BFBC2 Visiting In Vietnam

If there’s one thing we know about Vietnam, it’s that the scenery is destructible. It makes sense, therefore, that Battlefield Bad Company 2 should be taking a trip there for the purposes of a multiplayer expansion. DICE say: “Featuring four new maps playable in classic Battlefield modes including Conquest and Rush, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam will be available worldwide this winter.” There’s no price been announced as yet, and – for what it’s worth – I’ve posted the essentially content-free teaser trailer below.


  1. CMaster says:

    Will we still be able to use our modern unlockables?
    Will this split the community badly, or will it be easy to run mixed rotations etc?
    Didn’t Battlefield Vietnam tank pretty badly?

    • HidesHisEyes says:

      It was a great game plagued by balance issues, and the patches just came far too late.

      They refused to embrace the assymetrical nature of the combat, and 32 yanks with gunships, tanks and napalm jets against 32 NVA with mortars and jeeps didn’t really work that well- so they later nerfed a lot of american kits and it left the whole thing feeling pretty odd.

    • jeremypeel says:

      Vietnam was one of DICE’s stopgap titles, right?

      BATTLEFIELD 1942
      Battlefield Vietnam
      Battlefield 2142

      I haven’t played either Vietname or 2142, but they seemed to be more re-skin and tweaks than whole new games – please correct me if I’m wrong. I do remember reading about helicopter-wynched-tanks, napalm and Ride of the Valkyries in PC Gamer back in the day though, that sounded like a lot of fun.

    • godwin says:

      Well the first Battlefield Vietnam was based on the BF1942 engine, but I think the assets were pretty much all-new (characters, mechanics, levels, vehicles), so you can’t really say it’s a reskin in terms of how BFBC2 is pretty much BFBC but made available for the PC. I never played it though, Eve of Destruction was pretty much mind-blowing enough. Those were the days, one game with 3 or 4 top quality mods could keep it going for a long long time (EoD, Desert Combat, Galactic Conquest, Forgotten Hope, etc.), days which we probably will not see again soon.

    • Koozer says:

      Vietnam and 2142 were far from just reskins, they just used the same engine as the game before them.

      Rocket launcher sniper rifles!

    • PHeMoX says:

      “I never played it though”

      Lol, so what do you know:?

      With the exception of Battlefield 2142, which does feature a different gameplay style… most of the ‘inbetween’ games were just re-skins of the previous game.

      Even in Battlefield 2142 it has mostly just been the same thing, but in a different environment.

      If it would not have had the Titan mode and so on, one would definitely just be playing yet another BF game doing the same old same old.

      In fact, the 3rd Battlefield game was a huge huge disappointment. I don’t see why Bad Company 2 Vietnam would really be any different from the Bad Company series.. I think ‘new graphics’ will be their main selling point for sure.

      It’s one of those game series that somewhat stalled, even with the addition of destructible environments!

    • Nick says:

      “With the exception of Battlefield 2142, which does feature a different gameplay style… most of the ‘inbetween’ games were just re-skins of the previous game.”

      Um, what? BF:V and 2142 were the only “inbetween” games. Most of = 1? Buh?

      And Vietnam was much more than a reskin.

  2. Tei says:

    Are we learning NOTHING from early errors?


  3. Antsy says:

    Apparently there has been 3.5 conflicts in the past century.


  4. I'm with Jim says:

    Did they have Carl Gustavs in Vietnam?

    • Fatrat says:

      Dear lord i hope not. You actually just made me look forward to this title. BFBC2, without Gustavs or 40mm’s… nice.

    • Skurmedel says:

      Could’ve, on the American side. It is more plausible for them to have M72s though. And they could put the M79 or M203 in as equivalents for the BFBC2s grenade launchers :)

      I’m looking forward to this game anyhow. Vietnam was a very good game.

    • godwin says:

      There is the M60 though.

      Personally I don’t know why people whine about it, maybe it has been nerfed, but my personal medic favourite is the T88 LMG.

  5. jeremypeel says:

    Battlefield One-Subtitle’s-Nice-Two-Is-Company Vietnam Heroes 2142-43?

  6. Dood says:

    I’m in If they let me play late 60s rock from my vehicles like they did in BF:V.

    • Dan(WR) says:

      “I’m in If they let me play late 60s rock from my vehicles like they did in BF:V”

      This. Many times over. Bring me the Jefferson Airplane.

      Of course, it would also help if they fixed Conquest mode to be less pants, and hadn’t already tooted about new maps that weren’t actually new. And put in proper autobalance.

    • The Hammer says:

      Yessssss. Favourite part of Vietnam, to be honest.

      Gosh, now I want to play it again.

    • int says:

      Indeed. And flying the Phantom, dropping napalm was one of my favorite things to do.

      Also if I remember correctly you could carry tanks and vehicles with the chinook helicopter.

    • RedFred says:

      If Fortunate Son is not in this game, I am not buying it.

      That is all.

  7. godwin says:

    In other news, MOH MP beta trailer released, game is in fact a mod of BFBC2.

    • Tei says:

      DICE, making the same game again and again and again from… 1942.

  8. Greg Wild says:

    Cannot wait! BFV was brilliant – probably the most atmospheric of the battlefield games, even if the balance left much to be desired.

  9. Lack_26 says:

    I absolutely loved BF:V, I never played online but had a brilliant time against the bots when I was younger. Not to mention the music, which was absolutely brilliant, I’ve still got the soundtrack around the computer somewhere.

  10. MultiVaC says:

    Battlefield: Vietnam is one of those games that I somehow have fond memories of, despite 90% of my gameplay time being spent in total frustration over the buggy, laggy, and shockingly unbalanced mess it actually was.

  11. Gary W says:

    Battlefield Bad Company 2: Battlefield 2 up next.

    Takes an extra 6 months to grind up to level 50. In lieu of any long-term depth, they’ve got an extra 250 pins and badges for everyone to unlock.

    Also, conquest mode in a wooden shed.

  12. Peter Frampton's Watermelon says:

    This, this, this oh god this

    Radio was basically the one feature that made the game. Nothing really comes close to hearing Big Bopper in the distance and know it’s your mate either trying to carpet bomb the entire area and then suicide bomb you.

    I would even pay the ridiculously inflated Aus price for it if comes with radio

  13. rebb says:

    Blaring music from your tank while searching for the enemy just feld bad-ass, even tho you knew you’re giving your position away.

    Also, towing Tanks with your Helicopter and accidentally dropping them into a lake. Woo !

  14. Lobotomist says:

    Hey nice !

    But question is: Will it be 70s Vietnam ? Or modern warfare like BC ?

    If it will be trip in time, will you have completely new unlocks ?

  15. Dreamhacker says:

    So much for something new…

  16. Horza says:

    Been waiting for a new BF Vietnam actually. Hopefully it’ll be 70’s as the music implies.

  17. Kurt Lennon says:

    I want a game that just gets to the heart of the matter and lets you deceive a nation into believing they’re in imminent danger unless the military attacks another country at the taxpayer’s expense, creating insane profits for the corporate elite.

    When it’s starting to look like the people’s trust in you is waning. push the “Tonkin” button, sit back and watch those profits rise!

  18. Navagon says:

    If it doesn’t have Battle Mopeds I’m not buying it.

    • OldManTick says:

      Those were Battle Vespas, much cooler then Battle Mopeds

  19. Colton says:

    Back in the 80’s I bought a RPG based on the Vietnam war and my dad kicked my ass and drove me back to the hobby shop and forcefully made me return it.

    Some games just shouldn’t be made – no matter how profitable and fun the 4th generation think the opportunity might be.

    • rebb says:

      This can be said about any Game based on any real war tho, not only Vietnam.

    • Colton says:

      So true – so very very true.

    • cjlr says:

      With all respect – I disagree as far as is possible.

      There is nothing at all about which a game “just shouldn’t be made”, any more than that would be true of films or songs or pictures. If it is done carefully – why not?

      Six Days in Fallujah was one of gaming’s greatest missed opportunities.

  20. Blackberries says:

    Well, now I’m going to be listening to Jefferson Airplane all evening.

  21. boonpwn3d says:

    BFV was and still is an awesome game.