APB ‘Key To The City’ Massive Key Giveaway

See, it's a key, with APB on it. This is a visual metaphor.

APB’s Key To The City event launches tomorrow. We’ve got the trifling matter of 50,000 keys to give away. Yes, we didn’t get the zeros wrong.

If you were a subscriber to RPS you’d have heard about this a while back and been guaranteed to have gotten one before the rush. And now, everyone else in the universe gets a go.

So if you want a key to play Realtime World’s APB Key To The City open beta from tomorrow, you need to CLICK RIGHT HERE. Stick in your email address, and until we run out of keys you should receive an email within an hour letting you know your key. Once you’ve done that, make sure to check out APB’s site from tomorrow morning to see details of when the beta goes live. We’re told 9am is a sensible time to check, whichever side of the Atlantic you’re on.

EDIT: We are assured by Realtime Worlds that EU codes should work for Rest Of World. Some are reporting they are not. Definitely try choosing EU and inserting an EU code. We are hearing stories of success too. US and EU definitely work.

EDIT 2: Canadians who did not receive US keys, please try again now. Every IP get 2 goes anyway. Sorry about this oversight.

Here’s some details about APB, just in case you’ve somehow missed the news about Realtime World’s online world of crime and punishment:

Imagine a living, breathing, modern city. Put this city online and populate it with thousands of players. Their mission: to gain fame and fortune, fast.

Many will become Criminals, supporting themselves by feeding on the citizens of San Paro. Others will choose to join the Enforcers – and feed on the Criminals.

Imagine joining in. Which side will you pick? How will you play? The choice is yours.

Key features:

• Experience fast-paced third-person action in a persistent online multiplayer world
• Earn money, clothing, weapons, and cars as you play
• Customize your character to achieve a unique look
• Master the radically different styles of gameplay; Criminal and Enforcer
• Gain real-life celebrity through in-game displays of your characters and designs
• Become known as San Paro’s premier car thief, clothing designer, “death theme” musician, or assassin.

If you’ve clicked you may be rather astonished to see how awesome our key distribution page is. This is thanks to the excellent ‘frog’, and the fine folks at Dark Water Studios. It’s so magical that despite the game being region specific, it will have automagically identified where you are and sent the appropriate key! They are best.


  1. westyfield says:

    And I love you back, RPS.

  2. Vague-rant says:

    That is awesome key distribution. Of course I’m probably just saying that because I managed to get a key.

    What did you guys do to get so many keys though? I smell corruption. Or cheese. Probably cheese.

  3. Veret says:

    Um, yes please. I may have to replace my worn-out F5 key every few months, but times like this make it so worthwhile.

  4. cubed2d says:

    ahhh, fail. As im at work and behind a firewall, it incorrectly thinks i’m in the USA, so if anyone fails to get an american key, you can have mine (NAGYV-WR4FV-AC9MF-ARFGN-LTFCN). Have to try again at home and hope i get a uk/europe one.

    • Darren says:

      Hey there, thanks, the email sender outer program thought I was in Europe for some reason so this key really helped me out, Heres 2 European keys for all those folks in a pinch!


      I don’t think the key sender works very accurately. At least not for me (in Canada by the way). Maybe next time you should add a option to pick where you live?

    • fnsmatt says:

      I had the same issue and got a Euro-key when I was looking for a Yankee one; FCFS:


  5. jarvoll says:

    If you’re like me and don’t live in either Europe or North America, don’t bother getting a key – we’re apparently ineligible for this offer (due, I assume, to server constraints).

  6. Heliocentric says:

    I was already in the beta but i’ve grabbed a key for the girlfriend. I may arrest my her, more as this develops.

  7. duel says:

    See you there RPS’ers ;)

  8. Tei says:

    Heres some suggestions:

    – Always mount on other dude car, or get other teammates, so you can drive, and the teammate shot from the car. Is ridiculous wen 3 dudes try to capture the enemy, everyone on his own car.
    – If the car is on fire/smoking, EXIT AND RUNAWAY!.
    – If theres not oposition, and the target of the mission is less than 80 metter away, is probably a good idea to let only one do it, and the others to wait on the car.
    – Remenber to use the grenades
    – Theres nothing more satisficing than destroy the enemy team car, shotting at him with a SMG.
    – Theres nothing more stupid, than killing the other team with a SMB, but having the driver collide on the enemy team so both teams are destroyed. If the enemy team is smoking, and is not a good idea for your team to sacrifice, stop or avoid collisions.
    – Bonus suggestion: Is probably a good idea to select a contact with less than 6 level, prior to making missions.
    – Vehicles with 4 slots are more interesting than vehicles with 2 slots, since on the 4 one can mount the whole team.
    – Obvious suggestion: don’t kill the enemy, wen your team is cuffing it.
    – Use the group chat. for godsake.
    – YES, there are people with 3 slots unlocked and the best weapons, maybe god-like aim, and play 120 hours a week, but nothing stops and is more satifing thatn teamwork.
    – If the enemy team is camping the on top of the front building, you sould probably use a good sniper/riffle weapon, or grenades. Again: teamwork, work in groups of 2 or more, so one can give cover to the others.

    • Choca says:

      The only advice needed is “get a N-TEC.”

    • Baka says:

      And play Enforcer, not Criminal.

    • Choca says:

      “Always mount on other dude car, or get other teammates, so you can drive, and the teammate shot
      from the car. Is ridiculous wen 3 dudes try to capture the enemy, everyone on his own car.”

      Aside from my previous troll post, I’d have to slightly disagree with this. To be effective on VIP elimination job you need one ramming car (with just one guy driving) and a shooting car (with one shooter on each side of the car).

      And, seriously, get a N-TEC.

    • Tei says:

      2 dudes in a car, and another 2 dudes in another car seems a good idea.

    • Sagan says:

      My tips would be:

      A: play in a group. This is very important. It adds hugely to the enjoyment of the game.
      B: new guns are pretty cheap. You can get a good one for 500$ which is far superior to the starting one.
      C: bounty missions suck. Ignore them.
      D: be aware, that by default your voice chat is ON.

    • Tei says:

      These are good suggestions, Sagan. I remenber playing about a month with the starting pistol only, and wondering why I was soo bad at killing other people… Now, you can laught at me all you want, because is true.

    • JB says:

      @ Baka – So why Enforcer rather than Criminal? Thought I’d ask before I get started.

    • Choca says:

      @JB : The reason why most people end up playing Enforcers is because :

      – They have access to a whole mechanic unavailable to criminals : the very powerful (but not as overpowered as most people say) Less Than Lethal Weapon coupled with the ability to Arrest people for a great humiliation kill which also takes you out of the game for more than 30 seconds.

      – Criminals get harrassed every five minutes by bounty missions which are forced on them whenever they reach rank 3 in notoriety. The problem being that keeping your notoriety under this level is pretty much impossible (unless you’re not doing anything ever), that you can get assigned those missions while you’re AFK which is pretty much free kills for the cops and that the bounty mission are massively unbalanced in favor of the Enforcers (they can track you wherever you go, you can’t see them coming).

      -The game punishes Criminals when they run over civilians or smash into city propriety (by raising their notoriety and giving them huge time penalties in the oh-so-fun bounty missions) while Enforcers are pretty much free to randomly kill anyone and everyone without any care in the world.

    • JB says:

      @ Choca – Many thanks for the heads-up. Sounds horribly unbalanced. I’ll be going Enforcer then =)

      That said, is ANYONE going criminal if that’s the state the game is currently in? I really had planned on being a crim (which is most unlike me), but there’s no way I fancy all that hassle while I’m learning to play.

    • Choca says:

      I wouldn’t really worry about population imbalance since most new/young players usually roll a Criminal first (I know I did). Plus the servers population is automatically balanced when you log in, so you usually end-up with an even match-up (at least in numbers, levels and equipment is another issue) in every neighbourhood.

      Also, keep in mind that my experience with the game is more than a month old so hopefuly the devs will work on this before release.

    • Sagan says:

      Since I have only played Enforcer so far, I had no idea how those bounty missions worked for Crims.

      From an Enforcer perspective they suck, because all the Criminal has to do is drive around the map for five minutes in a fast car. It’s very hard to catch up to them. And even if you do catch up and somehow manage to kill them, they still have two more lives and will just drive away again.
      I have simply stopped accepting those missions because they are rarely fun.

    • Tei says:

      My favorite missions are hunting down crims, because is a new experience that you can’t get with other games. Really, in-game, the only thing that feel imbalanced is wen you or you team suck. But I have always played enforced, so I don’t know how is the other side. It looks like the other side (crims) are having lots of fun. Also, I roleplay something like a FBI agent, and most crims seems to roleplay gangsta dudes or punks. Who want to be a punk, wen you can have a suit, a black car and snipe down punks? Punks are awesome, but black cars + suits are +1 better.

    • Spoon says:

      The bounty missions are just awful. Like you have said Sagan, in a 1v1 or 2v2 scenario, all the crims have to do is get in a fast car and its easy winning. In a 3v3 or larger matchup, as soon as you kill one crim, they are pretty screwed if they wanted to escape and it turns into guys with wallhacks vs guys without wallhacks. Even if the rest of your team continues to try to run, the one guy that was killed and separated will be continually picked off by his pursuers, giving you escape penalties and eating your lives. So yeah, 2v2 and under, escape is annoying for enforcers. Any more people in the matchup and it’s REALLY annoying for the criminals, though. I realize they wanted to have enforcers hunting down criminals and whatnot, but they really need to rethink the current bounty missions imo.

  9. Gunhover says:

    I love you RPS! <3


  10. Sulkdodds says:

    I have become…OBOE COP

  11. Baka says:

    So, NDA is lifted now, too?
    I could rant about this game all day long, so much wasted potential.

    It’s a lot of fun with some friends, but then again, what isn’t?

    • KindredPhantom says:

      The NDA is partially lifted you can post screenshot and videos of APB but you cannot give reviews on the game or talk about your beta experience.

  12. The Great Wayne says:

    Nice timing, just as I was out of something to play and was considering putting my neighborhood on fire instead. Y’know, because I’m an angry gamer and that’s what we do.

    Thanks a lot RPS.

  13. Choca says:

    Did they fix the matchmaking or is it still ruining half the missions ?

    • Sagan says:

      I’m not sure if they did anything to the matchmaking, but what they did change is how strong a fully equipped character is. You now have a much better chance against high level chars. It could be that they also changed the matchmaking, because I did notice that I get owned much less often now.

    • Choca says:

      Well then maybe I’ll give it another try when it comes out (this damn Key to the city stuff being launched during E3 and all). I stopped playing during the beta when my brand new Enforcer character was assigned against a level 200+ Rank 5 Notoriety Criminal sporting a three slots OBIR in his very first mission.

  14. TheApologist says:

    Ace – thankeeverrymush

  15. [21CW] 2000AD says:

    Sweet, should help me decide whether or not to pre-order it

  16. Darren says:

    Says my key is invalid :(

  17. Freudian Trip says:

    I gave it a go around my mates for about a week. Felt like I was playing GTA except everything controlled like a boat.

    • AC says:

      I thought everything in GTA already handled like a beached oil tanker. So handling like a boat is an improvement then, I would guess?

  18. Moonracer says:

    Thanks RPS! Have been looking forward to checking this one out.

  19. nayon says:

    I live in US but currently am in Europe, gave me an EU key, can someone give me a US key?

    EULGU-34V4P-CGD4T-JF7GJ-JPTQ4 <- mine

  20. DTKT says:

    Anyone know if the offer is valid in Quebec? The key I got doesnt seem to work. :S

  21. Tacroy says:

    Heh heh heh, RPS Key Giver. I name all my services like that.

  22. AC says:

    Make sure you’re applying for the right region too – the keys are region locked, and dont appear to work with the opposite region. So if your key has a EU prefix, then apply for a european slot, and if it has a NA prefix, then apply for a US slot. I would’ve proffered to play on a US server due to lower latencies, but what can you do.

  23. laikapants says:

    Yay, I can give it another go. Hopefully things have smoothed out and what not.

  24. DTKT says:

    Here is 2 EU keys, anyone can provide a US one? :D


  25. Fron says:

    Myself and my friend (in Canada) both received European keys, I wonder if it’ll somehow manage to work anyway.

  26. tomeoftom says:

    Hey all, I live in Australia. Apparently, our population’s too small to warrant managing beta servers over here, so here’s my European key. Leave a reply once you’ve taken it to save others the hassle of checking.


    • tomeoftom says:

      Also – thank you mightily, sweet writerfolk of the internettes. It’s incredibly heartwarming to see this site expand the way it is, so.. good job, and stuff.

    • laikapants says:

      @tomeoftom: Apparently Australia is too small to warrant ANY servers, as EA currently has no plans to release it there. link to kotaku.com.au

    • tomeoftom says:


      Huh, I thought that might’ve been it. The APB site wasn’t very explicit about that. Oh well.


    • Freudian Trip says:

      Australia isn’t too small. Your ISPs are too big a bastard to bother with. This is from a guy trying to get more Heroes of Newerth servers running in Australia.

      “We have received some initial prices on hosting boxes in Australia:

      Our boxes on average use 4,000-5,000 GB of data transfer a month, we get these boxes for roughly $200 USD each in EU/USA

      Provider 1: $1250 per month for hardware, $11,250.00 per month for bandwidth per box, box would support 110 concurrent users

      Provider 2: $1100 per month for hardware, $22,500 per month for bandwidth per box, would support about 220 concurrent users.

      We have also made inquiries at Internode and are awaiting a quote back from them (it was requested last week Tuesday). So as you can see, the economics of hosting boxes in AU is just not there currently.”

      Essentially due to the absolute stranglehold that Telstra has on bandwidth pricing in Australia, it is not financially viable to host server’s with heavy data traffic thanks to the absurd pricing for data usage. So, next time you wonder why your PING is through the ceiling when playing WoW, Aion or any other popular MMO you can thank Telstra.’

      And think how much more data APB needs.

    • drewski says:

      We can also thank the succession of weak, spineless governments who refuse to even attempt to regulate Telstra into a less explotiative wholesale provider.

    • Tunips says:

      Australian here. Won’t be needing this:

    • JuJuCam says:

      I’m Aussie and just said I was from the UK and everything seems to be hunky dory… Haven’t actually installed yet but don’t seem to have any problems doing so

    • AC says:

      I was getting 130kb/s from the EU server (for the program download), which, considering my connection tops out at 150kb/s, that’s not actually a bad sign. No need to give up on it completely.

    • AC says:

      Actually, based upon that Kotaku article, I’m not going to bother.

  27. Smokey says:

    I’m in Canada but I got a EU key, :/

    EULQY-KYLPG-KGFRH-PYL63-W3TRN If anyone wants it.

  28. Glubglub says:

    I got my key and it’s reading as invalid on the APB account creation page. I R Sad.

  29. DTKT says:

    It seems that anyone in Canada is getting an EU key . :(

  30. brkl says:

    Betas save money. I’ll probably not want to touch the game after this. That’s how it’s been with previous betas at least.

  31. Glubglub says:

    Yep, I’m in Canada and they gave me an EU key

  32. Inmolation says:

    Got to EU keys here… and I’m in Canada. Anyone want to trade for a NA key ?


  33. wyrmsine says:

    I’m in the same boat with having an EU key while being in Canada, if any one else can trade….

  34. Lavitz says:

    I am also in Cananda >.< I need an NA key !! Please give me a key, i have been meaning to play this for awhile.

  35. Tylor says:

    Another Canadian here, I also got a EU code :(

  36. Doomsday says:

    Also got EU keys, and I’m in Canada.

    Can someone post some NA ones , or is there another way ?

  37. Inmolation says:

    RPS doesn’t know its geography. Canada ISN’T part of EUROPE.

    • Tei says:

      Maybe the Canada ISP you are using is buying IP’s to a european ISP. So in the geoip databases looks like you guys are from europe. Do you guys talk french? çe la vie.

  38. Mike says:

    You are gods! Thanks for this guys!

  39. Flint says:

    It’s the RPS Canadian Readers meet-and-greet convention!

  40. Alex says:

    Here you go:

  41. Tylor says:

    Heres my EU key, hope it helps someone!

  42. MasterBoo says:

    Since this one is going to receive lots of view – Shame on you RPS, you missed the XCOM teaser-trailer posted earlier today:

    link to pc.ign.com

    • Tei says:

      This is a blog, not a newssource. The difference is that in a blog, the blogger talk about what is interesting …can be interesting but oldnews, in a newsource you talk about what is new (even if is not interesting).
      Also, thanks for the video you posted. Is awesome. I <3 XCOM

  43. Scott PM says:

    So are they going to fix this Canadian key problem? I assume that’s why my key is invalid.

  44. Hidden_7 says:

    Yup, another Canadian with an EU one. Does anyone have an NA one and want to trade? I’d really enjoy giving this game a try.

    Thanks, RPS, by the way, despite the mix-up, stuff like this is very much appreciated.

  45. Aglathan says:

    meh, brazillian and got EU key :/ here

    i dont think USA would work here also

    meh, a just wanted to play with the character creator

    • Aglathan says:

      oh my, if these keys work for the ret of the world, please dont steal mine

  46. Bruteforce123 says:

    Another Canadian, Another EU code :(

  47. Gpig20 says:

    Canadians aren’t people. Take the hint.

  48. PFC Skinner says:

    Is no one who reads this site English anymore :P

  49. safeguard says:

    Yup, here’s another key from an unhappy Canadian. =[=[=[


  50. Tom says:

    liiiiiiiiiiiiike a glove…r… danny… what now?