The Doghouse Opens: Dogfighter Steam Beta

I was never going to match the counter-terrierist pun from last time

Remember Dogfighter? Well, its Beta has just started, with a whole load of keys available for you to download. You just need to enter your e-mail here, and you can take to the sky with gun-biff. And as a note to subscribers, the link I sent out yesterday is different to this, with a completely different reservoir of keys. So if all the ones on the public one disappear, you should try the private link. Also, anyone who subbed between yesterday and today who hasn’t got the link should drop me a mail and I’ll get it at you. Anyway – enough house-keeping. Anyone played it yet? Thoughts?



  1. Predicted says:

    <3 Dogfighter, you guys should really try it out.

    Great action game and I really feel that the term Quake with planes is a fitting analogy for this game.

  2. Lobotomist says:


  3. JB says:

    Lots of fun so far, and I’ve only been training in singleplayer mode. Maybe I’ll hop on the multi tonight.


  4. says:


    Spare key – I’m an RPS subscriber but despite that $2/month making me immensely more popular and attractive none of my many, many friends actually want to play Dogfighter, so that’s the second key I was given. Post when you’ve taken it.

    • Sarlix says:

      Yup, I’m the same as Mr example, apart from the popularity and attractiveness.

      Here is my spare beta key: Z3A2E-DA2LB-HDDP4-NZJSY-2CLCN

      Have fun and Biff to the skies!

    • Vandelay says:

      Just to let you all know, these keys are already taken. Tried to add them both to Steam, but they are already in use.

    • Mathemazilla says:

      Used one of the above spare keys before I clicked the link in the news article. So here are the two keys that were sent to me for anyone wanting to use them if key supply is limited.

    • Mathemazilla says:

      WTH they didn’t show up in my post. Let’s try again.


    • Starky says:

      Thanks very much Math, top one worked for me (bottom one was taken, so now they both are).

      Should I get one in email I’ll post it here to return the favour for someone else.

    • Wordy says:

      One more spare one from me too:


  5. LordUbiquitous says:

    Note: Dogfighter installs a new version of PhysX which is incompatible with Mass Effect 2. It’s pretty easy to fix – uninstall PhysX and revert to an older version (if you happen to have ME2 on Steam, just trying to run it after uninstalling PhysX will install the proper drivers).

    As for the game itself, my main issue was with the controls. I don’t have a joystick, and I think I’d enjoy the game a lot more with a joystick – mouse feels unnatural, and the keyboard controls have some kind of acceleration applied to them – however, that said, even the old classic of BF1942 managed to achieve quite enjoyable plane combat without the requirement of a joystick.

    The user interface needs some work as well – ammo counters are in the bottom left and right, as in, nowhere in your line-of-sight when you’re concentrating on dogfighting (judging by the title, the main attraction of the game).

    All that being said, it does have a plane shotgun! (As in, a shotgun on a plane, not a shotgun that shoots planes).

    • LordUbiquitous says:

      EDIT: After testing out the Advanced Flight Mode, as Noxy suggested, my opinion of the game has improved a fair bit. It improves the keyboard controls a decent amount, in regards to piloting the plane about, and there is a noticeable difference between the different planes in regards to handling.

      The only qualm I have, is that the planes seem to have a preference to flying along on their sides, due to the keyboard acceleration when it comes to banking, so it could possibly be a little bit more responsive ( hint, hint devs :P ), or else I just have to get better at playing it.

    • alh_p says:

      Shotgun on a plane!

      That would instantly make a better film than “Snakes on a plane”.

    • AndrewC says:

      I have to try this shotgun out. I mean, the point of shotgun is super powerful, but super short range, right? That’s its purpose in games? But this one is on a plane?

      Does this game have melee combat as well? On a plane? Plane based knife fights? It’s a guaranteed purchase if yes.

    • LordUbiquitous says:


      Plane-based knife fights would be most excellent. I’m envisioning HammerFight, but extended to the third dimension. Hrm, what are other clichés of knife fights? Perhaps a version of West Side Story, but on/with planes. I mean, one of the gangs is already called “The Jets,” so it’s just begging for a literal interpretation.

      In short – 3D planes with knives fighting flying sharks. Do it.

    • Mario Figueiredo says:

      LOL! You guys have to be joking!

    • AndrewC says:

      Well it *was* a joke – about using short range shotguns in a long range combat game – but dammit, i want plane-based knife fights now.

    • says:

      COUCHED LANCE DAMAGE in biplanes, pls.

  6. DW_Designer says:

    Hi, Sean here, designer of DogFighter for Dark Water Studios.
    We have developers on our IRC channel now and for the rest of the day. Jump on and say hi.
    link to

    I hope you guys enjoy what you see. If you don’t.. please let us know and we’ll do our very best to sort it.
    We pretty much answer every post on our forums so don’t be a stranger.

    Chocks away chaps.

  7. Noxy says:

    One of the DogFighter guys here LordUbiquitous, just out of curiosity did you happen to try switching to the “advanced” flight model? Its more “joysticky”, it’s not as presented as well as it could be, but the default key is M.

    • LordUbiquitous says:


      I haven’t tried out the Advanced Flight Model, I’ll give it a shot. Just attempting to get the game working again – it didn’t like my reverting of the PhysX drivers.

  8. Predicted says:

    The controls take some time to get acquainted to indeed, the keyboard controls do have acceleration applied to them i nthe form of supercharge that will allow you to speed up for a period of time.
    Think of it like a cargame.

    I agree on the interface, but they are doing continous updates up to the release and I expect them to do some swaps in that area as well.

    And yes, it does have a plane shotgun! And it is made of win.

    • LordUbiquitous says:


      What I mean by “acceleration” is that when you, for instance, press the left arrow key to turn left, the plane does not immediately turn left as fast as it can – it gradually increases to that speed. I have no qualms with this kind of control system, as it can give the plane a feeling of weight or heft. However, it’s in a stark contrast to the mouse controls, which have no such movement impairment applied – you move the mouse in a direction, the plane turns in that direction instantly.

  9. Auspex says:

    Yeah it would be nice to be able to change the controls in game. It took me a fair while to get the right balance between sluggish and overly twitchy.

  10. Miles of the Machination says:

    Looks like a good bit of mindless friday afternoon fun.

    • Rich says:

      Wait, is it Friday?

    • Auspex says:

      I can confirm it is /not/ Friday.


    • Starky says:

      It is Friday…

      Someplace in the world. Probably New Zealand.

    • Sarlix says:

      I freaked out because I thought I had forgotten to go to work. Turns out it’s Wednesday after all, panic over!

    • LordUbiquitous says:


      Mmm. Delicious New Zealand friday-ness.

    • RedFred says:

      It is Friday now. But I believe your posts are from yesterday. Yesterday was not Friday.

      Yours sincerely

      Delicious New Zealand Person

    • RedFred says:

      Correction: The times on posts are the Queen’s time. So yes it is Friday.

  11. Tom OBedlam says:

    I had play for a few hours yesterday and really liked what I saw, I’m not much good mind, but the whole vibe is ace. There’s a few areas that can clearly do with a bit of spit and polish but I’ve every confidence in the game. Saying that though, the ME2 drivers thing is a bit of a pain, since loading Dog Fighter I haven’t been able to get it working but I’ll try lord ubiqitous’s fix.

  12. Frenz0rz says:

    Lovely game, the whole Egyptian vibe on one map made my brain think it was playing Serious Sam deathmatch! Just dominated a few games so im off now to have a look at some more game modes. Will try to get my whole clan into it tonight :)

  13. DK says:

    No ability to modify the gamepad controls, and the only non-keyboard/mouse control option is an Xbox 360 controller. Fuck you Dogfighter devs. The 360 Gamepad is not the only gamepad there is. Fuck. You.

  14. Noxy says:

    For anyone still waiting on keys we are having a slight problem with sending out mails and we are processing them slowly due to the amount of sign ups, the sign ups are still being registered.

    @DK, I believe its possible its configure the Xbox controls via the config, we don’t have any gui options for that. Would be happy to write you a guide, sorry you are feeling that way.

  15. Predicted says:

    Apparently their email service broke down due to too much activity, I’ll go beat noxy with a broom.

  16. Starky says:

    No need to be so hostile, the game is still in beta – besides just use Joy2Key or some other program to let you use whatever Gamepad you have.
    The 360 controller has been the de facto windows gamepad for a few years now.
    And just to prove how nice a guy I am here is a use a 360 controller Emulator
    Or this one (at the same site)

    • DK says:

      Certainly not going to use 3rd Party programs just because some Devs are too lazy to make proper control options.

      And the 360 controller is not the “standard” windows gamepad – it’s the standard microsoft gamepad. The former is simply the excuse of lazy developers and simlar to claiming Logitech mice are the standard windows mouse.

    • AndrewC says:

      So this means DK won’t be a part of the Dogfighter community? Marvellous! Well-played, developers!

    • Starky says:

      I’ll second that, don’t need AIMen swearing their entitled little selves and ruining any community this may have.
      Let the 360 have those guys (assuming this game will find it’s way to Xbox live, which it should it’s perfect for it).

  17. Starky says:

    On to the game, yes the mouse and keyboard controls are a bit sloppy at the moment – but it’s brilliant on a 360 controller.

    Having great fun so far, and if this game ships at a reasonable price (£15-20) I can see myself buying it.

  18. Sinomatic says:

    Had a go at it yesterday, even sneaked in a little multiplayer capture the flag (very odd in a plane), and it was ultimately quite fun. Think the controls may need a bit of fiddling with, though that may be my own ineptitude, but had a good action-funtimes feel to it all in all. Though I still hate the music (thank god for volume sliders).

    Though I can’t seem to get a quick turn down at all (to get at/away from a plane coming from behind), no matter how maneuverable the plane I chose was – any pointers? Other than hitting one of the loop buttons I mean….

  19. pupsikaso says:

    Don’t try this if you just want to see what the game is like before deciding to purchase. It’s far too early in the beta.

  20. Vandelay says:

    Just had a quick bash and found it to be much better than I was expecting.

    Had to use keyboard/mouse due to it insisting on only working with 360 controllers* and the controls aren’t brilliant, but it is a great blend of planes and Quake 3. I haven’t taken it online yet (didn’t seem to be any servers available when I just looked,) but I’m sure I’ll be giving it another go later on.

    *Yes, there are emulators (I am downloading the one Starky linked to right now, thanks for that,) but the functionality should be built into the game. One of the great aspects of PC gaming is the choice on offer to us. Forcing us to use a particular brand of device goes against something that is quintessentially PC. Not only that, but in an attempt by Microsoft to make PC gaming more accessible they just ended up making it even more complicated, what with the need to download emulators and the like.

    • Noxy says:

      Thanks for the feedback Vandelay, just wanted to address your points about the Xbox controller.

      Firstly, I could’nt agree more with this

      “Forcing us to use a particular brand of device goes against something that is quintessentially PC”

      However, for us its not a question of “forcing” but more so a difficult decision the fact is we have an Xbox 360 version also in development, which means that the game already works naturally with a controller. We don’t have the resources to allocate to someone making the game compatible with all control pads, we were faced with the following difficult choice.

      We either A) Include the XBox controller since it already worked or B) We dont support any controllers.

      We decided to include the xbox controller. We aren’t fond of removing any sort of feature that some people find useful , even if only a small percentage.

      I know its not an answer you may want to hear, its something we can work on for the first content patch (which will be free by the way. Valve set the right example in our minds.)

    • LordUbiquitous says:


      There’s a major code reason for this being the case – XInput, the API used on the 360 to register controller input, also works marvellously on the PC. However, the only controller that it supports is the 360 controller. Any other controllers require DirectInput, which is just more work to implement. Simple reason why the game only supports the 360 controller at this present time.

    • Vandelay says:

      Thanks for the quick feedback and I can understand why smaller game companies would have to do something like this to save resources. The problem comes when people like Rockstar don’t include support for multiple controller types at launch or when I am instructed to press “Y” by some multi-million dollar football franchise, when my pad is numbered. At that point, it isn’t about saving precious time and money, but about being lazy.

      I’m glad to you guys might be taking the time to include the functionality though. Ongoing support is also very welcome to here, particularly for a small game like this.

  21. Starky says:

    OKay after playing for an hour…

    The game is fun, but filled with minor annoyances, and a couple of major ones.

    First the minor.

    – To respawn you have to click respawn – this is bloody annoying every time, especially when using a controller. Hitting enter, or start/A on the 360 controller should be enough.
    – The respawn system quite often spawns you facing the ground, or otherwise right in front of an obstacle – usually if you are fast you can avoid it, but it is a pain. Or worse in the middle of a combat where you get spawn killed before you can even get your bearings.
    – The powerups sometimes do not collect when flying through them – Also it would be nice to have a numerical value on ammo, rather than a bar that empties. Some of the icons are a bit odd for what they are supposed to be, but that’s really minor, you can learn that.
    – The maps while functional are a bit bland in spots, and tend to be a bit focuses on a small area with not much around it. It would be nice to get more obstacles, more things to fly through.

    Now the major issues.
    – There is massive, massive host advantage, In such a fast game even with lowish pings, the host is several times harder to hit than the other players.
    – Also the clarity of the planes could be better – It’s not a gamebreaker, and the radar is functional and you get arrows on your hud, it’s quite hard to actually see a plane against the background at times.
    – Guns seem to be hitscan rather than projectile which just feels WRONG. Not having to lead the target with bullets and instead just sitting the xhair on them. Maybe it’s too much to ask for in a small game like this, as the net issues it causes can be a PITA, but I want to strafe gunfire.

    Other than that the game is very fun, basically feeling like a flying mariokart meets unreal tournament low/nograv.
    A great little time-waster – not much meat to it, but it does what it does reasonably well, and for the right price it is well worth getting.

    • Starky says:

      Self reply…

      So been reading a bit on the Dev forums and it seems most of my issues are either getting fixed, well known or as intended (bullet lead time, seems it isn’t hitscan, just very fast projectiles).

      Seems it will have dedicated servers, which is the best news, given the resources seem low, I could probably run 8-10 16man games on my server without problem.

    • Starky says:

      Oh another minor PITA – when a round ends and a new one is loaded, there is no option to leave/quit – which means you need to wait for the next map to load and then quit.

      Again all these seem to be minor problems that a open beta specifically exists to solve – I have decent hopes this game will be a great little arcade game.

  22. Noxy says:

    Guys the keys are all gone, there will be an update on in the next few minutes.

  23. iSoLateD1 says:

    spare beta key: Z3A2E-D24NX-BY7VP-P3M99-T76DN

  24. Dante says:

    about massive host advantage, host in that game was actually afk whole round.

    • Starky says:

      Hmm was it I thought it was you?

      Well then I’ll revise that to net code issues, not sure if it was your connection, mine or the hosts, but you were damn near impossible to hit at times.
      Combined with general lag and a bit of warp it got pretty frustrating at times.

      Still I’ll only revise it down to minor host advantage, as another game I played in the host clearly did have an advantage.
      As I said this is a minor issue given the game is getting dedicated servers, which makes everything A-okay.

  25. Alex Bakke says:

    Have a free key, anyone. Z3A2E-C73JD-Z2LMY-D8MP7-K4MDW

  26. SprintJack says:

    Spare keys, post if you take it

    • SprintJack says:


  27. naw says:


  28. Mr_Day says:

    Me spare key:


  29. Scarygary says:

    Z3A2E-BPK2P-BDGM2-W3P7M-4HSEZ is taken

    Thanks guys!

  30. Starky says:

    2 Spare keys:



  31. Morti says:

    the controls are beyond shit. keyboard is unusable due to acceleration and mouse is… well… gets a goooood while to get used to.

    also, the place occupies 3/4ths of the screen at all times. thats in third person. in 1st person you can probably see 7 whole pixels of sky.

  32. Birdroun says:

    Anyone have a spare key ?

  33. dingo says:

    Since I don’t have friends (that play computer games) my 2nd subscriber key:


    See you / kill you online :)

  34. Amarak says:

    I used the key you provided. Thank you very much. I will be online this weekend. Hope to see you around.

  35. Starky says:

    Can’t play this anymore – the vibration from my 360 controller is actually starting to cause me pain…

    Sadly this is a dealbreaker for me (given that keyboard/mouse controls are pretty poor). I’m hoping they will allow you to turn it off (and have suggested such on their forums) – but constant vibrate/shaking leading to actual physical pain… no thanks.

    • Noxy says:

      Quite a worrying issue you’ve raised.

      I’ll see about getting you an answer sometime on tuesday (our office is closed monday)

      be sure to check out our forums in response to the issue you’ve raised

      @Everyone else, thanks for the feedback. We’ll see what we can do to improve your experience :)

  36. Shaun Maguire says:

    Yet another spare key for someone, since I have no friends. :(


  37. Brendan says:

    I didn’t like it much. I wanted to, but the controls are extremely loose and the dogfights aren’t too fun. I was locked in a1vs1 for like 6 minutes and it consisted of us just chasing each others tails constantly, no matter how many times either of us barrel rolled, boosted or flipped around. I just ended up quitting the match because I got bored.

    A few issues:

    – Not being able to use the keyboard to navigate the menu (WSAD, Arrows)
    – Having to choose keys from a list instead of just being able to press the key you want to use
    – My audio options were all set to 0 on my first run of the game
    – Shotgun is useless with the control setup, either give it a wider range or more distance
    – Icons for weapons/items give you absolutely no idea what you are picking up
    – Need FOV options

    Hopefully the controls see some major touch-ups before release.

    Heres another key if anybody wants it: Z3A2E-GCY3B-WZPF3-SNCX5-ZC5T6

  38. Dom says:

    I took Brendan’s key. I’m ready to shoot some planes!

  39. Mr Bismarck says:

    Mouse and keyboard controls are underwhelming and the game fails to recognise my Logitech controller, even when I use a 360 control emulator.

    This is poor.

  40. rikdaly says:

    spare key


  41. AbyssUK says:

    Also a spare keys here

  42. Internet guy says:

    Thanks! Used it.

  43. Songbird says:

    Anybody has a key to spare?

  44. John Peat says:

    My spare key is Z3A2E-D7K78-5AK8M-MKQM7-7DNP8

    Not greatly impressed after a bit of single-player – it lacks any feeling of weight and skill and there’s too much going on for it’s own good I think.

    There may be some amazing content locked-in there somewhere but I got bored pretty quickly.

    • Windward says:

      Taken, thanks very much Peat.

      Would you (or any part of the RPS group identity) like a guest pass to shattered horizon in loving return?

  45. Clovis says:

    Here’s another extra key in case anyone is still looking:


    I wasn’t too impressed myself.

    • sleepygamer says:

      @ Clovis

      Thank you. I missed the public beta keys, and when people were giving out spares, my steam was being fail. Appreciate it. :D

  46. Sev says:

    I really want a key here. :(

  47. gamez says:

    can buy right now on Steam!

    link to

  48. zod says:

    THIS IS NOT A SIMULATOR!!! Its way better! closer to Doom and DK racer…bits of Goldeneye. Loving the speed, controls, pace,maps, modes, waves!!!.

    360 controller supported but not my joystik ;( but the dev guys say a patch is comin…

    liked crimson skies and this looks better plays better and is way faster!

  49. gamez says:

    good call zod. goldeneye meets donky kong racing totally! shotguns/bobcats are lethal!!!

  50. shootah_51 says:

    luvn it