian or French copies won’t have a similar level of sales to spread their development costs over. You can argue that there should be global solidarity or something, but I can’t see it happening.

    • Carra says:

      Translations. Bah, why would I need to pay for the game to be translated in French? The last time Black & White was translated to my native tongue, Dutch the outrage was so big that they were forced to create an English language patch. Noone has bothered since to translate non kiddie games to Dutch.

      Translations, pfff.

    • TeeJay says:

      “…It’s also worth remembering that the UK version is the same as the US version…”

      This isn’t *always* true: leaving aside the language, there are sometimes other differences between European / International versions and US / North American versions, for example nudity in The Witcher, or box art etc (eg Settlers games).

      I came across this recently when I had to patch Evil Genius making sure I used the ‘european’ version of the patch. The fact that I was playing in Engiish didn’t mean my game was the same as the North American version for some wierd / wonderful / technical reasons I still don’t fully understand. This was further confused by there being internet confusion about whether the Steam version was US or Euro (and it’s compatibility with various patchs and mods).

  4. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    Expensive lies.

  5. AbyssUK says:

    Games for windows – LIVE = no sale. Fuck them!

    • Diogo Ribeiro says:

      It’s not exclusive to GFWL. It’s also on retail.

    • Optimaximal says:

      No, it’s exclusive to GFW:Live’s Games on Demand service. Reading the article linked in the post is always a good idea.

      The Windows version will retail for $49.99/£39.99/€54.99, and will also be available for download exclusively on Games on Demand on Games for Windows – LIVE.

    • Optimaximal says:

      Ok, now I read that, I feel foolish :)

      Damn them and their roundabout wording!

    • Collic says:

      GFWL :( damn

    • Nessin says:

      Retail AND exclusive for download… meaning it will be in the stores if you want a hardcopy, or you can download it from GFWL, but if you choose the download option, you have to get it from GFWL.

  6. LewieP says:

    I would wager that the retail version will be available for significantly less than that not long after release.

    • Rich says:

      It’s a good bet. Digital distributors always seem to sell far closer to the RRP than retailers, at the time of release.

    • Jimbo says:

      I’ll wager that *on* release. Cool Shop (my online retailer of choice) will probably have it for about £25, like they usually do.

      If a PC game isn’t available somewhere for less than £30 then I just don’t buy it. RRP is usually bullshit.

  7. Mario Figueiredo says:

    So, an European (British) developer studio makes a game published by an American company. And this is the price they expect you to pay:

    in USA: $49.99 = £34.77 = €39.83
    in GB: £39.99 = $57.47 = €45.81
    in EU: €54.99 = $68.97 = £48.02

    Excuse me, but they can go fuck themselves.

    • mrmud says:

      This is astoundingly retarded

    • rocketman71 says:

      @mrmud: That’s because Microsoft is retarded. And absurd. Why give us 3 now?. Why not GoW3 as well?. Are they going to make the second of each trilogy console-only?.

    • Chaz says:

      Presumably those are just the RRP prices though, which means the actual retail price will probably be £10-£15 less.

    • perilisk says:

      Maybe it’s retaliation for the amount of crap they get from EU bureaucrats on a regular basis.

    • Bhazor says:

      Steam does the same discrepancies but they’ve done it for so long no one brings it up.

    • drewski says:

      Honestly, the whining from EU and UK buyers – try being from Australia.

      A new retail game is at least A$89.95 which translates to US$75, €60 or £51.

    • Alexander Norris says:

      drewski: congratulations, that’s more or less the same price EU buyers pay. 50-55€ for a new PC game and 60-70€ for a new console game.

      Australians are hardly special. If anything, we share similar plights.

    • drewski says:

      There is no way €50 is “more or less” the same as €60.

      New console games can go for as much as €80 here.

    • TeeJay says:

      However in reality for the UK:

      new releases/pre-orders:
      RRP: £39.99 >>> £26.99 w/ Free Delivery (eg play.com)
      RRP: £34.99 >>> £24.99
      RRP: £29.99 >>> £17.99

      after a few months:
      £14.99 (eg ARMA2, Bioshock2, Dragon Age)
      …and lower

      (prices from play.com)

    • drewski says:

      And that’s the other thing about retail in Australia – online is usually only marginally cheaper, you often have to pay for postage on top and there’s a much, much slower discount curve on new releases.

      Thanks to PC games not being region locked it is, fortunately, usually possible to import legal copies from the EU or Asia at substantially lower prices.

    • Zogtee says:

      “Steam does the same discrepancies but they’ve done it for so long no one brings it up.”

      That’s probably because Steam (ie Valve) doesn’t actually set the prices.

      Anyway, GFWL is an annoying piece of crap and I’m unlikely yo buy this, if it isn’t on Steam or possibly Impulse, but that’s stretching it.

    • RedFred says:

      @Drewski: I feel that, man. I’m from NZ and the situation is just as bad, if not, worse.

  8. kyrieee says:

    Eh, why 55€? Are they only letting mentally deficient people handle Windows releases?

  9. Schizoslayer says:

    And they wonder why Day one piracy happens on PC when they try to charge numbers like that. Knock at least a tenner off that and I’ll start to consider it. Knock £20 off and It’s a day 1 purchase.

    • Mario Figueiredo says:

      There’s another way. Not even pirate them.

      And if you want to really stick to your guns, do like me. To make a point I didn’t even cared to run the videos on this article.

    • Bhazor says:

      Yep lets half the price, that will raise the profits.

    • Dextro says:

      Valve begs to differ on that statement Bhazor: link to edge-online.com

    • Shalrath says:

      Actually, it will. It’s been proven time and again.

      The only time it isn’t true is when you’re releasing Halo/Modern Warfare/whatever huge game. Unless you’re the “AAA” title – removing even 10 dollars can triple sales.

      So… yes, it does, actually.

    • Bhazor says:

      No that article just shows the effect of putting a game on *sales* not the effect of starting price. The fact the survey was done in two weeks over the Christmas holidays seems a wee bit… short sighted. Still its not like games are known to sell more at Christmas.

  10. Rich says:

    Also, any chance of a retroactive release of Fable II on PC?

  11. Robin says:

    I remember when an announcement of a new Bullfrog/Lionhead PC game would be something to get excited about. Shame that everything post Dungeon Keeper has made it more and more obvious that they’re never going to get their spark back.

    I still hope that one day they’ll get out of this dysfunctional cycle of making games that don’t play to their strengths in a vain attempt to please a publisher that doesn’t know what they want, instead of what they’re good at and famous for i.e. PC action/strategy games.

  12. Goomich says:

    There is no GFWL in Poland. Fuckers.

  13. Heliocentric says:

    Only for download on gfwl? Given i don’t buy disc games anymore unless once activated i can throw the disk and box away (or in storage) and i’ll never use the shit that is gfwl as a store i wont be buying this. How unfortunate.

  14. Sagan says:

    The US price is probably without tax. Adding that should lessen the unfairness a little.

    • Mario Figueiredo says:

      I very much doubt prices in Euros are with tax either. Because VAT varies from country to country.

    • Sagan says:

      @ Mario Figueiredo:
      No the EU prices are with tax included. If it says 55€ then you are going to pay 55€ for it.

    • RQH says:

      @Sagan: Also tax on $50 (at the highest state rate of 8.25%) makes it ~$54.00, which is still lower than $58/$68. In states with no sales tax, it’s $49.99. I’m not up on how VAT works exactly, but I seem to recall the VAT rates generally being higher than 8.25%, and yeah, probably not included in those prices.

    • RQH says:

      @Sagan: Sorry, didn’t see your reply. If it’s included, then yeah, it’s a little closer to the price in pounds if you live in, say, California, but still nothing compared to the Euro price.

    • Mario Figueiredo says:

      Again, I suspect no. VATS in europe range from 17% to 22%.
      I’ve seen games up to 60 Euros around here. And you can’t name many games that have been announced to cost 60 Euros.
      Besides European laws require prices with VAT included to mention VAT was included. It’s illegal to name a price + VAT without making this explicit. It’s the same as with USA sales tax.

    • Rikard Peterson says:

      @ Mario,
      …varies to 25% (here in Sweden). And while I don’t know what the international rules are, I do know that this statement “It’s illegal to name a price + VAT without making this explicit. It’s the same as with USA sales tax.” is completely backwards as far as Sweden is concerned. You only ever see prices excluding VAT here when it’s something aimed at companies, and that’s when they’re required to state that the price is excluding VAT.

    • James G says:

      I don’t know about the rest of Europe, but the UK price will include VAT at 17.5%.

      Counter to what Mario implies for other European countries, in the UK, prices quoted must include VAT unless otherwise stated and I believe in these cases the VAT price must be published as well. The only cases in which you see the most prominently published price lacking VAT is in situations in which a company’s sales are substantially to business customers.

    • Mario Figueiredo says:

      It’s possible that you guys are right and I’m wrong. I’m a bit confused now. It’s not that UK or Sweden count as good arguments because they don’t use the Euro and these rules apply, I think, to the Euro. But I distinctly remember seeing today a price without VAT and with that statement below it.
      I should probably pay more attention to these things. But you definitely shook my confidence.

    • RC-1290'Dreadnought' says:

      To me, it does not really matter if it is fair or not, I’m not going to pay €55,- for it.

  15. Jimbo says:

    Somebody, Jim, anybody…. please ask them to explain what the deal is with regards Natal.

    • Ricc says:

      Wasn’t Natal also supposed to be released for the PC at some point? I believe hearing something about MS Office in regards to Natal…

    • Mr_Day says:


      It is easy to figure out once you realise:

      Prenatal is before childbirth. Postnatal is after childbirth.

    • RC-1290'Dreadnought' says:

      Are you suggesting the project was born two months ago? Maybe it was a miscarriage?

    • RC-1290Dreadnought says:

      @MR_Day, Or actually, I read that it is scheduled for delivery in October. What kind of creature is that!?

  16. Schizoslayer says:

    Well at least in the UK Amazon should save us. They are already taking pre-orders for Fable 3 on Xbox at £37.91 and the RRP on that is £49.99.

    Hopefully the PC version will actually retail here for ~ 25-28 at launch.

    • Mr_Day says:

      Except the article says there won’t be a retail version.
      EDIT – my mistake, no it doesn’t. D’oh.
      Though I am glad I held out on getting Blood Bowl. Wasn’t it 49.99 at launch? When you are used to paying between 18 to 30 quid for a game, the idea of digital distribution is looking shit. Surely it costs less to make a non existent packet than it is to make a real one and then pay a bunch of people to move it around.
      Are server costs a lot higher than they used to be?

  17. Adamos says:

    Let me guess they will complain about low sales on pc and they will say they will not make another pc game and blame piracy
    You know what F**** you
    It was bad enough when $50=50euros and now you expect us to pay 55euros which is about $70 for a game that will probably end up been a direct port from 360?
    Again F**** you and i hope you never port a game on pc again

  18. pkt-zer0 says:

    55€. Downloadable version exclusive to GFWL. I wonder if they’re going with the limited activation variant of GFWL, too, just to make sure the PC versions sells as little as possible.

    • Robin says:

      It’s like they learned nothing from the Halo2 and Shadowrun fiascos.

      As for John Cleese, I already have one game with his voice talent (Starship Titanic) and the chances of Lionhead’s writers (“farts are hilarious! *snort*”) delivering anything remotely as good are slim.

  19. Ravenger says:

    I don’t pre-order games these days due to DRM, so I’ll be waiting for some PC reviews and user views before I think about buying it. If I do decide to buy it I won’t pay over £25, so I’ll be looking online for some discounts, or wait a few weeks until it’s on sale.

    I can understand why it’s not available on Steam, because it’s in Microsoft’s interest to push their Games On Demand service, but at that price they’re having a laugh, and I don’t expect they’ll get many sales via that route.

  20. sebmojo says:

    I… um.. quite liked Fable 2 so it will be nice to play it on PC? Yes? Am I doing it right?

    • Corporate Dog says:

      No. You must bitch about the price more.

      I, for instance, feel that the MSRP of Fable 3 in my native Jorkoslovakia is COMPLETELY insane!

      We still work on the barter system, and they expect us to pay them three chickens and a cow?

    • Alastayr says:

      @Corporate Dog
      I see what you did there. To be honest, bitching about the price difference just shows how ignorant most “global” people are. Why not bitch about coke costing twice as much in Europe; bread being way more expensive in the US or UK (and I mean *real* bread); quality meat being unaffordable in some EU countries; DVDs/CDs costing twice as much in most of Europe etc…

      As long as we have borders, there will be economic differences. It’s not pretty and thankfully there’s ways around that, but the sooner most people wrap their head around this the better.

    • Bhazor says:


    • TeeJay says:

      @ Alastayr:

      If there is a *decent* reason for price differences (eg taxation, distribution costs, localisation costs) then people are often happier. What people don’t like is when a completely identical product with virtually zero distribution costs (eg digitial download) are priced far higher in some markets with no decent explanation.

      PC Pro magasine (who are not naive idiots by any means) have covered this issue in relation to business software and some other consumer products:

      Rip-off Britain: excuses exposed – Tech firms keep asking us to pay more than our American counterparts for the same products. But do their excuses have any merit? Stewart Mitchell asks the experts: link to pcpro.co.uk

  21. Aemony says:

    Instant buy!

    But I miss Steam…

  22. UsF says:

    Yea. Black and White 2 didn’t get any multiplayer as discussed on the forums, so you can keep your stuff Lionhead. Enjoy your overpriced games on console and leave us PC gamers alone already.

    Ah well, Black and White 1, what a marble. They had to dumb it down so bad.

  23. Psychopomp says:

    What Molyneux has had to say about it hasn’t exactly excited me. He’s openly admitted that they’ve dumbed down 3. Apparently, Fable was complex in the first place

    • Jimbo says:

      I can’t even imagine how that’s possible. Is it just one long cutscene?

    • Nick says:

      Its just a stick man that farts when you press any key.

  24. Nimic says:

    That price (and price difference) is insulting. There’s not a chance in hell I’ll buy this.

  25. Shadow Aspect says:

    I can’t see Natal being required, mainly because I can’t see all current 360 owners buying Natal just for Fable 3.

  26. Bassism says:

    This still makes no sense to me.

    Normally I’d be happy to see more games releasing on PC, but for all the reasons everybody mentioned above I can only see this doing poorly and hence becoming a scapegoat for further ignoring of PC.

    I feel like Microsoft got the feeling that their GFW initiative is doing horribly, so went to Lionhead, said “You guys are good at PC, right? How bout you port Fable III to PC, since PC gamers still have fond memories of Fable, and everybody will love us!”

    Of course, nobody seems to understand quite what the reasons behind poor performance in the PC market are.

    Anyway, I’ll still maintain some hope that it could be reasonably entertaining. And I’ve learned not to look at any pre-release info for anything with Molyneux’s name on it.

    Fable has always been a light diversion to me though. And if this game is going to be even further simplified than the last installments, there is no way it will be deep and engaging enough to make me want to pay full price for it. Maybe after two months or so of no sales when they drop it to 15 bucks…

  27. wedge says:

    if it’s out on steam and on sale for like $30 I’ll buy it. Ridiculous..

  28. Tei says:

    Natal is vaporware. Prove me wrong.

  29. Heliosicle says:

    Molyneux has never made good on any of the promises he gives about his games, plus the pricing on this sucks. Maybe when its £15 on Amazon.

  30. Wulf says:

    What I get from the videos:

    Fable – Perfect World Edition*, possibly worth it for John Cleese.

    * A lot of the elements described, such as wings, and emotes with partners, strike me as directly lifted from Perfect World, which is rather hilarious.

    It looks quite interesting, though.

    Glad they kept the dog.

  31. Tei says:

    ” The Windows version will retail for $49.99/£39.99/€54.99, and will also be available for download exclusively on Games on Demand on Games for Windows – LIVE.”


    Heres a company is driven by people that don’t understand the gaming world, much less the PC world

  32. subedii says:

    Not to be needlessly antagonistic…

    … Well, maybe a litlle, anyway

    Is this series any actual good? I mean I haven’t really been too impressed with Molyneux’s stuff since Bullfrog closed shop.

    Then again, maybe I’m just bitter that nobody’s given us a proper sequel to Syndicate yet.

    • Wulf says:

      I liked Fable, quite a lot. I liked Fable II less, but it had a dog, so that’s a plus point.

      There are perhaps three words I would use to describe Fable II: Average, Moralistic, and Short.

      It is fun though, despite all that, but definitely better bought at a bargain price.

  33. Taverius says:

    … yyyyyeeeaaaaahhhh …

    Actually, no.

    It is against my religion to financially support the extraction of urine.

  34. Hmm says:

    That’s awesome news, but where’s Fable 2 and if MS SO LOVES us now, Gears 3 please? :) Oh wait, Epic hates PC gaming, so there’s no chance.

    Anyway, I wonder what made MS remember that PC exists.

    By the way, people here who are so surprised that FIII will be a GfWL title and exclusive to GfWL GoD are making me laugh. Wasn’t that always obvious? That’s like bitching Valve games will be using Steamworks and remain Steam exclusive.
    As for the price – meh, some retailers will offer the game cheaper from the beginning, so I doubt anyone here will be forced to pay more than he desires.

    • Jad says:

      Exactly. It is on GFWL for the same reason why L4D is only on Steam and not D2D or GFWL or the like. The same reason why Sins of a Solar Empire is on Impulse and not Steam.

      Microsoft publishes Fable 3, and they have a digital distribution system to push.

      Valve publishes L4D, and they have a digital distribution system to push.

      Stardock publishes SoaSE, and they have a digital distribution system to push.

      If you haven’t complained about the second and third situation, then don’t be surprised by the first.

    • Tei says:

      “Microsoft publishes Fable 3, and they have a digital distribution system to push.”

      What Microsoft have is best described as Digital Hemorrhoids that want to share with all of us.

    • Bhazor says:

      Reply to Jad
      Thats pretty much my feelings on the strange way people react on here to GFWL.

      Oh silly Tei, that isn’t an answer.

    • Wulf says:

      If GFWL used money instead of that proprietary pseudo-money points nonsense then I’d have no problem with it, really. But as it is, the game is expensive, but you’ll probably pay £5 on top of that just to have enough ‘points’ to buy the game with, then you have leftover points that you don’t really want to do anything with. None of the other digital distribution systems feel that’s necessary.

    • Hmm says:

      You CAN pay with real money. Or MS points. Your choice.

    • TheApplePie says:


      Please enlighten me what choice people from the unsupported regions have?

    • Wulf says:


      Can you show me this? The last time I checked out GFWL, it only had prices in points, not pounds or some real-world currency that isn’t imaginary and made out of fairy farts.

      Maybe they’ve changed it, but the last time I looked, all prices were shown in points. As long as they show prices in points, I’m not interested.

  35. Vinraith says:

    will also be available for download exclusively on Games on Demand on Games for Windows – LIVE.”

    I went from “mildly interested” to “burn it with fire” in the span of one sentence. Well done, MS.

    • Hmm says:

      Umm… get the retail version, then? You did not expect this game to be available digitally anywhere else, did you?

      Also, what’s so horrible about GfWL Marketplace? I downloaded some demos and videos from there and never had any problems, and I’m from an unsupported region.

    • Wulf says:


      See reply above about proprietary pseudo-money ‘points’ nonsense.

      That’s what’s bad about it.

    • TheApplePie says:


      You say you are from the unsupported country, like me. So tell me please, did you actually tried to buy something from the GFWL marketplace? Did you tried to activate a game with multiplayer that incorporated GFWL?

      If the answer to the above is “yes”, please tell me how did you menage to do it without shamefully lying to Microsoft about the country you were born in. If “no”, then i guess you dont know what are you talking about…

    • Hmm says:

      Yes, I can play multiplayer, gain achievements etc. And yes, like millions of people not living in the “supported regions”, I had to choose a supported country when creating a LIVE account.

    • TheApplePie says:


      And like the millions of people not living in the “supported regions”, that had to lie to the omnipotent Microsoft about the country they were born in, just to access a product they paid for, you cannot verify your credit card nor your activated PayPal account to purchase anything from the Games For Windows Live marketplace. Sweet. :)

    • subedii says:

      Pretty much. Really, I’m surprised you can so casually say “Oh yeah, there’s nothing wrong with the system, I just need to make sure that it thinks I live in some other country because if the game got tied to an account detailing where I actually LIVE then GFWL would kick me off and refuse to allow to play my purchase.

      I’ve heard more than a few people suffer from precisely this scenario. They fill in the details not knowing that Live has arbitrary restrictions on region and then they can’t play because their game’s been registered to an account that’s “in the wrong country”.

      And I’ll second the griping about MS Points. If I want to buy anything off of Steam, DLC or not, I don’t need to first purchase 1000 Newells and then spend 520 of those. But hey, that’s OK! I just buy another batch of 1000 the next time I want to make a purchase.

      MS Points are stupid and very patently money grubbing. I can’t see how they’re really defensible as the only means of buying DLC off of the GFWL store.

  36. Gwyn says:

    £40? €55? For an offline game?

    Are they actively trying to get people to pirate it?

    • Hmm says:

      Yeah, because that Indie pack that cost “as much as you want, even 1 dollar if you want” wasn’t pirated to hell and back.
      Who cares about the suggested price, the game will be available for less at retailers anyway.

    • WiPa says:

      People who pirated the Humble Indie Bundle are idiots.
      Why pirate something you can get for a penny? It’s pathetic.

      That’s the difference between pirating this and pirating the bundle.
      You aren’t an idiot if you pirate one overpriced game. You are if you pirate 5 games that you can get for a penny.

  37. geldonyetich says:

    Geeze, what a pack of ninnies. I’m mostly seeing good news here:

    1) I can play it on the my PC.

    2) It’s priced, so that must mean it’s actually reasonably close to release.

    Complaining that it does/does not have Windows Live, costs a little more in its country of origin, or is an offline game at full box price (hint: most are), seems a bit arbitrary.

  38. WiPa says:

    GFWL. Blech.

  39. drewski says:

    Considering Fable only used checkpoints within missions – outside them you could save anywhere you liked – it seems a little harsh to bash it for that compared to some of the moronic checkpoint systems used in some games (I’m looking at you, Far Cry.)

  40. drewski says:

    I’ll probably pick this up from the bargain bin like I do the first Fable game.

    Still need to borrow a 360 to play Fable II, mind.

  41. N says:

    Has anyone here enjoyed Fable1? I played it for about one hour or so then went back to Gothic/Morrowind/MDKlmao.

    • quijote3000 says:

      I played and finished Fable 1. Good game. It’s clearly designed for the console crowd, though. It supports poligamy, which is always a good point in my book.

  42. clive dunn says:

    i know this is slightly off topic but seriously
    I am being serious btw. Has anyone else noticed the price hike recently. When i wipe my arse i don’t wanna think about how much it’s costing me!

  43. Kevbo says:

    Surprised some people are actually interested in this game but different strokes for different folks….
    The combination of the lackluster previous games and games for windows live ensures that I won’t touch this with a ten foot pole. If they added online co-op and steam support then maybe I would at least watch some videos and act like I’m interested :)

    So tired of ‘accessible’ games made for profits and crammed on as many platforms as possible without taking the strengths of each platform into account :(

  44. Quijote3000 says:

    That’s a good point. Many are complaining because they don’t like the price or all the GFWL. But, hey. Isn’t this a piece of good news for PC Gaming?

  45. adds says:

    Stop being ignorant, MS. Steam is the ONLY way to get decent digital sales. Like it or not.

    (I wish MS would put Gears of war on steam so that there would be more to play against *crycry*)

    • Hmm says:

      And this is why Steam needs competition. Games coming to GfWL and Impulse = preventing Valve’s service from becoming a monopoly in the digital market.

    • Urthman says:

      Yeah this is perfect. GFWL can have the PC versions of Fable 3 and Gears of War and maybe Alan Wake or Halo, which should be enough competition to keep Valve from being seduced by the Dark Side, while still not creating any need for me to use GFWL.

    • cjlr says:

      Uh… do you WANT a monopoly? Do you even remember playing that game? Three hours in and you’re not friends anymore with any of the people you’re playing with, a couple guys are eliminated and are playing cards in the back room, everybody’s trying hard to cheat their asses off just to finish the damn game, and then finally everbody says fuck it and you all go to a bar instead.

      Wait, sorry, wrong monopoly. Except a distribution monopoly in a so-called free market is pretty much just as bad.

    • Sonic Goo says:

      Steam is the Windows of online games shopping. MS should know a thing or two about that sort of thing.

  46. CLD says:

    Great news. I was expecting this after all the hints and slips lately.

  47. BobJustBob says:

    No Steam no sale.

    Not that I would buy the PC version of a console game anyway.

  48. wazups2x says:

    Where’s my Steam version!

  49. DarkFenix says:

    Lol, £40. Not that I needed an excuse to pirate it, but now I have one.

    • quijote3000 says:

      I’m not sure that’s the right attitude if we want to keep having PC games. Piracy is the excuse the companies always use (like Microsoft till this announcement) to stop releasing games in the PC.

    • DarkFenix says:

      Then good riddance to the big companies with their head-in-the-sand mindset. For every developer that ceases PC development in a big sulk when its mediocre but high budget game flunks, another two small developers rise up and take to the stage.

      Digital distribution and the PC platform itself mean the barriers for entry into the PC market have never been lower.

    • Bhazor says:

      “another two small developers rise up and take to the stage.” Who also get pirated and go off to make iPhone games.
      Don’t you dare try to pass off piracy as altruism.

  50. clippa says:

    What an alarming cunt.
    That’s the RRP, you’ll get it a lot cheaper than that. Pirating a game is one thing, but gloating about it quite another.

    • DarkFenix says:

      Indeed I will get it cheaper than that, I’ll get it for free.

      As for ‘gloating’ over pirating games, I don’t really see it as gloating (that certainly isn’t my intent). I’m just open about it and open about my reasons over it. If a game isn’t up to scratch (compared to other similarly priced titles on the market), I won’t pay a penny for it. Fable has been mediocre from the start, and hasn’t improved with time (incidentally, I was suckered into buying the first game).

      The other perk to being open over pirating is the wonderfully sweet tears and insults from people like you. Your indignation causes me the utmost joy.

    • clippa says:

      Posting in a thread to say that you don’t like the fable series of games and yet you are going to pirate the latest instalment. Of course it’s gloating.