Diablo II Is Also Ten Years Old

For some reason we didn’t go massively overboard on the coverage for that one. Nevertheless I’m fairly certain that there will be some RPS readers with fond memories of this one. At least one of my good friends is still playing it today, which always strikes me as a little nutty, but there we are.

Happy Birthday (yesterday), Diablo II.


  1. Psychopomp says:

    Ten fucking years of Hammerdins?

  2. Dominus says:

    damn, I’m old :<

  3. tssk says:

    Crap. My pile of shame is so bad now that I still haven’t played this despite buying it years ago!

  4. The Dark One says:

    I’ve enjoyed Diablo clones like Titan Quest and Torchlight, but I never really had much interest in the Real Thing. I think the most memorable experience with D2 was going to Futureshop with a friend to get the expansion, opening the box at the bus stop to read the manual, realizing we’d picked up the French version, and going back and arguing with their returns department about exchanging an opened software product.

    • Wulf says:

      Indeed. I tried to get into Diablo II because Diablo II has werewolves and werewolves are cool.

      It was really, really terribly dull though, horrendously so. How anyone could make werewolves dull is beyond me. At least Morrowind got them right.

      I thought Torchlight was by far the more superior game myself, and with the massive modding community it has now, it only stands to get better.

    • Wulf says:

      Of course, the real shame with Torchlight is that the vast majority of people are uninformed, clueless spods.

      They look at the game and go “hurr durr, nut much dere…” without ever bothering to investigate the marvellous mod community, a mod community that’s created new characters, new classes, new content, everything you could imagine, they’re working on a steampunk robot character, and puzzle dungeons… puzzle dungeons, man!

      Imagine if people ignored the modding communities of games like Morrowind, Oblivion, and Fallout 3 like that. It’s a crime of the same magnitude, because Torchlight is equally as modifiable as any Bethesda game, and people are working out new tricks with it all the time.

      But, of course, the vast majority are uninformed, so they’ll look at the base game and judge it solely on that. And that is a crying shame.

    • Sic says:

      Torchlight superiour? I’ve seen people go to the loony bin for less ridiculous statements. Talk about a dull game. Not only did it have non-functioning game mechanics, it also had the exact same levels again and again and again and again. And again.

      D2 is good because of all the insane builds you can make, and because the items and the item system facilitates this. No game has ever come close to the quality of the item system of D2. Not to mention, D2 has a story and an acceptable progression with varied levels and atmospheric settings. Torchlight had nothing of the sort. The only thing comparable in level of quality is the music, only because it’s pretty similar to D2’s (made by the same chap).

      In terms of modding, sure, Torchlight probably has a nice community, but it will never touch on the perfection of D2 game mechanics (nor the better and more polished mods). Puzzle Dungeons? That’s the kind of thing you download and try if you’ve got nothing better to do. Ten minutes later, you’re bound to find yourself downloading another funny sounding, but ultimately unsatisfactory mod. Meanwhile, D2 was perfection from the beginning, both in single-player, open character multiplayer and on BNET.

    • Heliocentric says:

      I like torchlight, but its missing the only mod i care about. The ability to have either spells use mana over time (summons for example) or autocast (for buffs for example). Either would be great, i could right click on skills back in warcraft 3, why can’t i do it in torchlight?

    • Arthur Barnhouse says:

      I apprecate what you’re saying Wulf, but the important difference is that Morrowind and Fallout 3 have a lot of content absent the Mod community. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed torchlight, but if you’re not into waiding into mod community stuff, then the limited amount of content in the game might be a problem.

  5. Okami says:

    My flatmate back in the days was a serious Diablo 2 addict. He played the game for years and even earned a sizable amount of money, selling items on ebay. At one point he and his brother bought a rather large amount of Stones of Jordan online in order to trade them for items in-game which they’d then sell for a profit on ebay. It all seemed rather unreal and insane to me back then…

    He only got over his D2 addiction when he started playing Dark Age of Camelot. He went on to create his own guild and lost another few years to the next online game…

    Me? I played until Hell with my Sorceress and then quickly lost interest. It was obvious that I made serious mistakes in my build and that I’d either have to start a new character or grind for weeks in order to be powerful enough to do anything.

    For me the most fascinating aspect of Diablo 2 was never the game itself – that was a solid fantasy click em up – but the whole metagame going on around it. And the way Blizzard kept completely changing the game with patches and content updates.

    I guess I’ll be back for D3, maybe I’ll complete the game this time…

  6. Pemptus says:

    The only game that came close to the compulsive greatness of Diablo II for me was Titan Quest, and only to a certain point when TQ gets quite boring. D2 just keeps going and going and going. Not sure what the “special ingredient” is, but it has it.

    Also, Diablo II has the Median XL mod which is just hilariously mental and also very, very good.

    • Mr Labbes says:

      I also don’t know what Titan Quest is lacking, but it’s definitely not as good as D2.
      Torchlight came quite close to D2, with some great new ideas (the pet), but it was overall less – less classes, less skills etc.

      What probably makes D2 different from other hack&slashs is that the story is (imo) quite good – I can’t say that about TL or TQ.

    • Nova says:

      Titan Quest is lacking the diversity of Diablo 2’s skill tree. Even with the two combined trees there was most of the time only one way to skill your hero. If you strayed from that path you would last only till the last act (the china setting), not to mention the higher difficulties.
      In D2 on the other hand are so many different builds and possibilities to skill your hero but you still can make it very far even on the higher difficulty levels.

    • Sardaukar says:

      I put it down to graphics and sound. There is something about the look of Diablo II, with neon colors clashing against blacks and browns, pixelated swords, that sucks me into a past world of wonder. Add onto that the fantastic music from Matt Uelmen that sometimes makes the game an accessory to a listening experience.

      Of course there’s also the pace the game achieves by the mid-twenties; I’m fairly sure all classes can use various skill combos to take out mobs of mobs in seconds.

    • Nesetalis says:

      Diablo II was my love for so many years…
      I still play it now and then, primarily with Eastern Sun mod.. (being able to respec your class if you fuck up, or just to meet a new situation is awesome by the way)

      anyway..Torchlight was alright, i beat it, but… one thing it was missing was coherent items.. Dialbo and Diablo II had a very coherent item language.. X number of suffix and prefixes.. plus some modifiers.. all with specific ranges based on the hidden item level.. and only certain item types could take certain modifiers.. it was very sensible, then rares were added that allowed a number of prefix and suffix stats based on iLevel.. but with a randomly generated name.

      all in all.. it was logical, and addictive to hunt for the items. In torchlight there isnt much sense of that, it feels completely random.. and you can create items up to arbitrary levels… at any level in the game.. just for gold.. so you dont have the fun of hunting for the best item you can get..

      as for Titans Quest.. I played through a bit.. but never beat it, got bored with it really quick.

      the pace in diablo, as mentioned, was nice usually.. though it got a bit grindy for a while around lvl 50-60.. then insanely grindy from about 75 to 99.. i got one or two classes to 99.. but then i just started making characters to try new builds and new ideas.. there was so many potentially valid ways to do things..

  7. Sagan says:

    My brother is also still playing this. I have no idea, why.

  8. Flobulon says:

    Having extremely irresponsible parents (heheh) I must have gotten hold of D2 when I was about seven, then. I think it was just the demo at first, which only let you play for the first act, as the barbarian. Nevertheless, I played and replayed it obsessively in order to fill my bardiche with gems – a life-lesson that has served me well, and a good pick-up line to boot.

    One thing I really remember though is the feeling of a real world, the atmosphere, I guess. It’s a similar thing to when I first played Deus Ex, and something that I think can never be replicated after a first play.

  9. Gundrea says:

    I came to Diablo II late, only played through the first act and got bored after it. Similarly with most graphical dungeon crawlers I quickly get bored and uninstall. Oddly enough though I’ve completed both Dungeon Sieges and am eager for the third. I just love the DS engine.

  10. Will says:

    Gah, I’m like a less impressive and uglier Tom Chick – I totally hated Diablo 2.

    I really loved the first game, loved it to bits, but after the 5th level which was just an open field I got bored and stopped playing. I tried to start it perhaps 10 or 11 times and always quickly petered out…

  11. fallingmagpie says:

    Best thing about both Diablo games is the font the text is in.

  12. Dominic White says:

    Blasphemy, I know, but I preferred Diablo 1. The slower movement, the roguelike-feel of progression through the dungeon, and the grimmer, more gothic art style all just worked better for me.

    D2 was much faster, much more spammy. A lot of the combat devolved into spamming multicoloured novas of magic until everything was dead.

    • Pemptus says:

      To be fair, Diablo I combat involved lots of left click spamming, especially when not playing the mage, as there weren’t any character abilities to speak of. I also have fonder memories with D1, but after trying it again a month or so ago I found it rather unplayable after the first couple of levels. Too simple, I guess.

      Although the atmosphere is fantastic, and the music, and Farnham the drunk.

    • Dominic White says:

      There’s ‘clicking a lot’ and there’s Diablo 2 combat, which involved effectively detonating fifty nukes at once as the solution to every encounter.

    • Nesetalis says:

      sure.. but its fun launching 50 nukes :P

      and its fun figuring out how to get the right build to make those 50 nukes.. nukes.. and not 50 snappops :p

      though I loved Diablo 1.. the game was terribly hard to play coming back… I used to be in a top ‘legit’ guild.. i remember the constant rash of annoying PKs in cheated gear trying to kill you and steal your items :p

      and don’t forget, godly plate of the whale..

    • Premium User Badge

      Hodge says:

      I always wanted to see Diablo I re-implemented in the Diablo II engine, so you’d get the Rogue-like dungeons of the first, but with the nicer interface of the second.

    • Nesetalis says:

      there was a mod a while back that did that… you could start going down in the hole(i think) in act one.. dont think it was 30 floors.. but it had elder diablo at the bottom… who was a bitch to kill D:

  13. Corrupt_Tiki says:

    I Still Love Diablo 2, Still have D2 LOD installed tbh, but alas, ArmA 2 and RA2 are taking up all my spare time and then some

  14. Spacewalk says:

    Ten years on and I still think it’s ugly as sin. Ten years on and I still do my biyearly trek to get the Necromancer to level forty. If Torch/Quest had a Necromancer copycat class I’d be able to get away from this bloody game.

  15. frymaster says:

    they released a patch for this earlier this year. with new content :O

    (also, please fix your captcha system to not fail. Asking us to “press the back button” and then have to re-type the entire post is not acceptable, it’s already got the post information, there’s absolutely no reason why it can’t take you back to your post, with your text still filled in, and tell you to re-do the captcha. and no, being forced to register just to make comments on a blog entry isn’t an acceptable solution, unless I fancied taking part in forum discussions anyway, and if you stretched me online any thinner, you could see through me, so that’s also a “no”)

    • Adrian says:

      I also have problems with the capcha system on this site.
      My text only dissapears if i use chrome, in firefox the text is still there after the page told me i wrote the captcha wrong and i had to click back.
      My problem is that 9 out of 10 times i get the wrong captcha message. i tried everything, i read the captchas very slowly, i magnified them, i let that computer voice read them for me. it still takes me 5-6 aproaches to post a comment and those captchas are not that hard to read and i never had any problems on other sites with captchas so im assuming the captcha thingy must be somehow broken. maybe im just stupid :(

    • Heliocentric says:

      Login to the forum and the capchar is gone.

    • Starky says:

      Also use firefox and get a addon called Lazarus – and lost posts are a thing of the past, you’ll never lose anything you type again.

  16. mcwizardry says:

    I finished both Diablo games once, the first with a Rogue and the second one with a Paladin. Always wanted to try a Necromancer but I don’t own a copy of the game at the moment. It’d be nice if Blizzard did a birthday sale but it seems they’re not into that sort of thing.

    • jeremypeel says:

      I looked into getting D2 to play through with my brother only a couple of weeks ago – turns out Blizzard are still selling it on their site for twenty pounds and it’s available barely anywhere else, certainly not for cheaper. That attitude can’t be doing them any favours.

      We decided to pick up another copy of Baldur’s Gate instead. Can’t beat it.

    • Nesetalis says:

      huh, they raised the price.. they were selling Dialbo II and LOD for 20 USD.. together.
      I purchased it again recently at that price.. (lost all my old disks and cd keys)

    • Malagate says:

      Why are you looking for it online? I found my copies in the ol’ brick-and-mortar shoppe at something like £5 for both Diablo 2 and the expansion. This was a while ago however, and in a surprisingly large HMV, so you might have to end up looking in more unusual places like Mapalins or something.

  17. Amun says:

    Last summer I played through Diablo 1 with a friend on LAN. We used to play it in the 90’s, sitting side by side at only a single computer.

    I hope Diablo 3 can measure up to the other two. =/

  18. Tom Camfield says:

    Mooo, Mooo, MOOOO, MooOooo. Diablo II had awesome cows.

    • Chris R says:

      LOVE the cows. I still laugh remembering their moos and mooing.

      The first time my group of friends entered the cow level we all got slaughtered because we were laughing at how silly the cows sounded and looked.

  19. Andy says:

    Diablo 1 was one of my first ever multiplayer experiences. A school friend of mine brought his PC to my house and we played 2 player using a null modem cable (remember them?!). It took literally hours of fiddling around to get it to work but my lasting memory was that it was totally worth it.
    That was on a 50mhz 486DX2 machine with (at the time) a mighty 8MB of RAM. It made the game really quite easy as it was horrifically slow and you could see everything coming!!

    • Nick says:

      Yeah, I too enjoyed the useage of a serial cable, although it was for stuff like Fragile Allegiance and AvP. Hmm, and JK 1 and X-wing vs TIE Fighter.

  20. WhiteLung says:

    I liked the angel’s wings in Diablo. I wish I had wings like that instead of these plain old feathery ones

  21. Schaulustiger says:

    The only good things in Diablo II were the rendered cinematics. I only played through the damn thing once, always wishing that the pointless hack’n’slay would be over and the next render sequences started.
    And it was ugly. The “brown-characters-on-browny-background-tiles” kind of ugly.

    As you might guess, I don’t like Diablo II at all. Diablo I was fun for a while, because it brought fancy graphics to the rogue-like concept. But in the end, both games were just a mouse stress test.

  22. Zaphid says:

    There is no cow level.

  23. HYPERPOWERi says:

    Squee! I loved Diablo I and II. I had my way with them longtime, then ditched them for that posh totty, Titan Quest. After that, my eye was drawn to Torchlight, but it quickly became apparent that she was a vapid one, so I ditched her too. Now plowing through Din’s Curse.

    Also, Stone Soup.

    Stay a while and listen.

  24. Rane2k says:

    Happy Birthday, Diabo II! :-)

    Lost a few weeks to the game last summer, because my machine couldn´t run any new games and I wanted to play something “RPG-y”.

    So it seems that it takes Blizzard around 10 years to create a sequel to a classic (SC2, D3). Looking forward to World Of Warcraft 2 in 2014. Or maybe World Of Starcraft. :-)

    • bob_d says:

      I don’t know why Starcraft 2 has taken 10 years, but D3 took that long because the original Diablo 1-2 team all left Blizzard when the Blizzard North studio was shut down… they had a playable D3 that mostly was scrapped, and Blizzard South started over with mostly new people.

    • Rane2k says:

      Interesting, I wasn´t aware that they had a D3 near-finished already. Well, the Blizzard North guys went on to create Torchlight I guess, which is another game I wasted hours upon hours on. :-)
      Even made an attempt at speedrunning it (link to youtube.com for those who care ^^)

      Quite a waste of resources tough, to have parts of a game and then scrap it and start from scratch. I guess Blizz can afford it. :-)

  25. SentientNr6 says:

    Took a week of from work, bought it played it through and then played it through with friends during the weekend. One of my best gaming experiences. It had a gripping story line, fun quests not a lot comes close even these days.

  26. Danny says:



  27. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    I quite liked Diablo II, to my surprise. I’m generally not much for hack-and-slash clickfests. But the atmosphere, music, story and yes, the graphics combined to make it a very entertaining experience. I stopped playing when I reached the end, though (of the expansion). I’m just not into playing the same game again and again, just to get more shinies.. that always seemed a very unnatural and silly part of Diablo II to me.

  28. sonofsanta says:

    This is probably the one game above all in my PC gaming life that has stolen real, genuine time away from me. One of my friends had it and encouraged me to get it, and I then proceeded to lose probably 2 years to the bugger. I think this is still the only game I’ve ever left the pub to go home and play.

    Going back to it now somewhat ruins it, not because the gameplay is any less fantastic and addictive but because I can’t be bothered to earn everything again (deleting characters after 3 months is MEAN) and chiefly because it’s just no fun on your own. I know the big argument about MMO’s is “if it’s not fun alone, it’s just not fun” but D2 was made through the shared experiences, the close calls, the joy of completing a unique set (nevermind that it was rubbish ten levels later).

    I know I’ll buy Diablo III and get in touch with Bill again specifically to play it after probably two or three years of not seeing him or speaking to him at all, but I know inside that I can never recapture who I was then and it won’t be the same experience. Maybe that’s why Torchlight never clicked for me, no matter how desperately I want it to.

    So happy birthday Diablo II, and thanks for the memories <3

  29. The Great Wayne says:

    Spent a great shitload of time on this one back then. Awesome game, bunch of fun as friends played it too. Was during one of my mmo breaks at the time, must have been after Asheron’s Call…

    Still, don’t want to sound like an old rag, but i’m pretty sure blizzard will never make a game this fun anymore, now that they sold their soul.

  30. Jacques says:

    My CtC on hit based zeal paladin was my favourite character, managed to crash lots of games with it, thanks to Blizzard’s “dupe fix” (aka crash games when ping reaches a certain level, which is exacerbated by some spell effects).

    link to img.photobucket.com

  31. Sidorovich says:

    There were some horrible difficulty spikes that wouldn’t be tolerated today though. Stuck in a tiny room with Durial dying repeatedly. I gave up on a recent 2nd playthru at that point. And whilst the loot mechanics were addictive, the first game trumped it in the atmosphere stakes. Didn’t Blizzard do anything re: a D3 announcement to celebrate its older brothers birthday then?

  32. Danny says:

    That always bothered me as well…Is Blizzard going to continue with that in D3? Or will our characters stay alive for a bit longer – when inactive?

    • Danny says:

      This is a reply to sonofsanta of course.

    • Jacques says:

      It says characters are deleted, but until someone takes the name, the character is still there and can still be accessed.

    • Jacques says:

      Unless you delete it, obv.

    • sonofsanta says:

      Wish I could remember what my Paladin and Amazon were called now, then. And this from Blizzard, lauded for their usability, polish and user-friendliness. Was HDD space really that expensive back in the day?

    • Jacques says:

      Yeah, it really was. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but getting a computer with more than a 20GB HDD was pretty rare 10 years ago.

      Knowing what they were called wouldn’t help you, if you deleted them from your account, they’re lost.

    • sonofsanta says:

      @Jacques: never deleted them, just forgot to keep logging in after a while. Sadface.

      I don’t think I ever played D2 offline to know how big the save files were, but surely they can’t have been more than a few k? Say 50k each tops, 300k max per account (iirc), that’s nearly 3,500 accounts for every gigabyte of space – and Blizzard must have been raking in enough money to afford some more server drives.

      Maybe it was just always a persuader for you to keep logging in, but I’d always hoped that after a few years they’d rescind the policy and just let whatever was left continue on forever.

    • Jacques says:

      Might still work if you can remember your account details then.

      I think it’s about 70k per character, looking at my saves. I know for one that I was running 5 accounts, most of the people I knew that were playing also had the same amount.

      There’s usually a few thousand people on in the evenings, and it would have been worse at it’s peak, so I can see why it was relevant at the time.

      You’d be surprised, but it’s still got a massive community, just look on various D2 forums and see how popular they are (one of them is the third most popular forum on the internet, after Gaia Online and 4Chan).

    • Nesetalis says:

      my largest character save is 327Kb… multiply that by.. what.. 10 characters per account (max) and most people i knew had 2 or 3 accounts.. then considering how many people were online at the same time.. compared to how many probably had accounts? thats… alot of data..
      even if only half of that was used at any given time… to be safe blizzard would have to have enough storage to store atleast 75% of the maximum account data at any given time.

      and data storage /was/ expensive back then.

    • Chris R says:

      I lost my original D2 accounts in 2004-2005 from failing to log on every 3 months. A year later in 2005-2006 I went back to D2 with some friends and re-created my old B.net account name. Lo and behold, all of my characters were still there, showing up as “deleted” but since no one else had taken their names, I was able to reactivate all of them. It was pretty wild and a nice surprise. I’ve kept them alive ever since then. Which reminds me, I should probably log in again today to make sure they stay alive. :)

  33. Neut says:

    I like spamming skeletons :D

  34. mlaskus says:

    Diablo 2? Meh. I never understood why people like that game.

    • Jacques says:

      Because it made combat fun.

    • mlaskus says:

      Click, click, click, click… Oh, the joy!

    • jsdn says:

      Can’t all PC games be simplified to clicky clicky fun?

    • Jacques says:

      Yeah, they can.

      FPS, hover mouse over enemy and click to kill them.
      RTS, click on your unit, click on enemy to get them to attack.
      Action, click on stuff to kill it.

      Man, how dare Blizzard make D2 a game about clicking on enemies to kill them!

      Also, auradin’s don’t need to click on things to kill them (and enemies off screen).

  35. sockeatsock says:

    I still play this game. I dont know why…

  36. Chris D says:

    No love for Sacred 2 here? Ok, so I haven’t finished it, but with hindsight it was probably a mistake to try to play through with all six characters simulataneously. Also the armour for the female characters is a tad on the gratuitous side.

    On the other hand the characters all play differently and you have a lot of freedom in how you build them. There’s nothing particularly ground breaking but there are a lot of nice touches (like being able to ride a tiger) and it’s all nicely polished. It all looks very pretty, which might be shallow of me but it’s not insignificant in a game where a lot of the appeal is collecting stuff.

    • Jacques says:

      When I played S2 at launch, the skills just seemed dull.

      You know how perfectly D2’s Corpse Explosion skill works? There’s none of that In Sacred, and I’m not talking about the skill mechanic, because I like it, but the implementation just feels limp.

    • Nesetalis says:

      sacred2 was alright, tended to rape my computer though… and its items just weren’t as fun as in dialbo.. plus the randomgeneration of levels in diablo made it a blast… but Sacred 2 was all the same areas.. admitedly there was /alot/ to it… but i got really bored after my first playthrough.. (tried a second with a different class, but couldnt get too far before i wanted to gouge my eyes out :p)

  37. Bureaucrat says:

    Huh. This means that Icewind Dale, which Interplay released to compete with Diablo 2, is also 10 years old. (Interplay never was the smartest publisher out there.) I remember going to buy IWD and being one of the only people in the games shop who was not particularly interested in Diablo 2.

  38. Frankie The Patrician[PF] says:

    Diablo 1 was much better, IMO…

  39. BigJonno says:

    I never really got into Diablo, although I owned both games. (I recently found the box for the expansion, but not the original. I registered the code on battle.net and I now wonder if I’m the only person in the world with the Diablo 2 expansion on their battle.net account, but not the actual game.)

    I think I just have a fundamental dislike for point and click action games. If I’m controlling a single character, I want direct control, because otherwise it just feels like I’m giving orders to someone. If I’m giving orders, I want a whole damn army of minions, not just one guy.

    I was terribly disappointed with Hellgate because, in concept, it sounded amazing.

  40. godwin says:

    So a couple of months back there was this guy in school who found a way to get Diablo 2 onto his G4 Powerbook and naturally being so excited he got addicted to it again, reliving his teenage memories. Then, he had to get these three other kids into it as well, all girls somehow, playing internet games and it became a very disgusting circlejerk talking about classes and skills and spells and builds and shit. It’s an instant put-off.

    • godwin says:

      My social experience with people that play WoW was pretty much the same. Get a group of them together and they lose all ability to talk about anything else.

    • BigJonno says:

      You get put off by girls talking about games?

      Weirdo. ;)

  41. Lanster27 says:

    Ahh but the problem with Torchlight is no multiplayer support, which is what D2 (and to an extend, TQ) is all about.

  42. MinisterofDOOM says:

    Diablo and DII were/are undoubtedly defining games for me. I still play them both often. I even have the Hellfire expansion for D1, though I prefer vanilla Diablo over Hellfire’s tweaks.

    But this is about Diablo II.

    My fond memories of DII include coming home from my pizza delivery job after midnight only to waste the rest of the night screwing around on Open Battle.net. I was using dialup at the time, stringing phone cords across the house to reach my bedroom. I had multiple limited-hour free ISP accounts (Net Zero, Juno) I’d switch between, hoping to make them last the whole month.

    I absolutely love Diablo and DII/LoD. Yeah, the first half of the first act of DII tends to feel a bit tedious after all these years and repeat playthroughs, but after that it still feels just as fun as the first time I popped the disc in the drive.

    • N'Al says:

      Yeah, the first half of the first act of DII tends to feel a bit tedious after all these years and repeat playthroughs, but after that it still feels just as fun as the first time I popped the disc in the drive.

      Absolutely agreed.

  43. Duffin says:


  44. Jad says:

    You have quite a treasure there in that Horadric Cube!

    I just found a Deckard Cain soundboard: link to realmofdarkness.net

    So many memories.

  45. latterman says:

    I remember playing this online with my Dad when i was a kid.
    He later moved on Dark Age of Camelot and Everquest 2, I to having a life.

    The memories of him greeting me from school-mates of mine he met online still haunts me.

  46. wedge says:

    I am 100% still playing this awesome game. Especially with the Meriden XL mod. :D Now if we could just get Diablo 3 out….

  47. Vadermath says:

    To be honest, Diablo II was, to me, always kinda…meh.

  48. Soundofvictory says:

    My theory is that most of the haters here played Diablo II by themselves. When you start playing with other people it introduces the awesome gauntlet (at least gauntlet is where I first experienced it) mechanic of simultaneous cooperation and rivalry between friends.

  49. robrob says:

    Heh, more like Diablow 2 right guys? Eh? EH?

  50. Evernight says:

    Hammerdins didn’t come out until the synergy system was in place… and that was well after LoD came out…. so more like 8 years of hammerdins.

    Also.. why is RPS using a D1 screen?

    • Jacques says:

      They’re using a D2 screen.
      That Paladin is quite clearly killing Diablo in the Sanctuary of Evil.

    • Chris R says:


      CHAOS Sanctuary, gosh!! :) Gimme your D2 badge sir, “Sanctuary of Evil”?? geez..

    • Jacques says:

      I hang my head in shame :(

      I got mixed up with Act 1 Q1 Den of Evil of Chaos Sanctuary, obv.