Company Of Heroes Online For US In Fall

And Canada, but apparently not Europe. Anyway, it seems that the free-to-play version of Relic’s RTS will be making its way back from its Asian success for a Western launch in the autumn. The notion is that you create a persistent profile which you can work on over time, playing through many multiplayer matches of the game as you go. It’s going to be microtransaction-supported, but the fairly useful Q&A that is up on the COH site says that they’re not ready to discuss details on quite how that will work for the US version of the game. All this won’t affect existing COH multiplayer, which will still be supported. Trailer below!


  1. Nephilim Rising says:

    Company of Heroes was a great game, I figure this will be atleast worth having a nose around for.

  2. Kevin says:

    I’m curious if it includes the British and PE factions with it. Hopefully not the ToV units… my god, if I go up against another player loading up rifle grenade Tommies in ‘roos…. *shudder*

  3. abhishek says:

    The game will also have the full single player campaign of the original Company of Heroes (playable for free obviously).

  4. gayman says:

    Coh multiplayer is my all time favourite game… however I don’t see the point of coho

  5. Magic H8 Ball says:

    All my interest in this game dropped to 0 the moment I saw concept art of Commanders.

  6. Heliocentric says:

    Heh, despite the style choices i find the additional variety this introduces exciting. But as i’m british, what the hell! Now the americans get to play? It made sense it being asian market, and stop saying US its USA. Us is a word which encompases a self inclusive group and got me excited.

  7. mrpier says:

    I want CoH 2 Eastern Front, none of this silly multiplayer business :-)

  8. Thants says:

    But Company of Heroes already is online.

  9. EBass says:

    CoHO is terrible, its basically CoH but with all semblance of balance and realism removed. CoH however is great.

    • Magic H8 Ball says:

      CoH never had any balance to speak of, but some people could say that they heard on the Internet somewhere that it was semi-realistic.

      What a shame.

  10. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Not for US, then, eh?

  11. cliffski says:

    That video was a total waste of time. COH is an RTS, not an FPS< it does not look anything like that, and is played from a top-down perspective.
    I wish game develoeprs would stop wishing they were spielberg, or just fuck off to hollywood, and let people produce gameplay videos that show people what they are going to get.
    Moviwe trailers show actual clips from the movie, not an artists impression of the movbie as seen through jazz dance. This is about as useful.

    • Dominic White says:

      “That video was a total waste of time. COH is an RTS, not an FPS< it does not look anything like that, and is played from a top-down perspective."

      Maybe for you it is, but whenever there's the opportunity, I lower the camera angle to get a wider view of what's going on, because it looks awesome and you miss out on a lot of the fine details if you play with the camera always top-town and as high up as it'll go.

    • CMaster says:

      Outside of replays, the main time I spin the camera about is to check where the exits from buildings are.
      I should probably do it whenever siting AT guns etc though – would avoid me getting into a muess where they just shoot the ground because of a slight rise.

    • Schmitzkater says:

      I tried quite often, but never succeeded in playing Hamachi games with one of my friends.
      With one it works, with the other it doesn’t. Seems quite random at times.

    • Schmitzkater says:

      That was supposed to go one reply further down, sorry!

  12. BooleanBob says:

    “All this won’t affect existing COH multiplayer, which will still be supported. ”

    I mean, I’m glad to see it in writing, but… it’s been a year since the last patch, and the entirety of the Western Front is still being terrorised by what amounts a glorified troop transport.

    Plus, the answer to the question about support on the Q&A makes no mention of providing support further than keeping the ability to play company of heroes playable online through relic’s matchmaking servers. Rather than a reassurance, this actually is only going to seed further doubt among players. When Relic do decide to withdraw their ‘support’, even though the game is 100% peer to peer beyond the matchmaking/DRM, will there be any way to actually play it online?

    (I love CoH, but Valve’s ‘patch everything for free, for ever’ philosophy has done little good for my sense of entitlement.)

    • Phinor says:

      Better yet, will there be any way to even play CoH if they shut down the servers? As I have digital version of the game, anytime Relic servers are down for maintenance, it asks me to put in the game DVD to bypass the online protection. a DVD which I don’t have.

      Anyway, nice of them to keep the servers up for now. Considering most of the world is excluded from CoHO and it really doesn’t seem that great a game. Hopefully they have an actual team doing the CoH sequel and this game isn’t it.

    • CMaster says:

      @Phinor – I have the Steam version of CoH, and when it asks for a CD, you click “OK”. CoH then minimizes and runs a little program that authorises it. You then simply alt-tab back in and it works.
      As for multiplayer, CoH supports LAN games and works fine with Hamachi, so in the event that the servers do get taken down, you can still play games with people you are already in contact with.

    • Ginger Yellow says:

      “I have the Steam version of CoH, and when it asks for a CD, you click “OK”. CoH then minimizes and runs a little program that authorises it. You then simply alt-tab back in and it works.”

      I have the Steam version of CoH and when it asks for a CD, Iclick “OK”. CoH then minimizes and runs a little program that fails to authorise it. I then simply wait for Relic to fix their bloody servers.

  13. Alez says:

    Virtual world war 2 has been going on for what, 20 years now? Probably would have ended faster if those commies and nazis weren’t such turtlers.

    Anyway, fuck this micro “free” to play crap. .”free to play” back in my days, used to be called what it really is, a demo. Sure it can confuse people because the demo also lets you play with people who have the full game, but it’s still a demo.

  14. DOS4GW says:

    Wait….this isn’t Homeworld 3.

  15. Mavvvy says:

    Ah Coh the game I forgot about when I started playing men of war

  16. Samuel Bigos says:

    I played the Korean version of this a year ago when it was still a big thing. Unless they’ve improved it a LOT, it won’t be worth anyone’s time (though giving away the campaign for free seems like a great deal if true). It basically ruined the balance of the game, not helped by the fact it was all in Korean.

  17. IvanHoeHo says:

    I won’t be touching any relic games until they decide to remove all that ridiculous copy protection. CoH, especially – I mean ffs, the thing’s 3 years old, why can’t they just cut the bullshit?

  18. Hallgrim says:

    That “ridiculous copy protection” exists because when CoH was released without DRM, they realized they were not only losing sales to pirates, but having to spend thousands of dollars to provide support for pirates. That’s why Opposing Fronts has DRM, because pirates suck (not relic).

    Next time you want to criticize a game for having “ridiculous” DRM, you might try and pick one that didn’t feel forced to add DRM to an xpac after releasing a great original game without it.

  19. EBass says:

    Well yes CoH is still terribly balanced and I want to shoot whoever allows Kangaroos to stay in the game, plus the brits in general and Paks 2 shotting skirted m8s, butttttt…………

    CoHO is much much much worse.

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