We’re At World Of Love Tomorrow

Kieron’s even planning to stand up to say stuff about things. He’s funny like that. The full spread of indie speaker types is pretty nifty, fortunately, as you can see here. That final line up includes Cliffski, Introversion and one Mr Eskil Steenberg, who I happened to have lunch with yesterday. That Love expansion is looking pretty amazing… but more of that another time. Those of you who aren’t going, do you have any questions for that ragged band of indie heroes?


  1. AndrewC says:

    They could tell us where they’re planning to have the booze up afterwards.

  2. jeremypeel says:

    Woww, that’s quite a list of names. Wish they weren’t all talking a hundred sodding miles away from me :-( Any chance of a country-wide conference tour?

    I will begin pondering questions in 3, 2, 1, hummmmmm.

  3. qrter says:

    Who would win in a fight – Alec, Kieron, John or Jim?

  4. Alec Meer says:

    “Why don’t you want the press to attend?”

  5. Clovis says:

    What’s up with the watermark or whatever on these “World of Love” posts? Those dudes are creeping me out …

    • westyfield says:

      Woah, I only noticed that by practically resting my chin on my keyboard.
      That is strange indeed.

    • Huggster says:


  6. Xercies says:

    You know Cliffski seems to be in anything indie relted, i have noticed that when there is any news report on indie games by the mainstream media and confrences and everything to do with Indie games Cliffski just seems to pop up like that Mortal kombat guy who says “toastie”. Something I’ve observed anyway.

    Anyway be interesting to see what people say in this.

  7. Jeeva says:

    Wait, is anyone allowed in, or am I thinking of something else?

  8. tom says:

    Me me look at me mee im in it toooooo meee meeeee


    I will be probably be ranting about the game design courses in the UK, moaning about retro graphics and drooling with jealousy at eskil & introversions proceduaral tech..
    Might even show a bit of my own stuff if i get through moaning quick enough!

  9. RobF says:

    Can you ask Introversion why they ripped off Flytrap by Adam Coates, please.


    • Gabe says:

      RobF, you can attempt to derail the conversation as much as you want.

      But everyone knows Cliffski copied Flytrap when he made Gratuitious Space Battles.
      The way the player is given “tasks” and expected to “manipulate objects on-screen” is a direct lift.

  10. tom says:

    Hi-jacking epic thread!

    I might actually ask them though :)

  11. NieA7 says:

    Do indie developers think that the people who buy/play their games should care, or even know, that they’re indie? Lately there’s been tonnes of coverage of indie stuff, yet as a category it’s so broad it doesn’t really have any coherency to non-indie developers (i.e. consumers). Is a game a game regardless of its origins – can/should we compare any title to any other title or must indie be separated out carefully, only ever to cross into mainstream commentary with reviews like “if only games from big studios showed this level of creativity, 7/10”?

  12. Mythar says:

    Whenever I see the name “World of love” I think of World of Goo (the game), and then of the Love (the game).


  13. Gabe says:

    Sorry to hear that (previously attending speaking & RPS commenter) RobF won’t be able to make it now.

    Here’s a link to an extended version of the talk he was going to give.

    Next time, Rob. :-)