New Folder: Faultline

Because today is Monday, one of the most overused days of the week, I am forced to prescribe web-based distraction game, for your health. Today it’s Faultline, which is a cute little platformer in which you folder the level like the pages of a puzzlebook, and then unfold them again to continue your quest. Yes, it’s a one-trick pony, but it’s a pony that can fold itself in half, which is something you ought to see. (If you can make your way past the barrage of advertising, anyway.)


  1. Peter Radiator Full Pig says:

    Good concept.
    Just wondering if there are other people out there that dont like it when puzzlers and platformers are pushed together.
    Have a puzzle in a platformer, or versa vica, but not at the same time. Thats what this felt like, but maybe thats just me.

  2. Frenz0rz says:

    Nice little thinky game to get me going on a monday morning, cheers.

  3. MLG says:

    The concept was explored before in Paper Cakes: link to

  4. terry says:

    Hasn’t Nintendo also appropriated that mechanic for the new Kirby game?

  5. Alexander Norris says:

    It’s a neat gimmick.

    I liked that he goes clonk the most, though.

  6. Demon Beaver says:

    Strangely addicting. I didn’t expect to play even 5 levels, and suddenly I finished it

  7. Josh W says:

    This game is marvelous, the potential for head scrambling is immense, especially if they started by sending you through a folded level and then unfolding it, with you having to refold it to get back to the exit that is apparently near where you started.

    Me and my brother found solutions to puzzles that were not the right ones, involving all kinds of triangular folds of different angles, and were expecting the difficuty curve to get up to them, but it finished what felt to me like a third of the way in.

    They could make a second one that is nothing more than an expansion pack and have it play incredibly differently.

  8. Cooper says:

    I’ve always loved most of Nitrome’s games. Something to do with the mix of really tight gaming and some painfully cute pixel work, and this is one of their best I reckon.

  9. Edgar J Buttstain says:


  10. Quasar says:

    Anyone else reminded of Doctor Who here?

  11. DJ Phantoon says:

    Have to say I was disappointed. Good concept but bad level design most of the time. I didn’t see a level I thought was decent until 12 and didn’t hit one that made me think until after level 20.

    I also felt like when it wanted to be a platformer it didn’t want to be a puzzle game anymore, and so it removed its gimmick. At that point the game was just a completely generic platformer, and there was no reason for this as Portal taught you can do both.

    Also, not being able to remove earlier folds that don’t intersect with newer ones was annoying, as there was no real reason you couldn’t other than it would be harder to code. Still, had they done so, it could’ve made the puzzles that much better.

  12. Dominic White says:

    As others have mentioned, Nitrome are pretty great. Every week or two, they produce a lengthy, usually 30-50 level long game that would have been sold for £50 back in the SNES era, and give it away for free.

    As for a barrage of advertising, I don’t see any. Then again, I’ve got a good adblocker.

  13. Darkdobe says:

    I gave up after being screwed repeated by the entirely random nature of level unfolding. Sometimes the level unfolds when the nodes leave the screen, sometimes the level unfolds while the nodes are on screen, sometimes it just unfolds the instant I fold it. Suffice to say being killed midway through running a gauntlet by the level unfolding itself happens far too often.

    • Josh W says:

      Have you noticed the pressure switches on the floor? They may confusing you, because I can’t remember if they are explained.

  14. what? says: