Why Won’t They Die? Death To Spies 3

There’s a little show about to start. It’s called The Three Es. And it means you might suddenly see a whole lot of trailers appear on this site over the next week or so. It’s okay, you’ll like them. Except the bad ones, which you’ll like to dislike. Let’s start probably somewhere in the middle, with Death To Spies 3. It’s – who ever would have thought it? – the third in the WW2-set kinda-Hitman series, and a level walkthrough is below, plus a few scribblings from me. Well, I say World War II. In fact, it’s gone Cold War…

I’ve got these notes scribbled from my trip to Prague to see 1C’s line-up a few weeks back (more write-ups from which I will be posting here just as soon as I stop being imminently homeless), where I briefly watched the game but didn’t manage to play it:

There are three playable characters, which you can apparently switch to at almost any time. They’re returning hero Captain Strogov, Viktor Kovalev and Olga Godunova-Lopes. Based on those names, I can give you this exclusive insight: one’s a dude and one’s a lady.

Locations include Europe, the US and Cuba. Mmm, rummy.

You’re blessed with a ‘spy sense mode’ to avoid some nearby danger. A little bit psychic, I guess, but may make proceedings a little more enjoyable for folk who aren’t stealth dab-hands.

There are gadgets (such as lockpicks), and you have the option to poison people’s drinks. For some reason, I’ve written the latter in capitals. Must have thought it was funny at the time. Was I ever so young?

So there you go. And here’s what it looks like:


  1. Skinlo says:

    HL2: Episode 3… maybe…no….:(

  2. linfosoma says:

    I played the first game and I thought it was brillant, a little too hard maybe, but great game.
    There was this mission where I had to rescue (or kill) a fellow spy from an enemy castle. It was so hard that by the time I got to him I decided to kill him because it was going to be too hard to get him out.

    I could technically saved him, but it was too much work, no other game has made me feel so guilty ever.

    And…yeah, I guess this one looks ok too.

  3. dingo says:

    Looking forward to your E3 coverage and I hope you stick to your boycott of reporting of Ubifail games as long as the Ubliauncher is not a thing of the past!

  4. Reverend Speed says:

    In Communist Russia, detective impersonates YOU.

    And in real life.

    Looks interesting. I like me some Hitman and I’m always up for a perspective on Espionage that isn’t entirely West-centric.

  5. mercvii says:

    Looks like shitty AI to me if you can knock out a cop and swap his clothes without the other three in the same room noticing you dropped your trousers.

    • Nike-it says:

      Guys, the shown version of the game was very early and the devs didn’t have time to work on the AI. The aim of this version was to show the visual style of the series, but not the AI and final gameplay. There are a lot of things to do and improve. I’m sure that the final game will be a high class product and will continue the traditions of the series.

  6. Vatara says:

    That was pretty stealthy, stripping that guy and stuffing him in the conveniently placed armoire, right in front of multiple people .

  7. anon says:

    Why is that office full of man-sized armoires? And how was he not caught for knocking out and changing clothes with somebody in a cubicle surrounded by other people? WEEEIRD.

  8. Brumisator says:

    Smiert Spionam!
    (Thank you, childhood spent watching James Bond films)

  9. Rakysh says:

    And here was me hoping for news of an X-ray sentry gun…

  10. Cynic says:

    He seems really impressed with the minimap, bless.
    For a game copying Hitman, it’s falling pretty short.

    Really strong graphical elements currently in place:
    The lighting is patchy, going from pitch black to near sun-glare in the space of a few feet
    Armoires and desk/floor fans EVERYWHERE!

    • Jacques says:

      I thought I noticed the same thing until I realized that it was also on the minimap, it’s not a graphical flaw in the game, it’s because this is cam footage of a monitor that is is picking up glare from the lighting. Unless the game just has a blue tint on the bottom half of the screen and a beige tint on top for no good reason. The knock out and stuff in a closet bit was… quite humorous with the various detectives standing around not detecting anything. Reminds me of Splinter Cell where pitch black darkness is visualized as a slightly dark room with no clear light sources, and you can interrogate guards next to other guards. Granted, I hope they fix that still

    • Jacques says:

      Whoops, thought you were talking about the same thing I was, damn, yeah the bloom is a bit strong, though I think that’s part of the Noir Theme

  11. Divebomb says:

    awesome games

  12. Soobe says:

    Friggin super awesome games actually : )

    Death to Spies has been my essential series over the past few years, I simply can’t imagine missing one, and am happy to all hell we’re getting another one.

    For the uninitiated, the games greatest strength is being difficult but never cheep. When you die it’s because you messed up, and you know it instantly. I find the levels to be varied and always interesting, and in the second one, actually quite beautiful (the submarine base, for example).

    When you complete a level you feel a sense of accomplishment that’s rarely echoed in modern gaming. I suppose the closest comparison would be the final few beats in Shadow Of The Colossus. It’s that feeling of being totally overwhelmed and vulnerable, but triumphing in the end.

    That said, GO TO HELL “Spy Vision”. Immersion ruining crap made for the consoles-for shame! I worry some that by implementing this cheat system design decisions will be made for the quick payoff rather than the slow methodical one–the hallmark of this brilliant series.

    We shall see.

  13. Pemptus says:

    I played the first one some time ago and found it enjoyable, a slightly cheaper-looking and harder Hitman. The first couple of missions were very enjoyable, with me strangling and silenced-headshotting my way to the objectives. I stopped playing sometime later because of the difficulty. But then my reflexes and patience have deteriorated over the years… must be all that getting old and senile thing I’m hearing about.

    I’m actually looking forward to this. World needs moar Hitman.

  14. Alexander Norris says:

    Death to Spies and the expandalsequelone are pretty much the only real alternative to Hitman. They’re stupidly hard, have similar AI problems to the Hitman series and don’t hold your hand at all, but they’re also great fun. Glad we’re getting a third one.

  15. Chris says:

    Hope it avoids the problem with Hitman: you got lovely guns for completing missions well, but then COULDN’T USE THEM unless you wanted to go postal and get a crappy score. If you wanted Silent Assassin, you had to not shoot anyone and garrotte your victim. Kinda made the progression seem a bit hollow: those nice silver hardballers could stay in their presentation case.

    I’m still praying for a spy game that’s a good as NOLF, and I’ve been waiting a long time…

    – Chris.

  16. PHeMoX says:

    I agree with Alexander there. It’s one of the better or perhaps even best alternatives to the Hitman series and becoming ever better at that too.

    I’m not surprised they’re going to release a third game and am quite happy about that.

    “as soon as I stop being imminently homeless”

    That doesn’t sound very good, unless you’re deliberately and temporarily homeless perhaps


  17. bakaohki says:

    I love how you change clothes and then everyone magically thinks you’re a policeman. I mean okay, my facial memory sucks, but even I can detect a new face at my workplace and that’s not even a police department :D