Evolved? Alien Breed: Impact

I'd have called it Extra-Terrestrial Space Biff
Alien Breed: Impact is the exciting, glossy name for the “heavily updated” version of Alien Breed XBLA remake Alien Breed Evolution that will finally make its way to the PC this summer. Team 17 have these words to say:

“Alien Breed: Impact is now tougher and requires more individual exploration than its predecessor. It features expanded customisability, with upgrades available for weapons that can be purchased using cash looted from corpses and lockers. If that isn’t enough to whet your appetite, there are enhancements to the co-operative gameplay experience for you and a shooting buddy, not to mention the “Prologue” campaign, which takes players through an updated and expanded introduction to the world of Alien Breed.”

Going to reserve judgement on this until we get our hands on it, but the original was a little disappointing – mainly because the co-op was rubbish. Hopefully “enhancements” will deal with that issue in a meaningful way.


  1. Dominic White says:

    The Alien Breed XBLA game was naff. Shadowgrounds (and its standalone expansion) is actually far closer in both spirit and style to the original Alien Breed games.

    In short: Buy Shadowgrounds and Shadowgrounds: Survivor. They even support same-system co-op if you’ve got a secondary controller.

    • Baka says:

      You should change that “even” to a “only”.
      Didn’t know that while buying the game…
      To get back to topic, I sure hope this one here will be an enjoyable coop-experience!

    • DrGonzo says:

      I found that Shadowgrounds co-op was shite. Enjoyed the singleplayer though. Same was pretty much true of Alienbreed, though I agree that Shadowgrounds was better. I don’t understand how you can know it’s better than this when it’s being revamped and hasn’t been released.

  2. Heliosicle says:

    Does anyone know if this is similar to Alien Shooter/Zombie Shooter? If so I’m totally buying it.

  3. lofaesofa says:

    I was quite disappointed to find that in Shadowgrounds “co-op” gameplay meant same-system rather than network. Both a friend and I got it to play over the internet and then found we had to be in the same room. I think the last time I actually played a same-system co-op PC game (excluding family members shouting out words for Bookworm) was back in the 90s.

  4. Huggster says:

    I think Team17 ran out of ideas years ago. Boooo!

  5. RadioactiveMan says:

    A top-down shooter co-op like this might tide me over until the moons align and Alien Swarm: Infested is released… Yes, I’m looking at you, apparently defunct Black Cat Games!

    grumble grumble…

  6. Heliocentric says:

    I bloody love shadow grounds. Slightly dodgey controller support and some wierd difficulty leaps in the original leave behind an otherwise perfect pair of titles. If you want network play you want alien swarm which is the actual best title in the genre of top down bug hunt.

    • jonfitt says:

      I meant to track down Alien Swarm, is it a UT mod or a standalone product? Free? Are they converting it to UDK?

    • jonfitt says:

      Wiikipedia tells me it’s a UT2k4 mod, but that a pay-for Source version is in the works.

    • Antlia says:

      Shadowgrounds is indeed brilliant. I wonder why people don’t like playing in the same room with their friends.

    • DrGonzo says:

      I think it’s dead. If it’s not then I would love to know how they can afford to develop it for this long.

    • Sarlix says:

      “shadow grounds”


  7. ran93r says:

    I’m not down with all this co-op hating.
    I’m still pretty damn excited about this as I’m a friendless loser.

  8. Donkeydeathtasticelastic says:

    You know, I don’t think anyone has ever completed any of the old Alien Breed games.

    I, personally, always ran out of ammo after running out of keys.

  9. sudogamer says:

    Saw the Team17 talk on this at the Leeds Eurogamer Expo, and even in the setting of a packed auditorium, dimmed lights, with the game projected large onto a screen – this game looked repetitive, and a bit dull.

    The guy giving the talk seemed nice, and was entertaining – but I felt a bit bad for him as he pretty much said this game is everything to them (team 17) outside of Worms.

    ps. the Eurogamer Expo should come back to Leeds :)

    • Sarlix says:

      Team 17 are supposed to be doing a new 2D Worms game for the PC. Did they mention anything about it at the Expo?

    • Sudogamer says:

      Alas, they did not.. hang on, a ‘new’ 2D Worms games for the PC? They’ve really spotted a game in market :)

  10. Overwatch says:

    Whatever will this turn out in, that screenshot looks totally sick.

  11. geldonyetich says:

    I’ll reserve judgment until I get my hands on a demo. Topdown shooters can be good, but they can also be overwhelmingly mediocre.

  12. Al3xand3r says:

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who remembers Alien Swarm: Infested. The ut2k4 mod was sexcellent, it’s a shame the Source project seems dead. Perhaps they lost interest due to L4D or something. Much like They Hunger seems to have fallen through. Shame.

  13. Dalai says:

    Rumors of the Source project’s death are greatly exaggerated.

  14. Al3xand3r says:

    They haven’t updated their Source project website since September 2007. But I guess if you say you you know something, I seem to remember you from the Black Cat forums ;)

  15. Al3xand3r says:

    Spill the goods soon mister project lead :P

  16. Nachimir says:

    “Perhaps they lost interest due to L4D or something.”

    *belly laugh*

    As Dalai says, greatly exaggerated. One of the main factors in delays in BCG stuff has always been that a goodly chunk of the team are already in development jobs.