1. Garg says:

    Desperate. Your turn.

  2. Dave says:

    ahahah I found this just recently. Its so good!

  3. nabeel says:


  4. donhonk says:

    Old Men….


  5. Octaeder says:

    Stick with the prod. Prod with the prod.

    I started playing Deus Ex the other day and it was impossible to take the opening seriously with this at the back of my mind.

  6. Kid A says:

    What a shame.

  7. MDP says:


  8. Bowlby says:

    If you’re showing these videos, I’m almost certain somebody’s already linked to this:

    link to youtube.com

    But just in case, it is damn funny. :D

  9. Broslovski says:

    No, Savage.

  10. ckpk says:

    Get the hell out of here Denton!

  11. qx says:

    I was into that video before it was cool.

  12. bildo says:

    How did JC get gray hair? Is that an imported skin of JC just for different colored hair?

    • Flint says:

      You have a selection of five looks that you can choose from what JC looks like whenever you start a new game. No mods or anything involved.

  13. The Dark One says:

    It was a bit disappointing when I fired it up in my Steam account and didn’t get this as the intro.

  14. DCM says:

    You do know that you could choose from about 5 JC skins at the start of the game? There was vanilla JC, Black-man JC, Middle-eastern/Indian JC, Ginger JC and the too-much-bleach JC you saw here.

  15. Fullbleed says:

    A nonleathal takedown is always the most silen taketdown

  16. stahlwerk says:

    Old men… are the future!
    it’s all in the numbers!

  17. Lewis says:

    Welcome to the coalition, J.C. Might as well start using coke.

    (Because it’s the same as playing videogames anyway. HA! Ha.)

  18. Gesadt says:

    Within the week there will be old men running the world!

  19. Fathom says:

    Why contain it? It’s cool.

  20. Fathom says:

    go in and go in and go in and go in like the u.s mashall and his 3 daughters.

  21. Gesadt says:

    the goal is conquest, whats the first move?

  22. Meat Circus says:

    I… I… I thought you were a GEP gun.

  23. Laura Michet says:

    Oh god, I’m so glad I didn’t know that

  24. Igor Hardy says:

    Now that was fun. No, Savage.

  25. Gesadt says:

    U- .. UNATCO?

  26. Dozer says:

    This video has been the anthem of my house for the last year or so.

    It’s horrible. Whenever I hear the word ‘desperate’, I automatically, unthinkingly, reply ‘desperate’. Not good when you go to a church where the pastor will say ‘desperate’ two or three times a sermon.

  27. Mojo says:

    My favorite part is still “Why contain it? ………….. ‘s cool!”

  28. malkav11 says:

    This and the Malkavian mod entertain me so much.

  29. paddytehpyro says:


  30. Purple0limar says:

    What are we waiting for?

  31. Alex F. says:

    I love this video.

    My favorite thing about it, though, may be that it makes NO LESS SENSE than the actual Deus Ex introduction movie, which is absurd gibberish.

  32. YogSo says:

    Oh yes.

    Thanks for reposting this, Alec…

    …within the week.

  33. Deltaway says:


  34. Fenchurch says:

    I think I’ll take your weapons, I don’t know!

    Here’s a picture :-X

  35. HybridHalo says:

    That’s Terror.

  36. Antares says:


  37. amishmonster says:

    Hate to break the quote train, but does the guy at the beginning sound like Bob Barker to anyone else?

  38. Orange says:

    Within 6 months.

  39. Inferno says:

    The timeless classic. It never stops being funny.

  40. Mashakosha says:

    We saw this months back in PCG chat. Many lols were had. Also on TF2. Still damn funny though.

  41. Alexander says:

    This and the Malkavian Mod approach Doom Patrol-like levels of absurdist brilliance. The Malk Mod’s wonderful Deus Ex/ Planescape mashup definitely deserves a mention – link to youtube.com.