Iconographic Violence: Dot War

This is basically what the RPS chat room is like on a daily basis.

It’s the social web game du jour! It’s hilariously goofy. Basically, Dot War allows you to take 2 twitter account icons and wage a war against one another, by a process that transforms the icons into incy soldiers. It’s a little like Gratuitous Space Battles in that it’s the layout of colours in your icon that determines which mix of the various soldier types you get – so your chances of winning against any given opponent. It’s especially so in the easy mode where the troops go and fight automatically. There’s more skill in the mode where you get to give orders and so are able to squeeze a win. The aim is – basically – to do more damage to the opponents crystals than they do to yours. You don’t even need a twitter icon to be yours to fight – just enter in any names. You can see it in action below, and to start you off, you pick fights with RPS, Alec, Jim, John, Quinns and Me.


  1. roy7 says:

    They need to make a Facebook version. :)

  2. Bret says:

    Took some time, but I beat single player.

    Fun game, even if my initial icon was a little dummy heavy.

  3. Clovis says:

    Great, I’ve always wanted to wage a war using my wife’s eyeball.

  4. Aubrey says:

    When I was working on Goo!, one of the “skins” we were going to try was a crowd of people.

    Ahh well… :(

  5. Xercies says:

    Forget about the game you can make some pretty good mosaic art from this. Cool!

  6. Namos says:

    Interestingly enough, I beat all of you guys individually, but got my ass kicked by RPS. I didn’t know you guys went for the whole musketeer bit.

  7. Tei says:

    I have picked a fight against kierongillen with my account and I have win.. Weeeeeeeeee!.

  8. TenjouUtena says:

    It refused to load my twitter picture.

    • Frankie The Patrician[PF] says:

      it doesn’t like capitalization…try to do it without it.

  9. Zerrick says:

    Green is overpowered, grey is okay.

    • Daniel Rivas says:

      My twitter icon is almost entirely green and it loses every time. The pink bits do a good job, though.

    • Bret says:

      Green is quite good as an all rounder, and makes the bulk of a good army, but some blues and reds seem to be pretty helpful.

  10. Phill Cameron says:

    This is pretty definitive proof that @god_damn_batman can bring the pain to @thelordyourgod. So at least we’ve got that argument out of the way.

  11. NukeLord says:

    Dave Tosser just won’t die.

  12. Awia says:

    Nothing can defeat Dave Tosser!

  13. Simon says:

    I am unbeatable! Give it a shot – twitter.com/digitalgunfire

  14. Skusey says:

    My kitten thrashed John’s traffic cone monster, so this game is good.

  15. Beanbee says:

    RPS crushed Alec.
    Jim rules over John.
    Quinns beats Kieron with just 2 damage done, both go through.

    RPS vs Kieron = RPS by 22 crystals damage.
    Jim vs Quinns = Quinns by 51 crystal damage.

    RPS vs Quinns = RPS by K.O!
    Jim vs Kieron = Jim by 55 crystal damage.

    Clearly RPS is greater than the sum of its parts. Hurray!

    • Ahnteis says:

      I’ve been trying RPS. It’s killed everything so far including several randoms.

    • Ahnteis says:

      Update: tradingmum destroyed RPS — which is surprising when you see the icon.

  16. Lambo says:

    I find that a a solid block of red with about 3 or 4 lines of pink at the back can mop up almost anything. The red just steamrolls through everything and goes straight to the crystals and the pink are massively effective at keeping everything away from your own.

    It does feel like cheating though. But nice to try for a while. I shall try my actual avatar against RPS and when I lose horribly I shall avenge myself with the red blob.

  17. amishmonster says:

    Took down John and Alec, but got mauled by everyone else, ESPECIALLY Dave Tosser. Ouch.

  18. John Rambo says:

    Gonnas has yet to lose to anyone.

  19. Veret says:

    Um? I played through the single player game as Kieron (I don’t have a twitter account), and when I got to the end it gave me…Jim. As the final boss. Am I supposed to be reading into this?

    Oh, and protip: Don’t play as Kieron.

  20. vladh says:

    Beat everything! Here’s the image that I used link to ahb.me
    Have fun with it :D

  21. xaphoo says:

    I’m proud to say that I soundly defeated David Lynch. It was his tall grey hair that lost it for him.

  22. Oozo says:

    Ohwee… my twit-pic sucks. Seems like all the enigmatic white makes not for a good army, after all. Got pwned brutally by about everybody, from the RPS-crew up to Leigh Alexander. Should get a bit more colour in my life, I guess…

    Still. Good stupid, mindless fun.

  23. Arreh says:

    Try beating @tradingmum.

    You can’t.

    Because it’s impossible.

    (Note: May not actually be impossible)

  24. remmelt says:

    the default twitter pic beats that (but only just)

  25. Ahnteis says:

    Is DotWar_is_128 one of you? :) (Still working on this guy!)

  26. Jakkar says:

    The RPS crew are too damned gothic. Army of black pixels stands still and eats everything you throw at it.