The Kumar At Number Zero: exp. 0 Out

Yeah, I could have worked for Edge if I wanted. All that lovely white space.

It’s taken a while, but this finally worked its way to me. You may remember that he did a trial run, yes? Well occasional-RPS contributor Mathew Kumar has released issue zero of his exp. fanzine. It’s a short collection of game articles approaching stuff from angles so tangential that they could be used as a dimension-skipping threat to the Earth in an epic comic-crossover. PC relevant stuff includes meditations on how on earth Batman’s base in Arkham Asylum got constructed, Torchlight cut-out-and-keep paper dolls and the Modern Warfare No Russian cocktail (Which you serve as a White-Russian, denying that it’s not). Also, an article about X360 oddity Deadly Premonitions which I simply don’t understand at all. You can buy online, here for seven – count ’em! – dollars.


  1. Clovis says:

    Oh bother, I got a grey speck of something on my monitor. ::Scratch, Scratch:: Oh, weird it moves when I scroll the screen.


  2. Alastayr says:

    Deadly Premonition is an interesting game. I’ve been watching Vinnie and Jeff’s Endurance Run on Giant Bomb after hearing about it. At first to form an opinion, then just for laughs and then because I’ve become genuinely hooked on the game. It can’t come out soon enough.

  3. mcwizardry says:

    It’d be nice if there was a digital version available for purchase but that would unfortunately get pirated instantly.

  4. nine says:

    What, no demo?

    • Chris D says:

      Agreed. At least if you mean by demo a couple of pages we can look at to see if we like it or not. I’m interested but not $7 on a blind purchase worth of interested.

    • EthZee says:


      In fact, I’d say that this is a real flaw with magazines on the internet; It’s not the same unless you can stand at the magazine rack, reading through the articles to see if you want to buy that issue.

  5. Freudian Trip says:

    Seven dollars for a magazine produced by a games journalist? Is he a designer as well or is this just him doing what he thinks looks right? As somebody interested in print design I’m intrigued. At the same time there’s no chance in hell I’m paying seven dollars for a magazine. How has he managed to lose money on this? Did he have a print-run of 5 with guilded leaf on every page? Seven dollars… With a print run of 5k and minimal advertising (and I mean minimal) I’ve seen free magazines of 50 pages make 2k an issue. Seven dollars. My word.

    • yogSo says:

      @Freudian Trip:

      Maybe it’s because this bit at the end (?):

      “All issues feature a unique transparent cover design.”

      If he’s using transparent covers that surely must be expensive…

    • Freudian Trip says:

      Ouch. That’ll hurt for sure. Strange design decision.

    • mathew says:

      Hi Freudian Trip,

      I’m not quite doing print runs of five, but on any print run under about a thousand the rise in cost is exponential, which is why (I’m afraid) your comparison of a free magazine with a print run of five thousand isn’t as useful as it seems. I’d love to print a thousand, however, I’d have hundreds filling up my (one bedroom) apartment while I waited, hoping, for people to buy them.

      The transparent cover, I think, looks completely excellent and yes, did raise the price over issue -1, but there are also more colour pages which really raise the price on small print runs.

    • Freudian Trip says:

      I totally feel your pain of print costs for small runs. I’ve been trying to do short runs for books and the price makes me cry tears of ball shrivelling misery. Hence why we ended up just printing loads and giving them away and are now going digital instead. HA MR. PRINTER. CAN’T CHARGE ME FOR THE INTERNET WHILE GIVING ME CRAP SERVICE AND BEING A TOTAL GROUCHY BASTARD.

      A genius idea has struck me. Print 1000 and hide them about your city of residence. Those who don’t want to pay can play Hide n Seek and you get space in your apartment.

  6. RobF says:

    Ordered my copy earlier in the week so looking forward to sitting down and having a read through. Mind you, I still haven’t had time to sit down and work my way through my copy of Killscreen yet so that could be a while.

    More print stuff please.

  7. Heliocentric says:

    Well. I’d love to buy it, but its totally blind. Think pc gamer would be cheaper disc free? I really don’t give a crap about the discs. And edge is full of bullshit about console exclusives no one gives a damn about 2 months after release. So yeah… Good god am i glad rps exists, print has keeled over and died.

    • drewski says:

      The main PC gaming mag in Australia has disc-ed and disc-free editions and yes, the disc-free edition is about 60% of the cost. So I imagine it would be the same in teh UK were it available.

  8. Auspex says:

    I was considering getting both issues (-1 is on a 2nd reprint) but it appears to be $4 to deliver to the UK per item. So to buy both issues that would cost $21.00 total which is too much for me I’m afraid.

    It seems odd that’s it’s not cheaper to order both issues together, at the very least in regard to the shipping costs.

    • mathew says:

      Hi Auspex,

      Yeah, this is an unfortunate quirk of the Canadian postal service. I always assumed sending a wee magazine would be really cheap. It’s not. It counts as small packet postage, and with two magazines I double the weight, and that means the postage, literally, doubles. I’m not making a lick of profit on postage. If the total was squeezed down to $20 to the UK for two issues, do you think it would make a difference?

    • Auspex says:

      Hi Mathew,

      Thanks for posting. I think some sort of discount for buying both copies might tip me over the edge (into buying) even if it was just $1.

      I think any sort of incentive to buy both copies together would be an excellent idea.

    • mathew says:

      Well! Why don’t you send me an e-mail (and anyone else on RPS who thinks a discount of about $1 for buying both issues sounds good) at and I’ll see what I can do?

  9. GCU Speak Softly says:

    I know it’s not quite in the league of a glossy magazine with a fancy cover, but for those of you wanting to dip your toes in the inky water of printy words, may I recommend Newspaper Club?

    link to

  10. Reddin says:

    Just ordered the issue.
    At first I was surprised by the shipping price, so I added the -1 issue. Then I had an order of $21 which was a bit more then I was willing to spend at the moment, with the dollar being at the conversion rate that it is.
    So I might order the -1 issue at some point, if I like 0 enough and have some more money to spend.
    I will also say that I think this is the way print magazines should be going i.e. largely editorial based. I haven’t bought a gaming mag in years but this intrigues me enough that I’m willing to try it out.