Alien Breed Impact Demo On Steam

Dakka dakka, and suchforth
Aha, eagle-eyed folks will have spotted that I missed out on there being an Alien Breed Impact demo up on Steam, when I was reporting news on the renaming and such. That should allow you to discern whether the pre-order bundle, which also just went live last night, is actually worth your monies.


  1. Theory says:

    You don’t need to install the UE3 redist thingy it prompts you with. Just hit cancel on that installer and things will continue normally without Gamespy getting on your computer.

    • elmuerte says:

      That’s nonsense. UE3Redist doesn’t install Gamespy at all, in fact there is no such thing as installing gamespy with this game. If you cancel UE3Redist there’s a fair chance the game won’t work as certain libraries are missing or outdated.

  2. John Peat says:

    It’s visually quite impressive but gameplay-wise I’m less impressed.

    If you’ve played the Shadowgrounds/Alien Shooter games this is going to feel a bit slow and dull I think

    It may get better but after much spam to “Buy the Full Version” the demo ends without much having happened really..

    Also – making you press buttons to pickup money is daft – and annoying.

    • geldonyetich says:

      A Shadowgrounds or (to a lesser extent) Space Siege comparison is pretty apt. This game is a bit heavier on the multimedia aspects, though. The demo is tiny and sort of obnoxious in its tendency to pop up a reason to buy the game every minute or two. They’re only charging $15 for it, that’s fair enough.

  3. Cilindrox says:

    Thank you for that ;)

  4. goodgimp says:

    Now why hasn’t someone taken this kind of gameplay and married it with Diablo-style ARPG? Basically, what Space Siege could have been, if it didn’t completely and utterly suck.

    Games like this are fun, but I need character customization and progression to really hook me, otherwise the action just gets repetitive.

  5. Al3xand3r says:

    I guess you haven’t played Alien Swarm then. Or Alien Shooter for more exaggerated leveling.

  6. The Innocent says:

    I’m already worried about the game’s length, and it isn’t a good sign when the demo feels twice as long as it actually is because of purchase prompts popping up.

  7. AllenJB says:

    I swear there was more nag screens than gameplay in that demo.

    I didn’t much mind the short demo – I’ve played Alien Breed so had an idea of what to expect, but just wanted to see how much of that had come across.

    However, I don’t think I’ll be shelling out a tenner for this for fear that if they ever bring out DLC or a sequel the nag screens will be back in full force. There’s something wrong with developers who feel they have to put this many nag screens in front of someone who’s downloaded a demo rather than a pirate copy.

    • lhzr says:

      the nag screens are prolly intentional, just to show us team 17’s old school legacy. haven’t seen this sort of thing since the 90s, so i can say they nailed it. good old shareware ..

    • elmuerte says:

      To be fair, half the nag screens were tutorial/information notices which also contained a “purchase” button.

      Still a bit annoying though.

  8. Javier-de-Ass says:

    can anyone find out if the game itself will be steam only, so I can once and for all decide if I’m going to not pay any attention to this or what

    can’t understand why it has to be so hard to find out if a game is steam only or not beforehand. someone at rps please look into darksiders aswell. seems pointless to be cagey about it, the steam people love having the steamworks stuff going on and I really would like to know what games to cross off my list. seems like win-win for the publishers. steam only games not having steam listed in the system requirements really bother me

    • Mr Labbes says:

      As far as I know, Darksiders will be Steam exclusive – a Steam account is listed in the system requirements.

  9. Team17 says:

    Hello I’m Team17 and you know what I love? Blur. Also bizarre camera controls. And money. Mainly money.

    Buy my game. Buy my gamebuymygamebuymygamebuymygame

  10. Sunjumper says:

    Just played the demo.

    So far:
    The demo is too short. I was still getting used to the game and suddenly it was all over…
    I did not mind the nagging that much, I found it oddly charming.
    The control with mouse and keyboard are very strange but one can get used to them I guess. The game is clearly made with a joypad in mind though.

    The atmosphere is very good.
    But the level shown was painfully linear. So far there was none of the exploration that was part and parcel of the old AMIGA titles.
    It does feel a lot like Alien Breed though and I am cautiously optimistc. I will probaly get it, deffinetly if the coop mode is any good.

  11. MJS says:

    Started up, go to check controls, crashed.

    Restarted the game, crashed.

    Tried once more, crashed.

    Final try, got into the game yay! Walked about for 2 minutes shot about 6 aliens, nag screen popped up, crashed.

    I’ll stick with my Amiga for now.

  12. dadioflex says:

    “That should allow you to discern whether the pre-order bundle, which also just went live last night, is actually worth your monies. ”

    No, apparently.

    Two articles on an apparently universally-hated indie (yes!) shooter.

    Am I on the right site?

  13. hydra9 says:

    The demo was so short that I played it through three times, one for each difficulty. Looks nice, nothing revolutionary at all, not scary but… pretty fun?

  14. Rhygadon says:

    Wow. That was one of the least whelming gaming experiences I’ve had in years. Utterly linear corridor trudging; choice-free combat with creatures that pop into existence at short range; strikingly clunky controls in a genre that’s got no shortage of standard, well-tested control schemes for similar action; an upgrade system that involves the same three upgrade choices (fire rate, reload rate, damage) regardless of weapon type.

    Well, I guess that’s what demos are for. Uninstalled, will never touch again with or without tongs.

  15. Dworgi says:

    Same opinion as the rest of the people here. Didn’t mind the nag screens as such, but what did annoy me was the constant wresting of controls from me. How have people not learned the Valve principle? No one likes not being in control during a game, so stop trying to show me stuff that YOU think is important.

    Other than that, the camera controls are a pile of wank – never felt in control of what I was doing. I felt much more in control playing Shadowgrounds than this.

  16. Janxer says:

    For anyone who is at all interested in the core concept, I must recommend the much superior UT2004 mod Alien Swarm:
    link to

    • -Spooky- says:

      Yes, Alien Swarm is a nice deal. *waiting on AS:I*

    • elmuerte says:

      I guess you’re not aware that Alien Swarm is based on the Alien Breed games of Team17 back in the early 1990s.

  17. ZeeKat says:

    That was pretty cool actually, I like the looks, monsters are nastier than in Shadowgrounds. And there’s good old Intex system. It’s a bit over the top with visual effects, though – all these blurs, blooms and shakes made my eyes water.

  18. Lagwolf says:

    Downloaded the demo and was less than impressed. The Demo was too short and game-play was a bit dull.

    BTW the reviews for Alpha Protocol are not terribly positive. Seems to be a buggy mess, very sad, as I was thinking of getting it.

  19. Janxer says:

    No it’s not that I’m not aware – it’s that I don’t care because the UT2004 mod is far superior than this.

  20. mike says:

    Yeah, same for me. Damn thing crashed on load screen every time I started it.

  21. pistolhamster says:

    I bought the game, completed it. I am not sure what all the bellyaching is about. I found it good entertainment, excellent Audio visuals, fine action if a bit so-so on the grenade throwing. It is simple yet entertaining, slightly spooky now and then.

    I sure hope that Team 17 gets enough money for making Alien Breed: Assault and improving further on it. For 13,50 euro its quite nice.