Going Blanka Again: TF2 Genre-Mashes

From the depths of the almighty Steamforums – via Simon Parkin, Via Kotaku – comes some fun reworking of Valves IP. One SF2-style is shown above, and an especially large shot multi-stage shot beneath the cut… but do follow the link to this venerable threadto see Fortcraft, The Legend of Sniper and more.


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  1. LionsPhil says:

    You must construct additional dispensers.



  2. Gene says:

    This is still the. best. thing. EVER.

  3. Dominic White says:

    I’m sorry, but this is a far better TF2 + Fighting game mash-up:

    • Nephilim Rising says:

      I have the privaledge of knowing Ayesdyef, and so I know how much effort he put into that video. (In fact, I think you can see me getting shot in his NTAU vid.

  4. GT3000 says:

    “Rise and shine, Mr. Engineer.”

    *Shakes fist angrily*

  5. Handsome Dead says:

    I liked the persona ones.


  6. HairCute says:


    When will that ever go away? When will people stop thinking that is new and original. That said:

    The fighting game looks cool!

    • Polysynchronicity says:

      It’s not new and original, but it’s still funny.

      You monster.

  7. sana says:


    • LionsPhil says:

      Oop, sorry everbody, sana’s right, we’ve got to stop finding this funny, it’s old news on the Internet! CEASE ALL MERRIMENT IMMEDIATELY.

    • Jeremy says:

      Whew, thanks for the heads up, I nearly enjoyed myself.

    • Bhazor says:

      10.5 months to break a story? Lets face it, RPS is shit hot at journalism.

  8. Keith Nemitz says:

    That’s pretty cool. Here’s an indie attempt at getting dates for the men from TF2. (in the 1920s)

    link to teamfortress2fort.com

  9. nabeel says:

    I would play this. The other mockups in that thread are really cool, too.

  10. Andres_Rueda says:

    I WANT THE GAME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  11. I ahte this says:

    “From the depths of the almighty Steamforums – via Simon Parkin, Via Kotaku – comes some fun reworking of Valves IP. ”

    I hate this “via” stuff.

    • Bamft says:

      You should try some new VIA Ready Brew from Starbucks! Finally you can enjoy the quality of Starbucks but in instant form!

      I… I mean… Um… Sometimes I wake up screaming in the middle of the night :( I think they got me!

  12. will says:




  13. will says: