Brink Sure Is Colourful: New Images

It's a colourful way to die.

Bethesda has released new assets for two of the games on our watch list, Brink and Rage. (They also released shots of New Vegas, but they’re dreadful.) And they’re all rather pretty. So you should probably want to look at them. First off, here’s Splash Damage’s Brink looking all colourful and fun.

Click for largeness.


  1. Brumisator says:

    my 1st reaction was: WTF are you talking about? Rage is id, not Bethesda!

    …but then…I remembered.
    dammit, 5:30 AM, I really need to get some sleep some time this week.

    Brink sure looks like fun, I wish E3 will bleed some more info.

  2. MadMatty says:

    needs a bit of gore methinks.

  3. WiPa says:

    Do want.

  4. Xrabohrok says:

    Thank god they are whipping out the colors this generation. I thought for a while we were going to drown in a sea of motion-blurred brown.

  5. mcnostril says:

    I love the art style they went with.

  6. vic says:

    The heads are larger. See this screenshot for reference.

  7. Choca says:

    Played this for about 15 minutes today, seems like it’s gonna be a ton of fun once you play it with friends.

    The customization is pretty cool, you can mod your weapons with various stuff (additionnal hand grips, red dot sight, etc.) to change their stats and acquire special abilities for your character once you level up.

    The fact that the body type you choose for your avatar impacts gameplay is also interesting (skinny guys can run faster and jump higher but only have access to light weapons, huge guys can take quite a beating and have access to the heaviest guns but can’t jump so much, etc.)

    Add this to the usual splash damage class system and you can get a extremely tough medic capable of saving you right on the line or a nimble one who can reach you wherever you are.

    Note that a medic rezzing you will now give you a needle that you will be able to use at your leisure so you can rez instantly or wait for the combat to die down a little before you come back up. Engineers can buff their comrades (or themselves) to increase weapon damage output, the black ops guy can keep hacking objectives from a distance (takes longer the farther you are) to avoid the hail of bullets from the other team, etc.

    Seems fun.

    • Thants says:

      Ok, I’m definitely excited about this now.

    • Radiant says:

      Tell me more I have no idea what this game is about.

    • Choca says:

      Another cool thing was the immediate transition from single player to multiplayer. I started playing the game in a solo challenge mission, then the guy from Splash Damage who was showing me the game joined me and ended up in my game without any transition or whatever.

      I also liked how relieved the guy from Splash Damage was when I told him that I played on PC. He even apologized for showing the game on console.

    • Lack_26 says:

      Thanks for the info, I’m really looking forward to this now. Good to hear that it ‘works’.

  8. Shaun Maguire says:

    It looks okay, but for some reason I look at this and see Dystopia. What the?

  9. The Dark One says:

    Quick, throw in a sepia filter and some chest-high walls or they won’t take you seriously, Splash Damage!

  10. radomaj says:

    I hope I won’t have to hesitate when identifying other people’s teams. If everyone gets so much customization it might get hard to tell friend from foe sometimes. (But then again, friends probably have their nicknames over their heads.)

    • Choca says:

      This wasn’t a problem when I played the game because enemies had a very slight but easily visible redish halo around them. Also keep in mind that this isn’t a game with huge teams so you might be able to identify enemies immediatly because you remembered everyone from your team.

  11. Kadayi says:

    I love the movement system, but I’m not sure how much time I have for a game world (based on the trailers) that seems to consist entirely of extremely ugly men.

    • Tagert says:

      @Kadayi: Sir, you may be interested in Rohan: link to

    • Radiant says:

      Yeah that chippendales game is really taking it’s time to er…come out.

    • Kadayi says:


      It’s more a commentary on the games premise. They set up this idea of a mankind duking it out over the Ark, but then reduce the whole thing to a bunch of dudes running around arenas (like 99% of present shooters), only this time they are ugly as sin. They might as well of set it in space, or in the desert or in the Antarctic. Why even bother with a plot at all if the end product is going to be nothing memorable save for the movement system?

  12. kikito says:

    Am I the only one who noticed that they have been using the same face for all characters for like 2 years now?

  13. Spacewalk says:

    These are the worst rappers that I have ever seen.

  14. Biz says:

    hoping for some cg_forceenemymodel

    clearly visible and distinguishable enemies make for the best FPS experience

  15. MultiVaC says:

    Not really sure I like the character design at all. It looks like a bunch of suburban hip-hip fans LARPing a gang war with airsoft guns. And how are you supposed to tell the teams apart?

    • Koozer says:

      All the guys in these screenshots are from the same faction, basically a bunch of refugees. The other team is made up of security forces, so they get much cleaner looking, more ‘official’ equipment. Shouldn’t be too hard distinguishing between them.

  16. Stijn says:

    I’m getting visions of a hybrid of APB and Brink.

  17. int says:

    All I can think of when I see Brink is “Everyone in the future has big noses”.

  18. deadsexy says:

    these look yummy, sad thing it got delayed… again.

  19. Kevbo says:

    While I like the color palette, the gameplay vids I saw awhile back were very boring. So I really hope they are working on the gameplay but I’ll keep my eye on it to see how it turns out.

  20. Wulf says:

    Kind of torn about this one…


    Oh my God, it’s full of colours.
    – Aesthetically pleasing and stylistic.
    – Just plain bloody pretty.
    – A paradigm shift for FPS games which is clearly breaking the minds of some people.


    – The only sort of player character is an ugly male ‘gangsta’?
    – There’s a strong multiplayer focus which I won’t be able to hide from?

    And there you have it, my feelings on Brink.

    Conclusion: Fascinating, definitely. Appealing? Time will tell.

    • Choca says:

      The whole gangsta vibe is really tied to one of the two factions, the other one is more police/military based if that’s more your stuff. Also the customization should let you create a pretty bland character if you want.

      For the multiplayer though, it clearly seems to be the ultimate focus of the game.

  21. Unaco says:

    Been looking forward to this since I first saw it. Hoping it lives up to my expectations. As always, it’s multiplayer ‘focussed’ though, so it could be a brilliant game, let down by the problem of ‘other people’… But I seem to remember Online/Offline play are remarkably similar, or seamless even, the only difference being real people instead of AI… So it could be at least 1/2 fun.

  22. Erin says:

    I really need to get some sleep some time this week.Brink sure looks like fun, I wish E3 will bleed some more info.

    • Choca says:

      I wouldn’t get my hopes too high about that if I were you, the Bethesda booth this year is all about Rage, every other game (Brink, New Vegas and that hack and slash thingy called Hunted something something) is pretty much relegated to a few playable stations and that’s pretty much it.

  23. Rei Onryou says:

    I’m liking the more vivid colour choices. Hopefully they can get some of that aesthetic brilliance that was in Mirror’s Edge and apply it to this world. I can stare at the Mirror’s Edge environments all day, so to be able to play another awesome Splash Damage game in 32-bit colour would be amazing!