Trine 2 Confirmed For PC

This is a pleasant way to start the week, via Blue: having a sequel for a charming and playable game confirmed for our humming box of tricks. In a reveal thread on the Frozenbyte forums Joel Kinnunen responds “Yes. And before anyone asks, it will come to PC in addition to any other platforms. That’s all we can say right now.” And I suppose what makes me most pleased is that the existence of sequel means that enough of you lot bought the original for it to have been a success. Good news, I think.


  1. FatRat says:

    Ah this is awesome news to wake up to.

  2. Rinox says:

    I loved the original, even though it was a little short. Pretty curious to see what they can do in terms of expanding the formula, as I think there’s a lot of potential there to make an already great game even better.

  3. Mithrandir0x says:

    Sweet. It could be great if they added online multiplayer and level editor.

  4. Vinraith says:

    Two words: online co-op. The original was absolutely beautiful, quite charming, and featured a fairly brutal out-of-nowhere difficulty spike at the end. A smoother difficulty curve (I’m not saying lower difficulty, mind you, just a more gradual rise) and online co-op to push me past points of frustration would probably make this a must-purchase, despite my repeatedly swearing off the genre.

    • Nick says:

      Interesting correlation: link to

      “We haven’t made any official announcements yet but it’s fairly safe to say that our future games will start to include proper multiplayer features (at least for those games where it makes sense).”

  5. Heliocentric says:

    I would love to see trine take on a touch of spelunkey with open rpg development. Procedurally generated levels you can approach in coop with customisable skills and hard to reach treasure to seek. But also the freedom to customise. A thief that can run on water? A wizard who can perform short hop teleports or a warrior who can grapple and throw enemies as projectiles? Hell, expand the pantheon and have the necromancer who can command some of the local undead or even summon his own.

    Endless possibilities if they limit the puzzle nature, which i think will probably end up the focus.

  6. Wilson says:

    Yeah, the original was surprisingly fun for me. My brother and cousin stayed up all night playing through it when we first tried it, and then they played all through it again with me the next day :)

    Was quite a hassle getting two keyboards and two mice working though, but we managed.

  7. Aemony says:

    Awesome! Trine was one of the more enjoyable games I’ve played the last couple of years. Happy to see a sequel being released.

  8. Petethegoat says:

    I can confirm that this is indeed a true story. Excellent game.

  9. Quirk says:

    Have played through Trine twice now using two keyboards and two mice, first with my flatmate and then with my girlfriend. It’s a blast – a game that’s fun on its own is even better with a friend beside you. More Trine is happy news.

  10. plugmonkey says:

    Yay! Loved the 1st one. Great news!

  11. rocketman71 says:

    Fantastic news.

  12. Carra says:

    Great. Trine was a fun and original game to play. But they could have made it a bit harder by adding more interaction between the different characters. Now you could just skip too much by just slinging past it with the archer.

  13. Premium User Badge

    Hodge says:

    I must confess to being a bit disappointed by the first one… mainly due to all the levels being basically the same all the way through. Wore off the lustre in the end, for me.

    That and the last level. We don’t talk about the last level.

  14. The Hammer says:

    Brilliant news. Really, really enjoyed the first one. It was such a captivating game, with its cosy narrator. I was in love with everything about it – fluid, smart, and looking and sounding magnificent.


  15. pupsikaso says:

    Good news, indeed! I loved the first!
    And what’s even better about it is that I never knew it was ported from a console. The controls were working as perfectly as any straight up PC game. THIS is how you make PC versions of console games. Why can indie devs with so much less recources available to them make a game work perfectly on both platforms while the big companies never even bother? Who was it that said that indie devs are going to be the ones that bring this industry forward? I think they were right.

  16. blargh says:


    That’s because it wasn’t ported from a console. ;)

    The game was first developed for and released on PC. The PS3 version soon followed.

    Anyway, fantastic game! One of the best indie titles of last year.

  17. fnsmatt says:

    The first game was surprisingly enjoyable, I look forward to the second!

  18. Huggster says:

    I love trine

  19. Adamos says:

    Great news. Probably the only platformer i enjoyed since jazz jackrabbit

  20. Adamos says:

    Great news. Loved trine altough i finished it in 4-5hours

  21. vader says:

    Great news. I really liked the cosy fairtale feeling the first one had. It was a bit on the short side and I never got to try the coop because of the lack of proper online mutliplayer.

  22. Karthik says:

    I didn’t like the demo, but I bought it as a gift for a bunch of kids.They loved it, I’m sure they’ll be happy to know there’s more on the way

  23. Gurrah says:

    Proper good news alright. I had a real blast playing Trine, such a charming game.

  24. Lightbulb says:

    Played through the whole thing with my girlfriend. Her words when I just mentioned this sequel:

    “I can bash more things with my ‘ammer!”

    Loved the whole package and may even pay full price for it on launch…

  25. Mark Smith says:

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  26. Zerotonine says:

    Hooray! I loved the original, although the difficulty was mostly trivial in solo mode, I never did get a chance at playing 3-way co-op. Even though the story bits were sparse (pretty much a magical road-trip), the writing and banter between the three made me chuckle.

    The music was especially good, sometimes epic, sometimes whimsical with a healthy dose of faerie-like magic quality. I can’t wait to see what’s coming next!

  27. Gobion Rowlands says:

    I loved the original, played through it twice so yes I am very much looking forward to Trine 2! I am also really pleased to hear it did well :)

    Good job Frozenbyte!