Sam & Max: They Stole Max’s Brain Released

Tiny rat wearing a jacket where do you go to find something you can eat? Because the word out on the street is that you're starving. Let yourself go hungry now. Let yourself go cold. Tiny rat wearing a jacket.

Taking a break from our overriding theme of wallowing in the early 00s, lets return to another early motif of the day. Rodents! Because a rodent features prominently in the just-released* trailer for the just-released** third episode in the currently actually-pretty-well-received series of Telltale’s Sam & Max. If you haven’t already, you can buy the series on the site and play all the current episodes, with the others arriving shortly. The demo for the first episode is still available, on PC and the PC-with-a-better-haircut if you want to try. And here’s the trailer. Hurrah! And worth asking: what’s people’s thoughts on the season so far?

*Well, relatively.
**Well, more recently than the *.


  1. Ryx says:


    Seems kind of low-budget.
    I do love telltale, though.
    They have jake rodkin.

  2. Xocrates says:

    Just finished playing this episode.

    It’s pretty solid all around, but Episode 2 is probably still the best of the season so far.

  3. zak canard says:

    I’ve liked the previous two episodes. They were almost as good as season 1 episodes such as Abraham Lincoln Must Die, but until they squeeze in a “War”-style song and dance routine with Agent Superball in that one will have to remain in the top spot. My only grumble would have to be the draggy control method, it just doesn’t feel right with a mouse. Telltale really should’ve stuck with point and click for the PC version.

  4. lhzr says:

    loved the first 2 eps.

    also for anyone planning to get this season (or any other, for that matter), add puzzle agent(10$) to your order, and you’ll get everything else for half price, so you’ll get season 3 + puzzle agent for 27.5 $ (just season 3 would be 35$)

  5. Drexer says:

    Downloading it now.

    But in the meantime, I am cutting a cucumber length wise.

  6. Soobe says:

    This season was my first time ever exposed to Sam and Max and I must say, episode 1 didn’t really do it for me–not that it was bad, but rather some of the puzzles were way to abstract. I want to have fun, not feel stupid.

    The second episode though–much better. The puzzles still felt like a challenge at times, but they never totally stumped me like in episode 1.

    So long as it’s like #2 I’m a happy mofo.

    • lhzr says:

      maybe a bit abstract, yeah, but raising the hint level proved to work great, as in it helped me progress without much frustration, without spelling anything out

    • Thants says:

      Bah, just play the original. It’s better than these new ones. I mean, I haven’t played the new ones but I’m assuming.

    • Optimaximal says:

      Thants, you’re an idiot…

    • Thants says:

      Am I an idiot, or am I the only sane man left? Wait, don’t answer that.

  7. Tei says:


    This is a Bioshock 2 DLC.


    This is a episodic point and click adventure game.

  8. RandomOne says:

    I found the first part of this episode to be far more fun than the rest. I liked running around and pretending to be an actor in a bad movie. I kinda really wanna replay the game just to take all the “Noir” options in the interrogations.

    But to be fair I liked 302 better. I just like games where you progress through several worlds at once as opposed to linearly going through each.

  9. jolson42 says:


  10. Reverend Speed says:

    I’d say this season contains their most tightly plotted arc yet – though we’re only at three of five, there’s more foreshadowing and consequential development already than the previous seasons put together. The episodes link together sooo well.

    Episode one, sadly, suffered from this. It’s lumbered with setting up the exposition for a five-episode arc… and they’re introducing so much new stuff, the episode is left feeling a little random and the objectives arbitrary (ESPECIALLY the toys. A whole new interface for this gimmick? How is this different from extending the inventory? etc). However, the writing is at a very high level and consistently funny (“You must not let them see you cry, Skun-Kape!”)

    That said… eventually the Toys and the Toybox reveal their purpose. And… I can’t really be critical about this. I love the genre they’re riffing off. It’s. It’s…

    lovecraftian horror

    So imagine my delight when I started the second game and found myself in the twenties. In New York. Talking to an antiquarian about mysterious Egyptian Pharaohs. Eh? AND THEN TAKING A TRAIN. TO THE ORIENT. Eh? IN ORDER TO RETRIEVE A SACRED ARTIFACT FROM A MYSTERIOUS CULT. HUH? EH?! HUH?

    So. Yes. A little CoC RPG lovin’, I suspect.

    The second episode is. High. Larious. Great characters, some fun, clever little gags (I really liked ‘Little Arctic Circle’), lovely character design and GREAT asset reuse. I hope most players are reconciled to Telltale’s asset reuse (I mean, as a friend pointed out, you hardly grow tired of seeing Koopas in Mario Bros. after your third Koopa. Not that I’d know, I don’t play the damn things, but it’s a good point). TellTale bring back and repurpose some old characters and minions in hugely entertaining ways, adding context and history that add character. Hilarious character.

    Puzzles are full of character and logical within the situation, though they rarely stump the player for long.


    A pox on players who think adventure games should interrupt play flow in order to introduce frustration. They’re games! It’s 2010! You fools! We have higher standards now.

    Won’t go into details on the puzzles as I’d be spoiling GAMEPLAY, but know that they’re witty, thoughtful and many are novel in design and execution.

    God. I loved that second episode. Best thing TellTale have done, possibly barring Tales of Monkey Island 4.

    Special note must be made of the graphics. They’re good. They’re really good. Camera angles are dynamic and there’s more than enough new assets per episode that there’s no opportunity to feel that things are getting stale. Great character design, lovely sets (though some areas are a little more-platform-game-layout than adventure-game-layout, by no means a failing – it’s something ELSE that’s new!).

    Have started the third. Basically, it begins by ripping off the Ace Attorney games.

    GOOD! They’re amazingly cool mechanics. More people should study Ace Attorney, they’re beautifully put together. ALL HAIL SHU TAKUMI! Sadly, the lack of a serious threat (provided by a ‘stability’ bar in Ace Attorney) reduces all tension from the sequence and reduces it to a mildly tedious (but amusingly written and stylishly shot) series of dialogue trees. Still. Angry Max. I mean Sam. Always good for a laugh.

    Once I hit the museum, though, things picked up a little. Still there. Enjoying myself. We’ll see how it develops in the next three acts.

    Is the season a worthwhile investment before it concludes? Given the roars of laughter it provokes from me and the level anticipation I feel while awaiting the next installment, yes.

    By Yog-Soggoth, yes.

    • MadMatty says:

      Yog-Sothoth ;)

    • Lars Westergren says:


      >Yog-Sothoth ;)

      Oh, R’Lyeh?

    • Reverend Speed says:

      Actually, MadMatty, no.

      Easy to get ’em mixed up (could they get each other’s mail?)… but, no.

      Either my hearing is about to go, or you haven’t played the games yet. =)

      Finished 3, by the way. Not as good as 2, but the plot is definitely developing (and as most of the screen time is spent on developing the plot and NOT tying up loose ends, it’s not as satisfying as the previous episode). Also felt like it was missing the traditional fourth S&M act and accompanying twist.

      That said.


  11. Lambchops says:

    Haven’t played the third one yet so my thoughts are just on the first two.

    Pluses: There actually seems to be a story arc this time rather than having a tenuous link between all the events.

    The psychic power conceit has been done well.

    There are, as always, some great lines.

    They aren’t just recycling the same old environments.

    The supporting characters are pretty good, especially when compared to the early parts of Tales of Monkey Island. Also there’s some nice nods to the previous seasons.

    Soundtrack is as brilliant as always.

    Minuses: Second episode lacked a bit in the puzzle department compared to the first. Plus a little too much repetition with some puzzles.

    No big musical number yet.

    Looking forward to third episode because: I love that they’re setting Sam up as a genre detective.

  12. Hippo says:

    The third episode is the best so far. The introduction is superb, the main new character is hilarious, and it’s very varied (with a cool twist).

  13. Morgawr says:

    The new Sam and Max season has been excellent, but it doesn’t seem to be getting the recognition it deserves. Maybe the less than stellar first season put everyone off. There are so many different ideas in each episode and the pop culture and political references are genuinely funny. Unlike the previous seasons they’ve managed to make every episode unique with different gameplay mechanics, locations and a fresh cast of secondary characters per episode. My only complaint is the new control system, which takes some getting used to on the PC.

  14. Kroms says:

    I think the first season was okay, the second good, and the third genuinely excellent. People really should play this. Anyone who hasn’t and loves adventure games – or just a good laugh – owe it to themselves to try it.

  15. Pilou says:

    This is really excellent! Telltales brought adventure games back to life. It had an awkward start with the first episodes in season 1, but in the middle of the season it started to get great.

    Now with season 3 it is amazing to see how they are getting better and better.

    – I love the graphics with funny animations as ever and a cool filter and dirtied streets and better textures in general.

    – The music is great as ever as are the dialogues.

    – The gameplay is great. I would still like point and click option though, but after a while you get the hang of it.

    – The story is funny like a good cartoon series

    – Telltale is the only company that got episodic gaming right!

    Buy it now!

  16. Steely says:

    @Lars Westergren


    >>Yog-Sothoth ;)

    >Oh, R’Lyeh?

    Ya, R’Lyeh