Wot U Think: APB

You there! Have you been playing in APB‘s extensive beta and Key To The City Event? Then why not talk about it in our comments section for the consumer-purchasing benefit of your fellow readers? We’d like it very much if your comments offered some critical insight, some laughter, some tears, some thumbs up or down, and perhaps some reports of personal experiences in the game. Are you going to keep playing? Perhaps you’re running a clan that could help RPS newbies? Are you a creative type who just can’t get enough of that startling set of editing tools? Not played it? Why not ask some questions?

But above all, tell us what you think.


  1. Mac says:

    Thumbs down from me – gameplay is chunky, and not very satisfying. It’s certainly not worth paying a fee to play. I was planning to buy APB when it was first announced, as I thought they were following the Guild Wars model, but having experienced it and seen the pricing model i’ll pass.

  2. LewieP says:

    Really fucking dull.

    • Mac says:

      They should have that on the box …

    • abhishek says:

      Yep, it’s terrible. The game will be in the bargain bin by the end of the year and people will realize very soon that it isn’t worth a subscription, so it will be free to play soon too.

    • Bascule42 says:

      Let me know when it’s Earn to Play. I’d say, what, £1.75 an hour. However since this game is so labourious, £1.75 may be breaking the law with regards to the minimum wage. Does it beat being on the dole? Tough one.

    • Kadayi says:

      I’d be interested to know exactly how much of APB you played and when Lewis.

  3. DrGonzo says:

    I tried the beta. But I don’t have a super computer so I can’t play. Quad-Core and 4 gigs of ram? Fuck off…

    • bit_crusherrr says:

      To be fair that was only for the beta. I was running the beta fine with a 3.0ghz Core 2 Duo, 512mb 8800gt4GB of ram and 64bit 7, a friend of mine with a similar setup with only 2gb of ram and 32bit vista had a few problems but it was playable. Near the final release he had no problems.

      As for APB I found it really really fun up until people got mad league rewards and upgrades, then it came down to whoever had the better guns :/

    • HeruFeanor says:

      I don’t have a quad core, and it runs just fine for me.

    • Arthur Barnhouse says:

      Yeah, I’m running a Dual-Core with 3 gigs of ram and it runs, although it’s a bit choppy.

    • DrGonzo says:

      Yeah to be fair it WAS the beta. Also, I read that it is a problem unique to Vista32bit. So if I upgraded to Windows 7 or bothered to install Vista 64bit it would work? I have an Intel E6600 Dual Core, 2 gigs of Ram and a Radeon 4850. I’ve also read that a 64bit system needs at least 3 gigs of Ram, anyone know if that’s true?

      Sorry for all the questions by the way!

    • bit_crusherrr says:

      Get 64bit 7, 32bit OS’s can’t allocate enough RAM to it or some shit like that. So even with 3gb of RAM 32bit still has some issues.

  4. The Pink Ninja says:

    I would buy the character creator as a separate app.

    Not sure about the game itself.

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      If you buy the game you do get access to that stuff even without game time, right?

    • Nick says:


    • Arthur Barnhouse says:

      Yes you do. I can still access that part via the beta. I haven’t tried actually completing the creation though, since part of it is choosing a server.

    • The Pink Ninja says:

      Can you?

      Much of the clothes, symbols and decals have to be unlocked by game-play or bought with in-game money though, or at least that was the case in Beta

    • Cal says:

      You can’t really because a decent amount of customization items are locked away on Contacts instead of just being gained via Fashionista/Tuner levels (i.e. sitting at the kiosk AFK overnight). To unlock the last ~25% of items, you need to spend time in the action districts.

      As for the game itself, it really is quite fun with friends. You can say that about anything, but the freeform nature of what is essentially GTA4 MP with lots of customization really makes it something special.

      The customization is only deep if you’re really into tattoos or very loud shirts and car liveries, so that’s actually a bit of disappointment (on top of some of it being gated).

    • Arthur Barnhouse says:

      Ah, you’re right, I forgot about the in game unlocks. But you can still make a pretty good avatar. They’ll just all be in trainee clothing.

    • Jake says:

      The level of customisation strikes me as a double edged sword, especially as it seems like something that will be carried forward into future games. On the one hand, it is an incredible system, and the icon editor especially is a giant leap forward in terms of adding personal touches to your character.

      On the other hand though, there is a reason that games companies employ creative people to design their characters – because otherwise you risk just getting a big mess. For every person that lovingly crafts an authentic police uniform there were ten that made half naked people covered in bad tattoos with glow in the dark cars.

      I’m just a little worried about this carrying over into other games. I guess it doesn’t matter in single player games when people mod Morrigan to look ‘more attractive’ but in online games it would be possible for customisation tools like the APB one to make games look really tacky.

    • Jeremy says:

      Soo… very similar to my feelings of Spore? I wish a company could take that level of “creation” and apply it to a solid game. I’ve still never really felt like BioWare customization is quite enough for me.

    • Arthur Barnhouse says:

      Oh man. APB Customization plus Fallout: New Vegas. Just imagine. Maybe some better voice acting too. And as long as I’m making wishes, I’d like a pony.

    • Jeremy says:

      Think bigger. A pony that I can customize and put decals on.

  5. caged_devil says:

    I will admit to only playing a bit of the beta so things may have improved. Driving was painful due to lag between you pressing and it turning, shooting was often dumb luck rather than skill. The interface had more bugs than a whole entemology department, and incredibly unresponsive. The whole thing left a our taste in my mouth after such high hopes.

    Though the pricing model is interesting as the social part doesn’t count towards your play time, so if you’re only clocking 5 hours a week as opposed to per day then it might work in your favour.

    Could have been soooooo much better.

  6. tungstenHead says:

    From around three hours of playtime in KttC.

    APB is plucky.

    Well, it’s terrible, really. It’s a bad game. The third-person shooting is ancient, the combat areas favour defenders, the cars handle worse than any vehicle I have ever driven in the real world (including tractors, lawn mowers and boats) and it’s horribly imbalanced. That said, I really, really, really want to like it. I want to play it in spite of how miserable it becomes when the volume starts getting turned up. I absolutely can not recommend the game and know better than to even bother with it, but I want to play it. Mostly, that comes from the game’s character. It presents the gangland warfare between irresponsible police and brash criminals with charm and swagger. Most of this comes from the customization tools which are absolutely the best of their kind. You can create a GANGSTA and stick FORKS in people, MOTHAFUCKA!

    It really doesn’t deserve to be played but I want to play it. So it’s plucky.

    The only thing that’ll keep me away is one small little incident: I got shot by a teammate while we were on a mission. No big deal. He shot me again. A few more times. He was trying to TK me, so I started shooting back. He killed me. And then he got “Team Killing Medal 1”. I don’t want to play a game that directly rewards griefing behaviours. It might not even still be in there, but that it was at one point, so close to release, is a serious indication of Realtime Worlds’ ability to guide, direct and understand players.

    • Arthur Barnhouse says:

      That is an intensely weird metal, but I think they put it in there for people like me who just have really shitty aim. I remember when I accidentally killed three teammates with a misplaced grenade throw and got that metal, I felt like the saddest man in the world. You’re right, though, it is a problem to give achievements for stuff that can be straight griefing.

    • Marco W. says:

      [I don’t want to play a game that directly rewards griefing behaviours. It might not even still be in there, but that it was at one point, so close to release, is a serious indication of Realtime Worlds’ ability to guide, direct and understand players.]

      Where do you live? With the care bears? Come on .. their is no PvE Grinding shit .. Kill or be killed. Easy way, on the same faction.

    • DrazharLn says:

      Well, medals aren’t persistent (I think), so I just assumed it was to show you just how much of a nob you’d just been, and to humiliate you in front of the rest of the players in your match.

      These captchas are horrible.

    • wrong says:

      I thought the point was that when you earn a medal it gets broadcast across the zone. So when that dude TK’d you, everyone playing at the time got a message that he’d earned the medal. In other words, everyone now knows he’s a TKer.

    • Arthur Barnhouse says:

      Well, generally speaking, I know when I’ve been a nob. No need for them to hang a lantern on it.

  7. Ravious says:

    Having trouble figuring out why it is worth a reoccurring-fee-to-play in the age of Guild Wars, Team Fortress 2, and now Lord of the Rings Online.

    Sure, it’s little niche of stealing cars and shooting moving props that look like pedestrians is their own, but it is not worth ANY sort of subscription (hourly or monthly).

    It does have potential. Hopefully the first round of early suckers…I mean adopters… will give them enough cash to keep working on the game. I might take another look in 6 months when it goes on sale in Steam.

    • Warskull says:

      Easy answer, it isn’t worth a recurring fee. It probably isn’t worth the $50 price tag. If I recall, the game comes with 50 free hours. Most players will be bored and done with the game before they burn through all their time. Two instanced areas with relatively small population caps does not merit a monthly fee.

  8. aragul says:

    I thoroughly enjoy it. I’m not even close to boredom after 30 hours of playtime. If you enjoy GTA or Saints Row 2 and don’t expect this to be some magical combination of R6:Vegas and Burnout and WoW, you’ll likely enjoy APB.

    For a new game launch, it’s got very few rough edges. There are some problems with the UI in that there are many cool things that it never tells you about (like pledging to someone anywhere on the map by double-clicking their circle). Likewise, their gametime/RTW point system is confusing and somewhat complex, which would be great if they didn’t want to make any money. Camping on rooftops and an excess of enforcers are a couple gameplay gripes, but there aren’t any horrid physics bugs or falling through the world or huge lag spikes to deal with.

    TLDR: There are some problems with the game that RTW will hopefully fix in the coming months, but it is perfectly enjoyable right now as long as your expectations aren’t astronomical.

    • Simon says:

      I also really enjoy it. I have a group of 3 other people that I play it with every night and we’ve had a great time making a uniform for ourselves, trying out different weapon combos, buying new vehicles and responding to APBs.

      It’s hardly game of the year but all of us are really enjoying it.

  9. jackflash says:

    Hellgate: London, anyone?

    • DrazharLn says:

      I preferred this to Hellgate, the shooting is no better, but forcing PvP makes it a lot more exciting than Hellgate.

      I was so excited about that game, it was the first MMO I was genuinely excited about. I was so young :'(

  10. Collic says:

    I played it in closed beta. I think was one of the test cases for hardware the beta wouldnt actually run on (not enough ram), so my play experience wasn’t the best. That said the tools were always excellent and the matchmaking system and everything else was intuiutive and seemed to work well. Unfortunately the driving was atrocious and the gun play felt quite weak. Some of these things have probably inproved a lot since I last played, of course.

    When I heard about the pricing model I decided not to go back to the beta. It’s just not something I would pay for on a recurring basis.

  11. laikapants says:

    I played in the Beta for a few days and somewhat enjoyed it but nowhere near as much as I had hoped.

    The Good:

    -Seeing what I’d eventually be able to use to customize my stuff.

    -Making cash as a Criminal was stupid easy. Almost depressingly so.

    -My absolute favourite moment(s) came from when I attracted enough Enforcer attention that I got one of them sent after me. Not talking about the bizarre King of the Hill challenges, but the literal running for my life for X amount of time. Those chases were rather fun for me. I remember once I hid behind a scalable fence and waited for the enforcer to jump over and as soon as he did I jumped in the opposite direction and ducked into an alley waiting to get the drop on him.

    The Bad:

    -So much of the customization stuff was infernally locked until way way later. This resulted in some horrible player customization that burned my art major eyes.

    -The shooting and the driving.

    -The fact that I could do absolutely nothing to other player owned vehicles. Well at least in terms of if they weren’t in them I could not remove them from the area. There were so many plain unmoveable starter hatchbacks littering the streets.

    -There was no indication of how many cars I had to steal before I advanced to the next level. One day I spent 30 minutes doing nothing but stealing cars and it wasn’t until an hour later that I went up to lvl 2 of whatever stat that was.

    -The pointless King of the Hill missions they kept injecting into missions. I had no personal investment in that area so why do I care if they control it?

    -I felt more like a petty thief than a hardened criminal. Sure money was easy, but it was immensely boring to do smash and grab after smash and grab.

    -How the voice thing works. I was doing a bit of smashing and grabbing when someone started shooting in my general vicinity. Fearing an Enforcer had Witnessed my crimes, I hopped in my stolen ride and sped out. I slammed right into a criminal group in their own SUV and flipped it. They all then proceeded to tell me to f*ck off and get the f*ck out of there and other angry internet men things. Their vitriol was justified enough, I mean I did knock them over, but I don’t really feel like hearing people telling me to f*ck off for a video game accident.

    -Despite the customization, at the point at which I played it anyway, only a small chunk of people actually customized their characters/rides to any extent other than maybe buying a new hat.

    • HeruFeanor says:

      It sounds like a lot of your complaints have already been addressed. The player-owned vehicles, for instance, interact with everything else as you’d expect. You can absolutely push them around with your car, run them off edges, etc., even when you’re not in a mission them. You just can’t steal them.

  12. Tei says:

    I have played GTAIV this weekend, and is awnfull. I was not expecting Saint Rows 2, but come on.. could al least peple drop money or something? Is the sandbox game with less sand EVER. Also the engine of GTAIV is awnfull. I have read somewhere that ir render only half the lines, and interlace then with the other part in the next frame. Even with crappy tricks like that, the game is slow and ugly. Driving is horrible too, theres some accuracy levels on the simulation, but is almost imposible to drive. I suppose it works better with a different controller type, with the keyboard and mouse, is just stupid.
    Please, somehone burn that hole of a game that is GTAIV.

    Saint Rows 2 driving is very stupid, but is a game so fun, that is not important. You can literally wait in a corner, and the life of the city will amuse you. Some bastard will run over other bastard, the police will come, a ambulance will crash into the police car and explode. I love it, even with the bugs and the consoley feel.

    APB. The driving is about right, and I accept this is a mater of opinion. Maybe theres also a learning curve?. To me is perfect. I like the pew pew pew.. It could be very good game with a group of good players. The game can be a bit unfair at times. Since any encounter finish in about 1.3 s, if the other dude have 10% health, or 10% ammo, is enough to unbalance the game to these people. There will be always these teenagers that play 18 hours at day, and have everything unlocked. A poor PUG group versus these dudes suck big time.
    The city of APB feel mostly “empty” and is somewhat “dull”. The best comparation is the world of FUEL…. with npc bastard to run over with your car. Theres a city, but is just decoration, don’t look it too much, or you will break the inmersion. APB is not saint rows, so all you have to do is pew pew pew to the oposition, and finish missions, to unlock hats. APB is the best HAT combat game ever. Everyone loves hats.

    APB is not Counter-Strike with vehicles. Don’t call she that. She don’t like it.

    • DrGonzo says:

      I really tried to like Saint’s Row 2. I bought it on Steam and it ran so badly on my pc I gave up.

      Then later on my girlfriend and I got it on Xbox to play through together. We had so many crashes and bugs we gave up then as well. On top of that the driving is just dreadful. Why did they decide to map accelerate to the face buttons and not the analog triggers?

    • DrGonzo says:

      I didn’t mean to on ON my girlfriend. When obviously…

    • mrrobsa says:

      @Tei: “APB is not saint rows, so all you have to do is pew pew pew to the oposition, and finish missions, to unlock hats. APB is the best HAT combat game ever. Everyone loves hats. ”

      I love you Tei but I’m sorry man, I can’t let that stand. Team Fortress 2 is the best HAT combat game ever.

  13. sigma83 says:

    How good is the character creator?

    I made a character I would _actually_ sleep with. And then proceeded to have her appear in my dreams. (in a not-naughty way)

    Unforunately Keys to the City ended before I could do any actual gaming.

    • Lack_26 says:

      Same here, I’m a little bit in love with mine. (well, I poured so much time into designing her clothes and look).

      But as for the game, it’s generally a pretty horrible experience. But when I start playing I mightn’t stop for hours. Some times it’s great and you’re playing with good people but other times it’s just an exercise in frustration.

    • Huggster says:

      That is pretty impressive. Does it link to the RealDoll site?

  14. scoopsy says:

    To me the game answers the question “What if you have to drive up to your Counter-Strike map before each round?” Invariably I am camping waiting for someone else to show up, or someone else is camping and waiting to show up, and that’s about it.

    Once I realized this, I lost all the joy of this game. I’m not sure that I have any constructive criticism on what could have been better, either. I have minor nitpicks like the fact that I think this game should be in first-person but for driving (much like Rainbow Six Vegas switched between first and third-person to great effect), but that doesn’t change the underlying game mechanics which I just don’t find satisfying.

    If I had something more interesting to do with vehicles than just drive to buildings.

    • harvb says:

      You’ve pretty much just summed up what I thought of it.

      Drive to area where you need to shoot/steal/set light to someone/something, get out of car, get shot by camping mofo.

      I quite enjoyed creating tattoos, images and the like, but to be honest I’m not going to buy a game just to do that.

  15. Jelly says:

    Guarded optimism.

    The game has a lot of edges to polish off — the shooting seems a little too decided-by-dice-roll for my tastes, the PvP can be lopsided to the point where it can become a meatgrinder, the always-on VOIP can get a little irritating, not to mention the audio ads — but the parts that are well done are really well done. The thrill of being pursued/pursuing other actual players is a neat kink in the MMO formula, and the cars are fun to drive once you acclimate to the way they drive.

    Like any MMO, who you surround yourself with is key to enjoying the game.

  16. Mic2070 says:

    Been playing for quite a while now (we’re talking 100+ hours here) and what I found out is that it’s only fun when you’re gaming with friends. But when you do it’s a blast.

    Sure the shooting might feel a bit simplistic and approximate, but the whole deal of this game is taht it isn’t your shooting skills that make you win, it’s your coop skills. APB is all about tactics and bumping into people with cars.

  17. GenuineEntropy says:

    So much potential, such ropey implementation (played keys to the city, am currently on the EU early start).

    I’ve already pre-ordered (in a moment of excitable madness), so I guess they’ll be getting the benefit of the doubt.

    Lets see if they start making more of the right noises again as the first couple of months unfold…

    Thumb determinedly horizontal for the time being.

  18. Arthur Barnhouse says:

    I wrote a very long thing about it on my blog (PLUG! PLUG! PLUG!), but the short version is that it isn’t worth buying. Parts of it were fun, such as getting together with a group, all four of you jumping into a van, and driving from goal to goal, trying to beat the time limit and fight off a gang of enemies, but every mission just kind of feels the same. There is, obviously, a certain amount of grind that is part and parcel to subscription games, but at least with games like WOW they try to make the grind feel different each time. The thing that bothered me the most was that there was actually a kind of interesting story to the game. Legalized vigilantism is something that will occur on occasion even in first world nations, and I thought the game would play with the idea of being the lesser evil. Unfortunately, every mission has the exact same flavor text, and the flavor text is in a small box in the corner, making it abundantly clear that the makers of the game do not care one bit about that aspect. I wasn’t expecting a lot, it is a PVP multiplayer game after all, but I wanted to at least have a story in my head about what was going on in the city. The game doesn’t give you that.

    Also, I will repeat a joke I thought of the cars in the game, because I continue to find it funny. Small cars drive like Mac Trucks, and Mac Trucks drive like .

    • Arthur Barnhouse says:

      Aww, my joke got cut off. Let me try again:

      Small cars drive like Mac Trucks, and Mac Trucks Drive like Megaweapon.

    • Mark says:

      World of Warcraft does a better job at making the grind not feel the same all the time? That is the most depressing thing I’ve read all morning. Now go and bring me twelve policeman hides.

    • Arthur Barnhouse says:

      I know I know, it was always get this from those, but at least the things you were fighting had different abilities and spawned in different looking environments. Here, I go do the exact same mission and fight nearly identical people in a building or backalley that looks like every other building or backalley in the game. The only difference aesthetically between the two districts is that there are a line of boats in the middle of the waterfront district, so it’s harder to drive around.

    • ChampionHyena says:

      I realized then I was born of two fathers: Elias, and Megaweapon.

  19. JB says:

    Played a few hours as an Enforcer and a few minutes as a Criminal. APB is full of potential, but it’s nowhere near to realising it yet. Needs a LOT of work, then it could be a very good game. Could.

    • Lack_26 says:

      It could definitely do with being reeled in for another year of development (actually, maybe two).

  20. sink257 says:

    The game has real optimisation problems, with random memory leaks that maxed out my 4GB ram.

    Furthermore the car handling is REALLY SHIT.

  21. Chris D says:

    I haven’t played but this is beginning to sound a bit like Spore to me. The customisation may be great but if the basic game isn’t interesting enough then you’re not going to stick around just to see what’s out there.

    Also Brink is looming on the horizon and appears to be trying to occupy much the same kind of territory. It seems to be more interesting at the moment, especially given that I haven’t heard mention of a subscription fee for that one.

  22. Schmung says:

    I played about eight hours of the beta.

    I did not enjoy it.

    I dearly, dearly wanted to love it and tried my best to have fun. With a group of five of us using an external app for chatting and doing missions and going up against similarly sized groups of other people and getting ourselves in trouble it was almost fun.

    The combat mechanics are outdated, ill-considered and clunky as hell. Genuinely awful. The driving is crappy and simplistic, but about bearable. It feels pretty lifeless when you’re playing as well – like you’re in an arena that looks like a city or a very large soundstage.

    Based on the the advertising and the way they were pitching it I was hoping for GTA with loads of people and some sort of character progression. APB is not that game. APB is an MMO with a GTA paintjob. As an action/shooting game it is sadly not worth the price of entry. I can’t really comment on it’s value as an MMO as it’s not a genre I’m hugely keen on.

    The customization and creation tools are every bit as awesome as you’d hope though.

    In closing – more or less what many others have said. If you want a massive online GTA, then don’t bother. If you don’t want that and are prepared to take the game on it’s own terms then you may find something worthwhile there.

  23. Heliocentric says:

    The game is a worthy game. Its suffering from horrible network issues which are really a big deal when the game is how it is. The game doesn’t push teamwork enough but i guess i can hardly call that an issue with the game but it is a problem.

    Seems rather limited, but then so are the likes of tf2 counterstrike, call of duty 4 and battlefield 2. The problem is, its got fee’s (whether monthly or hourly) and its not really as good of an action game as any of them. Less means of tactical expression than all (baring counterstrike) and less platform for cooperation. In battlefield 2/tf2 you can be in a specialised role supporting your team. Hell, the game doesn’t even reach the heights synergy of other small scale competitive games with emphasis on teamwork like splinter cell’s or rainbow 6 vegas. I’d play it lots without a sub, but with a sub its not even worth trying to get to the chewy centre.

  24. BooleanBob says:

    Everything about it is great apart from the bits that you play :(

    • dartt says:

      Well said.

      The customization tools are pretty great but as soon as you make it out in to the real world it’s just dull and unsatisfying. Bland environments, floaty driving, wimpy shooting and (in the beta) lag.

      Playing with friends, as with any game, made it tolerable but only for long enough to satisfy my curiosity.

      So, thumbs down basically.

  25. Al Ewing says:

    Enjoying it a lot, although I seem to be getting more of a kick out of it as a fashion designer than as a rampaging GTA style crim. Enjoying the criminal side more, so spending most of my time on that until my aim improves.

    Enforcer on Obeya 1 (Gunn) and Criminal on Patriot 2 (BloodyBill) if anyone wants to say hi.

  26. SpinalJack says:

    I had fun with it, me and my mate would cruise around doing random team missions. Think of it as a quick drop-in drop-out match making system rather than a full on MMO. I can see myself playing it on and off for an hour or so at a time and with the pay by hour model I’m not wasting my subscription that way.

    Currently the variety of missions is a bit limited and there’s no real story arc or mission progression or any other MMO stuff you expect and the 3rd person shooting is a bit off (give me a scope when I’m sniping!) and all the cars drive like ass but I suspect that’s to encourage people to buy faster cars.

    It has potential and I’ll probably be picking it up when I have more gaming time.

  27. Dude says:

    Pretty sure the game will go down in flame for most players, as you know it has already a bad reputation but here is my take.

    I like this game, sure there are some problems, it is far from perfect but is offers things that you won’t find anywhere else.
    People will say driving is bad, yeah if you rob people cars, drive the “starting” car it is bad, if you use the “player” car they are usually more responsive and can take more damage as well. And they can be upgraded to carry ammo, be more resistant….
    Shooting has a bad reputation, thing is the first guns you will get (lets say the five first hours) are going to be crap, the equivalent of the “rusty” sword you get in fantasy games, but yeah you might not like the lack of punch of the fighting, the 3rd person view doesn’t help as on PC people like first person (I don’t mind 3rd person). Once you get upgrades for you guns you will feel the differences.
    Mission are repetitive as well. For me it is not a problem as I play in groups which tend to change the dynamic of those mission, different spot needing different takes. If you want to solo, don’t play this game, go and buy GTA4.
    Customisation is great but it doesn’t show a lot in game, especially for the avatars, basically you are mostly shooting from far, or when you are close you won’t have time to really look at avatars. Also people tend to go for the same trend (black and white is the new black) which is a shame. You will also have the running naked brigade…
    One annoying thing is, when you get a bounty on you during a mission, everyone can kill you and your buddies can’t help you, it is a bite annoying.
    Another problem is sometime the lack of coordination in the opposite team if they are not a “proper” group. If the game send one guy against a group of 3, usually he will call for backup. So sometime you will gets a group growing against you but those guys are all over the map, by the time they coordinate their effort the mission is over.
    So far I didn’t have any issue with the match making but experience might differ.

    So what is it to like is: group play! When you play with a good group that communicate the game is really fun, the missions are not that different but you can change the way you play some of them. For VIP (where you have to protect a guy), you could camp somewhere “safe” or just drive around, same for evasion, where you have to stay away from the opposite team. The action can also be quite intense when things escalate, having a battle of 10 v 10 or more with car ramming each other and exploding is something you have to see.
    Upgrade for your clothes, new weapons, cars come quite fast as long as you succeed in missions, it feels a bite artificial and you might get frustrated if pitched against better armed opponents. This will probably even out after a while.
    Customization is great and the car is the thing people will notice, also you can create your annoying death tune, that will play when you kill someone (some are really horrible), which is a nice touch.
    Car chase can be also quite interesting, they are some jumps are the maps, shortcut and negotiating those while you have people shooting your car and people hanging by the windows shooting is something quite awesome.
    And the greatest thing for me is that you can jump right in the action, no need to wait for X to join you or get to you, mission come thick and fast (down time are never long), and you do get rewards as well, there is a sense of continuity not present in FPS games where after a round you will start from scratch. For player like me that do not have the luxury to wait for the action that’s a big plus.

    If RTW does add new district (turf war is in the pipe it seems) and if they start improving some of the mechanics of the game they can have a very good game. For the moment I am having fun and that’s what’s count!

  28. KillerBob says:

    Actually, the Team Killer ‘medal’ is actually a negative modifier on the mission score.

  29. Pani says:

    I too was planning on buying it way back when and jumped in the beta to selfishly try-before-buy. I am happy to report that I will not be wasting my money after-all.

    I found the character creation and other customization tools very interesting although disappointed that I couldn’t just buy what I wanted in game – I had to unlock them all through missions first. I’d much rather have to save up to afford something really cool rather than being able to afford anything but only once you’ve unlocked it by randomly playing in-game.

    Had no problems with the driving, seemed basically what I expected. Didn’t experience the lag-effect other posters have mentioned.

    The PvP was my least favorite part. I felt hopelessly imbalanced. I’d take aim with the perfect shot and unload into the guy, and he’d turn around to me with a different weapon than mine and take me out with no problems. I bought a different couple of weapons and it seemed like whoever I was fighting always seemed to have the upper hand. Maybe I’m just crap? I’ve played plenty of GTA games though and not felt crap.

    I also found that if you were playing a defend mission and the enemy got ahead of you, sometimes, I’d be chasing them around the city and they’d complete it before you caught up to them.

    • Dude says:

      You do need to wait to have the better weapons, the first few you have access to are really crap (even after a few hours), or buy at the action house. So maybe you are not bad, your weapons are…

    • HeruFeanor says:

      I won many rounds with the starting gun, against more advanced, supposedly “superior” weapons. The later weapons aren’t better, they’re just different. The starting gun has decent damage and accuracy, but is a bit slow for really short range fights. It’s best used at medium range in aim mode.

  30. Kits says:

    Only played the closed beta, so can’t comment on any super recent patches, but it was really fun early on, then once I got to about threat level 12/rank 200 I started hitting ridiculously unfair matchups 9 times of 10, which really killed it for me.
    I don’t mind a challenge..quite the opposite, but there’s no challenge when you’re outnumbered three to one, or all of your enemies have weapons with three level 3 upgrades that decimate you while you can still unload a clip or two into them and they just stand there laughing.
    If the matchmaking system ever gets sorted out though, I’d probably pick it up, for the occasional play here and there.

  31. Meat Circus says:

    I have to admit, the critical savaging that APB seems to be taking here rather accords with my own impression of a game that demonstrates that most ambivalent of MMO attributes, “potential”.

    Sadly, almost all of it is unrealized, and Realtime Worlds’s attitude and PR suggests likely to remain such. This is a game that need *at least* another year of development, and it beggars belief that they would insult our intelligence by pretending this game is any state for release.

    That said, I have a certain amount of admiration for a company that wants to charge for a box copy of, the charge for subscription, and run voice ads in a DRIVING and SHOOTING game in which the DRIVING and SHOOTING are rubbish.

  32. fj~ says:

    The beta was really unimpressive. The missions are the same repeated run here and pick something up/do identical action/stand on something stuff again and again. The king of the hill capture style is poorly thought out, and those missions last way too long. The way that only the last few seconds of many minutes really matter isn’t great, and makes the optimal strategy pretty meta-gamey and stupid, especially with less people. If you try and do anything on your own half the time you’ll be stopped by a bunch of higher levels dispatched against you and if you get backup they often don’t even turn up to help in time. It’s pretty much impossible to chase someone down alone. Why allow it if it clearly isn’t intended and doesn’t work? The system for joining people up in missions dynamically is good in theory but there’s just nothing interesting actually making use of it. This deserves commendation for making steps in a direction that could be really cool though.

    They could have done so much more to make the actual gameplay fun and interesting, rather than just having a cool game in theory. People defend it by saying it’s fun with friends, but what isn’t? Any multiplayer game is awesome with a bunch of friends. What co-op skills is it testing? One person has to be able to wrestle a car that feels more like a laggy tank down a road, others have to be good at putting their crosshair over large targets and pressing fire.

    So yeah as everyone says the driving feels horrible, especially after the great balance between weighty realism and arcade fun that gta IV hit. The shooting is again really basic and unsatisfying. I didn’t even realise there was no locational damage while I was playing so was aiming for heads the whole time, made it feel at least a bit skillful. Now I realise that was just a liability and I would have done better clicking and holding on people’s centre mass. This makes the dps of weapons and who fires first the most important thing and allows an annoying mmo feel of unbalanced items and being weak against people with some of the most commonly used powerful weapons if you try anything else. This is especially problematic when you consider how much of the combat involves one side camping and the other side running up to them.

    The city areas are small and lifeless and it’s really annoying to have your prestige (or whatever it’s called) go down when you accidently hit a slow pedestrian. No individual areas of the city really stand out as being of interest, it just blurs into one boring mass. The ‘gangster attitude’ that people seem to like is pretty childish, and there’s nothing special about any of the mission writing. It bills itself as a large scale game but in practice you really don’t have many people in a combat server at a time, and even less in any individual firefight. Yet it still charges like an mmo if you decide you like the game. The focus on pvp could really use some more creative mission types, or simply more of them. If it’s not an mmo why bring in the worst parts of the genre and not the best?

    Good job with the customisation and some parts of the UI though I guess. Definitely doesn’t make for a good game. People jumping on this ship with the hope that it’ll all be fixed up later seem sort’ve deluded to me when some of the fundamentals are just so boring and repetitive after any decent amount of time.

    It also runs horribly despite not being that much of a looker. Wasn’t interested in buying this anyway but was hoping the beta would be good fun at least. I will say it was strangely compelling despite it all for a bit but this soon faded. Some of the ideas here could be used to make a good game, but I really doubt this will ever be that game.

  33. Antares says:

    My take on it (as a closed beta-er) is that it has interesting ideas but failed to build a proper game around it.

    The customization options are immense (although I would question the sanity of whoever designed the god-awful GUI). I never saw two people that looked the same and it’s obvious this is a feature the community really cares about so you’re unlikely to see many immersion-breaking asshats with bright pink clothes or whatever.
    I also love the idea of having a perpetual matchmaker PvP action going on (In my limited experience it was pretty bad at ensuring the teams were balanced, but YMMV), and one thing this game has going for it is that there’s never any downtime unless you want there to be.

    This said, everything else about this game suffers from execution, which ranges from mediocre to plain terrible. The weapons are unbalanced, the driving is barely adequate, gunplay is clunky, unwieldy and just not fun at all.
    This wasn’t helped by very simplistic and repetitive missions (which greatly favor whoever was closest to the objective when it started), and the fact that the end of the day your only real use for all the money you’re making is buying the upgradeable versions of your weapons, which are potentially far superior to what the newbies get.

    Now I really wanted to like this, I honestly did, and to the game’s credit it can be genuinely entertaining for a few hours if you bring friends, stack up into a single vehicle and run some missions together, but I just don’t see this holding my or anyone’s interest for long enough to justify submitting to their ludicrous pricing scheme.

  34. Haggis says:

    That medal’s not a reward, it’s a penalty.

    It reduces the amount of standing you get and drastically reduces the chance you’ll get the MVP award.

  35. Jools says:

    The best moments of APB are the (sadly very rare) times when you’re actually playing cops and robbers. Tearing down the streets with sirens blaring and a buddy hanging out of your window is awesome, despite the absolutely terrible driving and shooting mechanics. If you spent more time doing this the game would almost be worth recommending, but these missions come up so rarely that their only purpose is to remind you of how much fun the game could have been.

    Instead, you spend most of your time running or driving from place to place, clicking on generic action hotspots that are mechanically identical (burning a building down or stealing a PDA are both effectively just clicking on a door and waiting about five seconds). If whatever you’re doing is opposed by the other team then you end up in a pretty generic multiplayer shooter match with cars, except that the driving feels awful and the shooting is mostly based on luck and equipment. Camping is rampant because you gain an incredible advantage from finding a high point to hide and snipe from.

    It doesn’t help that everything about the game aside from the character creator just feels outright lazy and buggy. Cars go through a couple of visual damage states, with absolutely no dynamic damage at all. It’s not actually possible to shoot someone in a car, but some weapons are so powerful that they’ll destroy a car and its occupants in about five seconds flat. On top of that, driving mostly feels terrible due to a half a second or more input delay that seems to be universal and unrelated to network lag or computer performance. Pedestrians also sometimes react very oddly, occasionally running directly AT cars that are barreling towards them. This is particularly bad since Enforcers are penalized for running people down. And to add insult to injury, the AI pedestrians and cars don’t even react to the Enforcer sirens. Where’s the fun of being a cop if you can’t drive down the street with sirens on and have everyone dodge out of your way?

    There’s just no way to recommend APB to anyone, even though it could have really been something cool. It’s executed poorly and on top of that it fails to even attempt to live up to its promise thanks to the incredibly generic mission structure. I might be a little more generous if they at least TRIED, but in the end the whole game just feels… lazy.

  36. Fox says:

    (This uh… got really long. Sorry >_>)

    I played the KttC event with 3 different keys, and then pre-ordered the game along with 4 friends. Played my 10 hours of “early start” over the weekend and finally got in to the game proper last night. Obviously I enjoy the game then.

    More akin to an online, persistent TPS than an actual MMO, as there will only ever be a max of 100 players in an instanced zone at once. That said, the city streets never feel lifeless or empty. The nature of APB’s mission structure has you constantly on the move, so you’ll pass car chases and massive shootouts by other players as you travel from one end of the district to the other.

    Some people have taken issue with how they don’t allow you to shoot people that aren’t involved in your mission. While that bothers me too on some level, having played the game for a good while now, I can’t see how it would work as a mass, open free-for-all. It’s bad enough when you are in the middle of a mission and your notoriety goes up to level 5. This places a bounty on your head and lets anyone and everyone in the zone shoot you. So you’re in the middle of defending a strategic location for the final part of your mission, and some random dude who has nothing to do with the situation comes over and caps you. The focused mission structure does a fair enough job of keeping the intensity level up, in my opinion. Such that having an open free for all is unnecessary and overly chaotic.

    But speaking of the missions, they could certainly be more interesting. Whether you’re spraying/cleaning graffiti, raiding apartments, planting/defusing bombs or delivering organs, they all boil down to: Go to point A, hit space, go to point B, hit space, go to point C, stand in the circle, kill anyone who gets in your way. This repeats ad nauseum with slight variations, tying in to why I consider it a persistent TPS more than an MMO. They’re simply excuses to get you into firefights and car chases with other players.

    And those can be a lot of fun.

    All the proper controls are here, including ducking and jumping, focused aiming (no iron sights, this is TPS), sprinting, switching which shoulder you aim over, and even lean left/right (admittedly the leaning doesn’t work very well as it’s based on the location of your avatar’s gun, rather than your crosshair). You load out with a primary weapon, secondary weapon, and grenades, of which there are a variety of options (shotguns, SMGs, assault rifles, sniper rifles – even rocket launchers later on), some of which have upgrade slots where you can increase things like magazine capacity or reload times, etc.

    My friends and I try to coordinate our loadouts so we’ll have a sniper, some mid-range, and someone with a shotgun or SMG for when things get up close and personal. When you start pulling off tactics with a group of friends, the game really shines. I’m usually the designated driver, and it’s a sweet thrill to kick the emergency break, drifting into a perfect slide to pull up next to the team as they escort someone carrying the objective, while enemy fire rains down on us. They hop in, lean out the windows and lay down cover fire as we speed off towards the drop off :D

    Driving takes some getting used to, the keyboard being what it is, but once you get the hang of it, it is really satisfying. Every vehicle has a very different feel to it, something I really appreciate. Vehicles you buy can also be upgraded with various things like having a delay before they explode, better armor, a trunk full of ammo where you can restock and change loadouts, etc.

    I do have some gripes with district play, however.

    The shooting can be a bit wonky. There is no locational damage (ala headshots), and the hit box seems to be artificially set, rather than being based on your character’s size. So you might shoot at the edge of a big ol’ fat dude and miss, or have your skinny little chick hidden just behind the corner of a building, but still take fire. It’s not a huge issue, let me stress that – I’m a big, big shooter fan and I’ve yet to feel cheated by those two issues – but it is there. There is the aforementioned leaning problems where my cursor is pointed around a corner, but my gun model is sticking into the wall, so I can’t shoot. Hard to figure out just where you need to be to get it to work (and thus it largely goes unused).

    I don’t fully understand how accuracy works (in full) yet. At range I’ll dominate by crouching and shooting in short, controlled bursts. But when caught in close quarters I always seem to loose out to the guy who straffes side to side like he’s having a seizure, and holds down the trigger.

    Playing as a criminal can be annoying at times, when you have a high notoriety rating. You’ll be standing around doing nothing, perhaps looking at what new guns you can buy, when Enforcers will suddenly be dispatched against you (meaning they see you on their map, and are coming to kill you). This can be particularly annoying when group members are joining your district, but not yet loaded. If you start a mission before someone joins your group, or existing members load your district, they have to wait until that mission is done before you can do things together. Yet during that time, they can also get missions or, in this case, be dispatched against. One night we kept having this horrible back and forth where I’d get enforcers after me, so my friend would wait – then just as I finish with them, he’d get enforcers after him – and on it went.

    The initial load into the district zones (non-social) is atrociously long. Like in the realm of 3-5 minutes long, which can also lead to problems with group members not getting in on the first mission. However, once you’ve loaded the district once that play session, it is much faster loading into it again.

    Max group size is only 4 :\ Team sizes can get larger, resulting in big, awesome battles, but as far as I know teams are only set up when you call for backup, or answer a call yourself. It sucks ’cause there’s 5 of us that have the game now, but we can’t all play together at once.

    This post is way the hell too long… I didn’t think I’d go this much into it. And yet there’s still so much to talk about :S Like the creation tools. Well I’ll just say they’re MASSIVE and totally awesome. I spent hours and hours yesterday just creating music!

    Last point I’ll make here, about the pricing structure. The initial purchase lets you play in the Social district for free, for forever. That’s where you can buy and customize everything and hang out. The retail package comes with 50 hours of “district play” (where the actual game takes place). After that you can pay $10/mo. for unlimited play. $10! Every other MMO these days is $15/mo., so I’m quite happy with that price myself. Also you can use in-game money to buy game time. So in theory you could make a bunch of awesome stuff in the various creators, sell it on the player market, then use that money to buy your game time – and play for free!

    If you like actioney shooters, customization and driving around, I highly recommend checking out APB out if you get the chance.

    • Arthur Barnhouse says:

      The same sized hitbox is by design. If you altered the hitbox based on the size of the avatar, people would just make smaller avatars. Frankly I prefar not having localized damage in a game like this, it gives people who aren’t sniper shooters a chance to win from time to time.

      For a lot of people, and for you it seems, the game seems to be good only if you play it with a group of friends, but that isn’t really a reason to play the game because friends are going to be fun irrespective of what game you’re playing.

      As far as the Sniper/Midrange/shortrange variance you’re crew did, it points to the most glaring problem, which is that there are no classes. Everyone plays just like everyone else, which kills a lot of the replayability of the game. In TF2, I played Pyro for a long time, then switched to Engie, then played Medic for a while, and lately I play spy. It makes the game feel different every six months or so when I change things up. six months from now in APB I’d still be battering down the same doors, with the same set of abilities.

    • Schmung says:

      There’s a massive thread over on the APB forums about the locational damage thing. somewhere in there is a very lengthy series of posts from myself explaining why the lack of if it is a bad thing and how same sized hitboxes are just as prone to exploitation and are in many ways less fair.

      It’s just one of a number of design decisions that RTW made that moved the game miles away from what I (and judging by some of other posts there are here) wanted from the game.

    • Arthur Barnhouse says:

      Oh, shit Schmung that was you? You’re wrong still, as everyone else in the thread articulated to you.

    • Kadayi says:


      The lolcat damage thread was quite possibly one of the funniest threads ever. There sheer amount of retards ‘demanding’ locational damage (insta kill headshots in reality) in a game where player customisation (including character model size) is one of the main cornerstones was frankly hilarious.

    • Schmung says:

      Kadayi : nearly as hilarious as watching you leap on every negative comment that’s been made about APB on RPS in the past few weeks.

  37. El_MUERkO says:

    i gave up on APB early into the beta

    vapid, pointless, repetitive, ugly, turd of a game

  38. wrong says:

    As for me, I’m enjoying it, but you have to take it for what it is: a casual multiplayer shooter with vehicles. The hardcore shooter fans who *really* care about scores are going to be frustrated as hell by the jankiness of it.

    I’m finding killing someone is more about spray & pray, with the addition of a second shooter from another vector pretty much a confirmed kill. Don’t bother with headshots or anything; they don’t matter. And don’t get all bent when you die, you’re gonna respawn nearby in 3 seconds. Just have fun. And coordinating with a team mate is more important than aiming accuracy.

    I’ve spent enough time driving to feel like I’ve got the hang of it and I love cruising around screwing with people… demolition derby time!

    And I have enough Gamer ADD to know that there’s no way I’ll still be playing when my 50 included hours get used up, so I’m not bothered by the subscription model. This isn’t an MMO in the sense that you’re going to be looking at /played and see a number that indicates weeks of time spent in-game. It’s a game you’ll buy today and by August you will have forgotten all about it. I get about 5-6 hours of gaming in every week. If I do nothing but play APB I’ll run out of time at the end of summer.

    • awkward says:

      What wrong said. I know I’ll get my money’s worth of fun in the next 50 hours of gaming. After that, I’ll probably move on – only to return to the game once they’ve added intriguing new content.

  39. Tom says:

    What i thought i’d get from APB is what i’ve been getting from multiplayer GTA IV all along.

  40. Skorri says:

    I actually really enjoyed this game, however, there might be a reason that you guys hate it and I seemed to love it.

    I think it’s because of my friend-blinders. I played this with two very funny friends of mine and the entire time we played APB together, we where chatting and joking on skype, setting up pretty interesting flank positions to dominate our foes, and in general attempting to fuck over the enemy team because we had the voice advantage.

    My favorite part of the pre-order headstart event was when we all got in a seperate ambulance and randomly blocked peoples cars with them, the siren running and all. We’d scream out in chat: SIR, YOU’VE BEEN IN A TERRIBLE ACCIDENT and try to get them to get out of their car. It was fucking hillarious, and no one in the game, much to my surprise, actually got pissed off at us. They laughed it off, which was pretty cool.

    The gameplay itself is actually kind of twitchy. The combat works well enough to be a good game, but I can see people with lesser computers having lots of issues with this game. One thing for sure, the shooting is 100% better then fucking Fallen Earth. The missions tend to repeat themselves a lot, but the points where you have to go change on the map and you’re fighting against entirely new people almost every time. You don’t complain that TF2 is boring cuz you’re just capturing the point over and over because theres new challenges in enemy players each time.

    The car driving is pretty okay. They can control like pieces of shit sometimes, but people that can successfully press “s” to brake, will have no issue. I took the worst handling car in the game [unfortunately, the cops pre-order car despite its cool as hell tricked out look] and tried using S to brake instead of the spacebar handbrake and found my driving to improve tenfold. I didn’t even run into shit.

    The game, audiowise, is fairly bitching. The music is old stuff, new stuff, and a blend of genres. I heard some rap song with an extremely fast rapper spouting what I could only describe as gibberish in my car, got out, into another car, and there was a Dimmu Borgir [foreign death metal band] playing. I actually really like Dimmu Borgir and it was cool jamming out to their song as I shot a few people to help get my prestige down.

    Thats the only thing I dislike about this game so far.. Notoriety/Prestige. You load up a new session, and you’re at 0. But, if you do the tiniest amount of stuff, [1 or 2 missions, or stealing/taking back cars] you automatically hit 3. It’s fairly ridiculous to hit 3 so fast when hitting 3 can make you fight players 20 levels above you with guns like the N-TEC 5 which has the range of a god damn sniper rifle, even though it fires like an AK47. As criminal, when you get prestige 3, you start getting APBS out on you. You have to escape a timer, kill cops, or keep a certain person in your party alive. However, the APBs last 10-20 minutes, and as soon as its over, another one will be on you in under 5 minutes. Its absolutely ridiculous and has forced me to play Enforcers instead.

    Meh. I’d give this game a 7/10 if you have someone to play it with, and realize its not meant for PvE, ever.

    • Arthur Barnhouse says:

      That N-Tec-5 was bullshit, and everyone seemed to have it by the time I was playing the beta. Also, it isn’t just criminals, hits can be put out on enforcers too, but it works the same either way, with the one person being the VIP, and the rest of the crew having to defend him. It usually shakes down to who has the fastest car.

  41. Zoso says:

    I blogged about the Key to the City closed beta/demo type thing over here, in summary: great customisation, and rather enjoying it in a drop-in shoot stuff drop-out type way. Playing solo is a bit rubbish unless you like hide and seek, but getting a group of four and pelting around the city with three people hanging out of car windows while blazing away is much better.

    Clan-wise, as it’s so desperately American-ly cool (one of the “Enforcer” NPC groups are altogether too keen on leisure wear) I thought it’d be quite fun to set up a British TV police guild going from Dixon of Dock Green via The Professionals to Bergerac and beyond (possibly expanding the range slightly to include Cadfael and Captain Zep Space Detective). “We’re the Sweeney, son, and we haven’t had our dinner…”

    • Arthur Barnhouse says:

      Well it’s a game set in America, that probably effects things a bit.

    • Chris D says:

      I don’t believe someone else remembers Captain Zep, Space Detective. I thought that was just a dream

    • Zoso says:

      Ah, I have the Captain Zep theme tune imprinted on my brain. The only other person I know who remembered it thought it was a dream as well, maybe it was some sort of weird collective hallucination…

  42. Mo says:

    The Team Killer medal has a negative impact instead of a positive impact on the player who ‘wins’ it. It’s actually a penalty. If you receive the team killer medal, your rewards from that match will be diminished. Receiving the Team Killer medal also serves as a sort of name and shame device.

  43. skyturnedred says:

    For a game that’s all about driving and shooting, it is suprisingly bad in both departments. Perhaps it’s true that the bad starting weapons and cars give that impression. The shooting especially feels ancient, and could have been handled way better. It’s just not good enough these days.

    I still like the idea of playing cops & robbers, and the matchmaking seemed to work for me. I also liked how you could call for backup with just one key stroke. Most likely I’ll give it another go in 6 months or so, but at it’s current state, it just doesn’t seem worth it, especially with the subscription model they’re using.

  44. Hunam says:

    The one thing I couldn’t quite see past is the immediate gameplay. There doesn’t seem to be anything to it other than 4v4 and occasionally 8v8 missions that are barked at you. Where’s the overall progression you get in other games, where are the big 50v50 gun fights, I mean if there’s 100 people in the zone, I want to at some point have a big war.

    The gameplay was great fun for the first 5 hours, but after I got used to the missions I was just longing for something a bit more to come along and something to work for other than clothes and weapon slots.

  45. El Stevo says:

    I quite enjoyed crashing into people. Occasionally I’d find someone who enjoyed it as much as I did, and we’d spend a few minutes crashing into each other until both our cars exploded.

  46. Farewell says:

    Let me steer vehicles with my mouse like in Unreal Tournament 2004 and add a cover system like in Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and I would recommend APB to both casual and hardcore players.

    As of now, all it’s got going for itself is that you can play dress-up.
    Vehicles are horribly frustrating to drive. Missions are dull. Combat is uninteresting. Weapons feel like water guns. NPC pedestrians act like lemmings. Maps lack personality.

  47. Stijn says:

    I don’t get this newspost. The game has already been discussed to length in previous posts about it, what does this add?

  48. Simonkey75 says:

    Yep, that’d sell it!

    • Simonkey75 says:

      Aargh reply fail! That was to LewieP’s rather succinct dismissal of the game near top

  49. Davie says:

    Wot I think about APB is that it’s kind of a large download. I got my Key to the City two days after the even started, and the launcher finished downloading it ten minutes before it ended. So I didn’t get very far.

  50. staticv01d says:

    “The Bad:

    -The shooting and the driving.”

    Isn’t that most of the game? Unless you are a super pro and want to spend APB walking & talking.

    • geldonyetich says:

      “The shooting and the driving.”
      Isn’t that most of the game? Unless you are a super pro and want to spend APB walking & talking.

      There’s the meat of the trouble right there: the core gameplay mechanic of APB is unplayably broken. I could get used to the driving, but the shooting is irredeemable, and in all conflict in the game you will be attempting to shoot things.

      If one thinks about the high points of recent Grand Theft Auto games, it is always about the sandbox world and epic story… in which the rather cumbersome shooting mechanic usually gets in the way. Completing a mission in GTA4 can often be a frustrating experience because of this, the main saving grace being that it’s not like the NPCs are smart enough to try to dodge.

      APB takes this poor shooting mechanic and makes it the most vital part of the game by turning GTA into a PvP quasi-MMORPG. Now, what you’re shooting at will try to dodge… and chances are their doing so will render your aiming completely null and void, little more than complete guesswork. Battle seems to be a combination of rushing into close range (where aiming is most difficult) spraying bullets, and praying.

      What’s more, they’re charging way too much for it. Sure, it’s a pretty, pretty game, but when all you do is hack off the PvP part of GTA 4, throwing out the best parts of it in the process, then buff it till it shines and add a nice dynamic matching and grinding mechanism, in the end you’re left with something worth maybe $30 and unlimited play. Charging $55 plus a monthly subscription or hourly fee is a bit much.

    • Ricotta says:

      I like this game, sure it’s not the most complex shooter on the market but it has its merits. I suggest, to really enjoy the experience, that you gather 2 or 3 friends to try out the game. There’s really more to it then a lot of the people are giving credit for, and the character customization is pretty in depth.

      What it really comes down to is “do you have fun playing the game”, and I’ve always felt this is a message a lot of RPSers miss. Does it make me less of a gamer because i enjoy mindless, mass media games? I don’t think so, and i think it’s pretentious to think otherwise. Just because it’s not “indi” changing the world doesn’t necessarily make it a bad game.

      TLDR I like the game, it’s fun, give it a try if you like running around and killing people quasi-GTA style.