Oh. Yes. Lewie Is On Holiday.

So there’s no Bargain Bucket. Oof. Perhaps we can have a go at filling in between us. Er, I will go first: there’s 75% off Mirror’s Edge on Steam. I mean I wasn’t a huge fan of the game, but that seems like one of those price-points were I can say “okay, I don’t care about the combat or dodgy story, just *look* at that visual design”. The running and jumping is quite good, also.

Anyone else?


  1. Ben says:

    There seems to be a great many offers over at Gamers Gate UK at the moment, as it’s “Extraterrestrial Week” Abe’s Oddysee and Exoddus each for £1.97 is a particular highlight, as I loved (and love) those games.

    • Vandelay says:

      People should perhaps bare in mind that a compilation containing both of these games and the never before released to PC sequels are in the making. They seem to be taking longer with them than expected, but I believe there are still coming.

    • Chizu says:

      Last I’d heard, Munch was pretty much done and they’d run into some difficulties with Stranger, but were still progressing.

    • HexagonalBolts says:

      THEY better be feckin’ coming to PC!

    • Pemptus says:

      Just to remind everyone that both these games are superb and everyone should play them.

    • Razz says:


      That’s the first I heard about that, do you have a source somewhere? I’d pick that up in an instant.

    • Grunt says:

      I’m quite keen to play Munch and Stranger too (he says, in a strictly non-gay way). C’mon, Oddworld , what are you up to?

  2. radomaj says:

    XCOM, Bob Came In Pieces, Prey and others for cheap on GamersGate

    • radomaj says:


    • radomaj says:

      Spore, Mass Effect and Mirror’s Edge last only two hours more. After that it’s Mass Effect and tomorrow is Dragon Age. Source: link to i.imgur.com [found on Reddit]

    • radomaj says:

      Shameless reply-repost so more people see:

      Impulse have the THQ Collection on sale. It costs 100$ and includes: Company of Heroes (all of them), Full Spectrum Warrior (both), Red Faction (all three), STALKER (only the first one), Supreme Commander ( and expansion), Warhammer 40K (first one + all of the expansions) and a couple of others

    • NukeLord says:

      Doesn’t sound that great to me, considering you can get a similar pack on Steam also including Frontlines: Fuel of War, Saints Row 2 and Dawn of War II for only £1 more (though maybe World of Zoo makes up for those, I do not know).

  3. ZeeKat says:

    There’s first Bioshock for $9.95 and Condemned for $3.50 on Direct2drive. I’m off to metacritic to browse the Condemned’s reviews.

    • Navagon says:

      It’s a very good game. Unlike FEAR which is basically a corridor shooter with a horror aesthetic, Condemned actually focusses on the horror and it’s the shooting that plays second fiddle. But not in any way that makes it the Mirror’s Edge of horror.

    • HYPERPOWERi says:

      The shooting plays further second fiddle to pretty sweet first-person melee.

      I endorse the getting of this game. It’s delightfully bleak and awesome.

    • BigJonno says:

      Thanks for the tip on Condemned. I’ve been meaning to pick it up for ages.

    • neems says:

      Another vote for Condemned. Excellent game, brutal and scary.

    • Internet guy says:

      Condemned has the best first-person melee combat of any game I’ve played. It is also damn scary!

    • Supraliminal says:

      If you forget the last level and the horrible plot twist, Condemned is pretty good. It just feels like the dev team ran out of time.

    • Huggster says:

      Seconded for Condemned. Runs very well at highest setting on modern GPU as well.

  4. Dominic White says:

    Mirror’s Edge had combat? I just ran past dudes most of the time, and kicked the guys I couldn’t just avoid.

    • jeremypeel says:

      This. Jim, Mirror’s Edge isn’t like the other girls you know – she’s not about combat. I think you should give her another chance.

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      Which was my point. It shouldn’t have had *any* combat.

    • Deston says:

      Mirrors Edge is a flawed gem. I wanted to love it, I truly did, but the game just found too many ways to annoy me after a few hours.

      I get that it’s not supposed to be about combat, but there were times where I was pinned into a corner after taking a wrong turn, or perhaps just not taking the best turn, and the poorly executed combat system was thrust upon me. It was a choice between attempting to cack-handedly “fight” enemies with automatic weapons using my trainers and a dodgy bullet time deal, or stand there and let them kill me. Fun.

      I appreciate what it was trying to do. The style and the freerunning in the game was absolutely excellent – a joy to play in that respect. I just felt it was let down by the fact that your punishment for having to resort to “Plan B” was to force you sit through a clumsy second-rate combat mechanic.

      I really do hope they do a sequel, I think it has the potential to be superb if they either fix the combat or remove it entirely.

    • Rosti says:

      I’m with Jim – an astonishingly beautiful game that sullied itself by including combat like a normal one might. And the Ninja Police? Way to make me feel less awesome :'(

    • airtekh says:

      I totally agree with Jim, it shouldn’t have had any combat in it. Mirror’s Edge was good, but it had the potential to be fantastic.

      If this Langdell thing blows over, the possibility of Mirror’s Edge 2 being an open-world parkour-a-thon just makes me salivate with anticipation.

    • Jimbo says:

      Eh, Mirror’s Edge was ok. I didn’t find the combat ruined it, but the rest of it wasn’t particularly memorable either.

    • Aninhumer says:

      I think it was specifically the gun combat that ruined it.
      Early on, disarming police seemed to fit into the parkour flow pretty well for me, it was only later when you were basically forced to stop and shoot people that it got irritating.
      If they had just had you drop the gun automatically once you’d grabbed it (like they show in all of the clips) and keep running, I think that would have been fine.

    • Deston says:

      @Jimbo – the really memorable thing for me was the visual style of the world they created. It had an awesome squeaky clean dystopian vibe to it on the surface, and the use of colour in the environments was fantastic – those huge areas of perfectly bright whites broken up by smooth solid oranges, greens, blues, and those striking symbols and logos decorating buildings.

      What’s more is this went further than just superficial visuals, it was used very effectively to guide the player through sections while moving at speed. The integration was more overt, but the technique is similar to the way the Valve commentary explains the use of subtle lighting in Left 4 Dead’s dark maps.

      The writing and plot were definitely very hollow and simplistic, but I really dug the stylised animation they used on the story cutscenes too. It felt like a good match for the style of the in game world.

      None of these individual elements were necessarily unique (what is these days?) in gaming, but combined together I found they were both very refreshing and memorable.

    • Sagan says:

      My recommendation for people playing it the first time: Don’t try to play it without guns the first time. I know that’s considered the superior way to play for many people, but seriously, if you try to play it that way the first time you are just going to end up frustrated and you will like the game a whole lot less than it deserves.

    • Urthman says:

      Alternatively, use a trainer to make Faith immune to bullets. She can still die if you fall.

      It’s the best what-this-game-should-have-been hack since Oscuro’s Oblivion Overhaul. (And the stronger-grappling-hook trainer is the best one since Mirror’s Edge.)

    • mcnostril says:


      Those flash cutscenes were rubbish. They were poorly animated, poorly scripted and just generally ugly.
      As an animator, I find it unbelievable that they’d include something that bad in a multi-million dollar production (and it’s pretty sad to think someone was probably paid quite well for it). It looks like bad student work. Maybe they wanted to go with something more Samurai Jack-ish but they didn’t have any money left and had to resort to giving hobos access to computers. Or maybe they just didn’t have time. Who knows; the fact is they’re like sandpaper across my eyeballs.
      It’s annoying considering how good the rest of the visual design is. I was really impressed. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of a Crysis, but there’s more than a couple of areas now where I get there and I just stop dead in my tracks to look at it (like that part when you come into the training facility and you see this enormous white wall curving over you).
      Also makes you want to set fire to all those art directors who think real is brown. We could have been having more of this the whole time. Dang it.

      I find it funny that the game tells you “Stop, there’s a fight” and I have yet to see anyone who plays this game who isn’t just going to try and run past anyways.

    • Deston says:

      @ mcnostril – fair enough, I have no animation background at all so I suspect I’d lose the argument on their quality… I did like them though, especially after seeing the interactions with in-game character models such as the one with the woman in the initial training map.

      If they had used those for progressing the “story” in between maps as well it would have felt a lot worse to me – the lighting was really strange on the character models, the animation was jerky and there was a ton of aliasing artefacts. It was jarring compared to the rest of the world being presented. Perhaps the after those, the animated cut scenes they used seemed like a nicer effort to me than they actually were?

    • Nova says:

      The combat isn’t actually that bad. Problem is that it takes quiet a while to get used to it, especially the disarming. Key is not to wait till the gun turns red cause most of the time you can’t react that fast. You have to watch out for the animation when the enemy tries to hit you.
      The story is dodgy, yes but the atmosphere the first person running and the art design are among the best in recent times.

    • dragon_hunter21 says:

      I got Mirror’s Edge with this sale. I have to agree, it’s a very pretty game, and it’s fun for the most part… But I am stuck at the part in the tutorial where you need to wallrun-turn-jump, because I’m not doing it at the same time as she is, apparently. Despite the fact that with MY method I’m getting up there even FASTER.

      Man, I hate combos.

    • Mman says:

      It’s not the timing; you have to wallrun horizontally rather than vertically and then turn and jump. That part of the tutorial’s a bit odd considering it just says you have to wallrun.

      ME’s a bit different to most new games as the first playthrough is generally the worst for most people, and it really starts to come into its own when you get onto the time trials and subsequent replays.

    • colinmarc says:

      I thought the combat was grand, actually, as long as you stayed away from the guns. There were lots of different running/wallrunning/jumping and kicking combos that let you use your speed and pick off enemies one at a time. I loved that.

    • HexagonalBolts says:

      Jim I read all your/other’s criticisms of the combat before buying it, but now having played it, I wonder how they could have created a sense of tension and the need to move forward without it, had there been only a timer for the whole thing then Mirror’s Edge would have been reduced to a dull racing game, but I think it accomplishes much more than that as it is. I guess ideally the combat would have just been good.

    • jeremypeel says:

      I think the problem with the combat was that DICE didn’t quite go that final step in embracing the innovation of the game in making it entirely optional – you have those moments in the game where you’re told, “YOU MUST HIT OR SHOOT THESE PEOPLE”, even when they’re easily circumventable.

      Despite this, Mirror’s Edge is still one of those beautiful rarities – an action game you can complete without killing a soul. Sure, you have to beat the shit out of a few poor folks, but I managed a highly enjoyable ‘pacifist’ run without too many problems.

    • Zwebbie says:

      I don’t think Mirror’s Edge’s combat is particularly worse than general FPS combat; it’s just that the running and jumping is so much better. And while I thus agree that the fighting sections are unnecessary and annoying, I wouldn’t mark the game much down for it, since it’s really a very minor part of the game.

    • bill says:

      I agree with Sagan. While the guns shouldn’t really be inn the game, trying to run past the guns in the later levels just leads to lots of frustration and reloads.

      Hearing (and feeling) that the guns weren’t needed, and feeling that Faith wouldn’t just run around gunning down cops, I kept trying to play non-violently (or at least non fatally). But there’s a couple of points where this lead to so much frustration that it actually soured me on the game. With hindsight I wish I’d just shot them in the face and moved on.

      In particular, there was a later section where you’re trying to go down a big spiral staircase into a building lobby, and there are a dozen cops spread over the levels, plus a few guys with heavy machine guns at the bottom. It took me way too many attempts to get past that section without using the guns.

      First half of mirror’s edge was the best fun I had with a game last year, and well worth $5 alone. Second half had way too much frustration and hard-to-skip combat. Grab a trainer, or use an invulnerability cheat, or just shoot them – and avoid the frustration.

    • Jimbobb says:

      I’m with Jim on this one.

  5. Lars Westergren says:

    Mirror’s Edge, yay. Please do get if you have ever complained that games these days are derivative and never try to do something different.
    Also on Steam sale is Dead Space. Ok game if you love hidden icky monsters that go jump at you and go “BOO!” and plot twists that tries to do the same; but you will see *them* coming miles away if you’ve ever seen a horror movie.

    Also Spore. I loved it for about 10 hours, then I got thorougly bored with it. Uninstalled it and have never played it again.

    Someone found out the super secret naming strategy Steam used for their EA campaign banners (like /images/ea_monday, /images/ea_tuesday) and posted the titles in advance- tonight or Sunday is Dragon Age I think.

    GOG has a Tex Murphy campaign going. The whole collection 50% off, for around $18.

  6. Archonsod says:

    Or you can get both the Abe’s Oddysee games together for £3.47

    Also at GG uk:

    X-Com, £1.47 per game or £3.98 for the lot
    UFO trilogy – £8.99
    Universe at War : Earth Assault – £3.73
    Shadowgrounds bundle £9.97
    Prey £2.44

    Direct2Drive has
    Bioshock £9.95
    Condemned : Criminal Origins £2.50

    Lost Planet Extreme Condition : Colonies Edition £6.49

    Steam has
    Mirror’s Edge £3.24
    Dead Space £7.49
    Spore £20.09

    Good Old Games has 50% off the Tex Murphy series, or 30% off individual titles.

  7. radomaj says:

    Impulse has the THQ Collection on sale. It costs 100$ and includes: Company of Heroes (all of them), Full Spectrum Warrior (both), Red Faction (all three), STALKER (only the first one), Supreme Commander ( and expansion), Warhammer 40K Anthology

  8. Mr_Day says:

    All of this week has been EA week on Steam, so after the ME offer mentioned above it should be Mass Effect day next, then Dragon Age day the day after.

    The complete list.

    • Tacroy says:

      What would be kind of awesome and quite Valve-y would be if tomorrow were something completely unrelated; after all, there’s no way they don’t know of this leak, so maybe it was on purpose?

      Of course there’s really no way that’s true, but it would be totally awesome if Sunday were the Half-Life 3 launch or something equally ridiculous.

  9. bleeters says:

    Never have I been so saddened by the sight of an empty bucket :(

  10. Meat Circus says:


  11. radomaj says:

    Don’t forget to follow RPS Forums! Here’s the local Bargain thread: http://rockpapershotgun.com/rpsforum/topic.php?id=827&page=20

  12. Schaulustiger says:

    Hoping for 75% off Mass Effect 2. Will probably be just 50% or 33%.

  13. Big X says:

    Mass effect 2 is going to come on the steam sales in a few hours. Not sure how cheap though.

  14. riadsala says:

    I already have enough games to keep me busy til the end of next year.

    Not even started King’s Bounty of Mount&Blade

    And I’ve discovered Fall from Heaven 2 (free if you have Civ4) so am busy playing that. Oh my.

    • scoopsy says:

      Yes! Another person joins the one true faith that is Fall from Heaven II.

      Don’t get too attached though – Derek and the FFH team are working on a standalone commercial version finally. Can’t wait.

    • Tei says:

      Will include a Pirates faction that whordship TChulu?

    • Arathain says:

      Doesn’t Fall From Heaven II require one of the Civ expansions, though? I seem recall being intrigued, and then saddened because I only have vanilla Civ IV.

    • Dominic White says:

      I’m fairly sure it’s considered a felony to own Civ 4 without Beyond The Sword. Do you want this on your permanent criminal record? Rectify that immediately!

    • Nick says:

      I just wish it didn’t take 1 – 5 minutes for a turn to process late game =(

    • neems says:

      King’s Bounty is an awesome game, you should just play that.

    • Malawi Frontier Guard says:

      It’s also very hard.

      Play on easy.

  15. shinygerbil says:

    Woo, hope Dragon Age (and especially Awakening) are heavily discounted. Played it on 360 (yeah, I know!!), loved it (yeah, I know!!), completed it 3 times (yeah, I know!!). Really wanna play Awakening but would like to try it on PC this time.

    • detective says:

      You won’t be able to play the steam version of Awakening without the steam version of Dragon Age Origins

    • shinygerbil says:

      @detective: yes, I am aware of that. That’s why I’m hoping both are discounted ;)

  16. The Dark One says:

    I hope Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age get DLC roundup packages at some point. I don’t expect anything as cheap as the Fallout 3 GOTY pack, but I would just rather wait and get something with the DLC already included than having to buy it piecemeal.

  17. Xercies says:

    I kind of liked Mirrors edge but soemtimes it was awfully annoying. The bits where you had to go into combat was the worst just died over and over again and got annoyed. And also the bits where you didn’t really know where to go and the game gave you no indication of where to go so you were stuck in the room frustrated. But sometimes it would give you a nice run of platforming and speed and some really nice environmental puzzles that would make you go “Oh yeah this is great”. So yeah Mixed bag really i hope theres a mirrors edge 2 where they can fix the problems because i would like that.

    • Matzerath says:

      I really liked Mirror’s Edge, and am quite wary of any sort of sequel – now that everyone’s complained about the difficulty, it’s bound to be the hand-holding console game that marketing probably wanted the first time around – giant arrows pointing the direction you should be going, bullets whizzing by your head but never hitting, even when you’re standing still.

  18. Metalfish says:

    Mirror’s edge is definitely a game which deserves a sequel (or preferably a prequel). Made by a subsection of a team known exclusively for MP titles, using a slightly unfamiliar engine still managed to produce some of the most glorious entertainment I’ve ever experienced in the medium. Shame those fleeting moments of brilliance were often bookended by infuriating or confusing design.

    I’m very interested in what Brink can do with the movement style in first person, but I really want to see what DICE will do with it. There’s a reason I spent so long in the APB editor getting this right.

    More blue skies!

  19. Langman says:

    Yep, Mirrors Edge was a great concept but an average game.

    They need to identify why this was the case, and if they do the sequel could be great.

  20. Radiant says:

    What happened with the add on pack for Mirror’s Edge?
    The speed run only malarkey?

    Was it released? Is it included in this offer? Was it any good?

    Btw Burnout Paradise was £4.99 for the ultimate box earlier this week on steam.

    • Frankie The Patrician[PF] says:

      Pure Time Trials DLC was EADM only, I think…and out for quite a loooong time…

    • Nova says:

      Only available through the EA shop, as far as I know.

  21. cliffski says:

    *plug plug*
    Gratuitous Space Battles + all 3 expansions for the game is $25.99 right now:
    *plug plug*

    • Dominic White says:

      Any chance of offering a ‘just the three expansions’ pack for those of us who got the game earlier?

  22. Rich says:

    Mass Effect day on Steam has just gone live.

    Mass Effect = £3.24
    Mass Effect 2 = £17.99
    Mass Effect 2 Deluxe = £23.99

    • Auspex says:

      Damn it.

      Damn you Rich! Damn you!

    • Carra says:

      As usual £18 == €30.

      Screw you, EA, screw you.

    • luminosity says:

      I bought it for $50 us brand new and now at 40% off it’s… $42. Hmm. Very sad to see EA also jump on the rip Australia off bandwagon. They almost had me believing the ‘not evil now’ crap too.

  23. Auspex says:

    link to store.steampowered.com

    Mass Effect – 75% off – £3.24
    Mass Effect 2 – 40% off – £17.99
    Mass Effect 2 Digital Deluxe Edition – 40% off – £23.99

  24. Jakkar says:

    Oh Mirror’s Edge. How I loved to.. No, I even hated hating you. And I still hated you. So horribly flawed, for a nice idea – obnoxious, frustrating and buggy. Give me Assassin’s Creed any day. Superior in every way I can think of..

    P.S. FLaH is a wonderful CAPTCHA phrase.

    • Nova says:

      Yeah right, just hold a button to parkour.

    • Radiant says:

      To be fair to the op, in real life, you do just hold down the one jump key to parkour anyway.

    • Jakkar says:

      True, I’d prefer a more involved system – but as an amateur traceur/aka hyperactive retard who loves climbing and traversing urban playgrounds, it must be said the body really does do these things automatically. Thinking about this stuff just causes you to make mistakes. Applying logical thought and intentional maneuvers to high speed movement on complex terrain is a bad idea.

      Assassin’s Creed, in some ways, is a more accurate representation of the art/sport than Mirror’s Edge.

      .. And in Mirror’s Edge, I fell off things a LOT more than I do in real life ._.

    • Lilliput King says:

      l2p nub

    • jeremypeel says:

      I’d argue that Mirror’s Edge is a far more accurate representation of being a parkour god, in that when I started playing it was a mess of fumbled turns and trips into chasms, but by the time I’d sunk more hours than I’d care to say into the time trials, it really did feel like second nature. Mastering a complex (yet fairly intuitive) system and being in complete control of every sidestep and wall jump felt amazing, whereas Assassin’s Creed’s hold-space-to-be-incredible could be a little numbing.

      I can appreciate, though, that not everyone wants to spend hundreds of hours on a running and jumping simulator, and Assassin’s Creed is great fun to pick up and play. It wasn’t until after finishing the story mode that I started truly loving Mirror’s Edge, which is understandably too late for most.

    • Jimbo says:

      Can’t really compare the two control schemes like that imo. Mirror’s edge was primarily about parkour; Assassin’s Creed was primarily about stabbing dudes in the face – the respective control systems reflect that.

      Making the parkour more involved in AC would be a bit like adding manual gear changes to GTA. Using AC’s controls in Mirror’s Edge would leave you without a game. I think the right call was made with both games.

    • jeremypeel says:

      Good point Jimbo – it’s a comparison that’s commonly made though so I kinda feel the need to address it.

    • Jakkar says:

      On the contrary, Mirror’s Edge’s clunky systems frequently dropped me off buildings simply because the character decided not to grip the indicated edge, or wallrun the target – it felt unfinished and buggy. Sometimes something that felt like it should work didn’t, other times the exact same technique would work or fail depending upon an inch of difference in aim or a millisecond’s timing.

      Assassin’s Creed punishes failing to be aware of your surroundings and blindly rushing into open space, throwing your weight where you shouldn’t while the feet instinctively find footholds. Watch an ape in the trees, watch a runner on rough terrain. It’s not an intellectual process, it’s an instinctive and automatic behaviour.

      Mirror’s Edge punishes not methodically planning your acrobatics.

      Feels more like a game feature, less like actual human mobility..

      .. But my argument against the game is that it feels buggy and crudely made, horribly linear, has awful combat and the storyline is bland.

    • Huggster says:

      Yeah there were some pixel perfect grabs that were very, very frustrating and let the game down.
      also, car park with cops + machine guns. Ewwwww.

    • Nova says:

      Sure the game wasn’t perfect but ‘buggy and crudely made’…?
      There weren’t many times that I died or failed a jump were it wasn’t primarily my fault.
      In general it is a linear game (like most FPS) but if you turned off the runner vision there were quiet some places were you could take other paths (in a smaller scale ofc) or attack enemies from an unexpected side.
      Concerning the combat. Well as I wrote above it isn’t that bad it just takes a while to grasp it properly too long for many, I guess.

    • Muzman says:

      I must report exactly the opposite experience to Jakkar’s. Mirror’s Edge offered an array of manouvers that worked in such a variety of situations that it was amazingly flexible and responsive.
      And, moreover, these options became more useful and numerous as skill improved. As I got better I became more daring and often thought “the context sensitivity/scripting/whathaveyou surely won’t let me do -this-” only to find that it generally would.
      The game treads a remarkably fine line offering a relatively small set of moves that can be combined in an awful lot of ways (and not really in a “combo” sort of way since you have to react according to the space with certain levels of precision, instead of merely pressing keys in the right order) and sets out space that permits it.
      There’s some hard coded stuff (step jump boxes and so on feel very scripty) but it sits between that context sensitive ‘press X to do trick’ and something more simulation like very nicely. You need a good level of control for the proper sense of freedom they are aiming for, I’d say. And they succeeded too. The design didn’t always match this aspect (and I think it’s not the sort of design anyone has ever had to get to grips with before) but the feel of the game is a pretty major achievement and I hope they don’t dumb it down.

  25. Electric Dragon says:

    Which isn’t much of a saving considering you can get it from EA.com or Direct2Drive for £20 anyway. Alternatively Amazon have the DVD version for £16 (inc delivery).

    • Electric Dragon says:

      (Supposed to be a reply to Rich re Mass Effect 2.)

    • Auspex says:

      Have we not agreed before though that having a game on steam is (to some people) a bonus worth playing a little more for?

    • Huggster says:

      Until you want to lend it to someone or give it away.
      I recently bought Metro 2033 or fleabay only to see it had already been activated. Did not realise it used steam. Got my money back and bought it in the steam sale instead.
      I pass on a lot of my games to a family member so its a shame I will not be able to do so for steam games. He cannot afford to buy all the ones I do.

  26. Auspex says:

    Lewie would be very sad about all this Mirror’s Edge bashing. :(

  27. MajorManiac says:

    I do hope Lewis has a good time.

    Is he traveling around the world persuading publishers to lower prices?

    • Auspex says:

      He’s working for Oxfam at Glastonbury I think. Which is more admirable than your suggestion but significantly less useful to me…

  28. Kazang says:

    I just bought Dead Space and Mirrors edge. I’ve played both on the 360 already but of course, pc > console, so I thought I would get the proper versions.

    For a mess around game I’m sure it’s worth paying the miniature price just to have them on my steam list.

    • Chris says:

      Lame “Me2!!1!” post here: £30 of games for a tenner seemed like a pretty good deal. I’ve just about managed to bludgeon the awfulness that is Dead Space’s clumsily-ported control system into something useable, but I hate hate HATE the fact that you can’t remap WASD to the cursor keys, cos I’m a lefty. (I invert the mouse too. Hate away.)

      Still, I’m bitching about a £7.50 game, not a £20 waste of money. I win (I think).

      – Chris.

  29. Adventurous Putty says:


    Erm, sorry. What I meant to say was, Mirror’s Edge was an extremely pleasant surprise, and I think that it’s better than the sum of its parts (or better than its crappy forced combat/interior sections). I hope they fix the flaws for the sequel, not unlike Alpha Protocol.

  30. Starky says:

    This EA week has been really disappointing, most of the prices on the newer games have been rubbish – worse than retail rubbish even with sale prices.

    I know EA set the price, but you’d think valve would push them to actually -beat- retail for the massive amount of advertising EA get from it.
    Take the current Mass effect 2, at £17.99 it equals play.com, but Amazon beats it by £3.
    In fact most of the games even the super cheap ones are cheaper in retail, or have been cheaper in previous sales.

    The only game I picked up was Burnout Paradise (which only just beat current retail price), which despite owning I figured was worth the steam copy for ease of use.
    I’d have also picked up the entire CnC library (again) if they have were cheaper (again retail beats the “sale” price).

    Over all a very much D- quality sale.

    • Bob Bobson says:

      I’m more often than not some years off the cutting edge on account of being lazy and cheap. So Mass Effect 1 for £3.24 was a great deal. And when Mass Effect 3 comes out I expect I’ll be able to get Mass Effect 2 for a fiver or so in a sale.

  31. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Well, at least we can has bucket. Too bad there’s no cat in it. Or a cheeseburger.

  32. Mistabashi says:

    Well, I just picked up Mirror’s Edge anyway, thought it’s worth 3 quid even if the annoying bits do turn out to ruin the game in the end. Sadly I committed the heinous crime of trying to actually download the game during daylight hours, which is obviously incredibly unfair to other Virgin Media customers so my bandwidth has quite rightly been throttled to 25%. That’ll teach me…

  33. Kid A says:

    Mirror’s Edge and Dead Space? a.k.a. two of the three games that EA accidentally gave away for free for several hours last year? Pass.

    Agreed that this is a pretty poor “sale” but then EA have never been great at cheapness. Spore, f’rinstance, is still £SomeRidiculousAmount despite being very very old and supposedly selling quite well.

    • jaheira says:

      If it’s “supposedly selling quite well” why would they reduce the price?

  34. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Oh, I really should get Mirror’s Edge. I remember I was pretty hyped prior to release but got turned off by the negative press. Then again I say that about lots of games (that I should get them).

  35. supersheep says:

    The music in Mirror’s Edge was fantastic. Apart from the terrible ending theme.

  36. Sheesh says:

    The amount of complaining going on about EA week is pretty amazing.

    Yeah, Spore and NFS: Shift had awful discounts, and DA:O and Awakening are probably gunna be pretty eyerolling, too.

    But Crysis Complete, Burnout, some of the C&C’s, Mirror’s Edge, Dead Space and both Mass Effect’s were at GREAT prices. Your currency is not the end all be all of the world, guys. Play.com’s prices mean NOTHING to me as an American. I’m sorry that Europe so often gets the short end of the stick on pricing (as you are all rather lovely), but calling the sale poor overall is rather daft. Or even criticizing Mirror’s Edge and Dead Space’s price cuts because they were, to quote Kid A, “two of the three games that EA accidentally gave away for free for several hours last year? Pass.”

    Give me a break.

    I haven’t bought a thing from the sale as I owned everything I was interested in (Mirror’s Edge and Mass Effect for the full $20 way back, Burnout for the same price during the Christmas sale, Dead Space for $15 during the big November sale, Mass Effect day one retail), but you don’t see me bitching and moaning, either.

    Please point out to me where I could buy both Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 for under $30 including shipping and tax, and without Mass Effect 1’s retail DRM nightmare. I’d LOVE to hear it.

    It amazes me how SPOILED people are acting now that we get sales like this frequently. Mass Effect 2 has only been out four months, and is on sale for half of what I payed (and it was well worth that price to not have to wait to play it). And people are COMPLAINING. Good grief.

    • Rich says:

      It’s not a question of being spoiled. Maybe in the UK we’re a little blessed when it comes to online deals. The best prices do tend to be from a company based in a tax-haven after all.

      The thing is, we’re not saying we somehow deserve a better deal than they’re willing to offer on Steam. It’s just that better deals do already exist.

    • Kid A says:

      Sheesh – I wasn’t necessarily criticising the offers for Dead Space and Mirror’s Edge, simply stating that I personally had no interest in them, having caught that offer. And while you’re right that Mass Effect 2 was at the cheapest I remember seeing it in a while, the rest of the EA games have been on sale cheaper on DD platforms at some point, mostly in Steam’s Non-Denominational Winter Celebration Sale.

      Also, you’re forgetting a very important rule of the internet – no matter how good you think X is, there are always, always going to be people who think X is the biggest pile of turd since Bog and all His Angels squatted for the first time.

    • Starky says:

      What Rich said,

      Accusing people of being spoiled for expressing disappointment in a sale is just ridiculous. Just as ridiculous as those who do stamp their foot and actually think they deserve better.

      None of us have any illusion that EA owe us some kind of amazing price, but it is every buyers right to be disappointed with a sale price, and express that disappointment by NOT BUYING THE PRODUCT – or on a thread about said sales and bargains.

      That isn’t spoiled, that is simply savvy consumerism.

  37. Corbeau says:

    Mirror’s Edge is far, far better than people give it credit for. The core reason is that fun =! entertainment. They’re related, but not a 1:1 relationship. Just look at cinema – many of the most entertaining (meaningful, moving, etc) movies aren’t all that fun.

    It’s longer than a typical comment so I’m not going to post the whole thing, but here’s a link to my old article on why Mirror’s Edge is more than it seemed:

    link to tangletowngames.livejournal.com

  38. malkav11 says:

    I’ve been annoyed at the deals because they’re only large on the games I already have. The games that I’d want to wait for a deal on? Tiny, piddling snippets off the way-too-high starting prices.

  39. Dean says:

    A few have mentioned it, but mostly been ignored, but the Tex Murphy pack is 50% off at GoG.com:
    link to gog.com

    Worth pointing out they were mentioned in Richard Cobbett’s article as one of the few FMV games worth playing.
    link to richardcobbett.com

  40. LostSoviet says:

    Well, I didn’t want to toot my own horn, but the ability to see the very bottom of the Bargain Bucket is a sad thing.

    I’m tracking any and all digital distribution discounts on my blog as they become available. Sort of a US-centered (sorry, that’s where I live) counterpart of SavyGamer, but focused exclusively on digital downloads.

    Might be just the thing to tide you over, if you don’t feel like hunting the deals down yourself through Steam / Impulse / D2D / GamersGate / etc.

  41. bill says:

    bucket half empty?

  42. MadMatty says:

    Yes, i seem to be finding permanent retail prices, around what the steam “sales” prices are… usually from the UK, even with the 2£ extra for postage to the mainland.
    That said, the deal on Mirrors Edge is super – havent tried it but sounds alluring. Like the cover.
    Also, Dead Space for cheap shouldn´t be missed- beutiful game, lots of gore and nasty monsters- only a wee bit repetitive.
    Mass Effect is probably must buy for that price, if you´ve somehow missed it- the 2 is roughly the same as UK retail, so no rush there.
    I didn´t like Dragon Age at all, coz it was just too cheesy and uninspired for me.
    Bioshock i didn´t really like either- superpowers in a game is hardly a new invention, and the game is hopelessly linear. Got my fill of 50´s kitch from the Fallout series, which is more to my liking.

    All in all, nothing except Mirrors Edge for me in this weeks lineup, and since my dual-core is busted and my card soaked for creds, i dunno if i´m gonna get it….. i could borrow a few quid probably, for that one.

  43. MadMatty says:

    Yes, i seem to be finding permanent retail prices, around what the steam “sales” prices are… usually from the UK, even with the 2£ extra for postage to the mainland.
    That said, the deal on Mirrors Edge is super – havent tried it but sounds alluring. Like the cover.
    Also, Dead Space for cheap shouldn´t be missed- beutiful game, lots of gore and nasty monsters- only a wee bit repetitive.
    Mass Effect is probably must buy for that price, if you´ve somehow missed it- the 2 is roughly the same as UK retail, so no rush there.
    I didn´t like Dragon Age at all, coz it was just too cheesy and uninspired for me.
    Bioshock i didn´t really like either- superpowers in a game is hardly a new invention, and the game is hopelessly linear. Got my fill of 50´s kitch from the Fallout series, which is more to my liking.

    All in all, nothing except Mirrors Edge for me in this weeks lineup, and since my dual-core is busted and my card drained for creds, i dunno if i´m gonna get it….. i could borrow a few quid probably, for that one.

  44. Talorc says:

    I’d just like to send a giant FUCK YOU to EA for trying to charge me nearly double for Mass Effect 2 because I happen to live in Australia. ($US41.99 vs $US23.99)

    Needless to say, no purchase from me. I can get it for the equivalent of US$30.30 SHIPPED from the United Kingdom (eg Half way across the globe). My ISP has a steam content server, so it is not like I have to get the digitial bits to come from far!!!

    • Sacred_flame101 says:

      link to store.steampowered.com

      follow that link and it will be at the us price but you also have to put a fake american address at checkout for it to work

    • slaine says:

      I know exactly how you feel mate. EA is constantly screwing us with prices on games. The ?cc=us trick works only if you have a US credit card and/or proxy in with a US based IP, which is really too much effort for me just to save a few dollars.

      You can get a helpful Brit or US person to gift you the game.

  45. cdm says:

    The combat in Mirror’s Edge was fine. Sometimes Faith acquires a belt fed machine gun, of course she should have a go with it.

  46. Tei says:

    I don’t like Mirrors Edge, If the challenge of your game is control combos, your game fail to me, and Mirros Edge ask me that, on the tutorial. I have to asume the game is composed of these “press space while you press w” and things. Thanks, but not thanks.

    Also, I buy lot of games, but avoiding a EA title put a smiley on my face. I don’t boycott EA, but I don’t want (either ) to feed the monster.

  47. InvalidView says:

    I’ve completed Mirror’s Edge twice now and I still have no idea what the storyline is. I’m pretty sure its because I enjoyed to game-play immensely and couldn’t physically wait until the next section, hence I skipped every cut scene.

    Anyone else do that in most games? Press Esc, space bar, mouse buttons, enter and then finally the F-buttons, hoping that the rubbish cut-scenes will end and the game will start again,

    • Lars Westergren says:

      >”I’ve completed Mirror’s Edge twice now and I still have no idea what the storyline is.”

      The (possibly modeled on modern China) authoritarian regime decides to end the freedom loving Runners and create a double agent – a person who you will think “She looks like a traitor” within 3 seconds of meeting her the first time. Instead of arresting the runners while they are in bed or sitting on the toilet which would have been the rational thing to do (since they appearently know all their identities), but created a very short game, the police instead use secret runner training methods to create their own ninja cops which chase the runners dramatically over the rooftops. Also your sister is being framed for a crime by EvilCorp. But you are the hero so you beat them all.
      ****** END SPOLERS********

      >”Anyone else do that in most games? Press Esc, space bar, mouse buttons, enter and then finally the F-buttons,”

      No, because stories is one of the important parts of games for me (bite me, Carmack) I never do that, even on second replay.

    • MadMatty says:

      Frankly, i´m quite tempted to start doing it.
      Stories are important.
      Rubbish ones much less so.

  48. bill says:

    anyone know if Mass effect on Steam is regionally restricted? (specifically Japan)

    I’m in the weird position where my pc at work never seems to be regionally affected by Steam, but then I go home and find that the game I thought I could buy actually isn’t available in my area.

    But I’d rather not start logging in to steam and entering credit card details on work PCs…

    PS/ PUNT is a cool capture phrase!

    • vagabond says:

      You’ll probably find it wont work anyway.
      I’m in Australia, but steam thinks my work PC is in the US. If I try and buy anything from work, it adds it to my cart, then when I go to buy it, it asks me to log in, and when I do, it removes everything from my cart. If I continue to surf and try and add something to my cart while logged in, as soon as I do so, it logs me out. Wash, rinse, repeat.