3D Minesweeper: Be Mine!

Mine-sweeping without a mine-detector thing. Is this a critique of the supply situation in Iraq? Probably not.

Continuing my march through the tips folder, I hit upon Nir Gooday – and his brother’s – game. It’s Minesweeper. In 3D. It’s 3D Minesweeper. Which is the sort of thing which strikes you as totally pointless… but then you realise there’s a spark of genius here. There’s something oddly compulsive of taking that step. I mean, it’s become such a social staple that we don’t even think about of its name any more. Minesweeper. A game about stepping on mines, and actually physically doing it actually provokes a tiny shiver of anticipation. Alas, it’s an idea whose execution sells itself short – it demands bangs and whistles one goes off, the full on explosion and shaker-speaking noise. Add that, Nir, and you’re away. Make it turn-off-able for the wimps. Play here. There’s also a facebook app version, if that’s your sort of thing.


  1. Nyst says:

    I don’t have facebook (*obvious joke comparing facebook itself to a minefield here*). Is this available anywhere else?

    Also, facebook really hates my ‘back’ button it would seem.

  2. Morti says:

    add some decent physics behind it and 2-4 player versus and this could be -awesome-

    E.g: the player who plants the most flags correctly wins. Both players can throw stones at each other’s tiles to try and explode a mine from a distance, thus killing the oponent.

    Man… competitive minesweeper.

  3. Jimbo says:

    But what if we get an eight?

  4. Shazbut says:

    It’s exactly what Kieron said. You think it’s totally pointless and then you play it and suddenly “God, the potential”.

    I mean imagine if there was a real atmosphere. Ambient sounds, like the waves, all creating that sense of foreboding. Very quiet. You step on a mine and suddenly there’s a defeaning boom and you get shot into the air and blood flies everywhere. Surely that’s the reason you’d bother to make a 3D version of this game.

    Someone should make this as a Crysis mod.

    • Jugglenaut says:

      @Shazbut I would buy Crysis just to play the mod.

    • phlebas says:

      Better: You step forward and hear a CLICK. You know the game’s over now, but nothing happens until you move.

  5. Nikica says:

    Reminds me of that video from CollegeHumor or something like that.

    Internet people, go find it!

  6. Grape Flavor says:

    Sure, you can simply toil away flagging mines and uncovering spaces. But did you ever think to escape the dunes, trek across the seemingly endless plain, and plunge yourself into the black abyss as the known world shoots into nothingness above you?

    You gotta think outside the box!

  7. aruwen says:

    hm, a colleague at university built a “real” 3D minesweeper, think a minesweeper in a huge cube – thats strange :)

  8. Five says:

    How about a step further, a horrifying animation of your leg being blown off and then a donate link to an anti-mine charity?