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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Bringing Sexy Back

I’ve been away for two weeks, did you miss me? I’ve been hibernating, but I’m back, baby. It’s the fully rejuvenated bargain bucket. I hope you haven’t all gone crazy and started buying games at RRP in my absence. Valve, the sneaky devils, waited until I wasn’t around to start their big summer sale, but I’m on their case now. I’ve fiddled with the usual bargain bucket format a bit because no one is going to stop me. As always plug plug plug. Let the bargainification commenciate.

These are a few choice deals from Steam’s sale. They only have 6 hours left (at time of writing), so snap them up right now if you’re interested.
Borderlands – £6.79/€10.19/$10.19 (also available as a 4 pack, £5.10/€7.65/$7.65 each)
Day of Defeat: Source, PC – £1.49/€2.49/$2.49
Bionic Commando + Bionic Commando: Rearmed, PC – £8.74/€10.74/$11.24
Half-Life 2, PC – £2.37/€3.05/$3.39 (The Episodes are £2.03/€2.37/$2.71 a pop too)
Prototype, PC – £12.49/€24.99/$14.99
Saints Row 2, PC – £2.49/€2.49/$7.49
Max and the Magic Marker, PC – £3.25/€3.75/$5
Beat Hazard, PC – £1.74/€1.74/$2.49

Just Cause 2 for the cheaps.
Call it a premonition, or a crystal ball, but I’ve got a hunch that Just Cause 2 is going to be on sale later on today. The Steamworks retail release costs £14.95, so hopefully they will beat that.

The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena – £5.09/€6.79/$6.79
It has nasty, awful TAGES activation, but this is damn cheap. Especially considering (in the UK at last) the retail release of this was under produced, meaning that it was only ever available at or near RRP for a long time. I loved it, I loved the original game, although I never finished it. When this was announced, I just decided to wait and play the remake. It’s pretty top notch as remakes go, the graphics are still excellent, and the animation has been measurably improved. If you never played it first time round, then this brutal Riddick ’em up is a must play. If you already played the original, then the new stuff ain’t that bad (the Ulaks are something special), but definitely play the Dark Athena on the easiest difficulty settings, it makes it much more fun. It’s a good price for a lot of game, I can’t wait to see Starbreeze’s next game. Jim’s words here.

NecroVisioN: Lost Company – £3
The business model is still kind of wonky [And its capitalisation too – Ed] but £3 for this nazi-zombie armed-warfare simulator is a good deal in my books. I do wish they wouldn’t autoplay the trailer when the site loads up. Not sure what the availability of this offer is to people outside the UK, it is a UK based site. Let me know if you have any success. I’m downloading it using capsule now. I never did get my Painkiller to work, hopefully this actually does work. The game is a shooty shooty thing, looks silly enough to forgive any problems it does have.

Penumbra Collection – £3.95/€4.95/$4.95
Penumbra, all of it. Overture, Black Plague and then Requiem. Dark corridors and hands groping around for objects are the two things that stuck with me most from Penumbra. Those, and the scares, lots of scares. They can be a bit fiddly, but they really represent a fantastic leap forward for adventure game controls and immersion. Top stuff, and fantastic value at this price.

Deal of the week
The discount comes off during checkout.
Another World: 15th Anniversary Edition – £4.60/€5.56/$6.99
The discount comes off during checkout.
The best version of one of the best games ever made. Eric Chahi’s experimental journey from A to B is littered with magical moment after magical moment. It looks utterly incredible, and it never lets you stop thinking. It’s creative, challenging, and fair. It is your fault if you die. The discount comes off during checkout. It’s the reason modern games have no excuse for awful cut scenes. It’s a brief visit to a world that is in many ways entirely alien from your own, but in others not so much. Mr Walker did a retrospective for Eurogamer back in April.
The discount comes off during checkout.

Also of note:
USA week at GamersGate
Impulse probably have something on sale, bless ’em.
The Steam sale is still updating every 24 hours, so keep checking the store frontpage.

SavyGamer yo.

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