Medal Of HonoUr: Beta Footage

Secret flamethrower!

Would you like to see some Medal Of Honour footage? I bet you would. I know what you’re like – you pretend you don’t want to, and then you’re all peeking around the corner, trying to take a look, hoping no one else is noticing. Well, we notice, and look, it’s fine. So you can see a bunch of videos, from the multiplayer beta, below. Don’t worry about it.

There’s the Rifleman. For those not sure, this is a man who has a rifle. Eventually it may become a last name that his great grandchildren will forget the origin of, but for now it is abundantly clear.

There’s the Sniper. So called because of his propensity for making a cutting remark that really gets to someone. In the middle of their forehead.

And here’s the Spec Ops footage. Spec Op is short for Spectacles Opportunities. A title given to those who are able to spot those with eye defects and provide them with suitable eyewear. And then shoot them in the head. A fun game – try to spot the difference between this video and Simon Rifleman’s above.


  1. Redem says:

    If they don’t screw this up, it may be the replacement for CoD4 I’ve been looking for.

    • Ghiest says:

      Unfortunately it’s no where even close to Call of duty 4 (or even mw2/w@W) right now, phantom bullets as you are shot around corners, facing each other and trading bullets ends up with 3-5 kills a match where we shoot each other and kill each other at the same time (really annoying). Then there is the phantom sniper shots of being shot through walls out of no where. The ‘story’ mode map is pointless and you end up getting spawn camped 9 times out of 10 if you are on a bad team, though the normal TDM map is quite good but ludicrously campy at the moment.

      All in all … fail.

  2. BooleanBob says:

    Call of Honourable Company: Bad Battlefield Medals of Duty. 2.

  3. Toyoch says:

    BFBC2 meets CoDMW(2)? Count me interested – not

    • Toyoch says:

      Damnit, too slow :p

    • Sweedums says:

      yeah… where are the destructible environments? I thought DICE were making the multiplayer on frostbite? that is basically the one thing that made Bad Company 2 so fun…

      this looks like a large serving of MEH.

  4. Huggster says:

    I wish someone would make a game where you were a LION.


  5. Vivian says:

    How much more of this shit can possibly be produced?

  6. Dood says:

    It somehow doesn’t look very…good. And judging from what the people on the BFBC2 forums say it isn’t. Then again those people seem to be annoyed with everything that ever existed and will exist. But since DICE is doing the MP part thay may have a point.

    Still, it’s a modern warfare game where you fight against arabs from a conveniently nameless country. Haven’t we had enough of those. It’s like the wave of WWII-themed games several years ago.
    Dear mainstream gaming industry, pleeeeaaase come up with something new every now and then. (I know they won’t as long as people still buy those games by the truckload)

    Also: Why do all the guns make a this puny “shloop shloop” sound. Aren’t they supposed to go “bang” really loud?

    • fj~ says:

      Actually this one makes great forward progress for brown people shooting simulators by allowing you to shoot actual taliban in afghanistan rather than a fictional country. At least the WWII stuff was being made 50+ years after the war ended.

      The beta is not that great so far and I’m glad I got in without preordering, definitely not buying this. The shooting/damage model is better than BC2, fwiw, but without awesome building destruction the still mostly present flaws of the frosbite engine just become more annoying. At least shooting at people feels pretty solid/powerful this time. It could be decent once you get used to it I guess but just not really interested in another clone.

    • westyfield says:

      I think it was the Insurgency mod for Half Life 2 Deathmatch (a mod in which the US military and men from a Middle-Eastern country shoot at each other a lot) that had proper bangsplodey guns. An actual BANGBANGBANGBANG BOOM CRUNCH DAKKADAKKADAKKA, rather than the disappointing snap/crackle/pop most games seem to use.
      That was a fun mod.

    • godwin says:

      Wait, it’s not conveniently nameless. They are referencing a real war. They specifically mention Afghanistan and locations in Afghanistan, and call the insurgent team Taliban. The allusions towards reality and falsehoods produced are pretty hard for me to stomach.

    • Dood says:

      Oh, sorry. Got the conveiniently nameless part wrong. I’m not quite sure if that makes it better or worse.

  7. fallingmagpie says:

    Do they intend that the only difference between playing a rifleman and a sniper is the gun you’re holding? Or did the guy playing the sniper just not understand what they’re supposed to do? (i.e. not run around in exposed areas throwing grenades.)

  8. rocketman71 says:

    Would you like to see some Medal Of Honour footage? I bet you would.

    Nope. I really wouldn’t. I’ve seen enough, it’s nothing more than a full price mod for BC2 that also lacks downloadable servers and LAN support. So no, thank you. DICE is barely better than IW.

    • bookwormat says:

      it’s nothing more than a full price mod for BC2 that also lacks downloadable servers and LAN support.

      hihi, “downloadable servers” ;)

  9. RiptoR says:

    This comes close to the game you describe: link to

    Although it is with a wolf, not a lion…

  10. Okami says:

    Yay! Deathmatch matches in the streets of Kabul! I’m sure a lot of Afghans will find this game immensely entertaining!

    • mrrobsa says:

      @Okami: Perhaps. I’d love an FPS set in the cruel streets of Norwich.
      Anyway, these videos are remarkably underwhelming, the classes look like they are played the same, the only nice thing in my opinion was the map looked quite nice.

  11. Linus Sjögren says:

    I’m in the beta.

    At the moment, it’s more or less Call of Duty, except better looking.

    There are a whole lot of issues though; Lag when dying, ragdolls made of stone, crashes (even on the console version), et.c.

  12. Leper says:

    What happened to the fantastic DICE/BC2/Frostbite sound design?

    • Real Horrorshow says:

      This game is being engineered simply to steal Modern Warfare fans, so they (rightly) figure those types actually like the weapons sounding like paintball guns.

  13. Arsewisely says:

    I like the way the game flashes up the age of the enemy soldiers’ kids when you kills them.

    • Huggster says:

      This is the first time I have used this phrase in my life and might not even be using it in the right context:

    • godwin says:


    • FortifiedToaster says:

      @ Arsewisely: I laughed far too hard at that comment, absolutely brilliant! :)

      Also, who stole all the recoil in this game?! Or as my active avoidance of world news in recent years made me completely miss some amazing technological advancement in modern warfare… do all soldiers have Bionic Gyroscopic Recoil Compensator Units built into their elbows now?

    • DrazharLn says:

      Huggster, I’m so proud of you ^.^

  14. suibhne says:

    I’ve only played a bit, but I’m not really taken by the game yet. Overall, it feels pretty simplistic compared to both BC2 and the CoD series, and not necessarily in a good way. (Well, I’d rather have “simplistic” than MW2’s total f’n mess, but still.) It also doesn’t have any of the of flow that I usually get from BC2.

    I thought I’d miss the destructible terrain – and sure, I do – but the biggest problem for me is the lack of any team structure. Without squads and without any ability to choose where I’m spawning, it all felt really haphazard. When I choose “spawn at front”, it seems to randomly select anywhere within a 1000ft diameter, and that lack of control is really frustrating. It spawned me right into an enemy grenade, seriously. It also spawned me into a vehicle I didn’t want to be in. It didn’t spawn me on teammates even tho I joined the game on them.

    I’m not sure hitreg is much better than in BC2. I encountered a few apparently false negatives with the battle rifles, and I think the big difference is just that guns have a higher ROF and bullets kill much, much more quickly. I’m worried that these things are actually hiding continued hitreg problems.

    Weapons feel fine, if a little un-punchy; the sounds are kinda wimpy. Yeah, pretty much zero recoil – glad they’re fixing that. Iron sights, yay. (No, I mean it – yay! :D) Grenades have a ridiculously small blast radius, tho, and the launchers seem almost useless to me against personnel (tho great against vehicles).

    Color me cautiously meh.

  15. crafton says:

    One also won the 48 hour game competition:
    link to

  16. Chad Warden says:

    DICE is making multiplayer?

    uhhm, not thanks. I’d rather play a balanced multiplayer game

  17. crafton says:

    hmm that was supposed to be a reply to Huggster.

  18. Radiant says:

    Perfectly summed up here.

    link to

    • subedii says:

      That image is far too apt.

      BFBC2 might fit in there as well but I can’t remember whether it’s got the characteristic “monitor smeared with ketchup” effect as well.

  19. Bedwell says:

    So I get it, they want to take some of the cash and interest that has made the Modern Warfare games such a success. But I don’t see anything interesting or unique that means I should be playing this game over MW/MW2.

    I’m no gaming historian, but did they not do the same (but in reverse) during the WW2 shooter boom with Medal of Honor, and then CoD. In that case I felt CoD went one better by making me, the player, feel like I was fighting more alongside my buddies in a small part fo a huge battle as part of a Army , rather than being a lone gun. I think this MoH will have its moments, but will it be worth putting down top cash for, time will tell I guess. I think people are tiring of the formula, of course you may think differently.

    With what I’ve seen so far of this footage it looks liike it brings very little to the table in terms fo graphics, gameplay and unqiue features. Also does anybody else think the big red/orange flash across the screen when you get a frag is a tad annoying and will get in the way a bit?

    • suibhne says:

      They’ve said they’re reducing or removing the red junk that happens with scoring, at least.

  20. LoTekK says:

    Uh… what’s up with those muzzle flashes? Christ, everyone looks like they loaded their assault rifles full of Dragon’s Breath shotgun rounds. o_O

  21. robrob says:

    This looks familiar, almost as though I’ve seen it before somewhere, as if in a dream…

  22. Sagan says:

    Can someone tell me the differences between this and Modern Warfare 2? It looks exactly the same.

  23. Optimaximal says:

    This is the problem with multiplayer betas for products attempting to shill users from existing products. It’s just more of the same…

  24. Huggster says:

    Thanks for the Zoo Escape tip off!

    This looks great too:
    link to

    They should do a game where you are an Afghan villager and your village gets cluster bombed. Therefore you have to move away and the game consists of you being a Shepherd.
    At any time you can take “direct” control of goats and sheep, and you have to escape horny lonely men who’s women have died in collateral damage.

    Different types of vegetation have different nutrients.
    So it could be a stealth-chew-the-cud-em-up.

    Actually you know, an animal sim could lend itself well to a stealth mechanic.

  25. El_MUERkO says:

    The ‘Medal of Honor’ is the name of something (in this case a medal), thus its spelling could be ‘M3daL lol H0nz0rz’ and you’d spell it as such.


    • El_MUERkO says:

      Also, the game looks fairly naff, no destructibility is a step backward after BF:BC2

    • Optimaximal says:

      You’d be surprised to learn that, should the British Army offer a Medal of Honour, it would be spelt as such…

    • Jason Moyer says:

      Are the British in the habit of decorating American soldiers with awards that are given by the US military?

  26. apsas says:

    You so funn-eh

  27. Huggster says:

    To be perfectly honest after playing through the SP campaign of BC2 I have a bad taste in my mouth.

    And, a few weeks ago, I *almost* booted up BC2 a couple of days after the Cumbria tradgedy which I had been following closely. I could not bring myself to do it.
    I did try again a few days later but I felt ashamed. Back to normal now it – as is the human way to move on from things
    I felt fine playing Metro 2033 – because you can avoid most of the combat if you wish, and its a better game for it. I would have been happy to play it without firing a shot. Also the developers imbued it with a higher sense of ethics and uniqueness i felt it was far enough removed from a traditional FPS.

  28. Alec Meer says:

    Dave Gun would beat Simon Rifleman any day of the week.

  29. adds says:

    So when is this Mod coming for Bad Company 2?
    Wait a minute…BC2 doesn’t have mod support!!! What is going on here???

    • Huggster says:

      Haven’t you heard? Its a mod which removes the only good thing about BC2 – destructible environments!
      Awesome mod BTW.

    • suibhne says:

      No, it also removes squads and all semblance of team coordination.

  30. Istari says:

    They’ve already made that exact game. It was imaginatively called LION.
    See: link to

  31. Istari says:

    Oops, Reply Fail. That was in reply to Huggster’s demand for a game and his demand for a game where you are a LION.

  32. AbyssUK says:

    Instead of this same old tired bullshit….I want a FPS which has nasty comic book looking aliens and maybe a pogo stick ala Commander Keen meets Blake Stone is that too much to ask!

  33. EBass says:

    Looks like a CoD4 clone down to the last details, don’t care don’t care.

  34. Lobotomist says:

    Looks like huge step back

    Once they rolled destructible environments in BFBC2. I dont think i can go back to static maps anymore.

    Other than that. Its also a pretty blatant rip of MW2.

    Quite useless game release ( for multiplayer )

  35. Alexander Norris says:

    It still, sadly, looks absolutely shit.

    It’s BC2 with less destruction and smaller maps, but the same playercount, a killstreak mechanic and a tweaked perk system. Given that the MP is running on the same engine as BC2 and developed DICE as well, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be sluggish, atrocious and feel like you’re running against a river of molasses, just like BC2.

    If only we could have a game with CoD4’s responsiveness of controls and Battlefield’s teamwork. If only. :(

    • godwin says:

      What? Get on a decent server some time, will ya? BC2 isn’t THAT bad, if anything it’s the human players that create most of the problems in any match. Objectives? What’s that? IMA SNIPA.

    • Alexander Norris says:

      It has nothing to do with lag and everything to do with how unresponsive the movement is (and to a lesser degree, the aiming, though that’s sort-of-fixable unlike the movement).

    • godwin says:

      Well I do get what you mean, but I feel BC2, featuring a larger battlefield doesn’t really need to rely on those twitch reflexes. In that respect MOH is actually better, it runs very smoothly, but the beta suffers from some serious lack of content and an annoying random CTD glitch linked to killstreaks or explosions or somesuch.

    • Jason Moyer says:

      BC2 Rush is great with a team that understands the objectives – i.e. the attackers win by destroying the m-com stations and staying alive while the defenders win by killing as many people as possible. Unfortunately, most servers I end up on are full of attackers rushing into gunfire and defenders sitting next to the m-com stations with their hands in their pockets.

  36. Jacques says:

    Was that gameplay supposed to interest me?

  37. Wr3nch says:

    I preordered this game on Steam and after a weekend of giving the MoH beta a solid chance I contacted Steam to cancel my preorder.

    The best way to describe my experience was a sneaking feeling of emptiness. A lot of the necessary pieces just felt missing. As many already mentioned the multiplayer shares some genetics with Bad Company 2, but is lacking the full experience of the Frostbyte Destructibility 2.0 effects and doesn’t have a clear vision for the classes. In BC2 which class you select does have an impact on your playing style…in MoH it doesn’t really seem to matter since every weapon is perfectly suitable for sniping across the map and the iron sights are just as good as the preliminary scopes on offer. I first tried the Sniper class and (my poor skill aside) I kept dying to SpecOps classes that were sniping just as adequately as I was. It also feels odd to crouch behind a wooden crate or some stacked lumber to avoid an impending rocket strike.

    The part where MoH is bold and slams its fist onto the table in defiance is equally plagued with questions. The MoH promotion team repeatedly state how they are trying to portray an accurate representation of today’s modern soldier (supposedly to contradict Modern Warfare 2’s arcadey Hollywood portrayal) even declaring that the setting is Afghanistan and a playable faction is the Taliban. I know that the conceits of BC2 and MW2 of where they present a hypothetical future state of affairs is only a sleight of hand, but it starts feeling really uncomfortable when you start seeing “Kill +10”, “Headshot +5”, etc flash over the heads of supposedly “realistic depictions” of modern soldiers regardless what country they fight for. Inviting Modern Warfare’s arcade scoring system into a title like this seems fraught with problems.

    • CMP5 says:

      I think the EA team is harping about realism, not DICE. So I excuse the MW2-ness in multiplayer.

  38. jeremypeel says:

    Yup, that’s COD4.

    Plus, ah ah ah – that John Walker is a witty cad if ever there was one. Must be all that Monkey Island.

  39. Nallen says:

    I love how they gave DICE the multiplayer and they deliberately made it worse than BC2!

    Why do the scores fill a bloody great portion of the middle of the screen?

  40. Wr3nch says:

    +25 You just killed a terrorist that is desperately trying to close down every McDonalds, hates Apple pie, and despises Baseball!

    +25 You just shot an invader that is forcing weak implementations of capitalism and democracy into every corner of the Middle East where existing oil contracts won’t be effected!

    +100 For screaming racist epithets into your XBox Live microphone!

  41. Wr3nch says:

    Sorry affected not effected.

  42. tomeoftom says:

    Alt-text <3

  43. Tei says:

    This has not redeaming features whatsoever (at least in the video). It looks like a MW2 wanabee, but I don’t even like MW2, the original game. The people that have created this deserve a better project on his hands, creating this is a insult to his talent. The same programmers/graphics artist time could have been dedicated… I don’t know.. to a Dune shooter, with Tleilax, Sardaukars, Freemen, etc.. There are more than 2 settings: WW2 and Modern Day, I tell you.

    One more game like this one, and we will have enough of modern warfare, so a WW2 game wilth zombies will look fresh to us again :-P … disgusting.

  44. Pmeie says:

    Casual clothing, + COD4, – FUN, = NEW LOW, DICE.

  45. Lars BR says:

    So hardly any of you have actually tried the beta?

    I almost kinda like it. But there are some troubling balance concerns, and the reality of the combat setting is sort of thrown out of the window, when you’re killed by a Taliban air strike.

    The videos above show the team death match mode, which is far less interesting than the objective-based mode. DICE have stated that there will be several different modes available, so we’ll see.

    • Greg Wild says:


      I don’t think I’ll be buying it for the MP on that basis alone :D

      SP still looks like it’ll be worth a go when it comes down in price.

    • godwin says:

      They missed a great big opportunity to implement some asymmetrical warfare/gameplay there. It’s a little silly that the attackers respawn faster than the defenders. And yeah, pin-point accuracy mortars and rocket strikes. Right.

  46. Shadow Aspect says:

    I like that Games Tracker (games price comparison) lists it as ‘Honour’. :)

  47. TotalBiscuit says:

    Since those videos don’t really show you anything of worth at all, allow me to blow my own trumpet :- link to

    That’s 15 minutes of the beta with actual, un-cut gameplay and no needlessly dramatic music. Better video quality too.

    • AndrewC says:

      Tee hee, when you stretch out your words at the ends of sentences you sound like Lloyd Grossman.

    • Tei says:

      Nice video, thanks. Also, shows a very different gameplay. Still “BF”-lite.

  48. Turin Turambar says:

    I tried the beta. it’s shit. Weak weak game. Much worse than BC2, trying to cater the MW audience, but wihout bothering to do main strenghts of MW (fast and smooth gameplay, unlocks and customization everywhere).

  49. The Juice says:

    Been playing the beta since last week and I have to say that it’s actually pretty fun. Playing the Rush modes from Bad Company 2 in a more squad based shooter works surprisingly well and is pretty engaging. Only issue I have so far is some of the classes need some more diversity to them. And (I hate to say this) they might wanna increase the damage on rifled grenades/ rocket launchers. Although that might get worked out if they add a Hard Core mode.
    But right now the gameplay feels pretty basic so I’m interested to see what all they left out of the beta. Hopefully they will include some more avenues of customization aside from just your loadout or just add more weapons (Right now there is only 6 main weapons to chose from). I heard someone say you will be able to have custom beards which would be pretty sweet, whether that’s true or not I’m not sure.
    My overall impressions are favorable though, so if you get a chance to try out the beta I would suggest doing so.

  50. ChampionHyena says:


    I won’t pass judgment on a game I’ve not played, but I have to echo what’s been said. This looks awfully familiar.

    BC2 was more directly competing with MW2, and even it did its own thing.