A Girl’s Plane: Jane’s Adv’d Strike Fighters

Trickstar Games has risen from the ashes of Transmission Games (developers of fun shooty plane games Heroes of the Pacific and Heroes Over Europe) and they’re intent on producing more aerial combat, this time with JASF (Jane’s Advanced Strike Fighters), which will be published by Evolved Games. It does sound pretty fancy, with 2-4 man co-op for the campaign, and 16-player online multiplayer, with a bunch of different contemporary aircraft, all hosted in a 65,000km terrain. The site claims that the game will hit this summer, but I guess we’ll wait and see.


  1. Risingson says:

    No pun with “Jane’s Addiction”? I can’t believe it.

    • Frankie The Patrician[PF] says:

      Jim’s not Kieron… and even Kieron’s failed to deliver a video of the “Warm In The Shadows” pun

  2. Brulleks says:

    Ah! You have a woman’s plane, my lord.

  3. Heyhuub says:

    EA published some pretty excellent simulaters under the Jane’s name back in the 90’s. Including USAGF and the Longbow series.

    Interested to see this will be anything like those.

  4. Shadowcat says:

    The choice of name seems like a nod both to the classic Jane’s ATF (Advanced Tactical Fighters), and to Third Wire’s “Strike Fighters” series, which is the closest modern equivalent to the old USNF/ATF/FA sims.

    That being the (apparent) case, here’s hoping that it’s not actually a steaming pile of console arcade flying game.

    • user@example.com says:

      I was playing Strike Fighters 2 just last night, after reading the latest Planes & Mercs thread from /tg/.

      Great game.

    • stahlwerk says:

      re: arcade-y console-y. it most definately is, watch the video on the linked site. Also the back story reads like Ace Combat.

      Gone are the days of yore, Falcon 3.0, Hind and all.

    • SanguineAngel says:

      @ stahlwerk: Yep, I just took a look at the website and my heart literally broke. Seriously… I’ve got like minutes left. And I am using those minutes to type of my dissappointment.

    • Vatara says:

      In more encouraging news for actual sim fans theres this to look forward to:

  5. SanguineAngel says:

    Well, my fingers are immediately crossed for this and shall remain so until release!

    It’d be nice to see a high quality sim again.

  6. Stas says:

    @stahlwerk What’s so bad about the Lock-On series, DCS, IL-2 and others? My X-52 doesn’t really feeling lonely this days.

    Flight simulator 1.0 was more simulator than this.

    • user@example.com says:

      At a guess – too simmy. Some of the older flight sims hit a sweet spot between “FULL THROTTLE AFTERBURNERS DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA” and “PARKING BRAKE ON. BAT 2 ON. BAT 1 ON. A/C EXTERNAL POWER ON. D/C EXTERNAL POWER ON. D/C – A/C INVERTERS ON. INTERCOM ON. VHF-1 ON. VHF-2 ON. Right, now switch from the right-hand wall panel to the rear panel and rear auxiliary panels… INU HEATER ON.”

      Stahlwerk mentions Falcon 3 – IIRC, there’s a pretty big difference between Falcon 3’s level of simulation and Falcon 4’s.

    • Malleus says:

      Lock On was right in that sweet spot.

  7. Chaz says:

    I’ve always quite liked the Janes simulations, Janes WW2 Fighters being my favourite flight sim of past years. I’m not a simulation nut or a flight expert, but the Janes sims have always felt much more accessable for the likes of me.

  8. Novotny says:

    Argh. just checked out the website and this is clearly aimed at those under the age of 8. Depressing.

  9. Jalek says:

    My first game was a c=64 IFR simulator I spent hours flying between airports and landing with gauges alone. I have several sims that were overshadowed and abandoned by Microsoft’s flight sim, and now that it’s also gone, there hasn’t been much it seems.

    Every new title talks about realism, then goes all Afterburn.

  10. Malleus says:

    So, another game in the ‘let’s rape an old classic name’ series. Cool.

  11. JonFitt says:

    Aw, sad panda :(

    It’s HAWKXXX under a different name. I think I saw health bars for ground targets and the phrases “Radar Dead” & “SAM Avoided” flash up on the “HUD”.

  12. jellydonut says:

    What the hell is this supposed to be? What is with these lame-ass third person flying games? The whole point of games such as these is to sit in a reproduction of the real plane’s cockpit and use the same HUD the real plane has.

    Fuck consoles, they’ve destroyed every genre by now. I remember when their cockfaggery was limited to fighting games and sports games. We got to keep the good ones.

    At least at this rate I won’t have to upgrade my PC any more.

  13. Mike_in_Ohio says:

    Lock-On (DCS) will soon be publishing an A-10 Warthog study sim , similar to the Black Shark Russky helocopter thingie….

  14. scharmers says:

    The Jane’s label died when Mad Doc software decided to release a half-finished WW2 sim that was initially being designed by LGS on the Flight Unlimited engine. (LGS went away during development). It was an excellent reason to hate Mad Doc from the start.

    This is an unwelcome resurrection of the label by a publisher totally unworthy of its legacy.

  15. Huw says:

    Flight sims have been inadvertently killed by Falcon anyway, for me at least, since no other developer seems to realise that dynamic campaigns are a good idea. After playing the magnificent Falcon games, I just can’t go back to canned missions. :(

  16. GetOutOfHereStalker says:

    well obviously hitler had a hand in this

  17. b0rsuk says:

    I’m mildly intrigued by 2-4 player co-op. Being mostly ignorant (I played a bit in the days of Descent and Gunship 2000) I have a question:

    Are there any combat flight simulators where another player can play as your gunner ? I suspect the answer may be “No”. Computers (workstations) went from being the geek thing to being used mostly by people who openly dislike computers. Games are no longly made to target geeks, but to target the current dominant audience – technophobes.

    Multiplayer with a gunner or two seems like a natural fit for a flight simulator. The idea was obviously not tried years ago when network was scarce.

    • scharmers says:

      Hmmm. I guess all the time I spent in Air Warrior in a B-25 “Dethstar” as part of a drunken gunner crew was just my imagination then.

      Not snarky answer: yes. There have been plenty of MP sims that included gunner seats. And it has nothing to do with your dumbass “OMG SIMMERS ARE HARDCORE ANTISOCIAL GEEKS” musings, either. Jeezus.

  18. TeeJay says:

    I’m waiting for the “Prince Harry goes to Af-Pak” Apache AH1 sim.