RPS Announces Partnership With Eurogamer

Yes, we have kissed Eurogamer, all of them.
Blimey, news about us! What does it mean? Well, you might have noticed that our adverts are a bit nob. We’ve been working on fixing that so that we can both make a bit more money and look a little less like we’re run out of a shy teenager’s attic. Eurogamer have stepped in to help out, which means RPS is soon going to become bigger and maybe even a bit better. And prettier, too, probably. We’re still editorially independent – we still own the site and control all the content – and will remain a bastion of PC gaming righteousness. We’ll just be doing it from a golden helicopter-fortress over the Bahamas. Any questions? Ask ’em below. (I also put the press release down there, to show off.)

For Immediate Release:

Eurogamer Announces Rock, Paper, Shotgun Sales Partnership

Brighton, England, 1st June 2010. Eurogamer, Europe’s leading independent games media specialist, is delighted to announce that it has entered a partnership with Rock, Paper, Shotgun (www.rockpapershotgun.com), the UK’s most popular PC gaming website.

The sales deal will see Eurogamer Network acting as Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s sole agent for advertising sales and business development.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun was founded in August 2007 by games industry veterans Kieron Gillen, Alec Meer, John Walker and Jim Rossignol, and attracts over half a million unique users each month with its mix of interviews, commentary, irreverent news and running gags about the staring eyes of respected industry figures.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun is also one of a small number of sites recently added to Valve Software’s Steam client, a digital download delivery system that boasts 25 million installations.

“Working with Eurogamer, a company which has demonstrated the same independent spirit as RPS, makes a huge amount of sense,” said Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s Jim Rossignol.

“The majority of our contributors have worked with the Eurogamer team over the years, too, so it’s a relationship of trust, tea and occasional high-fives.”

Rupert Loman, managing director of Eurogamer Network, commented: “We’re incredibly pleased to be working with Rock, Paper, Shotgun. They’re a hugely talented team whose staunchly independent editorial approach complements that of our own.

“The partnership represents another growth area for our network and a great opportunity for the commercial development of Rock, Paper, Shotgun.”

Rock, Paper, Shotgun will remain editorially independent and intends to invest the fruits of this agreement in extending its coverage of PC gaming, orchestrating more community events and generally improving the quality of service for the many splendid Rock, Paper, Shotgun readers.

Visit Rock, Paper, Shotgun here: www.rockpapershotgun.com

For information on advertising with Rock, Paper, Shotgun please contact:

Dan Robinson

E: dan@eurogamer.net

Tel: 01273 712 550

About Eurogamer Network:

Founded in 1999, Brighton-based Eurogamer Network is the publisher of Europe’s most popular independent videogames website, Eurogamer.net. The site is available in eleven languages across Europe. The company also hosts the Eurogamer Expo and publishes the world’s market-leading industry resource, GamesIndustry.biz. Its newest launch is Megaton.co.uk, a games site for kids. See www.eurogamer.biz for more information on the company’s products and services.

And a theme tune for this momentous event…


  1. Owen says:

    Damn, being in Australia means you’re always SO late to hear the news! :) But anyway, I’d like to offer my late congratulations to you all. Really hope it makes a huge difference for you, as you damn well deserve to be able to survive on more than Pot Noodle.

    Good stuff gents :)

    • RedFred says:

      I find my similar time zone works perfectly for easy readin’ when I first get to work.

      But yes it is late.

  2. Brendan C says:

    Congratulations fellas. Can’t say I’m too worried if you’re keeping all your editorial independence. I can’t imagine RPS would sign any dotted line that meant such a thing – such a concept is madness. So I’m more than happy to see you blokes get the ads working in your favour. Good stuff!

  3. SuperNashwan says:

    How much to buy advertising space on John’s belly?

  4. Daniel Johnston says:

    My site was successful! Using the sell-it-to-someone-else strategy, admittedly. But still, successful. The entire new business model of some publishers I was speaking with (H*****ket) is to gradually bring good independents in-house, providing all the ad sales, events etc. support that a small outfit can’t do as well or as cheaply, then buy out the owner when they feel it’s time to move on.

  5. JuJuCam says:

    I’ve been meaning to mention for ages now but I couldn’t quite find the right time or place. In the last month I’ve been getting an invisible auto-playing TV advert playing out of RPS. Confused the heck out of me. Anyway it seems I don’t need to complain now since (hopefully) you’re scrapping every other advertiser throwing pennies your way.

  6. Daniel Johnston says:

    Oh for goodness’ sake. This was a reply to AndrewC way back on page 1, until the CAPTCHA killed off any memory of where it should appear. Congratulations on the deal. Gah to the comment system!

  7. Thiefsie says:

    Slightly Angry Internet Man about this. I’m unsure as to whether I trust independence from Eurogamer, who are slowly becoming evil overlords that obviously pull reviews etc. with publisher pressure, shill extra page views out of splitting small articles across quadruple pages and have a very annoying layout and disgraceful screenshot viewing system to boot. You have to admit their editorial integrity has been falling of late.

    As long as you note that you have some control over the ad space, and things won’t be as bad over the webpages with ads like at Eurogamer I’ll be a little happier.

    Unsurprisingly none of you have confirmed anything along these lines as far as I can tell.

    My adblock will engage faster than ever if I am unsatisfied, and if articles start being split across pages I think I’ll have to quit viewing articles here… :(

    • Thants says:

      Yes, articles being split across a zillion pages would be a deal-breaker. That crap is crazy annoying. I’m sure that wouldn’t happen here though.

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      We have no plans to change currently blog format. And Eurogamer’s editorial decisions are their own. Ours belong to RPS.

  8. The Hammer says:

    Really glad that this will ease the money troubles, RPS. You’re my favourite website, bar none. You’re interesting, feel-good, and open-minded. You provide quality journalism and genuinely thought-provoking pieces each and every week. As a long-time reader, this news makes me chuffed.

  9. jonfitt says:

    half a million unique users each month
    Nowai?! I didn’t know there were that many readers, I thought half these comments were from bots.
    I mean… Tei… that one isn’t even convincing.

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      Sounds good, overall. As long as it’s just a deal regarding ad profits and nothing else which could come back to.. er.. haunt you. I feel we have the right to feel elitist and be proud of it!

      Now put up a donate button already!

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      Meh. That wasn’t meant as a reply..

  10. mbp says:

    Congratulations gentlemen. Food is good, I heartily approve of your being able to afford some now.

    Euro-gamer does great reviews (I know you guys do a bunch of them) but the website itself is just information overload for my poor middle aged eyes. I much prefer the chatty blog format of RPS.

  11. Doctor_Hellsturm says:

    I love you, but i hate the Eurogamer ads.

    Please don’t let this relationship get to the “we have to talk” point. Splash ads would be a good way to get there.

  12. Tony M says:

    “Working with Eurogamer, a company which has demonstrated the same independent spirit as RPS, makes a huge amount of sense,” said Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s Jim Rossignol.

    The inks not even dry and Rossignol already sounds like a corporate sell-out. :)

    I’ll be word-counting. If Jim starts using the word “synergy” more often than “pants”, we’ll know hes sold his soul.


  13. Alex says:

    There is. See this Ars Technica article on NoScript’s ABE function. It is a bit complicated, but it works.

  14. Alex says:

    I tried replying to you but the comment system ate my reply. :(

    See link to rockpapershotgun.com

  15. We Fly Spitfires says:

    Coolies. Looking forward to seeing the new design!

  16. IvanHoeHo says:

    Everyone keeps banging on about how terrible EG looks, as if they’ve never set eyes on the Escapist website. I’m confused…

  17. DMJ says:


  18. jalf says:

    Wait, so we’ll no longer get ads for industrial grade mining hardware then?

    That’s a shame, I liked those. :(

  19. Paganite says:

    Everyone – firefox + adblock

  20. Thermal Ions says:

    A real honest to goodness Media Release – How about that, RPS is all grown up.

    And look what it’s done to the Hivemind Throbometer – it’s jumped almost ten fold up to 4.224%. not that I know what a Throbometer is, but bigger’s always better isn’t it?

  21. Daniel Klein says:

    Yay for respectability and getting paid.