If only you could shoot at the monsters now that... oh, wait.

God help me, I like this. And I’ve also re-named it. It should be called Go Go Marine Squad, but I’ve added an exclamation mark and put it all in capitals. Creator Jan Willem Nijman can expect my consultancy fee invoice in the post. It’s a low-tech first-person shooter, with you controlling a marine whose sense-organs are positioned way outside his body, featuring destructible scenery, multiple weapon types and genuinely pummelling weapon sounds. Oh – and you can get a higher level view of the situation for strategic positioning (i.e. Getting behind them and shooting them). In a cut-to-the-core take on the FPS, it actually kinda reminds me of a micro-scale version of Amiga micro-classic Gloom. It’s about as dumb as toast, which can be a good thing in my book. You can get it from here or watch some low-frame-rate footage below…


  1. Webster says:

    Marine cor. Ahahahaha.

    Also: This definately warrants the exclaimation mark.

  2. SF Legend says:

    That was some very relaxing music for a trailer involving blowing things up.

  3. Littlefoot says:

    Personally I think it has potential. It’s rough… very rough. But a little bit better graphics and some physics could make it a lot of fun.

    • Aubrey says:

      Yeah, and they should get in more realistic modern day weapons, and set it in a fictional middle eastern conflict (but you are american) and a bald space marine high poly model, and multiplayer reward systems, and and and…

  4. Lilliput King says:

    “t’s a low-tech first-person shooter”

    Do you play the third person camera?

  5. Dominic White says:

    The second I saw that headline screenshot, I knew this was a Poppenkast game. If not by Cactus, then another of his crew.

    And I was right.

  6. Helm says:

    Gloom a mini-classic? More like comfort food for Amiga users that couldn’t run doom. You know it to be true :P

  7. Krimson says:

    I always found toast to be quite smart, myself.

    For cheapo bread, It’s the difference between a bloody slab of meat and a delicious steak.

  8. CMaster says:

    It just tells me to “pick your outfit marine”
    Nothing I click or press seems to have any effect to move me beyond this.

  9. Wilson says:

    Where’s the squad? Actually, do you need more than one person to be a squad? If not, I’m going to have to make up a brilliant name for my new squad I will be forming. With myself.

    • Bret says:

      It’s like those dumb one person bands.

      My squad is Omega squad, obv.

    • a says:

      Why does the face of air quotes fill me with horror?

    • Tei says:

      Is because you have recognized the strange subrace with weird anime eyes, and horrible dental health, that will take over the world, and slave us. The Ustuzoy.

  10. Mimsy says:

    Why the hell is it called “Marine Squad”, if there’s only a single marine? That’s actually really lame.

  11. Graham Goring says:

    You can’t call it that. Not without my copyright permission. ;)

    link to

  12. Jez says:

    Holy crap, Gloom!

    That mechanical wall sound still haunts my dreams.
    Well, that and how shit it ran with details maxed.

  13. chess says:

    Wow, this i really sweet and plays great! This could grow into a really great hit, just add original bosses and different missions to it. upgrading your character would also be nice and that should not be that hard to do in game maker. You seem to know something about graphics because you added this neat low res sprites which look sweet in nearly EVERY games. Just make sure that not every level plays like the same.

    Also if you add some short story which is not too overused by many other shooters it could get amusing!

    It is a good base on which an impressive little shooter could evolve… like the famous Soldat for example!

    The *only* thing i would mention is that it is to dark in my opinion

    Please keep up this GREAT work!