World In Motion: FIFA Online Beta

Just in time for the world cup – what an enormous coincidence – EA have flung open the doors to their browser-based, semi-casual rethink of FIFA. I yammered about that here, and you can sign up for it here. Or just stare at the site’s mildly frightening digitisation of Wayne ‘the kid from Bully’ Rooney.


  1. Brumisator says:

    Is this made in Unity?

  2. Jimbobb says:

    Doesn’t look like it. Its not compatible with Chrome and on top of the EA/Fifa firefox plugin you need, there’s about 1gb of files to download before you can play.

    Kinda stretches the definition of browser games…

    • strangelingo says:

      It runs on modified FIFA 08 or 09 PC engine and yeah, it doesn’t have anything to do with browsers ‘cept clicking PLAY button on their website.

    • Paul B says:

      Yep, you can run the game standalone, but then have to enter your e-mail and password to get started. If you log-in using the web-site, you don’t need to enter your details.

      As to the game, it’s a pleasant enough way to spend 8 minutes of your time (which is how long a game lasts). Though, if you don’t have a gamepad, you have to use the mouse which is slightly un-intuitive. Haven’t played it enough to decide whether it will fill that casual-game-sized-gap in my collection, though.

  3. Frye says:

    Nope, they would at least mention it on the support forum and it won’t work on Chrome.

    Thanks for the tip, i like EA betas.

  4. Freudian Trip says:

    I saw the title, Fifa Online and got really pumped and then I realised it was just Fifa… Online. And what I really wanted was basically Football Manager but I get to control the players but then it’s determined by a skill at playing the matches rather than a tactical, managerial skill. Which made me realise I don’t need any more football games.

  5. Vadermath says:

    Meh, I was never really into football games.

    • Metalfish says:

      I feel the same, but I have a soft spot for sensi (clones). I think heavily abstracting or simplifying a real world sport often results in a superior computer game.

  6. Rosti says:

    Best music reference in an RPS post EVAR!, there. Eng-ger-land!

  7. LewieP says:

    Football games are pong clones.

  8. Cassette Kids says:

    Please fix the link to the beta. You still have your session id in it.

  9. trillex says:

    Why am I reminded of this quote:

    It is by will alone I set my mind in motion. It is by the juice of Sapho that thoughts acquire speed, the lips acquire stains, stains become a warning. It is by will alone I set my mind in motion.

  10. Chris says:

    So its not a browser based game at all really. I guess its a PC only game which uses some sort of browser novelty.