World Of Love: Now Even Worldier.

Sexy conference images!

We’ve mentioned Pixel-lab’s Channel-4-helped forthcoming indie-games conference before. Now we’re mentioning it again. Right here. Because World Of Love has just announced a whole load of new speaker-folk, including Sophie Houlden, the Introversion folk, Amy Casson, Stephen Lavelle, Tom “nullpointer” Betts, Gobion Rowlands and – er – Me. You can get tickets here for sixty-five quid except – er – it’s sold out. So making this post pretty rubbish. Pah! Well, they do say they may open some more tickets in the next month. Who’s going?

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  1. Flimgoblin says:

    Sold out? cool. Was slightly concerned (due to hearing nothing about it till now since the initial release) that I’d be there on my tod.

  2. Andreas says:

    I really wanted to go, but those tickets were not cheap :(

  3. Robin says:

    If only lots of the people attending were going to be in the same place, being a place that doesn’t cost £65 to get into, around the rest of that weekend. *Cough*

  4. RobF says:

    I’ll be there. Obv.

  5. Shadrach says:

    They’re having a conference called “World of Love” and *not* have Eskil Steenberg there? Sheesh…