Once More Unto The Balloons!

Splendid scholar and gentleman Andrew Mao sends word that he has put up an East Coast US server for Air Buccaneers – a feat of altruism which should fix our balloon-pirating woes. Looks like there’s a Warband event on tonight, but how about we all pile on to this on Saturday for aeronautical fun times?

Mr Mao also says: “ut2004:// – has redirect so even those who are too lazy to download the game can just put in the IP and get the files downloaded.”


  1. Rosti says:

    I’m game for Saturday morning and/or evening, presuming anyone’s up for showing me the ropes as it were.
    (Also, many thanks to Messrs Mao & Rossignol for getting this ball a-rolling.)

  2. billyboob says:

    This looks like fun. The land down under needs its own RPS fun-a-thon server soon.

    Distance, tyranny. Such is life.

  3. oceanclub says:

    I’m game, depending on the hour (I’m married so obviously I no longer run my schedule).


  4. Player1 says:

    I still hope that some good soul will port this beauty to UDK some day…

  5. VelvetFistIronGlove says:

    I’ll be doing my best to be there. It was great fun last time.

  6. heheman3000 says:

    Thanks a lot for publicizing this! Now I’m really looking forward to this. I have about 15-20 maps on the server; original and fan-made, so I think there’s a lot to go around.

    Although it’s possible just to enter in the IP and play, I still suggest installing UT2004 patch 3369 (or megapack) and then the Air Buccaneers mod proper, in that order. You can get them from
    link to download.beyondunreal.com
    link to ludocraft.oulu.fi

    I won’t be here on Saturday, since I just happened to be on vacation in Hawaii this weekend, but one of my friends will be on the server with an admin login just in case anything needs the ban hammer.

    • Dave L. says:

      Despite following these instructions exactly, there still seems to be a billion bloody files I have to download when I join this server. WTF is up with that? I swear to god it’s downloaded ‘e_hecotex2’ at least twice so far.

  7. heheman3000 says:

    I’m guessing that people might even be able to play Friday evening in addition to Saturday, so if anyone gets these messages we might be able to have a long stream of players tomorrow night as well.

  8. Vinraith says:

    I’m in. I’ll try to make it Friday or Saturday, and will see if I can convince a friend to come along.

  9. Malagate says:

    Managed to join the server last night, it is in the US right? Cos I’m on the other side of the world from there and had a bloody ma-hoo-sive ping. Pretty map though, shame about my latency :(

  10. heheman3000 says:

    I don’t think you need great ping to play Air Buccaneers. It’s not like an FPS – the cannon fires independently of you, and the targets are huge. You should still manage to dish out some serious damage with 300-400 ping.

    I joined the server from the wifi on a bus with 700 ping and I still shot down about 3 bots before they took me out.

  11. Malagate says:

    Ohh trust me, it made a big deal when you can’t do maneuvers, are liable to walk off your boat accidentally and only realise it after you’ve gone beyond roping range, and have a habit of loading, lighting and then quickly aiming the cannons which is screwed when you’ve got lag. Also boarding actions are right out.

    Sure, I could probably adapt my playstyle, but I just can’t stand playing when I board a ship only to perceive my target teleporting towards me and slicing my nipples off before I’ve even drawn back my sword.

    It’s a nice server, I’d love to play on it, but I’d probably have to move a helluva lot closer to it before it would play to a standard I would enjoy.

  12. heheman3000 says:

    Sounds like you just connected without installing the mod. You can do this if your internet is really fast and just get the files from the server. However, for a better gaming experience, it is recommended to install the mod from their site.

    Follow the links in my earlier post to get your UT2004 patched to the newest version, and install the mod.