Tour De Force: Pro Cycling Manager 2010 Out

Now that's a logo.

Flicking through videos, the second I hit the enormous logo – presented above – glinting, I knew I had to Cyanide’s Pro Cycling Manager 2010. It amazes me on several levels. Firstly, it solves the management-games-don’t-look good problem, by i) making the race engine really nifty and ii) never showing anything in the trailer which isn’t the aforementioned nifty panoramas of gently swaying male buttocks. Secondly, it brings to mind the idea of a spin-off – Amateur Cycling Manager, which is based around a very demanding parent shouting at local children who are wrestling with stabilisers. Joking aside, the foot-to-pedal game does feature this really neat course editing tool, which is impressive even to my unprofessional eyes. No demo yet, but it’s available to buy from Cyanide’s shop. Self-propelled bicycular fellas follow…


  1. AndrewC says:

    My friend watches cycling. He says most of the sport is about haggling between the teams about who will let who win each stage, rather than, you know, cycling. It is about diplomacy, back-room dealing and outright bribery. So a lot like Neptune’s Pride or Solium Infernum, if it was done right. And taking drugs.

    • Ed says:

      “And taking drugs.”
      Allegedly! ;-)

      There is a lot of tactical negotiation and diplomacy and scratch-my-back-and-ill-scratch-yours in the sport, largely because it’s much MUCH easier to ride in a pack than it is to ride solo.

      If those videos are from gameplay I need to get this… I have 2008 and it’s quite fun in a quirky sort of way.

    • Po0py says:

      There is a good deal of haggling in cycling. You can see many of them at it during the race, even. Three or four guys break away from the pack and the two or three weaker guys are often seen teaming up to out pace the stronger guy.That is part of what makes the sport so fascinating. But then you have genuine Eastender’s style drama like the Armstrong / Contador bitch-fest that was going on last year. It would have all been fine and dandy if they weren’t on the same damn team. But at the end of the day you can’t deny the pure steamrolling power of Cavendish crossing the finishing line.

      Or this. link to

    • Rinox says:

      Nice summary P00py. One of the things that always made cycling stand out for me is the fact that while they ride in teams and greatly benefit/suffer from team strength, in the end it’s only one person who wins unlike in other team sports.

  2. track02 says:

    Woooo! Cycling!

  3. Chaz says:

    It never fails to amaze me that there’s actually a market for these games in the first place. What next “Squash Pro Tour Manager”, “Badminton Manager: World Cup 2010”?

    • leeder_krenon says:

      Darts Mogul III
      Snooker Tycoon Extreme

    • leeder_krenon says:

      Championship Manager 2011

    • Ed says:

      With all due respect, pro cycling is one of the biggest sports in the world… In terms of worldwide viewing figures, the Tour de France is third, behind only the World Cup and the Olympics.

      It’s unfortunate that it (and cycling in general) has virtually no profile as a sport in the UK, as it can really be quite spectacular.

      Trust me. There’s a huge market for these games.

    • Sagan says:

      I think these games sell only a couple ten thousand copies. So as long as you keep the development costs under a million the game is a success.

    • Gotem says:

      I would play it if there was a way to make everybody crash and fall down

    • Phil says:

      “In terms of worldwide viewing figures, the Tour de France is third, behind only the World Cup and the Olympics.”

      Really? I’d rather expect the Superbowl and Formula 1 to be drawing more eyes too.

    • Ed says:

      I’d like to add a caveat to my earlier statement about it being the third most watched on account of
      Wikipedia being about as reliable as an opinion on the forthcoming XCOM game…

      link to is contradicted in plenty of places.
      There’s something wrong with the numbers somewhere, I’m sure.

      It’s still not an actual tiny (or non-existent) niche like the Chipping Sodbury 2010 Pro Lawn Darts Championship, though.

    • Rinox says:

      To add my two wents: cycling may not be anywhere near the profile of football and basketball in terms of international recognition, but it’s a major sport in most of mainland Europe (France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Germany etc) and is growin in international stature. I wouldn’t exactly compare it to badminton. :) They must make plenty of sales because this is like the 10th edition or so. And as with many sports, it can be incredibly exciting once you know how it works. :-)

  4. K says:

    So, what does the interface look like? A giant button with “TAKE MOAR DRUGS!” on it?

  5. PJ says:

    Does this game only feature the men’s sports or does it include women leagues too?

  6. bonus hunting says:

    As far as I know … the game only features the mens league (at least all previous cycling manager games did).

  7. TeeJay says:

    @ Kieron Gillen

    “Flicking through videos, the second I hit the enormous logo – presented above – glinting, I knew I had to Cyanide’s Pro Cycling Manager 2010.”

    you had to…


  8. Chris Evans says:

    It’s been two years since I last played a Pro Cycling Manager, from the site it sounds like the engine has received a nice overhaul, which it badly needs considering how poor the racing looked when I played the 08 version :(

  9. phil says:

    Trouble is with most people who have never raced competetively, just becoz they can ride a bike, they think they understand bike racing.

    Keep watching premiership football over your fat beer bellies on your chav tellies, ( it keeps the roads free for me )