Third BFBC2 Map Pack Makes Me Say “Hmm”

The reason being for hmming that Map Pack implies new maps, when this is actually expanded game modes for existing maps. Still, it’s free I suppose, which is nice enough, although no set release date for PC. It’ll provide for Squad Deathmatch on Nelson Bay and Squad Rush on Laguna Alta. Looks like BigDownload scooped the trailer, but thanks to the gentle magic of internet sharing, we have posted it for you below. In it you see dudes shot, and some buildings permanently crippled. Harrowing stuff.


  1. Choca says:

    Who cares, it’s free.

    • IM19208 says:

      I care, they have been releasing shitty maps since lauch… and the game doesnt come with a lot of maps… so would be better to release a couple of good maps and not all this crap.

    • ChaK_ says:

      I do care.

      they’re releasing maps we have on our HDD claming they’re heroes offering super presents.

      they’re just unlocking stuff post-release.

      Arica conquest : lol
      laguna rush : ok map, I enjoy it
      nelson : meh at max

      and that new map pack, nothing for rush…

      Conquest is a joke, they can’t even patch the knife bug we have since 5 weeks… and so on.

      I’ve been playing a lot of it (around 300h), but it’s starting to piss me off, their biggest mistake was to close the game to modders

    • slaapy says:

      Of course its free, you have already paid for it and its sitting on your hard drive and has been since the game launched.

      What a lot of people are complaining about is that DICE and EA are locking out game modes for certain maps because they want some cheap marketing at the expense of people who have bought the game. I can’t see how people can be OK with a game company withholding content you have paid for so they can use it as a marketing gimmick against competitors. If they feel they’ve succeeded with this ploy with Bad Co. 2 you’ll see it creep into more and more games and more of the content you paid for being held hostage by marketing departments.

      I’m surprised that gaming websites are OK with this garbage and haven’t brought this up. First it was “Project $10” and now withholding game content you’ve already paid for, whats next? As much a people demonized Activision for the dedicated server debacle at least they didn’t pull stunts like DICE and EA are. People would’ve been flipping out Activision would’ve pulled this same gimmick with MW2.

      Jim, are you OK with what EA is doing here? You’re lack of commenting on it would seem to indicate you are.

    • ChaK_ says:

      I lacked the vocabulary to explain that, but I’m 100% with you on that one.

      I don’t know what is evilier, 5 maps for 15€ or holding maps for later acting link supermans

  2. Radiant says:

    Way to drip feed us a whole game Dice.

    • Radiant says:

      For clarity I’ve got this on the 360 where I have to pay for this shit.
      Out the box I’ve only got what seems like the same 4 maps over and over again.

    • Radiant says:

      I don’t know what they’re really called but it’s:
      The “who shot me?” jungle one.
      The chopper rape one.
      The one where I sit on the flag marked ‘D’.
      & the mildly enjoyable romp in the snow.

    • Jayt says:

      you only have yourself to blame for buying it on ecksbawcks

    • anomie says:

      Why do you even own a console? You don’t really have any right to complain, tbh

    • Radiant says:

      I bought it on xbox to play with my family who all have xboxes and do not want to spend a million pounds [estimated] to beef up the netbooks they all own.

    • SF Legend says:

      The console versions should come with a code that gets you the maps for free.

    • Radiant says:

      I bought it on ebay :(
      yeah yeah woe is me.

  3. monkeybreadman says:

    Its free, but its been on our computers since release, so…..

    Oh and its an old video which shows the m14 with ACOG (which they’re not going to do)

    • Centy says:

      Now a M14 with a scope that I would like.

    • Baka says:

      Isn’t it rather like “It’s fixed now!”? They show that weapon plus new addons on it rather often in this video, I don’t think that’s by chance.

  4. robrob says:

    That is the most obnoxious age check yet.

    • westyfield says:


    • Supraliminal says:


    • Tei says:

      I hope HTML5 comes, to kill stupid stuff like this. Then we would use Greasemonkey to automatically sets our born year to 1900, like we all do.

    • Web Cole says:

      It’s funny because it’s true :P

    • Alexander Norris says:

      1990? No, if you were born in 1990, you wouldn’t be old enough to watch that video.


    • Fumarole says:

      1900, not 1990.

    • Vague-rant says:

      Also 1990 is old enough.

      Why is there a 1900 limit though? I could be 111… they don’t know that. (just seems a little arbitrary, I’d set it to the oldest man alive’s birthday and then when the person tries to submit, have a link to a picture of him and in caps “Are you this man?”)

    • Tei says:

      Flash Developers are waiting for all people born before 1/1/1970 to die, so can use unixtime. I suppose using 1900 is the next sexy thing, wen you can’t use unixtimes. At lest that way, force ages that can be stored in bytes. Probably most flash devs have the nebulous idea that storing a age as a byte is a decent enough idea. These that more into art than science and don’t know what is a unixtime just copy what the other flash devs are doing. The one that has created this monstruosity is particulary vile. The world has lost a amazing lawyer here.

  5. Wordy says:

    A ‘map pack’ which will go unnoticed by the majority since it doesn’t include ‘new’ maps for the most popular (and best) game mode(s) in the game. I want Rush on Panama Canal dammit!

  6. rocketman71 says:

    Third BFBC2 Map Pack makes me say “Still no public dedis, still no LAN, and now consoles are gaining new modes that PC isn’t going to get”.

    • Inferno says:

      Good lord a rare person that actually cares about public dedis! This is a sight

    • Heliocentric says:

      I care, but i won’t moan about it. Just won’t get the game.

    • AllenJB says:

      PC is getting no infantry, while consoles aren’t.

      Couldn’t care less about public server download – there are plenty of servers for me to play on.

  7. abhishek says:

    DICE doesn’t really understand what ‘new maps’ means do they?

  8. Dave says:

    “VIP content” implies exclusivity and an inherent desire to become said VIP, but Dice/EA seem to be rather abusing this a) by making all PC owners VIP by default, which is silly and b) by releasing content to VIP owners which is wholly unremarkable.

    What they seem to be unaware of is that no one is actually paying attention to the gameplay modes. Rush is intended to be more frenetic, but on 99% of the servers there is little difference in tactics or pacing between Rush and Conquest, so adding new modes to existing maps is no more OMFGWOW than Jif becoming Cif.

    Don’t get me wrong I like variety, but packaging a thinly veiled rebranding of each of the same maps as “VIP content”, let alone a “Map pack” seems wilfully misleading.

    • jon_hill987 says:

      I don’t know, Jif becoming Cif was big. Just think, prior to that a lot of people were putting oven cleaner on their pancakes and cleaning their ovens with lemon juice, the later not being a huge problem and probably working, the former being potentially fatal… Still if it killed off stupid people I was all for it.

    • bleeters says:

      “How confused were you, in all honesty, between a lemon shaped, lemon coloured, lemon filled plastic lemon and a white bottle with a picture of a bath on it?”

    • Edgar the Peaceful says:

      I’ve been cleaning my teeth with Cillit Bang. Pearly white.

  9. Ybfelix says:

    If that counts as new maps, then MW2 has 200+ maps.

  10. Nallen says:

    Free stuff!

    Lets all complain…

    Although to be fair after 160 hours of play something new would have been nice.

    • Ybfelix says:

      I think the complaining is justified since these “map packs” require no downloading and just unlock, it’s dice withholding existing stuff which could be played since day one…

    • IdleHands says:

      I really don’t believe these maps were available from day one and just required unlocking. Different modes of existing maps are different, so they are edited for each mode. But yes, now you can debate of how much work is really needed to edit these maps, and why it wasn’t just done for day one release.

    • ChaK_ says:

      they ARE on your drive, you don’t have to download anything, just connect to a server (and not downloading anything)

  11. Forceflow says:

    Mark my words: for new maps (as in: new environment instead of server-side updates), we’re going to have to get our e-wallets out.

    The game is quite brilliant in multiplayer, but the lack of PC updates and communication makes me a sad panda.

    • Radiant says:

      How is it brilliant?
      Compared to what exactly?

      One game mode has me capturing flag points for no determinable reason.

      Another has me throw myself at a heavily defended outpost whilst the enemy shoots me because there is only one route to their base.
      Then we swap and they throw themselves at my bullets whilst I stand there in the same 10 yard square with a shotgun and a motion detector.

      It’s like tf2 never existed.

      The only time I don’t get top on either game mode is because the guy who did get top is using a chopper [which I can’t fly] or magnum ammo which kills you in 2 shots [and I can’t be bothered to grind my way to that]

      As lovely as the destruction and possibilities of the game system are the execution of the multi-player is pretty sub par relative to the best that is out there right now.

    • AllenJB says:

      Don’t most FPS games have you shooting people for no determinable reason? What’s CTF all about in most games?

      BF BC2 is a cut-down battlefield game, and it’s fun. If you don’t like it, don’t play it. I don’t play CS:S or SupCom2 because I don’t find them fun games.

      It’s not that TF2 never existed, it’s that BF BC2 is not, does not claim to be and does not try to be TF2. It’s a completely different game. If you want to play TF2, go play TF2.

    • Deuteronomy says:

      Far as I’m concerned TF2 DOESN’T exist. I can’t stand the cartoony graphics, the weapons, the movement speed, really I hate everything about it and what it stands for.

      BC2 definitly has gobs of room for improvement but it is intense and it is a game where a properly executed flanking move can knock out half the opposing squad.

    • Tom O'Bedlam says:

      what does Team Fortress 2 “stand for” exactly? A decent working wage and shorter hours?

    • Edgar the Peaceful says:

      I love it because it’s Battlefield (autoawesome) with a half decent server browser and no problems (for me) with Punkbuster. I can be in a game within 15 secs compared with massive grief in BF2

  12. tomeoftom says:

    Is there a reason why almost every single video for a cross-platform game is shot played with a controller? I mean, the stop-start head turning looks far less natural than if it was controlled with a mouse.

    • Dominic White says:

      Because that’s how the vast majority of the audience will be experiencing it.

    • The Innocent says:

      But is that really true of BFBC2? Didn’t I hear somewhere that this was the one cross-platform game that way more people were playing on pc?

  13. Radiant says:

    btw the reason for the pc delay is because of strikes in Romania where EA Europe’s QA is based.

    • Tei says:

      All games neer more Duke Nukem and Ford Fairlane: jerk punk attitudes.
      I hope EA Romania get angry, and vandalize the new-old-new maps with a flyiing nipple in the sky.
      I want to see flyiing nipples on the new-old-new-maps.

  14. Moke says:

    Those buildings were one day away from being converted into luxury holiday villas.

  15. Gorgeras says:

    It proves my point though: consoles dumb down games because console-tards dumb down consoles.

    We used to have ‘patches’ and ‘content updates’ and ‘mods’ and ‘community maps’. Then along came ‘Dee-El-See’, because console-tards can’t survive without stupid acronyms and they were being given limited interweb access. Because they didn’t know what good service was, OUR service got rolled back fifteen years so now we have friggin GameSpy appearing everywhere(I thought they died in 2000), dedicated servers disappearing, blind random matchmaking that isn’t actually match-making and post-purchase support that would get somebody sued if this was any other industry.

    • ChaK_ says:

      Yeah, I was actually reading a new in a 2006 magazine I have … in the toilets *cough*

      It was about a patch for BF2 or 2142 I can’t recall, but with the patch was included two maps.


      FOR FREE

      IN A PATCH


    • the wiseass says:

      Yeah man I feel your pain, it’s like we’ve been thrown 10 years backwards in product and game support. A couple of years ago people wouldn’t even play a pc-version of a console-game, nowadays we are happy for every crumb we get, even if it means shoddy controls, inoperable menus, simplified gameplay and lac of support/updates/patches/free content.

      Except from the destructible environment I really don’t see what’s so special about BC2. It’s a thousand times worse than BF2, apart maybe from the slightly better graphics. I really don’t see where all the love is coming from for this game. I guess after the MW2 fiasko, the abused flock is glad to be slightly less abused.

    • IdleHands says:

      Yeah it’s not like the old days where companies wanting to milk a series a little more for money would gather a bunch of maps, custom weapons / units / enemies and sell it as an expansion pack. No, now a days we get companies wanting to make more money by selling us DLC . . . which is worse . . . somehow.

      By the way great job on keeping up the appearance of a stereotypical elitist PC gamer, really nailed the character there.

    • Kazang says:

      BC2 is a different animal to BF2.
      BC2 is about infantry combat and blowing the shit out of everything you see, with a few vehicles.
      It plays more tactically imo, the infantry flank and protect the armour while it blows holes in things. You can’t dominate anything solo in vehicle like you could in BF2.

      BF2 is about large scale vehicle combat it’s pretty much purely vehicle domination, infantry combat was and is pretty poor, with terrible hit registration and glitching animations.

      I think BC2 is a great game for what it is and have played it quite a bit.
      I do hope they provide more maps as their are only a few good maps in the current lot.

    • Psychopomp says:

      “Except from the destructible environment I really don’t see what’s so special about BC2. It’s a thousand times worse than BF2”

      Yeah, let me tell you, I just loved Buggy, Dolphin-Diving, Tankfest ’05

  16. Leper says:

    I’m pretty sure DICE won’t be releasing paid maps this time, after up all the mess with the BF2/2142 expansions and booser packs splitting up the community I believe they specifically said they won’t be doing that again so all maps and gamemodes will be free. We can still pay for cosmetic changes and skins if that floats your boat.
    It would be nice to see some actual new maps though, rather than ones slightly changed in the editor to fit another game mode.

  17. Mac says:

    Just make the tools available to the community … nuff said !

  18. Tei says:

    Battlefield 1984

    The New maps are the Old Maps. Doublespeak!

    • Arathain says:

      “Battlefield 1984”

      This must be made. Before each round each team has to watch a video sequence depicting the other team with a voice-over telling us about all the horrible things they’ve done to make us hate them. Players can be captured and subjected to Room 101, in which the player is helplessly subjected to horrible things until they agree to give up information about their team and switch sides. Losing teams are informed of the victory just one, and how it will grant them increased access to weapons and supplies, when in fact such stocks will be reduced from the losing round.

      Actually, when I think about it, TF2 is quite Orwellian. Identical teams unwittingly fighting pointless battles for just one side (the Announcer) for no discernible purpose.

    • Tei says:

      I think we must trademark the name, and make lots of money of it, selling it to DICE.

    • Tom O'Bedlam says:

      Nobody move. I’m stealing this idea and turning it into an article for my uni paper. You have been warned.

    • cjlr says:

      @Tei, Arathain
      That’s pretty much the greatest idea for a licensed game I’ve ever heard.

      We are at war with Blue Team. We have always been at war with Blue Team.
      Plusgood victory on last fight. Rifle ammorat up to 93.
      Round MVP: Comrade Ogilvey.
      Tomorrow’s target Blue Team rocket bomb launch centre. Minipax give heli support. Neo-Bolshevism inferior. Victory to Ingsoc!

  19. Azual says:

    Well a common trend in things being “A Bit Shit” is when EA decides to get involed in any way shape or form. Honestly. IW Stuffed up MW2, CoD 4 needed an expansion pack to breathe new life into it, not a sequel. TF2 Is a gaming masterpiece, and Valve opitimise the free updates concept.

    Look at the new MOH. HONESTLY. EA saw CoD4 and have decided… ok lets take that, zip the already decent graphics up a little and then just rebadge it as an EA game.

    There is not a more spineless games company than EA.

    • bleeters says:

      Indeed. After all, Infinity Ward were the first company to develop a first-person shooter with a modern setting.

      Go back far enough and you end up with one single celled organism accusing another of ripping of its idea to split in two.

    • SlappyBag says:

      Was Infinity Ward really the first ever to make a game in a modern setting? You’ve been brainwashed me thinks.

    • bleeters says:

      I know, I was being sarcastic. Not obviously enough, it seems.

  20. Huggster says:

    Hit rank 21 ish, bored of it now anyway.

  21. spiderx says:

    It would be great if we had the ability to create our own maps and publish them for server play… I can imagine playing in a very big mall or in a 3 or 4 city block were you can rappel/parachute between buildings and have to retrieve a “black box” or something, modified capture the flag. Placing the objectives in the middle of a stadium field would be interesting… Just let the people make maps EA wtf.

    • Heliocentric says:

      Welcome to gaming 2.0

      No mod support, every server is rented from the publisher (by proxy) and its impossible to make, modify or change the settings of maps.

      I’m going to play Project Reality later, that is an actual Battlefield game instead of a walled garden.

  22. JonFitt says:

    New RPS tag: Things that make me say “hmm”

  23. Demtor says:

    Why do they keep pissing on PC gamers?

  24. Serenegoose says:

    Huh. I wasn’t aware people played map modes other than Rush.


  25. Sedistik says:

    Nobody will ever be happy with anything anyone releases for a game. It has been this way for years and will continue to be this way. You cant make everyone happy all at once. So either just ply it, or uninstall it.

  26. Bolt Axyon says:

    Oh no, I just realized that Battlefield 3 will be just as restrictive as Bad Company 2 when or if it ever sees the light of day.
    Now Team Fortress 2, there’s a proper game for the PC.

  27. Howl says:

    It is to avoid the resale of console games in retail outlets. They get one VIP code in the box and most of the game content is tied to it.

  28. ChampionHyena says:

    God, really? Do you guys hear yourselves? Twitching and foaming about new(ish) free content because… why? It’s for a game mode you don’t enjoy? There’s no downloading involved? BC2 is also out on consoles and that’s worth getting worked up about for some reason? Judging from the comments, a bunch of you don’t even play BC2. You come into the comments section of an article about a game you don’t even play and whinge like being a malcontent is your day job.

    That said, how about we do something constructive with our colic, like lean on EA/DICE to figure out how to give us Onslaught mode on PC. They want it, we want it, get loud about it. Maybe if we don’t pitch a AAA hissy fit every time we get free stuff, devs and publishers will be more inclined to give us free stuff. How ’bout it?

    • Tei says:

      “Twitching and foaming about new(ish) free content because… why?”

      The keyword here can be “weak”. The game got the slow evolution speed of a console game, where patchs don’t add new maps and to get new maps, you have to wait for a expansion pack. This is bad, becuase this type of games need new maps, more BC2 than any other BF game before it, because none of the maps provide is a true classic (two are almost a classic, almost).
      I have stoped playing BC2, bored of the same few maps. I would return if more maps are added, but just adding new gametypes for old maps may not do it, since I don’t play all the gametypes. No one is making awesome maps for BC2, is not DICE, and is no the community. So the game, the potential, and my 50$ inversion, will die. There are more than one thing that is very right in BC2, so is sad to me to see it dying this way.

    • ChampionHyena says:

      Fair enough, though I don’t really get the aversion to the Squad gametypes. Most of the games I play, true enough, are on Rush maps (with Conquest occasionally scattered about), but what stuck with me the last time I was on RPS’ servers is how much better a team is forced to gel if it’s smaller. Getting into deathmatch or squad rush with a halfway decent teem is good clean creeping paranoiac fun.

      I do wish (and in all honesty it probably is pure fantasy) that we’d get some manner of mod tools, but I’m certain we’ll get actual new maps at some point. Meanwhile, what exactly are we losing by getting these? It’s just not worth getting worked up about. People should come into this with a “how ’bout some new maps” perspective, not a “I SPIT ON YOUR REMIXED GAMETYPES, DICE” perspective.

    • Sobric says:

      While I agree that getting angry at this is absolutely not worth it I think you’re reacting a little strongly – no-one has said anything particularly outrageous (emphasis on the rage).

      Additionally, this thread is titled “… Makes Me Say “Hmmm”” exactly because the release is a bit of a let down, for a few reasons.

      1) As stated, there isn’t actually any new maps, just new modes on old maps. Not the end of the world, since I personally loved the Rush version of Laguna Presa when it came out. However, the released modes tend to take a small part of maps to focus the combat, which means unlike the last “Map Pack”, there is nothing new.

      2) There is a rather convincing theory that these maps are old even for DICE. The video shows optics on the m14, something that is not in the current version of the game, but has been seen in old videos of BC2 pre-release (i.e. they aren’t a TF2-style tease for the future). Assuming that the videos were taken at the same time (a big assumption mind you: the Devs could be using their own build of BC2 with M14 optics available still) that means the maps were ready to go before the first full release.

      This the main sticking point, since it raises the question of why we are being drip-fed them. I can see DICE’s logic: the maps act as “unlocks” for the whole community – we’ll release them to keep interest in the game high. This doesn’t actually work that well due to point 1), but at the same time you have to wonder why they didn’t just have 1 great Map Pack with all the modes to unlock.

      The above point is contentious because it borders on DRM-type debates: In buying BFBC2, why is some of the content that is there on my hard drive locked to me? I’m tacking no stand on that (it is free content after all – they’re not milking me) point, but it’s there so do what you will with it.

      Finally, before this goes beyond Wulf-type lengths, let me just say that console users are really getting their ergonomically designed controllers right up their poo-shoots, as they have to pay for this.

    • ChampionHyena says:

      Level-headed responses like these why I’m reacting strongly. Or rather, their absence. I’m used to hearing (usually!) reasonable objections whenever something’s got the RPS-ites’ hackles up. Now it seems like all anyone has time for is a couple sentences of bilious, unwarranted snark. If this were some hellish pit like, say Kotaku’s comment sections, I honestly wouldn’t care.

      Wasn’t aware of the M14 business. Didn’t watch the trailer, ’cause… well… I know what this game looks like. I still think it’s a bit much to attribute weird map releases to some maniacal Illuminati-driven marketing scheme.

  29. Dominub says:

    PC gamer says: FUCK YOU DICE!

  30. Psychopomp says:

    Forget the maps, when the hell are they going to start banning:

    1)Useless fucking snipers,
    2)Assaults that sit on their ammo kit and spam grenades all day,
    3)Medics who never heal,
    or 4)Medics who pay no attention to the situation they’re rezzing someone into

    • Tei says:

      5) Playing in a team, medics sould be inmortal. If a medic die, other dude revive the medic and take the kit. The chain can continue, so inmortality infect all other teammates. Is the people that see a medic dying, and don’t take his kit, that break the inmortality chain.

    • Krondonian says:

      That would be utterly offputting to newcomers though.

      I couldn’t manage to hit anything with snipers, and still have to shoot wildly at medium range. If those criteria could be narrowed to people with X experience though, it might be worthwhile.

      Most of the problems I find are due to lack of teamwork. If everyone is hanging back and being ineffectual it’s suicide to try and do objectives on your own, making a vicious cycle of just trying to stay alive and getting steamrollered.

      I always try to do the immortal medic thing but other people don’t tend to bother when I die. As for rezzing into bad situations, I tend to figure that as an ineffectual fighter myself it’s sometimes worth a shot. Immortal medic chains with good teams can however steamroller a weaker one.

      I really want team balancing between rounds, to avoid such domination by one team over and over again. (With some way to stay on a team with friends, squads, etc.)

  31. Crisp says:


    I’m with you on this one. The whining and raging has gotten a bit ridiculous. Sometimes there are valid complaints, but more often then not it seems people are getting angry for the sake of getting angry. Console gamers may get flak for eating up whatever new overpriced DLC the developers churn out, but on the opposite end of the spectrum you have the PC gamers who can be given massive amounts of free content and still act like the developers came and kicked their dog (try visiting the TF2 forums sometime).

    If gaming was a restaurant, console gamers would pay full price for a raw steak, then pay again to have it cooked; meanwhile, PC gamers would be given a free meal courtesy of the owner, and then complain because the food wasn’t arranged properly on the plate.

    • Dominic White says:

      Gotta echo this, cos it’s true. I’ve also noticed it getting steadily worse around here this past year. RPS used to be really mellow and friendly when the site first opened, but it seems that a much larger (or at least louder) portion of the readers want to do nothing but kvetch about their latest videogame-related pet peeve now.

    • IdleHands says:

      I have noticed the amount of bile in the comments of RPS has gotten worse, even when theres a valid point being made it can be overblown way too much (I mean it is only a game at the end of the day, but judging by some comments it may as well be the end of the world). Though complaining of the complaining makes me completely hypocritical I guess, and not really helping anything.

      My advice before getting so angry just go outside and take a deep breath and regain a sense of perspective, or just repeat the Mystery Theater 3000 (“It’s just a show, I should really just relax.”).

    • ChampionHyena says:

      You know, IdleHands, I had started to wonder how we all eat and breathe (among other science facts).

  32. Jarret says:

    The reason that PC players get all VIP content free is that we can’t resell our games. Once we buy it we are stuck with it forever, which means that we can’t buy used games either, so EA doesn’t lose sales.

  33. dantokk says:

    Agreed! Too much gift horse mouth inspection. I’m still enjoying the game after a couple of hundred hours and haven’t even tried squad rush/deathmatch. The expansion is welcome here though I hope there are bigger expansions planned.

  34. yutt says:

    This isn’t a gift horse. I bought the horse, and EA is occasionally mailing me packages containing horse teeth, with handwritten notes telling me I am very special.

    A bit unsettling, really.

  35. starclaws says:

    Hurrah for maps that would have shipped with release but held so they don’t have to do extra work to make actual new content.

  36. lankeydonkey10 says:

    Honestly , all this bitching and not a woman with a mans hair cut in sight!!!

    consoles= where the money’s are at ! cheap console , fairly cheap games !

    pc / acorn electron /comadore pet etc : exspensice as fook to get a good one and takes alot of upkeep and maintanence and with rediculously cheap games also !

    But we may as well be here all day arguing the difference between pc’s and consoles .
    personally i own both pc and xbrik fyi i dont realy know anyone who is actually gonna use the content never bothering why the dont have it or not .

  37. Jalick says:

    I’m sorry, Radiant, but maybe you don’t understand a few things. First off, TF2 is a great game, I do agree with you there, but let’s not talk about the sense that capture points make in BFBC2. Do you want to give me a reason I need to capture points on cp_yukon? I didn’t think so, because there isn’t any. That complaint is invalid.

    Also, yeah, I guess you didn’t know that it literally takes about 20-30 hours of game play AT MOST to unlock magnum ammo. Before that, you get body armor which cancels out the magnum ammo effects. Also, tracer darts were buffed a patch or two ago that makes them travel fast enough to reliably hit a chopper with. Choppers are all but useless now…

    And there is always more than one way to get to a point, it’s just more open than TF2… this means there aren’t corridors linking points together, it’s an environment with many different ways to attack and defend.

    Okay, that’s enough.

  38. Pmeie says:

    It just sucks because they are treating what could be such a great great great PC game like crap.

    Mouse acceleration… far out…. terrible….. (no, you can’t fix it with a patch/hack, those don’t remove it, you are insane)

    ‘New’ maps…. when the original are not many… FU

    If only they were valve…

  39. rta says:

    people are still playing this?

    • Dominic White says:

      When I checked last night, there were over over 1300 populated, active dedicated servers running for it. There’d likely be a lot more if I’d not filtered out both empty and full ones, too. So, yeah, a lot of people are still playing this.

  40. JTC says:

    i agree with pmeie, this game has sooo much potential to be a great game, but unfourtunately they decided to release it on console which, just like MW2 for PC, is killing it.Tthe good news is that this game actually runs good on PC so i believe if they actually stop treating this game like a console game and more like a PC game (how its meant to be played) it will be great. when i clicked on this link i was hopin for new maps but i guess not.

  41. TheEye666 says:

    Why complaining over free stuff. I dont get it.

    This is the best PC shooter out there. MW2 sux btw. Good game but no dedi servers killed it.

    Now we have BC2 and it is great and all updates for the PC are free.

    So just get in to the game and to complaining.

    btw. CoD – Black ops will have dedi servers. So i guess they learned their lesson even if it is not IW who makes it but Treyarch who did the World at War.

  42. Original Soundtrack says:

    Your website is really cool and this is a great inspiring article. Thank you so much.

  43. Jage says:

    I was really hoping for NEW maps this time… oh well… i’m just hoping REAL booster packs are in the not so distant future… something similar to the BF2 boosters… if i have to pay 10 bucks for it i gladly will

    and does anybody know what this SPECACT bs is?

    oh and my symphathy to all console players… you guys are really getting ripped off (just my two cents)

  44. SlimfullSim says:

    @ TheEye666

    “Why complaining over free stuff. I dont get it.”

    Read the giant thread, I saw a well layed out description as to why we are annoyed above. But I’ll sum it up for you just to be nice. When I pay for a game I want the entire game. Not part of a game. It’s not free content because it was in the game when I bought it, just couldn’t access it.

    “This is the best PC shooter out there. MW2 sux btw. Good game but no dedi servers killed it.”

    No. See the TF2 argument above. BFBC2 is just a typical modern shooter. One that I like to play from time to time, but it -SERIOUSLY- has it’s flaws. (Flaws that I ignore though they annoy me when they appear.)

    “Now we have BC2 and it is great and all updates for the PC are free.”

    No it’s not, I payed for it already. I just got it late because EA/DICE or whoever wants to keep the interest in the game.

    Even if it’s late I have another real problem with this. It’s dishonest marketing. This isn’t a “Map Pack”. Where are the new maps? Where are any new game modes? Sure, it is a sense of a “Map Pack” but it’s not what the average player wants. I’m never going to buy another FPS from EA untill they get their game design and DRM straightened out.

  45. Fuzkeren says:

    Yea, i agree. On Youtube, it’s like 80% of the BC2 videos are on a console. And it just looks so damn unnatural.. Kinda like if you in real life had to almost stop completely what you are doing just to look up.

  46. bob says:

    Jif becoming Cif blew my tiny little mind.

  47. adam says:

    Another note on the delayed deployment of maps/gamemodes/marketing gimicks:
    when DICE did the BF 1943 community event to unlock the air raid map, I thought that was actually cool/fun. It gave ongoing purpose to playing the game beyond…playing the game. I wish they would have done that sort of thing as opposed to “hey, we got more stuff for you in a few months”

  48. Kermonk says:

    Yeah, its rubbish – they should release some real maps instead.

  49. User says:

    What? M14 with sights? I can’t put any sights on my M14….wth? (PC version)