Mythos Edges Ever Closer

Release it already!

The rebirth of Mythos – the splendid Fate-like MMO originally created to stress-test the Hellgate: London servers – still doesn’t have a release date, but is looking ever-more concrete. Travis Baldree’s game was the surprising highlight of Flagship Studios, before he went on to create the happiness that was Torchlight. Then it was all swallowed up in the ugly mess of Flagship’s collapse, and the muddle that led to its being owned by Hanbitsoft. Then there was that giant battle in the sea, the reverse volcano, and the Great War Of Swords. And finally, now in the year 3032, we’re getting ready to play all over again.

Frogster are to be publishing the game in the United States Of Europe, providing the game, as the press release peculiarly says, “following a free-to-play model according to the plans of the Berlin-based games publisher.” These “plans” are not revealed. We’re hoping they involve a mysterious green mist.

So they plan to keep things much as they were, but adding new content and features. What’s rather lovely about the promo here is it’s not pretending the past was eaten by a glowing crack on the wall, but instead celebrating the work Flagship Seattle put in. Whatever a Chief Licensing Office is, Frogster has one called Andreas Weidenhaupt, and he says,

“The premature dropping of Mythos before its release was a real loss for the genre. That’s why we’re really pleased to finally bring the game to Europe. We’re not just going to meet the expectations of the game’s fans – we’re going to surpass them!”

There’s still no release date, but if you want to keep up you can sign their newsletter at the game’s temporary sparse site. It seems, what with the game already being finished, that it really shouldn’t take too long. Meanwhile, you can watch a million squillion videos of it at the US site, one of which is below.


  1. fallingmagpie says:

    Oh dear. Shouldn’t have watched that just before bed. The giant purple gorilla men are going to give me nightmares.

  2. bob_d says:

    I’m not holding my breath for either this or the Western re-release of Hellgate, as I understand T3, the Korean company that owns Hanbitsoft and holds the IPs, is running out of money and may shut down before too long… not to mention, the US distributor for Mythos is (was) Redbana which laid off its remaining workers recently.
    Those Flagship properties are cursed, I tell ya.

  3. yns88 says:

    It could be an interesting diversion while we wait for the Torchlight MMO.

  4. Daniel Klein says:

    Glad to see lightning widget is still the OP build du jour. Not much has changed (but we live underwater).

    Mythos tickled a heroin-gland in my brain that nothing since Diablo 2 has come close to reaching. As much as I have to admit that Torchlight is the superior manifestation of exactly the same idea, I had more fun with Mythos. I’m trying to put into coherent, human-readable words why this was, and all I can say is “multiplayer”, but that doesn’t make any sense. Most of the time (like 95% of it) I soloed Mythos. Just because there was always “one more thing” you wanted before “properly going for it” multiplayer. Multiplayer has a different pacing, it’s much more frantic, you feel guilty for taking the time to sit back and consider skill-builds or item choices, and so you kind of “prepared” for a multiplayer endgame that never really came. If you were me, that is, which is a fate I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I live in a small flat, you see, and it would get crowded.

    Less tangentially though, Torchlight lacked the multiplayer that I never really used in Mythos, and somehow that made it less fun for me? My brain is probably stupid. But it’s a fact! It’s the only fact we can ever truly know: are we having fun or not.

    But of course on the other hand I don’t want to even consider trying … this! This is dirty. This is stolen (legally stolen, but still) intellectual property, nay, heartblood. They stole Travis Baldtree’s heartblood, so he had to go and bleed again, and he did bleed better the second time around, but still.

    I am conflicted, you see, imaginary reader.

    I guess it’ll come down to “what will I get me grubby hands on first”. If it’s this Restless Undead Game of Old, then so be it. If it’s Torchlight with some sort of multiplayerification (either the mod that has been coming soon for fourteen decades now, or the not-even-really-properly-announced MMO), then that’s good too. If it’s Diablo 3, all hope is lost.

    What I’m saying, I guess, is that I really liked this game, and you should probably check it out too, but don’t enjoy it, because that would be wrong, what with history.

  5. Tim Langdell says:

    Dear Mr Walker,
    We regret to inform you that your blog post title infringes upon the trademark of Edge® Games Incorporated. As a professional, you understand that market confusion is the enemy of honest trading, and your usage of the term ‘Edge’® invites the undesirable suggestion that the publishing arm of Edge Games® has in some way authorised or endorsed your post. Accordingly, we request the immediate retitling or withdrawal of this blog post; alternatively, you may retain the blog post and title on the condition that we be granted a license fee of $300 per day for as long as the article remains available to the public on your internet servers. Edge® Games is known industry-wide for its prompt and courteous professional behaviour, and we expect that you will conduct yourself similarly in this matter.

    Tim Langdell,
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    • Kid A says:

      Whoever you are, +1 internets. Unless you’re actually Tim Langdell, in which case, feel free to bend over so we can more swiftly expedite the kick to the rear with which to eject your copyright trolling personage from RPS.

    • jackflash says:

      Trademark, not copyright.

    • Tim Langdell says:

      Dear Kid A,
      The blog commenter naming himself ‘jackflash’ is correct in his assertion; Mr Walker’s post infringes upon a registered trademark of The Edge® Games. My lawyers have advised me not to comment further, except to notify both you and the user ‘jackflash’ that you are now involved in the case, and are not yourselves permitted to comment further. Further comments from yourself in this public forum will be considered a violation of the pending gag order I have formally requested from the presiding magistrate, and you may be found to be in contempt of court.

      Tim Langdell,
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    • TeeJay says:

      Dear Timmy, please can your presiding magistrate bend me over and give me a jolly good “pending gag order” as well please? I’m really into all that kinda of s*@t :)

  6. Txiasaeia says:

    link to

    Yikes. Tim, hate to tell you this, but “to edge” was a verb in the English language long, long, LONG before you were making games. Oh, and way to post this in the comments section instead of contacting RPS directly — now we all get to point and laugh.

  7. Uglycat says:

    I wish Torchlight looked like this.

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      It does on my machine.

      Are you playing it on a netbook or something?

    • Uglycat says:

      It’s two things really: the desaturated nature vs the riot of technicolour of TL, and the second is the higher viewpoint. I always felt cramped in TL.

  8. dtgreen says:

    Bet ‘Kid A’ ALL.

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