Blacklight Tango Down Not Available Now!

Um, hello?

You may remember that back in May, Kieron wrote a hefty hands-on preview of download-only future war multiplayer Blacklight: Tango Down. The mid-price game is for 360 LiveStation, PS3NetworkMax, and the PC via the ghastly GFWL. Well, folks, the game is now available. Except, er, no it’s not. Despite releasing a launch trailer boasting that the game is “AVAILABLE NOW”, the game’s site still says it’s coming “Summer 2010”, and GFWL certainly doesn’t have it in their store. Which makes their slogan, “DOWNLOAD THE FUTURE” seemingly a task, rather than an empty marketing phrase. So, well, the launch trailer is below. Somewhat pre-emptively launched.


  1. Frankie The Patrician[PF] says:

    I’m so excited about this…except I’m not..
    Srsly, the soldiers even look like the replica army from FEAR1!

  2. Shadow Aspect says:

    Their forum refers you to their twitter, which claims another week for the PC (and 6! weeks for PSN, whoops).

  3. fallingmagpie says:



  4. Wisq says:

    So GFWL is (going to be) the only way to download this game?

    Whelp … I was actually interested for a bit, there.

    Maybe they actually mean “DOWNLOAD IN THE FUTURE”, when people have finally realised that GFWL is value subtracted, not added.

  5. Freud says:

    I didn’t even realize they sold games over at GFW. I keep uninstalling GFWL after I am through with each game that forces me to use it for such high tech online activities as saving my single player game. Judging by the prices on that site, I am not missing out on anything.

  6. ZIGS says:

    Humm, no dedicated servers and GFWL-bound? Yep, this is gonna be a success alright!

  7. tome says:

    Ah! Looking at the old preview post, I notice Tei’s made a comment that I never replied to! How very rude of me!

    So: after sitting through the Director’s Cut version of the entire trilogy consecutively, (as A Semi-Pointless Thing To Do With Friends For The Hell Of It; I’m not that bad), I’m going to have to go with the abridged version. That damned thing is making a better argument for brevity than I ever could.

    • Alexander Norris says:

      This is a great excuse to contest your statement that Neotokyo was “absolutely great.” It wasn’t. It wasn’t even close to being good. It was a bland, boring CS:S clone in GitS’ clothing, an absolute waste of potential and effort invested into making something that looks absolutely sublime but plays absolutely atrociously.

      I really wish it’d been good, but the NT devs spent 90% of their effort on art and marketing and put zero thought into the gameplay of their mod – never mind refusing to acknowledge balance-destroying bugs (shooting through surfaces causes weapon damage to be randomised between 10-60, which has only recently been fixed), balance-destroying design decisions (random Ghost spawns) and refusing to release their .fgd because the community “wasn’t worthy of making maps for their mod” (no, I am not kidding or even exaggerating).

    • tome says:

      I must’ve not played it long enough to be aware of the problems (randomisation, mapping dickheadsmanship) you mentioned – nt’s server list died quite early in Australia. I principally enjoyed it for the emphasis it placed on voice comms and the novelty of an FPS where everyone can be invisible, (one way or another). Having not been exposed to Akira, GitS etc the blatant style-aping didn’t bother me. Maybe my love for Ed Harrison’s soundtrack conditioned me to enjoy the game from the outset.

    • Alexander Norris says:

      No, the blatant style-aping is what I really liked. It’s just a huge shame it was squandered on a poorly-made CS:S clone. :(

  8. Brumisator says:

    Look! all the way over there behind that shrub! it’s someone who cares about this game!
    ah… no false alert, it was just a refuse bin.

  9. Neut says:

    Oooh is that Neotokyo?

  10. Dominic White says:

    Word is that the 360 release is dead on arrival. Seems a decent enough game, but it’s nigh impossible to find a match, as there’s so few players that matchmaking isn’t working right.

    Matchmaking is an okay idea if you’re dealing with a playerbase of 10,000 or more online at any given time, but drop below that and you start having issues. For smaller, downloadable games like this, it’s a death sentence.

  11. Navagon says:

    It’s as if they’ve gone through this game with a fine toothcomb to remove any trace of originality. I’m sure we’ve all seen more distinct and original mods. Not that I blame them for wanting to profit from this, but I do blame them for making it look so resolutely conventional.

  12. Unaco says:

    Hmmm… When I go to their WebSite, all I get is a blank white screen. Am I supposed to shine a Blacklight on it or something? Oh well… Something of a shame. Might have tried this out. Impossible for it to be any worse than NeoTokyo, and I played at least 1 round of that.

  13. Anon says:

    Errr… Match making only ok above 10,000?

    Battle for Middle Earth still does fine with 400 online. Of course it’s an RTS and therefore less players per game, but still.

    There are few PC games that even manage to average 10l concurrent players these days. Although there will be a lot more on the 360 that do.

  14. Shadow Aspect says:

    Had another look at their Twitter feed, PC will perhaps be on Steam also?
    link to

  15. Pew says:

    Looks like NOW means it’s on XBLA since July 7th.

  16. JohnnyMaverik says:

    GFWL = LOL, no thanks -_-

    @ everybody who is dissing NeoToyko.

    Sadly I agree, I say sadly because like others have said, they put a lot of work into that mod, but hey that’s mod development for you…

  17. DMJ says:

    I blame piracy.

  18. yourgrandma says:

    why are explosions and fire always so pink in unreal games… only time i see pink explosions is during forth of july.

  19. torchedEARTH says:

    They had their window of opportunity and they blew it.


  20. terry says:

    A bomb!

  21. Mole says:

    went Back Playing X360 then, and it rocks ^>^

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