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It’s a big day for RPS – ‘big’ as in ‘we will hopefully no longer have to eat our own toes for sustenance.’ It’s a big day for me too, in exactly the same way. Today was my first day roaming the halls of Gamesindustry.biz as their scruffy new Deputy Editor. If you don’t know the site, you should – it offers smart and sober coverage of the games industry itself, from an objective and high-accuracy perspective. This means I will be dealing in a strange new currency, rarely to be found on RPS – ‘facts.’ I will be rounding up many of these ‘facts’ on a daily basis at GI.biz, as well as nervously talking to some astonishingly important people.

This means I am handing in my RPS badge and gun effective immediately.

Nah, only kidding. I wouldn’t take any job that kept me away from this place. Could do with a hand, though. By which I mean ‘games’.

While you’re unlikely to see me cropping up in the various mags I’ve contributed to for years (huge thanks and respect to them all), all being well my output here will remain as was, albeit mainly during evenings. As my new full-time gig won’t involve any playing of games, that’s what I intend to be doing here. Playing games, then writing about them. Oldest profession in the world. Less news, more analysis/wibbly storytelling – that’s the plan. Thing is… I could do with your help.

RPS is one of very few game sites that doesn’t see a huge distinction between mainstream, niche and indie games. If it’s interesting, we’ll play it – it doesn’t matter whose name is in the credits, how much it costs, whether or not someone will take out advertising if we write about it – or, conversely, whether it came from a publisher known to eat babies on toast. As long as it’s interesting. We hope that’s clear, and the multifarious emails to the RPS inbox suggest it is.

That said, I spend a lot of time browsing the triumvirate of indie excellence that is TIGsource, Playthisthing and indiegames. I will always continue to do so, but I want RPS to be such a source of maximum indieosity too. More so than it is now, I mean. Every week, those august sites host dozens of games we haven’t heard about here yet. Games I could and should be playing to write about on RPS. WHY WON’T YOU TELL US? WHY DO YOU HATE US? We didn’t mean that thing we said about your mum. She is a beautiful and intelligent woman.

If you’ve made a cool/incredible/masterfully strange game, tell us. If you’ve played a cool game that we apparently haven’t, tell us. Webgames, mods, casual, gamejams, whatever. Same goes for non-indie but lesser-known stuff. As long as it’s interesting. Coverage is of course never guaranteed, especially if it’s a) rubbish b) another straight match-3 clone c) about foot-to-ball, but we’ll almost always take at least a look. Unless we don’t have time. But we’ll try to. Oh, you know.

Tell us. Fill our inbox. As we sail into this bright new era of being able to afford new socks, help make us more interesting and diverse than ever.

[Photo by Owen Geronimo.]


  1. Lambchops says:

    Congratulations on the new job Mr Smelly McSellout Alec.

    I wish I had something to recommend to you but unfortunately I don’t. i’m sorry I really ama bit rubbish but after all I do rely on you to find me games and as such look forward to whatever unnoticed indie awesomeness this appeal uncovers.

  2. Lambchops says:

    Oh and sorry for adding this here but I’ve noticed a problem with the contact@rockpapershotgun address earlier today. I tried to use it to report an annoying ad that opened in a new tab and I got a message back saying my message could not be delivered as “user was over quota.”

    Don’t know if anyone else trying to email RPS through that address has encountered this problem? Would be a shame if people couldn’t actually manage to contact you about all their wonderful games.

  3. jackflash says:

    “This means I am handing in my RPS badge and gun effective immediately.”

    Jesus, you scared the shit out of me there, for a second.

    • RLacey says:

      What was it that scared you? The thought of him leaving, or the thought of him handling a firearm?

    • Coded One says:

      I, too, nearly shat my trousers over that one. It would be a helluva sad day if you left.

    • Spacewalk says:

      You never hand your gun and badge in you have to wait for the stupid chief to take them from you.

    • 12kill4 says:

      Don’t worry, the gun in question is just a water pistol filled with cheap scotch and the badge is just a piece of cardboard with the word ‘Press’ scribbled on in, which Alec has attached to a hat. The only time he hands those over is when he is trying to get a free top-up at the local taven in exchanged for a write-up on RPS…

  4. Dinger says:

    Alec, congrats on your new gig.

    Yes, I understand this means that your relationship to RPS must change, as you transition from a carefree roommate-and-ramen lifestyle to a stressful debt-and-despair one. Still, I would like you to reconsider your stance. By all means, talk about new games and such.
    But, stop and realize what you’ve achieved. You’ve managed to create a greater-than-life gaming persona: the sensitive 20-something man who wants to do the right thing, but inevitably falls short, and can only seek redemption through photographs of kittens.
    The only thing separating this character from Hugh Grant is the ridiculous amount of money needed to fly First Class to Hollywood; or even the considerably less ridiculous amount of money required to afford a cheap Hollywood Boulevard Hooker (by the way, we’re all grateful: the atonement would have involved enough cuteness to jumpstart the Apocalypse). Well, that and a painfully omnipresent conscience.

    So, well, we love the Alec Meer soul-searching pieces, and I hope you appreciate the love we’re sending out. Dumpy or not, you embody that persona.

    • TeeJay says:

      re. “…transition from a carefree roommate-and-ramen lifestyle to a stressful debt-and-despair one…”

      I thought Alec already went through this during his long, hard slog climbing the slippery pole from production assistant to Deputy Editor of PC Format?


  5. M says:

    Top stuff. Will continue to email in nonsense as usual. Congrats once again.

  6. Nick says:

    Hah, you can prove anything with facts.

  7. Feet says:

    Alec, if this means you’ll get to write more stuff like your Kings Bounty, Colonization or Vampire: Bloodlines articles, then this can only be a good thing for RPS. Not that there’s anything wrong with 5 news posts per day per sé, (some of those news posts are pretty handy if like me you don’t bother with any other gaming site for day to day news stuff) but that’s not really the primary reason why people come here, ya know?

    Good times.

  8. Shrewsbury says:

    Why drop the toe diet? They are delicious, nutritious and make a great substitute for cheese.

    • Koozer says:

      Problem is once you’ve gone through ten of them you have to look for…alternate sources.

  9. Taillefer says:

    Well, I’ve been playing old game “Wetrix”, if you want to write about that. I mean, I practically wrote an article for you with all that information.

  10. The Dark One says:

    Fact: In 2010, Alec Meer posts a blog entry to show his relaxed, indie side. Coincidence? No, calculated image construction.

  11. El_MUERkO says:


    since Eurogamer took over RPS has totally sold out!!!


  12. Rikard Peterson says:

    Well, since you didn’t judge my game newsworthy enough (I did send you an e-mail) – I’ll take this opportunity to mention it in the comment thread instead:

    I released a Special Edition of my freeware adventure game “Frasse and the Peas of Kejick” a few weeks ago. If anyone reading this did play the original game, the main news in the Special edition are voice acting (occasionally they’re even great voice acting!) and improved music. And that it’s now playable on Mac OS X as well as on Windows. If you liked it, you’ll find the new version makes it worth playing a second time.

    The game itself is a mostly traditional adventure game with a fairy-tale style plot. But please note that traditional is not the same as nostalgic! I try to be creative and original, and not just copy the old stuff. It got several good reviews the first time it was released, but the Special Edition is still waiting for its first review.

    In other news, I’m currently looking for someone to write and design my next adventure game! Anyone who’d like to design an adventure game (but it wouldn’t have to be traditional), please consider sending me an e-mail. (More details on my site.)

    (Don’t worry. I won’t be spamming your comments. This post is a one time event.)

    • Taillefer says:

      That’s a fascinating offer. I probably wouldn’t trust me to do it; I’m okay at designing bits, but not wholes. But I hope you find somebody.

  13. Kazang says:

    Hey wut?! I come here for news not the other way around you slackers!

  14. Owen says:

    Congrats Alec, that’s great news.

  15. mechtroid says:

    I’d like to see a Chex Quest retrospective. Who’s with me?

    • Soundofvictory says:


      seconded (thirded?) One of the best doom clones although a bit late to the party.

    • Jhoosier says:

      I believe I’ve mentioned Chex Quest before (if not asked specifically for an article on it), so I’ll throw my hat on top of this request too.

  16. Gunhover says:

    Congratulations Alec! Best of luck in your shiny new job. I’m sure you’ll do great.

  17. DMcCool says:

    Good luck with the earning more money gig, but also here’s a friendly reminder that RPS really is at least as awesome as you guys think it is. I wouldn’t have had the conviction, the bravery or the support to dedicate myself to this gaming thing if it wasn’t for you guys and this PC Gaming Website. As great as news websites being run well is, its websites/communities like RPS that change people’s lives/give nice people who really care about games somewhere to huddle together. I’ll try and help shovel games in your direction if you keep writing the lovely articles, no question.

    • luminosity says:

      Agreed. I recently left my job, and decided to give working on games a shot instead of working for someone else again. I don’t think I would have had the conviction to do it if not for RPS.

  18. Flimgoblin says:

    As soon as I finish writing my hybrid of Syndicate, Vampire: Bloodlines, Elite and Pacman the email is on its way…

  19. The Archetype says:



  20. Mr. ThreEye says:

    You might get a more fulfilled inbox experience by putting up a big “SEND US COOL STUFF” link at the top of the page. I had a tip for you the other day and couldn’t find any such link at all. So now I won’t tell you. Nananananana!

  21. Pinky says:

    Congrats on the new job position! I’m also happy to be a part of the RPS community in a time of great indiefication. Very few commercial games (with the exception of Valve) have given me a good, unique experience that indie games do. Sure, indie games sometimes lack depth, but what they have to say should not be ignored. I’ve also been experimenting with an indie-only coverage site because of how great they are!

  22. Thants says:

    Wow, the Games Industry site has 14 animated flash ads on a single screen. That’s gotta be some kind of record.

  23. skalpadda says:

    Congratulations on your new job Alec, I hope it brings you a lot of fun as well as a bigger money hat. And I agree with the people above who said that more rambling pieces of your escapades in games are very welcome as that’s a side of RPS I love, and it’s what made me read the site daily in the first place.

  24. innokenti says:

    Huzzah for Mr Meer.

    I look forward to you stomping your stomp over gameindustry.biz

  25. sfury says:

    alec is a sell-out indie

  26. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Grats, Alex! Also, you could have titled this post ‘With a little help from my friends / you’ (but probably did better by not doing so).

    Also, more mac game coverage! More coverage for the significant minorities! :P

  27. Acosta says:

    Grats Alec, don’t let it suck your gaming joy, Deputy Editor positions are usually hard (ask Kieron). Best of lucks!