I’m The King Of Spain: Peninsular Campaign

Heheheheheheheh. He said 'Penis'.

So, the next Campaign for Napoleon: Total War will be in Sunny Spain. Top level features? New 32-region campaign map, a playable Spain and new agents (Priests, Guerrilla and the fancy-underwear-devotees of the Agent Provacteurs). You’ll find the full press-release below, which leaves me just time to say “Napoleon? Short fella, yes?” to wind up the historical purists before I press “Post”. My work here is done.


New Campaign Map, New Agents, Guerilla Units and Multiplayer Features Now Added

LONDON (25th May, 2010) – SEGA Europe Ltd. today announced that Napoleon: Total War – The Peninsular Campaign will be available for PC exclusively via Steam™ in Summer 2010. This expansion pack includes a brand new campaign map featuring 32 controllable regions divided amongst 4 different factions. In addition to France and Britain, Spain has now been added as a playable faction for this campaign for the first time in Napoleon: Total War,

As well as the new campaign, The Peninsular Campaign also features three new agents; the priest for Spain and Portugal, the provocateur for Britain and France, and one unique agent for the Spanish faction – the Guerrillero, as well as a host of new multiplayer features.

For a full list of features in The Peninsular Campaign, please visit www.totalwar.com.

It is 1811 and the war in the Spanish Peninsula has been raging for over two years with mixed fortunes and heavy casualties for both sides. Napoleon’s Armée d’Espagne, led by Marshal Masséna, has invaded Portugal once again, but thus far, the network of entrenchments has proved impossible for the French to successfully assail. Although forced back to the edges of their Peninsula by France and the traitors who helped them, Spain is not yet out of the fight. The Supreme Central Junta and its successor, the Supreme Regency, authorised the forming of local bands to fight guerrilla – the “little war” – against the invaders.

For more information about the game, please visit www.totalwar.com. For assets, please visit www.sega-press.com.


  1. BooleanBob says:

    Ha! Even at 13, stealth girlfriend-drops in reviews were annoying.

  2. Mad Doc MacRae says:

    Sod off, CA. Go work on sports simulators where no one cares if there’s no mod support.

  3. Rick says:

    I want to see a near unstoppable special infantry unit that just consists of one Irishman with a seven barrelled Nock gun and his ill-bred officer with a rifle and a heavy cavalry sabre. Only then will we get the proper fun out of the Peninsular War

  4. Vinraith says:

    Ah, dear Nappy’s Spanish Ulcer. I gave up on TW games after Empire, but it’s nice that they’re adding in one of Napoleon’s most interesting campaigns. It’s less nice that it wasn’t there to begin with, and that they’re charging for it, but that’s CA these days isn’t it?

  5. Derf says:

    A mod, of a mod, of a mod.

  6. HexagonalBolts says:

    Is this another … expandapandalone?

  7. a.nye.123 says:

    I won’t be buying any more TW games until CA add ‘Spray tea all over diplomat’s face in outrage’ as a means of rejecting a diplomatic offer.

    • The Pink Ninja says:

      How about “Chase diplomatic envoy around the garden with a pair of shears”?

  8. Peter Radiator Full Pig says:

    Its fantastic, i dont even need to read the article to leave a comment.
    I can just say:
    CA, you have disappointed me to the point of no return. Wish i could anti-buy Empire.

  9. Vinraith says:


    Wish i could anti-buy Empire.

    I know how you feel, I can’t believe I paid $50 for that piece of crap. Even if I’d only paid $5 I’d want my money back.

    • panik says:

      All those glowing reviews as well.
      I’m sure one person plays for a couple of hours and in the rush for hits posts their “review”.
      Every other “reviewer” panics when they see this “review” and in order to not miss out on precious hits, bases their “review” on that “review”…and on and on.
      The proof being that massive game breaking bug of the A.I not moving units by ships, which only becomes apparent with more then a few hours play.
      It still hadn’t been fixed by the time I flushed that turd of a game a month later.

  10. Drexer says:

    Well, I don’t see Mario here or any of the other usual Portuguese readers so let me say first…

    What the heck? You either add Spain&Portugal, or just add Spain and plainly say so. You cannot say; “We’re adding the Iberian Peninsula” and then just add Spain. It’s stupid. And a bit insulting as well.

    Perhaps this is the deep rooted jokes/slight tension from the history of our two countries getting in front of my common sense(I don’t want to all it nationalism, but it is pretty close to that >_> ), but this annoys me a lot.

    • Jajusha says:

      Nobody cares for the oldest european nation-state (recognized in 1143). What did portugal ever did besides fighting in the reconquista, getting territories in africa, asia, south america, beeing one of the worlds major economic, political and military power in the 15th and 16th centuries, defeating the french invasions for 3 times and beating the spanish in a spartan 300 style battle (6500 vs 31000, google aljubarrota)

    • Rick says:


      It says four factions, Portugal being one of those, Britain, France and Spain being the others. Its just not mentioned as being playable for some reason. I don’t know, maybe they’re adapting the deep co-operation between Britain and Portugual, particularly in the later parts of the war, for the diplomacy system – Anglo-Portuguese action was far better co-ordinated and mutually respected in the war than was the case with Anglo-Spanish military efforts.

      In any case, what historical tensions? Unlike Anglo-Spanish relations, Anglo-Portuguese relations have been very healthy for centuries. We’ve been allies since at least 1386, under a treaty that’s still active today.

    • Mr Labbes says:

      In my thirteen years of school, I actually didn’t learn very much about Portugal, if anything at all. Truth be told, I also did not learn much about Spain, but thanks to popular fiction (Pan’s Labyrinth, Shadow of the Wind), at least I know something.
      I wonder why that is, perhaps the Portugese are not a very outspoken people?

    • Drexer says:


      On their site they have Britain, France, Austria and they say they’ll add Spain. So the four that they mention certainly don’t include Portugal.

      And when I talked about historical tensions, I was thinking for instance of the Spanish occupation from 1580 to 1640. I really don’t understand why you’re ignoring all of those years when you talk about “Anglo-Portuguese relations have been very healthy for centuries”. Actually why are you talking about Anglo-Portuguese relations? I was specifically talking about Portuguese-Spanish relationships. And in fact nowadays, most Portuguese still have an irrational dislike for Spain(despite what a supposed recent poll said, I’ve always found it hard to find a Portuguese that wanted to see an union of the Iberian Peninsula as only one country).

      @Mr Labbes

      Well, we are a small country, so that’s certainly a influence for that. From other perspectives though, I could say that the lack of stereotypes of the typical Portuguese actually might also reflect that difference. Our dictatorial regime did set us back a good couple of years, so we really haven’t excelled in any area that most people notice.

      Except for that whole part of Aljubarrota, and that funny detail on the Scout update for TF2.

    • Rick says:

      @ Drexler

      Oh sorry, I misinterpreted your comments regarding Portuguese tensions. My bad.

      Anyway, the press release says the regions are “divided amongst 4 different factions”, specifically mentioning France, Britain and Spain as playable. It then says “The Peninsular Campaign also features three new agents; the priest for Spain and “Portugal”…” – one can infer from that that Portugal is therefore the fourth faction. Honestly, you cannot treat the Peninsular War without using the Portuguese as a major player, I’d be very surprised if they weren’t represented. Whether they are playable is another matter.

      Austria never wanted anything to do with the Peninsular War; they, Prussia and Russia disagreed with Lord Castlereagh over it, and regarded the campaign as a diversion. Austria’s inclusion on CA’s site must be reference to the playable factions of the full game, not this campaign.

    • Mario Figueiredo says:

      It’s more or less as Jajusha puts it. I got used to Portugal being traditionally on the frontline of history, but on the sidelines of academic interest. Basically the fault is our. It really is. No irony here.

      You’d expect when you live in a country that is one of the oldest of the world, once ruled the known world, that knew well ahead Columbus himself that he was wrong, and planted its culture before any other European nation as far as Japan (where their language still has today words of Portuguese influence) we should be proud of our achievements, make an effort to export our history and sustain a strong national identity like so many other countries with their own fascinating histories (and not so fascinating) do.
      But 45 years of dictatorship robbed us of a certain pride and inculcated a degree of asinine provincialism that still resists because the ruling members are still the same dejected generation that was born to the national numbing mantra that Football, Religion and Fado were the national banner.

      So, yes. Historically that game is not only offensive (to both Portugal, Spain and England which worked together during the whole Peninsula War), but also very inaccurate. Because the fate of Napoleon in the Iberian Peninsula was decided by his defeats in Portugal. Not his victories in Spain.

      As for this type of thing to continues to happen about Portugal relevance in history being constantly ignored, is hardly something that bothers me anymore. Especially on video games. If you want historical accuracy, I suggest you play Paradox games. Games like Total War are the equivalent of Clash of Titans relevance to anyone interested in Greek mythology. They’ll only get right their own cultural interests. Everything else they treat with all disregard.

    • Sobric says:

      Since Portgual brew all the port, I will forever be grateful to their country.

    • Drexer says:


      Yeah, I know. I certainly do not usually expect many historical accuracy in gaming, and it usually doesn’t bother me. In this case though, it was just like you said “Because the fate of Napoleon in the Iberian Peninsula was decided by his defeats in Portugal. Not his victories in Spain.”, the fact that they talk about the Iberian Peninsula and then change to only Spain truly sparked anger within me, considering the whole military importance of it. It’s a bit like ignoring an elephant in a room. A 2*2 meter room.

      To be honest, I’m not truly annoyed at the lack of Portugal in most titles. I understand the balance between size/public perception/importance that publishers have to play it, and for instance I think that Civilization was the best example in getting Portugal and other countries in with a good sense of when to add them. Although it still annoys me to no end the existence of an ‘American’ civilization.

    • Mario Figueiredo says:


      I dunno, they could have called it the Spanish National War. Spain’s portion of the Peninsular War is indeed terrifically interesting. A lot more than Portugal’s. Over here Napoleon never really amounted to anything. Boring!

      But in Spain things were a lot more interesting. Spanish resistance to occupation was of heroic proportions. Truly magnificent. This is the war that forged one of the first guerrilla armies in the world. And a highly disciplined one at that. You could say Napoleon took over the Spanish standing armies, but he never took Spain. And he could never take the Spanish.

      When reading about the Peninsular War, I tend to skip most of the Portuguese section. I find the Spanish National War to be shrouded in a lot more romanticism, covered with a lot more heroes. It does have a certain epic ring to it. And that’s why, in a certain way, I think I understand where all this ignorance(?) comes from. But if they wanted to cover that, they should not call it Peninsular War. I do find it indeed tremendously offensive.

    • Man Raised By Puffins says:

      Well, fancy that; Portugal is in the campaign after all (just not as a playable faction).

  11. Gurthang says:

    I guess you missed the part up there where it said “Spanish Peninsula”, so I guess there is no more Portugal, at least not next to Spain…

    I hate living in a small country sometimes.

  12. archonsod says:

    The Portuguese are ALREADY in Napoleon. Spain is the NEW faction being added.

    • Drexer says:

      They exist already in the multiplayer only though. What I’m opposing is they saying: “We’re adding the Iberian Peninsula”, which seems to indicate that both factions would become available in the campaign, and instead they only add 50% of it.

      In fact, if you go to their site you can very well see that Portugal is not listed as a faction, and even the Eurogamer(PT) review took note of that lack.

    • rocketman71 says:

      Portugal was playable and Spain wasn’t?.

      Hay que joderse.

    • Archonsod says:

      I’m not sure if it would make sense to allow Portugal to be playable though. Historically Portugal pretty much relied on Britain for troops and actual command over the campaign. Could you imagine that reflected in TW? Unless you could find a buddy to take over the British and play them sensibly, pretty much the entire of the Portuguese campaign would consist of shepherding the Total War AI around in the hopes it did something vaguely useful.

    • Pema says:

      @ Archonsod

      You need to improve your History.
      The portuguese troops were commanded via a Junta that responded to the portuguese King in Brasil.
      Though, lots of portuguese units were transferred to british command and fought alongside the british and spanish troops in major battles, the last say was from portuguese command and they operated in a smaller scale independently.
      Notice that the King forbid any Portuguese troop to go with Wellington when he left the Peninsula.

    • Mario Figueiredo says:


      But archosond is not entirely incorrect either. On the field, British generals had a certain level of freedom to decide on proper tactics and even certain strategic elements. They did this often in consult with Portuguese generals, make no mistake. The British wouldn’t go anywhere we didn’t agree them to. But British presence — most especially the lengendary King’s German Legion, made up mostly of German expatriates that after the war integrated back into the Imperial German Army — was essential to the tremendous success of the war; The longest series of consecutive defeats in the whole of the Napoleonic wars.

      Naturally so were Portuguese forces essential, without which the British would almost certainly have been defeated because the French largely outnumbered and outclassed them. And Portuguese troops in turn also largely outnumbered the British. Archosond is not entirely incorrect but he does make it sound like Portuguese forces were helpless without the British presence. Portuguese armies fought and defeated French troops on all occasions. British help was however crucial, not so much in the troops it lend to the war but on the material resources to conduct war and on the some of the finest British generals the Peninsular War came to meet, where Portugal was indeed lacking greatly. And it was the result of the King of Portugal request under the cover of the British-Portuguese alliance, the oldest military alliance in the world still in effect to this day.

    • Archonsod says:

      I wasn’t trying to imply the Portuguese were helpless. Portugal had a number of problems in the military at the time – it’s forces were in dire need of modernisation, the social revolutions had left them with a severe shortage of experienced troops and most importantly commanders, and they were woefully under supplied. They could hold the French at the border almost indefinitely where supply logistics weren’t an issue and they could exploit their superior knowledge of the terrain, but they lacked both the forces and ability to remove the French from the peninsula (plus of course any significant loss in Spain would have left Portugal almost defenceless against a French advance, which would likely have ended any possibility of toppling Boneparte). Hence the strategy for the campaign; Portugal would focus on keeping the French from the border while the assorted mongrels under the British flag attempted to remove the French from Spain.
      Which in TW terms, would consist of garrisoning the border, feeding troops to the British and swearing at Wellington as he ignores a completely open Badahof to go raid an insignificant workshop or similar.

  13. rocketman71 says:

    BTW, the link in the post just redirects to SEGA’s home page.

  14. Jimbo says:

    For the love of God, CA, move on to something else already. They’re just releasing the same game over and over again, except the units have slightly different hats.

  15. Kakrafoon says:

    Ach, unfortunately I will have to get it, just to see how they mangled the Peninsular Campaign we all know from Mr. Cornwell’s Nice Books for Boys.

  16. Langman says:

    So…there were people who actually bought N:TW after the sad, soul-destroyingly weak E:TW?

    • Oak says:

      There are people who didn’t think E:TW was sad or soul-destroyingly weak, believe it or not.

    • Langman says:

      It’s okay, I’m aware of the possibility there might be people out there who have a different opinion to me.

      I used that question – sort of in a rhetorical way – to imply my own strong opinion was that it was soul-destroyingly weak and I therefore didn’t personally consider buying N:TW for a single moment, hence the mock-surprise that others did, etc.

      I hope that clears things up.

    • Oak says:

      Understood. Napoleon presents a difficult case: it really does improve on Empire, but recommending it to people who felt burned by that game feels tactless.

  17. Tei says:

    link to en.wikipedia.org

    Here on my city, we resisted Napolen. From the original 100.000 civilians, down to 12.000. The final strategy was to destroy houses one by one “mining” behind the housed, to destroy then. The whole city was like a giant castle to conquer.

  18. Spinoza says:

    A two days and half of playing Histwar Les Grognards ,I deleted the Napoleon Total War and decided to never go there again . Go get Histwar , i do hope with support it will grow from already great simulation in to masterpiece , albeit slowly. Please RPS do wot I think of Histwar , this game is really unique and need more publicity. Don’t waste you time on another CA plonka.

  19. Isometric says:

    I uninstalled Napoleon yesterday due to lack of interest. I just really can’t get into Total War anymore. Not since Empire and we all obviously know why that is.
    It’s a shame as I love this era of history. If I ever play a TW game again it’ll be Rome. I bought N:TW on the hope it was better than Empire but I was wrong. I enjoyed Empire more. N:TW feels more stable but E:TW has the grand campaign. If only they had combined that.

    • Archonsod says:

      Gimme Napoleon’s battles with Empire’s grand campaign and I don’t think I’d need to ever buy another game …

  20. Dreamhacker says:

    Agent P-R-O-V-O-C-A-T-E-U-R-S, not provacteurs! :)

  21. CdrJameson says:

    Jinkies! Is that a Medieval Madness pun?

  22. Real Horrorshow says:

    This looks cool.

  23. Pema says:

    On Steam:
    “Three playable nations: the brand new Spanish nation and the existing but revamped France and Great Britain, each with its own unique set of Objectives and Missions, and a new, non-playable Portuguese nation, controlling some of the regions.”

    So, CA continues with its tradition of screwing up Portugal.
    In its first TW game, Shogun, the portuguese building had a spanish flag…

  24. Risingson says:

    Hey, don’t complain too much. At least in Portugal not every citizen feels completely different to the neighbours from the next one, have like 5, 6, 7 different languages and so on.

  25. Choca says:

    Meh, Warpath Campaign for Empire sucked, I don’t think I’ll buy this.

  26. Rico says:

    Anyone who has not played the latest-patched edition of Total War with the complete DarthMod pack is really, really missing out.

    I know there are a lot of people angry at CA for the way ETW was released; I don’t blame them, although I didn’t feel the brunt of that failure because I only picked up ETW this past holiday.

    But it really is an excellent game now, especially with Darth’s edits. Like Teddy Roosevelt, it started out as a weak and asthmatic child and evolved into an ass-kicking machine.

    Yes, ETW was and still is flawed. But the game’s ambition is astonishing, really, when you look at it. And excellent after a year of work is much better than never excellent at all.

  27. Oak says:

    Saw this on Flash of Steel: there’s a countdown (ostensibly to the E3 announcement) on the official page now. Yesterday it was at 1908, today 1824.

    link to totalwar.com

  28. Doctor_Hellsturm says:

    CA! If you ever wish to redeem yourself, let go of DLC for this train wreck of a game and start all over again. And this time: Make it count!

    Never has one franchise let me down as much as Total War.

  29. Magic H8 Ball says:

    avoiding penis jokes

  30. littlewilly91 says:

    It sounds a little small. If they are going to focus on a smaller area and shorter length of time, they need a lot more than the classic total war gameplay to get my attention. I’m a little tired of it to be honest. I wish they’d start a new series to end the sequelitus and tackle history from a new angle.

    How about being able to change the laws in your empire? See the state of your society more clearly? Delegate managements of whole swathes of your empire to sub generals but give them some rough guidelines? No?

    It’s tiny compared to the Kingdoms campaign for Medieval 2. That still holds my attention with it’s super detailed UK

  31. ricardo says: