Black Prophecy Trails Anew

Via the resplendent Blue I spy HOT spaceship porn. Reakktor’s latest trailer for the now-in-closed-beta space MMO Black Prophecy shows customisable ships, beautiful space-lane scenes, and some very sexy, er, menus. I really hope it’s as sandboxy as it needs to be to satisfy my not inconsiderable space-needs.


  1. CMaster says:

    @ Jim
    It isn’t trying to be an eve-esque sandbox in any way.
    Originally branded as an “Action MMO”, instancing plays a pretty heavy part, while combat is going to come down to straight up skill and gear, none of the logistics of EvE at work. They’re keen to have quick movement to get on with the game, rather than long links etc.

    Based on what we know so far, the best games to compare this with are things like Planetside, Mechwarrior 2:Mercenaries, Wing Commander and seemingly APB.

    There will be “open world” sectors and their will be clan-owned territory. But there isn’t going to be a player-run resource trading system for instance. Eve, Elite, etc etc this is not.

    • Dworgi says:

      Reminds me an awful lot of Jumpgate Evolution. Since you seem to be on the Reakktor marketing team, are there player-piloted big ships in this? How’s the PvP work?

    • Mithrandir0x says:

      Well it’s reminds me a lot to Freelancer. And I think this isn’t bad.

      Hope they can release more information, I would like to see a fine iteration of FL :3

    • CMaster says:

      Not marketing team, just on a fansite team who get slightly fed up of people expecting EvE from any space game. (I at least like the idea of a space MMO that’s nothing like EvE).

      PvP is still kinda vauge. The main PvP arena seems to be PvP randomly generated missions, where some form of autobalancing of teams will take place (not same numbers, but something along the lines of “same total level”. The other key PvP environment is going to be these “resource stations” that clans can fight for control over. It would appear there there are going to be some restrictions on these fights, to prevent both “ninja” and “zerg” captures. Death penalties can be expected to be small, although apparently some kind of “loot” will drop from killed players.

      As for the big ships – it’s confirmed that the player ship will be a modular fighter that you can build up from whatever mix of components you like. The first gameplay trailer showed a player gunning on a capital ship – my hunch is that this is gunning only and restricted to certain missions. I certainly don’t expect to see player-controlled cap-ships in the launch game. Again, they wanted to make a Wing Commander/X-wing MMO, not a fleet command one.

    • Mithrandir0x says:

      Do you know if several players can play from the same ship? (i.e. one player controls ship steering, another one have some guns, etc)

    • CMaster says:

      Don’t know yet. I’d say its unlikely. You may get some missions (may) where several players can gun a capital ship at the same time. I’m not expecting to see any piloting of the big beasts though, nor do I personally think it would fit the game well. I think there’s space for multi-crewed smaller ships, but there’s been no evidence for that in the game at all.
      Certainly the bulk of the game will be spent in your own, modular fighter-class ship.

    • Mithrandir0x says:

      Well, my wild fantasies of big starships with many ships which can take off from and group people managing single ships are blown up.

      Also, no freighters with vast amounts of strange mineral, design drugs and that kind of stuff that make space pirates glitter their eyes?

      Not that I’m disapointed, but it’s odd. Nevertheless, I’m expecting a lot from this game.

    • Lack_26 says:

      Has there been any news on the payment scheme, is it a sub, or something closer to the GW model.

    • CMaster says:

      “Free to play” with an item shop. Originally designed as a subs game, but taken on by a publisher who specializes in cash shop models. Reakktor assure us that purcahseable items will only be “convenience” (read XP boosters, ways of shortening down time) and cosmetic. PvP is intended to be a big part of the game, so we can only hope they mean it when they say we won’t be able to buy an advantage.

    • Lack_26 says:

      Ohhh, excellent. I’ll certainly be playing this then.

  2. Lack_26 says:

    Don’t worry, there are ‘VARIOUS MISSION TYPES’, it’ll be fine.

  3. espy says:

    Lovely, Reakktor has the same slogan as Weyland Yutani. That bodes well :D

  4. Muzman says:

    I keep watching the publicity for this game and going “Shooty, shiny, Space stuff. Sweet! Wh…oh it’s an MMO”
    Every single time.

  5. dave says:

    Stop kidding yourself Jim! Theres only one spaceship game for you. This may look like space crack it might even taste like it but when you stick it in your pipe will it give you the hit you need?

    Also yay black prophecy, thought it would die but it hasnt. Be nice to play some other space shooter game with super internet friends.

  6. President Weasel says:

    You could easily satisfy your space needs by oming back to EVE, and you know it.
    Why resist?

  7. Conlaen says:

    Music cut out rather sloppily at the end there. Looks fun though. Still reminds me a lot of EVE, but that may be because I only played EVE for a trial period and nothing beyond that.

  8. Phill Cameron says:

    I like how it goes from exciting things like SHIP CUSTOMISATION! and the like all the way down to VARIOUS MISSION TYPES and TEAM MISSIONS by the end. Not to attack it, but it seems like they ran out of ideas for snappy hooks somewhere there.

    Also, the Weyland-Yutani thing is slightly worrying.

  9. El_MUERkO says:

    Done by the same guys who did Neocron, a game I played for years and loved/hated in equal measure, so colour me interested :)

  10. Ian says:

    Ship customisation = how many boxes do you want to hang off your little fighter?

    Still, looks promising. I am harboring the tentative hope that it doesn’t suck.

  11. Meat Circus says:

    I miss the shouty man.

    I note, btw, that Black Prophecy will be sub-free, which means I can dip in for some twitchy pewpew between my EVE sandboxing.

  12. Malibu Stacey says:

    (when it’s done)

  13. Kazang says:

    Sub free sounds nice. If there is player controlled territory to fight over I will be very happy as I would love that without the hassle and timesink doing similar in EVE.

    I’m fine with the idea of “action mmo”, as long as the actions have meaning beyond the moment. There is very fine line in the risk/reward balance that EVE overshoots towards risk, which often makes the game a chore more than fun. But it looks like this will be edge towards the quick rewards with reduced risk which may be a nice foil to EVE. To early to say for sure.
    Ideally it would be balanced where combat has meaning but losing doesn’t mean you have to spend ages doing something terribly boring to recoup the loss.

    • Dworgi says:

      I agree, but I think EVE does make for some extremely exciting moments because of it. I just wish shooting other people would be incentivized more heavily – it’s a bit silly that you earn more money off shooting NPCs than you do shooting actual players.

      Maybe the 90% of the EVE player base that never strays from high security space might try to go shoot people for profit then…

  14. Batolemaeus says:

    It’s kind sad for the mmo genre, when you’d assume, just from watching the trailer, that it is actually a singleplayer game.
    Most new mmo would be much better if designed as single player games with multiplayer tacked on instead of mmos trying to be singleplayer. You have the opportunity to finally work with lots of people and do something great, dammit!

    Also, cutscenes? Really? You’d hope that, by now, cutscenes were an abandoned experiment. Taking control away from the player in a game is bad.

  15. Zenicetus says:

    I have a feeling I know the answer to this, but I’ll ask anyway. Is the spaceflight and combat model aimed at the more hardcore flight sim crowd, with things like Track IR support, inertia modeling, no speed caps, etc? Or is it more of a Wing Commander type “action game” where speeds are reduced and capped, with no inertia modeling?

    The main reason I gave up on recent games like X3 and Evochron is that it just doesn’t feel like space combat with slow-moving ships, a speed cap, and a cramped playing area for star systems. I haven’t seen a game that felt even close to “real” space combat and a space environment since Independence War 2. All the game devs seem to think we want WWII fighter combat in space. I wish someone would try an Independence War-type game engine again.

    • Premium User Badge

      Waltorious says:

      @ Zenicetus:

      I was surprised to hear you mention Evochron as a game with an unrealistic flight model… while it does have an overall (quite high) speed limit, when you turn off the inertial damper system the game at least felt very Newtonian to me. I enjoyed getting up to really high speeds and then coasting past enemies sideways, strafing them and making their missile targeting go all wonky. I had other issues with the combat in Evochron, but definitely not related to the flight model. Also there is TrackIR support. Evochron DEFINITELY feels different than something like X-wing or Freespace, which are much more like WW2 dogfighting, as you say (although I still enjoy those games).

      Back on the subject of Black Prophecy, my concern is whether the flight model will even be close to games like Freespace, or if it will be more “arcade-y” like Descent. Will I be able to use my joystick? Will I even WANT to use my joystick? Will it fly better with one? I’d be happy if it feels like Freespace, to be honest. I guess that since it’s free I can try it out myself when it comes out to see if it’s what I’m looking for.

  16. El_MUERkO says:

    Your video cuts off at 01:34 of a 02:34 long trailer. Here’s a link to the full trailer: link to

  17. Wulf says:

    What do I get from this?

    Let’s get the most annoying thing out of the way first: Bloody quest window, I’m going to have to use Windows Magnifier for that. Do they never learn? They may include a scalable UI/font size dealie, but I seriously doubt it.


    Right, negativity out of the way, everything else looks beautiful. It’s not text heavy outside of the above, I can just merrily ignore the chat log (which I do in all online games that aren’t CO anyway), and the tiny bits of text that are there look like the sort where I can function by the positions of bars and icons alone just by previously knowing what the text says.

    Those customisable ships, the style of the game…

    Could it be the first space game I’ll be able to love post-Freelancer? Freelancer is the only game of exactly this type of game that I’ve ever loved, mostly because it was text-lite, it was mostly icons, it looked amazing, it was just a little bit silly (British people flew around in fish-ships, geddit?), okay, it was very silly, and I loved it for that, British cop people wore proper olde British cop hats, and… every other civilisation was just as stereotyped. But even in space, it was fun. Customisable ships, amazingly fun combat, the freedom to explore…

    I’ve been waiting for another Freelancer for such a long, long time.

    Will another one ever arrive?

    Will this be it?

    Quietly optimistic, hoping I won’t be disappointed, all ready totally smitten with the ship designs.

    • D says:

      Well. The next Freelancer will obviously be an FPS. Sorry about that.

  18. Unaco says:

    Mmmmm… Spaceship Porn. You know how to push my buttons Jim.

    Shame it’s an MMO… Never really played any, and am not that keen to. Saying that, EVE always seemed like an interesting take on the MMO, and, if I were to ever play one, it would probably be EVE. But then, this is nothing like EVE apparently… So I don’t know what to think of it. I note it’s MMO and not MMORPG… so I’m assuming it’ll be less grind focussed and more action oriented. Which could be a good thing… I can try it without too much of a time sink.

    In reality though, I just want another IWAR… Or another Privateer 2: The Darkening (with an All New All Star Cast!!)… or a New Elite!

  19. Francisco G says:

    Looks fucking amazing!

  20. Sigma957 says:

    You forgot Descent- Freespace and Freespace 2.


    “Based on what we know so far, the best games to compare this with are things like Planetside, Mechwarrior 2:Mercenaries, Wing Commander and seemingly APB.”