Allods Expands Today

That’s “Volume 1: Revelations of Gipat”, to you. Allods’ first expansion raises the level cap to 42, adds 100 quests, and a new instance. The full patch notes are here, if you’re interested in the grimy details. As I understand it, this patch also removes one of the death penalties that had been annoying people so much, which should make things a little more playable. And it it’s free, obviously, because Allods is free-to-play.


  1. Dominic White says:

    Wish I had the time to play this. Allods is by far the best of the free WoW-alikes. Far more creative in its setting, too.

    It’s also developed by the guys who made Heroes of Might & Magic 5. It’s not just some amateur outfit.

  2. Ecks says:

    While one of the death penalties is being removed, another one is being added. It’s arguably more annoying to deal with because you either have to buy a cash shop item from other players or from the cash shop itself.

  3. Rodalpho says:

    Also, all player damage and health was nerfed by 250% at all times which by total coincidence is the amount that incense (only available in the cash shop) buffs it for.

  4. Jimmy Z says:

    I did try it out a while back and it does seem pretty decent. The graphics are quite charming and the setting with it’s flying islands and whatnot is something at least slightly different.

    However my biggest gripe was the fact that even at early levels it took absolutely AGES to kill anything, making the overall gaming experience rather boring, since just doing a simple “kill ten rats” quest took like half an hour.

  5. Choca says:

    I played that a while ago, it’s well done but extremely boring and generic.

  6. Freud says:

    It is probably harder to design a game like this than one like WoW. You want your free first hit to create enough well being for people to get hooked while still having the purchasable drugs give a big enough advantage that people have no choice but to use them unless they are into self punishment.

  7. Arathain says:

    I really liked the art style of this one, particularly the steampunk-Soviet chic of the Empire faction. I never really did anything interesting while playing, though. Kill five of these, ten of those, go here, go there…

  8. Stalin says:

    The game is busted. The latest patch has killed all the skilled and hardcore players. They say it’s f2p but you have to:
    1. buy incense (cash shop item) in order to play at normal parameters (and not to be nerfed so badly that you can’t kill mobs of your lvl …not to mention ellites or bosses :)) ) .
    2. Buy the incense for an absurd amount of gold
    3. you have a chance of getting cursed while dying : and this means that the stats on your gear will turn from positive stats to negative ones : eg: +50 stamina can turn to -50 stamina. Imagine that on epic gear. To remove curses you need a cash shop item
    Bottom line : pay 15$ to play wow and you never bother with buying bank space with real money, get a larger backpack with real money, die and clean items with real money. Pay a subscription fee by buying a cash shop item that will keep you normal. Respec talents with 10$ every time you want to change anything ….
    This is russian mafia …greedy as hell and in the eng you will pay more then WOW subscription in order to play a WOW clone .