NuPics: Red Orchestra- Heroes Of Stalingrad

Damnable over-long game names. YOU DENY US OUR PUNS, YOU BABBLING SWINE. Grr. Anyway (I lose track of how many posts I’ve written whose second sentences begin with ‘anyway’. Anyway.) at the 1C event during which I cooed at Men of War: Vietnam the other week, I was also privy to a few more details on 2011’s long-awaited sequel to mod-gone-pricetaggy FPS Red Orchestra. The series began life as a multiplayer title, but this one, sometimes referred to as RO2, will feature a solo mode.

While the game itself wasn’t playable at the event, and the only video footage was a slideshow of screenshots, I do have in my possession a clutch of new screens and facts. To see them, you must dance widdershins around Ludlow Cathedral at 4am on the first night of the summer solstice. The ancient legends do tell of another way to access them, but you could never hope to work it out.

Bugger. Oh, here you go, then. The additional mystic ritual of clicking on these blighters will enlarge and uncrop them – worth it, certainly, as they’re a pretty-lookin’ bunch, regardless of their browniness and, I suspect, posiness.

And here’s some word-based info-splat too. Apologies for the lack of commentary in this post, but I really haven’t seen anything of the game outside of this lot myself. Quite impressed with the engine, though, and the surfeit of wide-open spaces would seem to suggest some frantic and large-scale fighting. I don’t doubt that veteran multiplayer FPS players will be glad of something fairly hardcore but blessed with modern visuals.

Oh – also worth mentioning that devs Tripwire Interactive (who you’ll also know from Killing Floor) are working with the leading lights of the RO modding community on this one. Hopefully that means a best of both worlds game – i.e. both fans and normals will be catered for. More details on that setup here. Finally, go press release!

Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad, the leading realism-based multiplayer WWII shooter on the PC, will take the award winning Red Orchestra franchise into the next generation of gaming. Cutting edge graphics and audio built using the Unreal Engine 3, inventive features and streamlined realism will deliver an unrivalled WWII experience.

Heroes of Stalingrad will focus on the Battle of Stalingrad and the surrounding operations, both German and Russian, from July 1942 to February 1943. The game allows the player to experience one of the most brutal battles in all of human history. Delivering unrivalled accuracy and attention to detail, along with gritty, vicious combat in multiplayer, co-op and solo modes the game will feature everything from quick, brutal firefights to more intricate and challenging simulation modes.

Key Features
• Grow in rank, earn medals, improve abilities, and become a Hero – all visible to the complete online gaming community and embedded within the game.
• Obtain the ultimate goal and become a Hero online. Players with hero status inspire troops around them and cause fear in their enemies.
• Experience the ultimate firefights that a cover system allows, from the immersion of a first person view.
• Command fire teams on the battlefield using an easy to use first person interface.
• WWII weaponry redefined: true to life ballistics, bullet penetration, breathing, adjustable sights, free aim, weapon bracing, photo-real graphics and more.
• Players can connect with their friends and battle the AI in multiple game types including the Stalingrad Campaign, Skirmish Mode, and more.
• Offline challenges such as the shooting range and assault courses let the player learn and hone their skills to perfection with all of the weapons, vehicles, and features in the game.
• Experience what it is like to be a soldier in one of the bloodiest conflicts in history and the importance of a soldier’s state of mind and how it can turn the tide of battle.
• Offline play against the AI featuring the Stalingrad Campaign, Skirmish mode, and more give the player an exciting and fun environment to learn the game before hopping online.


  1. Darahas says:

    This look very interesting. Might want to pick it up when it comes out, and when they patched up the bugs it might come out with

  2. kulak says:


    More ROHOS coverage!

    As generic and formulaic as it may appear on the surface, I really think ROHOS is going to be one of the most interesting new multiplayer FPSs for quite some time.

    If it can capture the immersion, realism and attention to detail of RO, but avoid the clunkiness and rough edges that where partly the fault of the old UE2.5 engine, and partly the inexperience of mod-boy-done-good, I think we could have something really special on our hands.

    The post release support/updates for the original RO was also the best out of any non valve game I’ve ever played.

    Don’t like how they’re handling their drip feed of publicity though, not one bit.

    Also, considering how pretty RO looked for the time, I must say I’m a little dissapointed at the “off” looks of this one, hopefully these aren’t the finished articles.

  3. And Triage says:

    FUCK YEAH. RO was one of my favorite mods ever. I loved the realism and the authentic feel of everything. This is wonderful news.

  4. Brumisator says:

    Give in to the dark side of spelling! write “anyways” !
    Medal of honor!! MWahahahahahahah!

  5. kulak says:

    link to

    Gameplay video for anyone whos interested. gives a better flavour than stilted screenshots

    • Bowlby says:

      This looks bloody fantastic, and the whole cover system is such a cool idea. My only worry is over whether my computer will be able to run it at 30 frames and above.

  6. Divebomb says:

    this game is steam only

    • Lack_26 says:

      To be fair, steam has done a lot for the developers, they’ve got them a lot more publicity and I’d imagine, sales. (especially with all the sales that it had, and I also seem to recall free-weekends.)

    • EvaUnit02 says:

      The first game had always used Steamworks as well. So nothing new here.

  7. N says:

    the first screen is pretty badass

  8. Lack_26 says:

    I really excited about this one, I’ve been playing RO for years so it’ll be nice to play a new, less clunky (not deliberate clunky, I kind of like that, I mean restrictions of the engine clunky) version of the game.

    Looking forward to the first person cover system, it should make the battles look a lot more convincing as well.

  9. Sweedums says:

    i completely forgot about this game… and every time i am reminded of its presence i am so excited for how freakin awesome it looks. LOVED the first game and accompanying mods (especially Darkest Hour)… having a SP campaign will be interesting, and if it can be played in co-op, even better…

  10. UsF says:

    All I hope for is realistic weapon behavior (no prone/crouch shooting at the same spot) and good AI to play some defense style games.

  11. Lukasz says:

    so much brown…

    eyes will get tired after few hours of gameplay.

    • The Dark One says:

      The way the sepia grows stronger as you scroll through the screenshots, maybe it’s some Saboteur-esque gameplay mechanic.

  12. Deuteronomy says:

    Perhaps, but the mind will never tire of the sequeal to the best multiplayer FPS of all time.

    • Gianandrea C Manfredi says:

      I actually totally agree. It was amazing. and even though I too tire of boring modern graphics, I think the gritty dull colours of war will already add to the immense atmosphere of the previous game.

      O man its such an amazing experience! Can’t wait

  13. Schmung says:

    I bought it, but never played it that much as it was rather brutal. A sterling effort by the devs though and glad to see this sort of thing do well.

  14. D says:

    “Grow in rank, earn medals, improve abilities, and become a Hero – all visible to the complete online gaming community and embedded within the game.”
    I am worry.

    • Thants says:

      That seems like a terrible idea. Does every game in existence need a leveling system?

    • Alexander Norris says:

      Say what you want about levelling systems but they really contribute to making people want to play your game for longer, because it makes people ignore some of the flaws in your game in favour of seeing the little numbers count up. The flipside is that once they’re max level and have everything unlocked, they tend to be a lot less forgiving of those same flaws.

  15. Shadrach says:

    RO:Ostfront was the first FPS I played online, and it was hard to learn, got pretty good after about a year :) Now I’m way too spoiled with the realism and immersion of it to have any interest in the CoDs and BattleFields out there. They just feel wrong to me, I guess RO spoiled me that way. So needless to say I am really really looking forward to this!

    • Jimmy says:

      I didn’t discover this gem until 2007, and I continue to play it quite regularly, together with Darkest Hour and most recently, without. It’s realism with an intuitive HUD. Surprised how stable the community is, which means the updated version will hopefully sell well. Also, great to play as the Axis and the Soviets, instead of the usual.

  16. Skurmedel says:

    Nice. Red Orchestra is one of my favourite MP games.

  17. suibhne says:

    I only played a few hours of RO, but I loved it. Has a pretty steep learning curve, tho, and the community was so heavily EU-based that I couldn’t have much fun sometimes as a lone ‘merican without clanmates. Because my gaming group was always focused elsewhere, I never spent nearly as much time in RO as I’d have liked.

    I’m looking forward to this game as an opportunity to try and drag some of them in with me.

    • Jimmy says:

      You might find more running the free Darkest Hour mod for RO, which pits US troops against the Axis. You can find it on Steam.

    • Bowlby says:

      Well, maybe if it’s any good all, us RPS guys could get together and have a game :)

  18. iggy says:

    Someone needs to let the Russians know how unstylish their uniforms were. Ew.

  19. DrGonzo says:

    That first pic is all like BUMPMAP!!

  20. Premium User Badge

    john_silence says:

    I just did your silly dance, Meer. Now can I access the screenshots please, or do I really have to wait two more weeks? In which case you’re all a bunch of pains in my naked ass.

  21. Pmeie says:

    Bought RO on steam a while ago, installing it now due to this reminder and positivity in thread, :D

  22. Lukasz says:

    “The way the sepia grows stronger as you scroll through the screenshots, maybe it’s some Saboteur-esque gameplay mechanic.”
    I would suspect that the bottom two are happening during sunset altough the color is a bit off (but with lots of dust in atmosphere it might be okay)
    no excuse for the village to look so gloom. Should be green, colorful, with yellow flowers sprouting everywhere, with passion red on building walls….
    and tall brown grass? I had seen green, i had seen burnt yellow. Never seen brown tall grass.

    Hate the art direction, so unrealistic and such a kill joy.

    I know I’m whining but it is a huge issue for me

    • Rawr says:

      Hint hint: Thats what 1940s mid war eastern europe looked like lol

  23. Karel says:

    On some french website,they said this was some “old” screenshots, that may be different of game’s graphics when it will be realeased.

  24. Clippit says:

    I am a little bit BROWNED OFF (HE HE) about the “art direction” in this as UE3 can be so pretty (e.g. Bioshock, Mass Effect). I hope it’s just that they haven’t gotten round to putting in all the colours yet. The gameplay video was great, and the changes they’ve made look good – nothing revolutionary, just the refinements that players wanted – and even the AI skirmish mode is interesting.

    As long as they don’t do something hella stupid with the “Hero” idea this should be really good and then I will buy it.

    • Alexander Norris says:

      I doubt there’ll be more colour in the final product. I mean, this is Stalingrad during the siege – not exactly famous for its world of colours.

  25. Jimmy says:

    A whole year to wait for the new version. That’s like forever and stuff.. But maybe that will stimulate servers down under and stateside. For RPSers in Europe, there are always a few full servers running RO vanilla (e.g. Wild Bunch).

  26. Grape Flavor says:

    If it’s brown for realism, fine. But I hope they aren’t deliberately muting the color spectrum to create some sort of stupid retro “film” feel.

    I remember, years ago, Valve bragging about their new Source engine features in Day of Defeat : Source. “And here is our film grain and other features to create that old-timey film feel”



    • Lukasz says:

      what’s up with the idea of film grain?

      me1 had it on as default and it looked utterly awful. it’s like lens flare but 42 times worse.

  27. tigershuffle says:

    Love RO but more for the tank battles such as Orel
    lovely 16 v 16 in tanks :)

    …..but I play mainly Darkest Hour mod for the Infantry aspect. Its what DoD source should be like instead boring runnin/gunning.
    Its showing its age now but Ive always loved the attention to detail and the ironsights makes its a challenge

    looking forward to this cos the devs care about their product

  28. JB says:

    Having watched that video, I’m looking forward to RO-HoS even more! Bring it on Tripwire.

  29. Viskernus says:

    Key features:
    -Waste your time grinding for xp to grow your e-penis and receive abilities that people who choose not to obsess over our game will not have.
    -Some other stuff that we don’t think you’ll care about much without a condescending progress quest system to lead you on.

    • Heliocentric says:

      Key features: Lie down on the ruins of a soviet tenement and watch from the flank of an mg42 as it deploys against the main flow of the assault. Waiting until the gun is fully unpacked before shooting the loader knowing the gunner will never have time to escape before you’ve loaded your rifle.

      When your infantry assault is broken by enemy armour drop into a crater and hide wait for the secondary fire from the tanks turret stops then rush up to the tank and deposit explosives on the fuel tank and use the last 5 shots in a scavenged pistol to kill the 2 members of the crew who jump out.

      Run into a room while falling back for supplies and stumble into an enemy sniper and spotter against the window of the shack. Proceed to knife them both and steal the sniper rifle.

  30. LMN8R says:

    Tripwire has repeatedly expressed their sheer gratitude toward the existence of Steam, claiming that without their releases of Red Orchestra and Killing Floor on their service, they wouldn’t have been nearly as successful as they have been. It’s hardly surprising that for their next game, they’re choosing to do the same.

    I’m all for it, especially for multiplayer games. Steamworks has proven to be a pretty damned stable and full-featured way for developers to integrate very advanced and reliable multiplayer features, especially compared to games like Bad Company 2.

  31. Chappie says:

    The Leningrad map for original RO is the best thing I’ve ever played. Hopefully this will be like that instead of the two boring Stalingrad maps of the original.

  32. The Colonel says:

    Achievements: Fuck off