Mod News: On The Move

Hello! This week I moved house. I forgot I was moving house when I wrote last week’s column, which means I promised you all a far more comprehensive roundup of interesting mod-related spoutings, without thinking about the fact that my internet access would be intermittent at best for a few days. Still, I’ve done my best. Read on to see if I’m up to par (and to get your weekly dose of mod news, I suppose).


The developers of Half-Life 2 mod Eternal Silence are slaving away on their next update. Fortunately for all interested parties, they’ve taken the time off to release some screenshots of some new maps. Which look lovely and laser-beamy.

Meanwhile, bouncy-jumpy mod Tension – again for HL2 – has a new video out, illustrating its HUD. UserCreated new boy Matthew Lee’s written some words about it too, which are worth reading.

And there’s a new teaser video of Bloodlines Revival, the massively ambitious engine-update mod for Vampire that I’m still convincing myself is going to be finished and work properly la-la-la I can’t hear you. Here’s the trailer. We are all in agreement that Bloodlines is the third best PC game ever, right? I mean, I know we done this before, but just checking.

But perhaps the most glorious of this particularly Source-Enginey news section is a Dear Esther update, featuring some absolutely spectacular screenshots of the caves. I’ve been promised an early build of Robert Briscoe’s updated version, which should be landing in my inbox in the next week or two. Beware: I will be reporting back, and I will not be making any efforts to be restrained.


Meet Cel Shader, a Crysis Wars mod which supposedly “alter[s] the graphic output of Crysis Wars to make it appear hand-drawn.” Er, but doesn’t look in any way hand-drawn, instead making everything appear as if someone’s quickly Photoshop-embossed the game world. Hmm. Here it is, if you’re curious anyway.

Also meet Half-Screwed, which looks absolutely /mental/. It’s a Half-Life 1 multiplayer mod that appears to combine a whole bunch of pop culture and gaming stuff into something which the devs have dubbed “tactical stupid action.” They continue: “This mod is a Tribute to Hammy, Jaykin bacon, Various Video Games and the fact that you can make a mod fun without super-serious modern warfare guns or zombies.” Fair play, folks. Download it here.


Star Wars in anything is always a good thing, and anything in Mount & Blade even better. So Star Wars: Conquest, a M&B mod, reaching version is a fairly exciting prospect. Here it is. I wonder how many decimal places you could get away with using in a build version before people start to mistake it for an IP address.

Um. I think that’s the only particularly interesting update, to be honest. Shout at me if I’m wrong.


Andrea’s been doing a sterling job with UserCreated since I became a bit of a deserter. One of his introductions is Mod Our Comments, in which he opens the floor to readers to discuss various mod-related gubbins. This week: which games would people like to see modded more? Here’s what people said.

And, since it’s been Deus Ex week, ModDB have been lovely enough to compile a list of the best in Deus Ex mods. The Narcissus Entity was said to be nonplussed at the noninclusion of The Cassandra Project.

Until next week. More at good old UC.


  1. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    That Dear Esther remake is looking so gorgeous. Once it’s out I will be forcing various of my friends and relatives to try it.
    Although, there is some talk of it being released as a standalone game, rather than just a mod.

    (ps, I can login, but I still get asked for a capatcha, wtf?)

    • l1ddl3monkey says:

      I watched the video and my jaw dropped so hard that it fell off (and landed in my lap, which hurt a bit). Unbelievably good visuals.

  2. monkehhh says:

    For the Dear Esther stuff, Robert Briscoe’s dev blog seems to have everything in better quality (inc. 720p video)..
    link to
    .. in case anyone misses the link. Awesome.

  3. P7uen says:

    That Starwars TC looks like an unbelievable piece of work. I only played a couple of hours of M&B but this I can get behind.

  4. vanarbulax says:

    Colour me amazed, that Dear Esther remake is just unbelievably beautiful. I was pretty much uninterested in playing a remake because I found it too drawn out and uninteresting (not that I’m an action junkie, just that “walk forward” is not my idea of engaging) but with those maps I swear I will spend the time just wandering around. I hope the Dear Esther remake doesn’t still punish you for exploring. He must be a demigod or something to squeeze that out of source.

    And this guy worked on some of my favourite parts of Mirror’s Edge! I think Adam Foster has a competitor for mapping legend…

  5. Cooper says:

    Eternal Silence: An amazing job of putting Halo-esque multiplayer gaming into space.

    But not what I really wanted from a space MP game.

    If they just turned down the “frantic” dial a bit, I would have fallen in love with it.

    Also, that Dear Esther remake is looking. Well. Frankly awesome.

  6. poop says:

    how has dear esther managed to make me excited to play a cave level in a game


  7. Sobric says:

    can’t wait for the Dear Esther remake. One of my favourite games experiences.

  8. Andreas says:

    I’m really hoping they’ll port Conquest to Warband…Also, yes, Dear Esther looks amazing.

  9. ChaosSmurf says:


  10. Sigma Draconis says:

    That Star Wars: Conquest mod looks pretty good. I really should get back to playing Mount & Blade, but Steam’s Perils of Summer sale is essentially killing any chance of that since I’m buying and playing a new game almost every day.

    • Matzerath says:

      That Star Wars mod is pretty entertaining! The persistence of occasional arrow-sounds might need to be dealt with at some point, and obviously some sort of ‘Force Shield’ rather than a shield-shield.

  11. godwin says:

    Wow, did you guys watch the video in the Dear Esther update? Wow.

  12. internisus says:

    I’ve been sporadically checking in on the Dear Esther update for awhile, but, please, RPS: I beg you to post a big news update all on its own filled with shiny lights and things to grab my eye when it is released so that I do not miss it.

  13. Antlia says:

    That DE thingie might very well contain the most beautiful levels ever made in gaming history.

  14. Toyoch says:

    That cell-shader mod for Crysis makes it look like Borderlands. I expect a Claptrap in the next release

    • Grape Flavor says:

      That’s exactly what I was about to say. Borderlands.

      I actually think it looks pretty cool. Dunno why Lewis seems so dismissive.

    • Lewis says:

      Looking again, it’s mainly the foliage. It looks really strange. The organic bits generally aren’t great, although admittedly there’s a neatness to the structural architecture.

  15. Arathain says:

    I played some Eternal Silence, which I really enjoyed. It was nice to dust off some of those old TIE-Fighter/Freespace skills, and even nicer to discover they work just fine on real people. The ground combat wasn’t everything it could be, but was still fun. I will check out the new stuff for sure.

  16. Alastayr says:

    The Dear Esther remake looks fantastic, but it doesn’t feel like the Dear Esther that I played and love. The huge scribble-free caverns are rather distracting from the claustrophobic and moribund atmosphere of the level, instead of enhancing it.

    Still, I wouldn’t mind this becoming a stand-alone title on Steam. The Path is £7.25 and I figure Dear Esther fits that price as well.

  17. Theory says:

    I released a mod this week. I was kind of looking forward to it appearing here. :(

  18. Geoff says:

    Absolutely Wow at the Dear Esther makeover

  19. dinorceeho says:

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