Scope It Out: Sniper: Ghost Warrior Demo

That's a very aggressive looking bush by those barrels.

Interesting one this. I can only presume it’s a leak of the demo, because it’s in none of the usual sites, and mainly being distributed by torrents. Still, you can get a direct download of Sniper: Ghost Warrior’s demo via TechPoweredUp, so I’m going to blog it. It’s nearly a gig and a half though. The game promises to be the most realistic sniper experience ever – though Alec, sitting in his watchtower, shooting at pigeons and/or poor people would probably disagree – and runs off the Chrome 4 engine which you may know from Call of Juarez: Bound In Blood. Some demo footage follows and there’s more info on the site

I’d have never had gone with “Scope It Out”, but I’m very hungover. Sorry!


  1. Samuel Bigos says:

    I like how 1 thrown knife makes a silient kill nowadays, Metro 2033 did it and now this.

  2. diebroken says:

    (pssst: Deus Ex)

  3. PFC Skinner says:

    I think “the stealth level” is enough, no need to make a whole game of it…

    • Antlia says:

      (pssst: Splinter Cell)

    • Alexander Norris says:

      You cite Splinter Cell and not Thief? That’s should be a capital gaming offence right there.

    • panik says:

      “no need to make a whole game of it”
      Yes because the FPS market is inundated with stealth.

    • Veret says:

      @PFC Skinner: I think the concept of a “stealth level” is actually worse than committing entirely to one approach or the other. It’s when a Rambo game tries to be stealthy or a stealth game tries to be Rambo that people get frustrated.

  4. Sonic Goo says:

    If tanks are angry houses, does that make snipers irate bushes?

    • TonyB says:

      @Sonic Goo: I’m certainly going to start referring to them as such.

  5. Xercies says:

    Doesn’t look to bad actually, might check out the demo. Don’t see how the snipering is relistic when you’ve got that slow down time which makes it a little easy from what i can see.

    • Adrian says:

      Agree, played through the demo without realizing there was a slow-mo function and absolutely loved it.
      Then i discovered the slow-mo funtion and the game instantly turned from “this could realy be a great game” to “meh another game from developers who think if a game can’t be played by a 5 year old it doesn’t fit for the masses”.

      Seriously am i the only one who thinks many of todays games are too easy? Too scripted? Too much a show and too little a challenge?
      Why can’T shooters be more like puzzles. Why not make them harder and more challenging to add replay value instead of DLC madness?

    • jon_hill987 says:

      @ Adrain: Because that would cost more money as they would have to hire devs that can actually think.

    • panik says:

      ““meh another game from developers who think if a game can’t be played by a 5 year old it doesn’t fit for the masses”

      Is slow-mo not optional?

    • Snall says:

      Yeah, seriously guys- you dont HAVE to use the slow- mo ffs…in Mass Effect 1 I didn’t realize I could pause the game and re-do my aim till the last battle…which of course made that battle ez as hell…but by then I just wanted to win and continue the story anyway. (God I wish I had known on the alien in a cage mission..)

    • Corrupt_Tiki says:

      @ Adrian – hard game? – ArmA 2 – currently playing it myself, I killed 2 people yesterday before getting shot in the face! miracle!

  6. Flint says:

    Considering sniping is one of my favourite things in FPS games, this might be just the game for me.

  7. dragon_hunter21 says:

    gaaaaaaaaah no sleep to tonight at-

    RPS has the Sniper: Ghost Warrior demo?


  8. Vivian says:

    uh…. Crysis, much?

  9. Mistabashi says:

    Isn’t this just Crysis with all the suit powers removed?

  10. lhzr says:

    demo impressions:
    nice cutscene at the beginning, followed by a mission briefing consisting of something like “go to the tower, remain unseen”.
    good gfx, 3 weapons that don’t include a sniper rifle (knife, throwing knives, pistol).
    i hear some enemies around and go for some bushes. i manage to get about 3m further when i hear shouting behind me. i turn to try and shoot whoever spotted me, only to be met by a mission failed message before anyone actually fired any shots, resulting in a prompt alt f4 and uninstall.
    insta-fail stealth missions ? not for me, thank you.

    • DrGonzo says:

      That’s more a comment on yourself than the game.

    • lhzr says:

      sure, if you have a ton of patience and enjoy restarting levels over and over because “the alarm was raised”, then you’ll prolly enjoy this

    • Adrian says:

      i actually beat the stealth mission on first try. And you only get caught if you are not hiding in bushes or run around while enemies face you. This game is all about stealth, even on medium difficulty the enemies will see you easily if you’re not hidden. I thought this was the best part of the game. If you want an easy sniper game you should play call of duty and leave this to the pros :-P

    • jon_hill987 says:

      He is not talking about making the steath easy, just not making it instantly fail when you are seen. They could have it so if you are seen they will hunt you down and kill you and it would still be difficult.

    • dragon_hunter21 says:

      Actually, that’s the only insta-fail section in the demo. Once you hit the checkpoint, you can screw up however you like and you still have a chance to fight through it.

      It’s a bad habit, yes, but it’s not terminal.

    • Adrian says:

      Dude play the game! It is NOT insta fail! Just keep an eye on the visibility meter! It actually builds up when enemies see you. It’s also possible to kill all enemies in the “stealth zone” at the beginning. I did it and while doing it i was seen like 5 times by enemies, you just have to hide very fast again or don’t be detected at all.

      Also after this very first part of the demo (its only like 5 minutes long) a detection will not mean failure anymore but the enemies will just start shooting at you and follow you around (they do follow you!).

      So please give this game another try its really quite great

  11. Veret says:

    Hrm. It looks to me like they added bullet time and random killshot cutscenes to compensate for the fact that a truly “realistic” sniper experience is 99% excruciating boredom. Except that they didn’t even get the realism right. I think the most faithful sniper simulation I’ve played was in that one assassination level of CoD 4 that everyone hated. Not that I have any experience here, of course, but basic common sense tells me that a sniper won’t wade into the middle of an enemy compound when he can just pick the targets off from a mountaintop a kilometer away. And real snipers don’t mind dealing with wind and gravity messing up their shots, because they’re trained for that.

    In fact…I hate to be “that guy” who pretends to know everything about real guns, I really do. But a game that promises “the most realistic sniper experience ever” seems to outright demand this kind of nitpicking: Why didn’t he use a suppressor on his rifle? Even though the report will still be quite audible, it’ll sound less like a gunshot and the muzzle flash will be stifled, both of which help conceal his position. Which was the whole point of that level.

    • westyfield says:

      Everyone hated that level in CoD4? Wow, everyone has just lost a lot of my respect.
      That mission was amazing.

    • Veret says:

      Yeah, I loved it. Then I went on the internet to see what other people thought, and was thoroughly disappointed. So now I bring it up as often as possible; I think it gives me indie cred or something.

    • solipsistnation says:

      Oh yes. I totally loved that one mission in CoD4. A stealth sniper mission in Pripyat? SIGN ME UP. I want more of just that! Ghillie suit, holding perfectly still while troops walk within arm’s reach of where you’re hiding, hoping they don’t step on you? Yeah. Heck, now I want to go back and play just that one mission. It’s a pity the ending of it is pre-scripted, ’cause I got that shot right there, buddy.

      I was a bit skeptical of this here Sniper game, but now there’s a demo, I’m gonna burn up my internets and download it and give it a try.

    • dragon_hunter21 says:

      …Wait a minute, his rifle did use a supressor- except for the AS50.
      But the primary rifle was supressed, and quite well.

      I’m actually very impressed that they got the silenced pistol right. While it doesn’t immediatley expose your position, all nearby bad guys go into alert mode. Took me three tries to figure it out, but hey, know is half the battle, right?

    • Dodo says:

      The COD4 mission was awesome! Only the fact that you couldn’t hit the main villain right(only in his arm) was just stupid, however, the helicopter suddenly blocking your view was brilliant(and the whole heli-chase after that).

    • neems says:

      I’m fairly confused, as I recall the sniper level from Cod 4 (All Ghillied Up?) being almost universally acclaimed as the best thing in the game.

    • Veret says:

      @neems: I think most people agree that the ghillie suit section was superb, although until now I’d never heard anyone describe it as the best part of the game. What everyone (except me and the culturally refined folks here at RPS) hated was the part immediately afterward, where you had to actually shoot Mr. Russian Von Evilpants. I think most of them were just used to treating sniper rifles like they shot laser beams, so it was an adjustment to have to think about actual physics.

      @dragon hunter: I must have missed that. Are you referring to the video, or the demo itself?

    • D says:

      No, what everybody hated was the level afterwards, where you had to carry your spotter for thirty minutes and then deal with a near impossible slaughter of enemies to finish. Nobody at RPS afair expressed dislike for either of the sniping parts.

  12. Steelfists says:

    This looks terrible. It asks you to locate the snipers then marks them on your HUD? And instead of asking you to watch the meeting, or have any input whatsoever except for shooting people, it locates the persons of interest and zooms in for you.

    • D says:

      I agree to this part especially. The slow motion ability doesn’t fuzz me, the existence of an all knowing enemy HUD can be ignored. But the constant hand holding is painful.
      Also, oddly out of form, the last section of the demo is impossible on hard difficulty. The enemies that spawn simply hit for too much damage, I had to revise the “run away” strategy and start camping on people to stand a chance.

  13. CMP5 says:

    Go play ARMA2 with ACE mod and a human spotter. It’s probably the closest thing to real sniping out there.

    • Veret says:

      I can imagine. Thing is, I know just enough about real-world combat (which isn’t much) to know that realism isn’t always fun. And I also suck hard at ARMA.

  14. Durns says:

    (psst: Real Life…..)

  15. Mojo says:

    This just gave me a stealth boner.

  16. ZK says:

    Shooting an AS50 offhand (and with little muzzle rise)? Sure, that’s about as realistic as sniping with two Gatling guns strapped to each side of a horse.

    • jonfitt says:

      Just because you’re a girly man, doesn’t mean the rest of us aren’t Real American Heroes

      I know solipsistnation’s weapons of choice are akimbo M107’s. He leaps out of helicopters and kills people on the way down.


  17. Fatrat says:

    Played this a few days ago, was very disappointed. The videos made it look epic, the demo felt very dated and bland though.

  18. Jake says:

    Sounds like his gun has hayfever.

  19. dragon_hunter21 says:

    I don’t get all the bile for this game. It’s a sniping game- not a simulator, but a game. It’s meant to be sniping without all that sitting-around-for-a-week-waiting-for-a-shot business. I had quite a bit of fun with it.

    That being said, there are a couple of things that could make it better.
    1. Either disable the “bullet-time” and shot indicator (that little red circle showing where your shot will go) on higher difficulties, or have options to disable them manually.
    This is one thing that Sniper Elite did well- when you started the mission, you got to choose how realistic you wanted it. Don’t want to deal with wind? Disable it! Gravity bringing you down? It’s gone!
    2. Remove the instant-fail stealth sections.
    Yeah, this one’s pretty bad, but an easy fix.
    3. Make some sort of sandbox mode.
    I can’t tell you how many games I’ve seen that, while not quite ruined, could have been vastly improved by a freeform, Garry’s Mod style open playground. Spawn a bad guy here, a prefab there- For fun, for practice, whatever.

    Just my two cents.

  20. jonfitt says:

    Instead of Scope it out, how about: Blinky goes Postal?
    Too obscure?

  21. WiPa says:

    Damn you Kieron! You didn’t credit me!
    You even used the link i gave you!

    Excuse me, i’ll be in the corner weeping. :(

  22. Hat Galleon says:

    I’m surprised as many people are as angry at this as there seem to be. No, it’s not extremely realistic. Yes, it touts itself to be the most realistic sniping FPS ever created. Games don’t ever live up to their marketing. From the demo, as far as I can tell, it’s a solid game. Maybe not a solid sniping simulator, but it’s made to be a game and a game’s what it is. If it really is as open-world as was promised, or even a little open-world, and also combines the quality of the demo in its game-play, it’ll be a solid game. Nothing fancy, nothing that especially hasn’t been done before, but a good bullet-to-brain man shooter nonetheless.

    Also, the audio cues were well done. I several times caught myself as I was about to walk around a corner because I heard a man sneeze and/or cough behind it.

  23. bleeters says:

    Heh. The part where a guard on the radio/phone/somesuch remains completely oblivious whilst knives fly past him into the wall reminds me Hot Shots. Minus the chicken arrow, anyway.

  24. Malleus says:

    Is the save system in this thing checkpoint only or save anywhere?

    • Dood says:

      The save system is pretty good. Save anywhere plus 5 quicksave slots which are automatically cycled. Loading times are very decent as well.

    • ZIGS says:

      I noticed that too, it almost felt like… a real PC game!

  25. CaLe says:

    The wait for a decent sniping focused game continues.

    This game is mediocre at best.

  26. Kryopsis says:

    In many ways this game feels like a total conversion for Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, indeed it is the same engine and the same country of origin. The visuals, the lighting, the body awareness and even the throwing knives were taken straight from that game. While Sniper: Ghost Warrior doesn’t have the neat cover system of Call of Juarez, the 3 player stances and the sniper bullet parameters are new.
    Personally I am quite pleased. First of all, not only stealth is very well implemented but I really liked the failure of the mission should the alarm sound. With the gradual drop in difficulty of the Splinter Cell franchise, there are very few decent stealth games around and I am glad the developer of this one didn’t go mainstream.
    Speaking of difficulty, it is absurd how posters in this very thread complain about the game being too easy with focus mode yet also cry about the mandatory stealth section. First of all, the demo missions feature the lowest difficulty of the game, hence the enemies are highlighted and you have a visual indicator of the bullet’s hit location. The very purpose of focus mode is having an opportunity to estimate the shot trajectory before you are spotted. In a game where it takes 1-2 shots to bring you down, that is very important.
    Finally, the game *always* grants you a sniper rifle. The 10-shot suppressed firearm is the SR-25, not the M16 or an M4.

  27. Thiefsie says:

    Looks like a decent game for my tastes. Crysis like without the alien rubbish.

    Oh how liberating it is to watch a video of a game with the dude obviously playing it with a mouse so they can actually look around quickly and manipulate aim without sloth like talent

  28. daf says:

    Well, it definitely has that slightly low budge feel, the idle chat of the guards loops one single line constantly (even though it’s well voice acted, demo bug?), getting too close to rocks makes you see trough them, vegetation seemingly having no effect on how well npc see you, etc etc

    but what matters in this type of game is the sniping and I’m still undecided on that, the first demo mission has you stealth around inclining you to prefer the pistol and knife (both identical so just visual preference tbh) but eventually it finally got to the sniping which tbh lacks a bit of the gore Elite Sniper had and the unrealistic ragdolls also take something from the experience, so in the end the shooting feels okay but the result is somewhat unsatisfying.

    We’ll see how the game develops if at all

  29. Antlia says:

    Nah, this is shit. I prefer my sniping in Arma 2.

  30. ikigeg says:

    Is it spoilt of me to now expect vegetation to move as you go through it? Such a simple (graphical, animation, processing aside) little thing really and certainly does help with the feeling of being more immersed.

  31. csuzw says:

    The demo is really disappointing. It’s far too linear and scripted. There are very few options of what to do or who to kill. Sneaking around is frustrating because guards at times have super human eyesight. I’ve been stationary, crouching in bushes at night and guards t hat are so far away I can’t make out any details unless I use the scope on my sniper rifle still see me. All too often to actually get a shot you have to be visible to your target which is ridiculous. There’s no patiently lining up a shot, trying to account for wind and distance, as you’ll just be spotted if you don’t make shots fast. Auto-failing a mission because you fail to identify and kill an enemy in the 3 seconds you’re given after it drops out of a cut-scene is stupid. The AI is stupid: If they spot you, then every enemy on the map immediately knows where you are and starts shooting. The level design just feels like it was done for an action FPS which may be what the developers intended but is not what I expected for a sniper game. The only redeeming feature is the sniping which I felt was very satisfying despite the lack of blood/odd ragdoll.

  32. Flaringo says:

    I like how the ragdolls make really loud “THUMP” sounds when they fall to the ground.

    Like if I take down an enemy with a throwing knife. He falls down and his body goes THUMP THUMP THUMP. This should alert every enemy in a 100 meter radius, but somehow it doesn’t.

    I tried the multiplayer using Tunngle to “emulate” a LAN. It’s completely shit. You have 4 classes, all of them being variations of people covered in leafs with sniper rifles. In maps covered with leafs tall structures.

    So you have a number of people sitting in bushes and tall structures waiting for someone to get bored and step into their scope. It doesn’t help that the stupid Depth of Field makes it IMPOSSIBLE to see anyone without looking through your scope, which will most likely make you a sitting duck for them to shoot. Turning the DOF off doesn’t really help either. There seems to be no Anti Aliasing, and in a map, again, covered with leafs, it’s not very easy to see anything.

  33. vagabond says:

    *sigh* it’s nice to see they still haven’t fixed the issue with multiple monitors that was there in CoJ2…

  34. Smidey says:

    I thought that the game was fairly decent, but I just have a couple of issues. First- it’s a ghillie suit, not a fucking invisibility pack. You can walk literally right next to someone or in front of them but behind a large blade of grass and they’re not going to notice you. Don’t get me wrong, you could step on someone in a ghillie suit and not notice them in real life, but you might get slightly suspicious if the small grove in front of you starts booking it. The other thing is that they treat the sniper rifle like a Davy Crockett. You can hit someone anywhere and they’re going to ragdoll for about 40 yards. I hit someone in the lower arm and they went down like a fucking anvil hit them. Don’t get me wrong, a shot in the arm is going to ruin your day, but it’s not going to kill you. Other than that, and the aforementioned fact that the bushes don’t move when you walk through them, I thought it was a fairly decent game overall. I think though, that you need to put it on hard difficulty to really enjoy the game. I played through it once on Normal and it just wasn’t fun with the guys highlighted and the little red dot showing you where the shot was going to hit.

    • Smidey says:

      Also, has anyone found the secret on the first level? If so, where is it?

  35. DSX says:

    Is this the same Voice over from Alpha Protocol? Cheese factor +1. I like.

  36. Sigma957 says:

    lhzr, did you bother scrolling your mouse wheel? There’s your rifle.

    I’m playing the demo on difficult. There are no aim assists or colored outlines on targets. Just me and the moment when I can line up with their head. I’ve missed a couple times and given away my position. Thankfully you have the chance to take them out before they alert the other AI.

  37. zetpunt says:

    Did anyone get further than that village at the water where your mission is to find the data?
    I can’t find it, and I can’t go anywhere else…. Os is that the end of the demo already?
    Though, I do like it, even though it isnt really hard….

  38. Doc says:

    Best sniper game ever: Sniper Elite.

  39. Sirk says:

    I loved Sniper Elite and see many of the same components in this game. Playing in Stealth mode is very gratifying to me versus run and gun so this game interests me a lot. I agree some of the graphics were not as advanced as we have seen in many newer games, but I am only looking at the demo and hope they fix some of the glitches in the game itself.

    Loved the COD4 Sniper mission BTW.

    Also I see that yo get a grappling hook to climb to sniping locations, neat idea. I like the fact there is no screen cam showing your location or bullet tracers giving away your hidding place. The other components of the game and aiming are all realistic things a real sniper thinks about and uses his spotter to help him calculate his shot. This game says you can have a real life spotter so this could be an intersting twist we have not seen elsewhere.

    I am looking forward the the real game and agree Hard mode is the way to go. For the inexperienced sniper you can use the red circle in easy mode to see how the bullet will react to the conditions as practice for moving to the hard mode so I think this is a nice touch.

    The game is not for everyone, ou have to like a slow paced game that rewards patience and stealth. In real life a sniper can wait days for a kill shot . It will be a challenge to get through the game without ever being seen, now there is a challenge and mark of a true sniper.

  40. cadilac says:

    ghost warrior sniper When you kill one does not appear blood

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