F1 2010: Cars And Stuff! It’s true.

Yeah, those racing cars are racing fast in F1 2010, although they’re actually the 2009 cars in this trailer, for reasons of commercial, sporting, and developmental intricacy. Codies show a bit behind the scenes of development, and that means highly detailed models of cars, the tracks they will zoom so precisely around, and a bunch of stuff about the challenges of working with F1 as a format. It’s also stuff that we completely interviewed Codies about earlier in the year. Yeah, we interviewed ’em good. If only there was a developer that put this much time and effort into a racing game featuring badly-maintained articulated trucks with dangerous payloads and intoxicated drivers. Now that would be something.


  1. Heliosicle says:

    please be good…

    • Phinor says:

      Slim chance of that happening but I shall remain hopeful. The tracks aren’t looking all that great – seem very flat and smooth compared to laser scanned tracks and that’s half the illusion gone if they indeed are as smooth as they look in all these videos. But good driving model&physics are what can make this game the best F1 game since.. well.. take your pick from games almost 10 years old ie. GP4 or F1 Challenge 99-02.

      If only iRacing had F1 cars and real tracks.. oh wait, they do have (in the near future, Spa announced yesterday!).

    • Jason Moyer says:

      I gather, from watching their interview with SimRacingTv, that they’re more interested in capturing the experience of competing in a GP, a’la Geoff Crammond, rather than going for super sophisticated physics, which would be lost on 9/10 of their customer base anyway.

    • Raum says:

      I don’t know. I think you’re severely underestimating how nerdy F1 gamers are.

      I mean, really, are there any non-F1-nerdy people playing F1 games at all?

  2. westyfield says:


  3. Spiffae says:

    Looks great so far… can’t wait. This video:

    link to gametrailers.com

    gives me a lot of hope.

  4. Brumisator says:

    Wow, F1 makes cars now?

  5. Corrupt_Tiki says:

    Cars wot go fast.
    I prefer them on my xbox

  6. Frye says:

    Oh yes! Just what I wanted. Please allow to be configured without throttling or steering help. That will make or break this sort of game. Nobody hardly has a steering wheel anymore though.

    I still have a perfectly good Thrustmaster steering wheel gathering dust. There arent any gameports on my new pc, though. Nor do my old soundcards fit. I’ll have to look into some converter that supports 4 axes and 10 buttons (if they exist).

    • Ziv says:

      You’d better save yourself the hassle and get a new wheel. sorry to tell you but most gameport-usb adapters suck badly, maybe you’ll get lucky if you find a gameport PCIe card-but I’m not sure such a beast exists…

    • Ravenger says:

      I’ve got the same problem. I can’t use my full set of CH Products HOTAS controllers for flight sims as my current sound card doesn’t have a gameport, and the keyboard interface won’t work with my USB keyboard. Also gameports aren’t supported in Windows 7. So a triple whammy.

      Seems a real waste to have quality gear that won’t work on a modern machine, despite it being fully functional. It’d cost me over £300 to replace it with the equivalent USB versions.

  7. itsallcrap says:

    The trouble with creating a game that exactly replicates driving an F1 car is that I’d have no chance in hell of successfully driving an F1 car.

    Anyone for a spot of Mario Kart?

    • Corrupt_Tiki says:

      You would have to drive the car so fast in order to make it work properly, most people would just find the sheer speed too much, and left without enough reaction time, this however has the bonus of crowd enjoyment as they watch you careen into a tirewall ;P

    • Ian says:

      @itsallcrap: Maybe they’ll give us blue shells?

  8. Daniel Klein says:

    Looks really good. Really VROOOOOM. Do we know where this will land on the difficulty scale? As in, Gran Turismo? Harder? Easier?

    • Jason Moyer says:

      I can’t remember where I read it, but a comparison was made to Grid/Dirt since it uses the Emotion engine, and I seem to remember that they were going for somewhere between those games and a real sim.

  9. bill says:

    Does it accurately model the Virgin cars running out of gas before the end?

    (though i’m assuming they’ve fixed that by now…)

    • Thermal Ions says:

      I expect them to have the F-Ducts and team mates who run into you or I’m not purchasing.

  10. Teachable Moment says:

    A game about Little Bernie’s Flying Billboards?

    Well, I dunno. It’ll have to be “arcadey”, I guess, they won’t be making a real sim…

  11. Dozer says:

    I’d buy the Drunken Artic Lorry version in a shot! But when it comes to precisely simulated motorised vehicles on my PC, I prefer aircraft…

  12. Fatchap says:

    All looking really good, I was getting excited and then….Final shot of the boxes and the PC one has Games for Windows Live on the top.

    aBooo, aBooo!

  13. battles_atlas says:

    Not one fucking crash in that entire video. Don’t they understand that the whole ‘racing’ bit in F! is simply building up momentum for the crashing bit?

  14. terry says:

    Oh my. <a href="link to amp.dascene.net; title="TDK" is the sound designer. There's a blast from the past for me. I think I still have some of his tunes on a floppy disk somewhere.

    Game looks nice, although I don't see scores of 3 year olds buying it based on the trailer.

  15. BIG D says:

    I’m hardcore PC Gamer for sure but I think I will get this for my PS3 and a new wheel, I’m not sure i could stand the Games for Windows Live BS!

    This over my 50″ and AVR 5.1 should be the freaking nuts!

    Yes i’m and F1 nut, looking forward to this Silverstone – ear defenders at the ready!

    • mrmud says:

      Do one better.
      Connect your PC to your TV and play in front of it with better graphics and head tracking with TrackIR

  16. Alastayr says:

    I haven’t followed the F1 business in a decade, but I’m mildly interested in this. Looks like they just apply the DiRT-formula again: Emotion Engine, GfWL, arcadey driving model – I really hope they nail that.

    Still, as a GfWL title it’ll be a tenner in no time and that’s probably when I’ll pick it up.