The Open Road: Need For Speed World Beta

Good news for fans of vroom. News reaches us that over Holiday Weekend until July 5th EA’s forthcoming online MMO racer thingy will be available to play. Just go and sign up here. It kicks off at 10am PST – which is 6pm in Blighty, meaning you can get home from work and get straight on the speedy-places. Anyway, here’s a trailer which features an unfortunate over-use of the word-awesomeness.

Yes, we get it. You have awesomeness. You also have a game that I keep on reading as “NSFW” when people turn it into an acronym, which probably explains why we haven’t posted about it until now. Awkward acronyms? People should think about what they’ll be and avoid iffy ones at all cost.


  1. Moni says:

    Kieron sat with his head bowed, attempting to comprehend the murder of his fellow writer John. Alec placed his hand on Kieron’s chest.

    “We had to do it, now we can be together.” He spoke softly in Kieron’s ear, his voice caressing the sorrow. Kieron shed a single tear, the began to kiss Alec deeply, passionately.

  2. ulix says:

    No gamepad support up until now…

    control option is just greyed out in the menu…

    So you can basically only play with keyboard, even if the readme claims otherwise.

    • Kelduum Revaan says:

      Well, it was admittedly a bit off, but there was defiantely pad support in the Beta i played some week back.

      It was with a 360 pad, and the triggers didn’t do anything (accelerator/brake are on A/X I think), but I could quite happily steer on the stick and generally drive around and do stuff.

      Quite fun actually.

    • John Peat says:

      The last beta had 360 pad support – still no way of customising it tho so you have to use what you’re given.

  3. Henry Turner says:

    these people seriously misunderstand the concept of beta testing. it seems like they also misunderstand the concept of hyperlinking taking you somewhere that’s at least partially relevant to where you want to go. Someone get them to a competent web designer, stat!

    • Tei says:

      Is called “Beta” test, because calling it “the server has never before been test with real clients imposing real stress may break things that in theory and on the alfa test used to work”. Beta is a best worst, because is more short.

      Even if the “Beta” is created by cynic PR people. The real truth, is that the concept of beta existed before these cynic use of betas, and is a real need. Before you test something wil real people, you don’t know how it work. Not ammount of alfa testing will show all the flaws of a system on the Real World.

  4. Henry Turner says:

    (reply to Tai)

    There are some things in a beta test that can be screened out early, such as actually being able to sign up for the beta test, and the links on your website actually sending you where you want to go. Fingers crossed it’s a browser issue, or this might turn into another APB. Talking of which, when are you going to sort yourselves out, RPS?

  5. Richard Clayton says:

    I find there’re no four letters combined to match “NSFW” when it comes to compulsive, insta-click browsing.

    Hence I have seen a lot about this game, disappointingly.

  6. Frye says:

    Lots of good racing games lately (Blur, Dirt 2, Split Second). Wouldn’t mind having some new F1 sim though. Especially of the hard-core kind. Someone defibrillate Geoff Crammond please, i miss him.

    And his games too…

    • Richard Clayton says:

      Like this one: link to ?

      I’d be vaguely interested if the cars would be halfway realistic a la NFS:Shift. I can’t see that there’s going to be enough to draw in and retain the average non-arcade-racing gamer, to be honest. I didn’t enjoy Test Drive Unlimited for very long for these very reasons. I’m not sure simple car vs car interaction is enough nowadays.

  7. SiUnit says:

    so they have removed everything that was awesome about NFS:Shift, and made a NFS:Carbon mmo that’s unfinished on release?

    • Nallen says:

      It hasn’t been released, it’s in Beta. Beta doesn’t mean ‘early access’ it means feature complete.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Tried to see how far they’ve gone, and i was amazed – Service Unavailable. Truly remarkable game

  9. Shodan says:

    Is the handling still like trying to drive a shopping trolley with an engine?

  10. LieutLaww says:

    It kicks off at 10am PST – which is 6pm in Blighty,

  11. Phill Cameron says:

    I’m pretty sure Reversive Pubertus Syndrome is a perfect description of RPS.

  12. John Peat says:

    It’s a bit disappointing to see RPS descending into the state of other forums when a BETA doesn’t work for the little darlings and so they have a tizzy…

    I’ve been playing this for a while – always managed to get it working and get online but very VERY seldom are there people actually racing.

    I loved NFS:MW – it’s the best NFS every IMO – and this is basically an MMO version of it but it feels totally wrong. It’s like someone rewrote NFS:MW from memory and then broke most of the mechanics of the game.

    Pursuits are ruined by police ‘materialisting’ from nowhere – multiplayer races take eons to appear and you can only queue for 1 at a time and the single-player races are ‘unchallenging’ to say the least (meaning you can level up effortlessly without playing with others – WTG!!)

    With just 2 weeks to it’s “release” it’s hard to see much improving – they seem to be just putting in more cars etc.

    p.s. it breaks a golden rule as well – making someone who pays money faster than someone who doesn’t (more powerups) – in a racing game – can you see the snag there???

  13. SiUnit says:

    “instead of being finished at launch its only just beginning”

  14. Tauers says:

    Installed –> Played 30 seconds –> Crashed to desktop –> Uninstalled


    • MWoody says:

      Installed->Ran->tried to change resolution->crash to desktop. Same thing every time.

      On a related note: it’s 2010, people. Stop defaulting to 1024×768. Take my desktop resolution, or at LEAST take the aspect ratio.

  15. bakaohki says:

    Will it be like Burnout Paradise: a world where people are cursed and are turned into cars? A whole city of cars? Not a fucking bystander or a shitful shadow in the window? Cars without drivers? Anyway, wish I had some awesomeness, instead of sarcasm.

  16. Devan says:

    I just tried this out and got to level 3. Haven’t had any problems so far.
    I’m not big into online racing, but it looks like you can progress almost as quickly by playing single-player matches against the AI. It hasn’t felt particularly challenging yet except for the time I accidentally dinged a police car and got pushed into a pursuit match. It was quite hard to shake them since you can’t just outdrive them, you have to somehow hide out of sight for a while.

    Anyways, it’s decent fun to play although I certainly wouldn’t put any money into it. The maximum level for free players is 10, but as long as the matchup logic is smart enough to pair you with same-level players, there shouldn’t be a problem maintaining balance and having fun.

  17. loukey says:

    awsomeness blah blah awesomeness blah blah awsomeness blah blah awsomeness


  18. MMORPG Games says:

    I loved NFS Most wanted, but if u notice in this so called mmo racing, the beauty of NFS is dumb down by Mario Kart mechanic which is horrible for this IP and also no performance parts, instanced racing, useless town, same old good cops races.

    EA Fails again for me. No surprise there.

  19. Jayt says:

    Won about 10 races, next 5 lost due to insane lag. Was following a guy and all of a sudden he stopped completely, crashed into me and I stopped, his car decided to stop lagging and resumed doing top speed leaving me slowly accelerating :(. If there was less lag I would consider this game.

    Also I just entered the right captcha and this fucking thing reckoned I got it wrong.