The Witcher 2: Many Manly Minutes

Gamespot have nabbed three game footage videos from The Witcher 2. I’ve embedded them all below. It’s looking pretty impressive, despite some mild dialogue wonkiness and some apparently lightness of combat (it’s a year off, mind, so lots to be done) and it’s making us even more excited. We did a big old interview with CD Projekt a couple of weeks ago, too, and that contains many more reasons to be interested in this particular project.


  1. SquareWheel says:

    I would have bought The Witcher 1 but they raised the price after one day of the Steam sales and I missed it. =/

    • bill says:

      me too

    • blargh says:

      It was worth it even at full price.

      But I know for many people it was a principal thing. They shouldn’t have changed the price, or at least should have admitted to making a mistake after correcting it. But Valve isn’t known for their communication with customers.. or caring at all.

    • PjV says:

      It has been on sale there several times by now and will probably be again. Just keep an eye on steam oncein a while.

  2. Coldwave says:

    Lutik is being hanged. He was about to be beheaded in the book, now the rope.

  3. Psychopomp says:

    At the very least, combat looks more involved now. Clicking rhythmically got old fairly quickly.

    • dadioflex says:


      The combat was awful, and painfully so. Such an incredible game, spoiled by shoddy sword-bothering.

      It was designed for consoles, but with almost zero concessions to console play. In a BAD way! I hope the sequel will correct this.

    • Azradesh says:

      Eh? It was a PC only game, what on earth are you talking about? Witcher 2 however, is coming out on the consoles.

  4. HexagonalBolts says:

    Aaaah fantastic, love all the drama and acting, only needs to be tightened up a little bit. Combat is seriously in need of more impact, you can’t even here the fists connecting. But, obviously, a year off. Can’t wait.

    • Miles of the Machination says:

      Yeah, this is something that I noticed as well. I guess you can chalk the roughness up to the fact that it’s a year from realease, it still looks like it’s going to be quite an impressive game, though.

  5. skalpadda says:

    He punched out all their blood..

    The facial animations still look a bit wonky, but seems like good fun :)

  6. Chad Warden says:

    So, this was merely a console demonstration? What a disappointment.

    • TheTingler says:

      What ARE you talking about? This is the PC version! You’re the second person to make “console!” claims against The Witcher – are you guys just so used to shouting “consoles ruined it” that you do that for every game, whether it’s PC-only or not?

  7. Mike says:

    “What the arse fuck is going on here then?…”

    Umm yeah, tighten up the wonky dialogue indeed.

    To be honest though Jim, didnt you think the first ones less-than-perfect dialogue gave it a bit of extra charm? :P

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      Well… I played the original in Polish with English subtitles.

    • Dominic White says:

      As it should be. The Polish voicework is so much better than the english. Geralt actually emotes in the original version!

    • Bret says:

      Wonky like a horse?

    • DarkNoghri says:

      So how does one turn on the Polish with English subtitles? I was under the impression that they were included with the Enhanced Edition, but I didn’t see an option anywhere.

    • James T says:


      You can seperately download and install any of the language dubs, from memory; put the English subtitles on, but download and install the Polish dub.

  8. TheApologist says:

    ‘interested in this particular Projekt’ surely.


  9. Tarqon says:

    The character models look amazing. I am suitably impressed.

  10. Pemptus says:

    Huh. I though the developers said that they want the new combat to resemble the one from the books – Geralt relying on his superhuman reflexes and speed. Here he looks like he’s inexpertly chopping wood. I know this is the early stage and all, but right now the combat looks like a very average console chop’em up.

    • Zenicetus says:

      The “console game” look of the combat bothered me too, and yeah I know it’s early… but they wouldn’t be showing this, if it wasn’t close to what they’re shooting for. The combat in the first game was a bit too automated, but at least the pace of each fight felt somewhat realistic, compared to this. One hit kills? And all those unnecessary somersaults… ugh. I hope they slow it down a little, and give it some weight.

    • TheTingler says:

      Third person to cry “console”. Stop it. This is the PC version and while there are console versions coming, this is a PC-focused game, one of the few left to do that.

      They’re only tightening up the combat and making it more exciting because it NEEDS IT, dammit! Regardless of platform.

    • jsdn says:

      I can’t explain why, but this certainly feels more console focused than PC. I didn’t know this game was coming to consoles, but watching the combat left me with little doubt.

  11. teo says:

    Looks better than the first one but better games have come out since then and I’m too sick of fantasy RPGs

    • James T says:

      Looks better than the first one but better games have come out since then

      No, just better-hyped ones.

  12. Brendan says:

    : /

    Am I the only one who thinks this looks really dull?

    The combat looks extremely boring; there is a complete lack of weight to any of the animations. Not to mention if he hits an enemy while performing and aerial move he stops moving forward and just kind of hovers in mid air while the animation plays out.

    The A.I looks terrible as well. They just stood around waiting to die, with many of them not even turning around to face the player. Do these guys not know how to angle their swords to deflect an attack? Why are they just running up to the player and then stopping for 10 seconds before doing anything?

    Hopefully it’s stuff that will get sorted over the next year, but I’m not liking the chances.

    • Alexander Norris says:

      I didn’t play The Witcher for the combat, and I doubt I’ll be playing The Witcher 2 for the combat. I also imagine a fair few people are of the same mind. Even if the combat is boring and easy, it’ll probably still be a good game, because the combat is not what made the first one great.

    • DrGonzo says:

      Yet it still looks miles better than Dragon Age.

    • ashbery76 says:

      What? It looks great.

  13. airtekh says:

    For a game that’s a year away from release, that looks mighty impressive.

    Some of the characters seem to have walked off-set from Eastenders though.

    ‘You wanna wotch it, or I’m gonna sortchoo ahhhhhhhht, innit’

  14. blargh says:

    Cannot wait for this!!

    I’m sure they combat will have been tightened up by release. Plus some of the voice acting seems a bit worse than the first game. I’m not digging Geralt’s new voice, but hopefully it’s just placeholder.

    • blargh says:

      Actually, now that I’ve listened to a it a bit more, I guess it’s not so bad. I could get used to the new voice.

  15. Real Horrorshow says:

    I miss Geralt’s old English voice :(

    • Frankie The Patrician[PF] says:

      c’mon, the Polish VO is so much better…give it a whirl

    • Real Horrorshow says:

      Except for a lot of the less significant NPCs I thought the English voice acting in the EE was fine, and Geralt was actually great after he grew on me.

    • Real Horrorshow says:

      And the Polish VO only seems “better” because you don’t understand it. For all you know it could be as cheap and lame as you think the English is :-p

      Might as well have a Simlish setting.

    • Dominic White says:

      That’s stupid. If you have a functioning brain and any kind of standard human empathy, you can tell good or bad acting in pretty much any language. The english voice is incredibly flat and lifeless, like he’s trying to channel Agent 47, which is pretty wildly out of character. He’s not meant to be an emotionless killing machine.

    • Pemptus says:

      Being a Pole myself I found the Polish voices quite horrible. The VO direction has been done by a lady who had previous experience with dubbing animated kids’ films, and that’s not a very good thing. In animated films the actors doing the dubbing tend to speak every word very clearly, giving it an overly theatrical and unnatural feel. It all sounded like a terribly acted soap opera. Geralt’s voice was pretty decent, but Triss? Dandelion? Get outa here.

      It’s a pity that the Polish voices have more, umm, content than the English ones, and you feel like you’re missing out without them.

    • MD says:

      That’s stupid. If you have a functioning brain and any kind of standard human empathy, you can tell good or bad acting in pretty much any language.

      That’s simply not true. Sure, you can get a sense of the emotion they’re conveying (or failing to convey), though I personally doubt you can make as strong a judgment as you could while understanding every word. But more objectively, what about stress & intonation? I can’t count the number of voice actors, especially in games, who get their stress patterns terribly, jarringly wrong. (Presumably because they’re delivering their lines in a vacuum, unaware of their context within the script.) You can’t pick that up without knowing the language.

    • Lilliput King says:

      I’m gonna go ahead and say I did actually like the Polish VO because I didn’t understand it. They made everything feel a bit more authentic. Simlish wouldn’t have the same feel to it.

      I’m also going to say I can’t really tell what bad Polish voice acting sounds like, so if it was bad it wouldn’t bother me as much as the utterly terrible English VO for some of the incidental characters.

  16. Ezhar says:

    Ohhhh, want to play NOW. I hate these damn teasing previews :P

  17. Bluepixie says:

    Exciting stuff! I really should get round to playing the first one!

  18. JohnnyMaverik says:

    Looking pretty nice, graphically it’s pleasing but the animations and dialogue are a little janky, although there was some of that In Dragon Age (more Animation than dialogue although even some of the dialogue for minor characters was a bit meh) and that still rocked. I only ever played about 30 mins of the first Witcher though (demo, and I didn’t even finish that) cuz I couldn’t get to grips with the combat… just didn’t understand it.

    Also is this still coming out for console? I was under the impression that it probably wouldn’t at least initially, but these videos list it as pc, 360 and ps3, did I miss something?

    • DrGonzo says:

      I thought the voice acting in those clips was miles better than Dragon Age’s. I found nearly all the voice overs grating in that game. To be honest I thought Dragon Age was incredibly generic and bland.

      But I agree, the combat in the first Witcher was pretty bad, but this looks like it could be much more fun as long as they polish it up and add some oompf to the combat.

    • JohnnyMaverik says:

      Oh I agree, looks like it could be great and obviously there is still a way to go before release. I got the first Witcher from steam during the recent sale as well so I’ll definitely give that a second chance at some point. The dialogue wasn’t horrible, some of it looked quite good, but some of it a little stilted and unnatural.

      Completely disagree about Dragon Age though… I’ll leave it at that.

  19. Cynic says:

    Well I hope it’s somehow possible to save the first hanged person there, if you get the dialogue/combat right.

  20. Alastayr says:

    Third video reminds me of a Collector Ship I took out in February.

    • Heliosicle says:

      I think the moving bubble is the only real similarity.

    • DSX says:

      This. While I understand games borrow ideas and techniques from each other, watching that Mass Effect 2 moving bubble fight was laughable and seemed disproportionately obvious. There has to be a more creative way to accomplish a similar fight mechanic and make it look significantly different enough that the concept doesn’t seem glaringly obvious. A ring of magical fireflies, a swirling vortex of panda bears, something that only 10 minutes later you might say, Oh, that was vaguely similar to Mass Effect 2.

      Otherwise, looking superb. Can’t wait to see it more polished and on the PC. As always, praying that the game isn’t an incredibly dumbed down console port.

      captcha: VURP

    • Vinraith says:

      It’s probably a statement as to the impression ME2 left on me that I don’t even remember a fight involving a bubble.

  21. Heliosicle says:

    I knew there was a reason I didn’t go to Gamespot, the comments… also the rest of it.

    Looks awesome anyhow for a game with a while to go before release, they must be purely doing effects + late content creation now. (and bug fixing ofc)

  22. The Dark One says:

    I saw a video with a developer talking over this footage and he explained that the melee fighting system hadn’t actually been implemented yet, which is why all the thugs in the first clip went down in a with a single punch.

  23. Gato says:

    For people who are hoping to play this game on consoles:

    1. It wasn’t announced. CD Prokect is thinking of porting the game for x360/PS3 AFTER the PC version is out.
    2. If it’s not canned like “Rise of the Witch Wolf”, then it’ll probably be release only in 2012.
    3. It won’t have half of the PC graphical quality for obvious reasons.
    4. You won’t be able to import saves from previous games.

  24. BobbleHat says:

    Eey by gum it’s t’fuckin’ Witcher aah lad. I don’t remember this much Yaarkshire in the first game, at least from what I’ve played.

    I was expecting to be wowed more by the graphics, and the combat looks a bit poo but I’m sure the console kids would complain if it was like the first one. Not that the combat in that game was great.

  25. Saturnine says:

    For some reason, they thought it’d be prudent to demo a PC game with a 360 controller. There was a mouse and keyboard at the demo unit.


  26. Gumbomasta says:

    I’m just glad Geralt is played by the same voice actor. Kind of a medieval Clint Eastwood vibe.


  27. UncleLou says:

    Looks terrific.

    Loved the combat of the first one no idea what people think was wrong with it.. Never got tired of the visuals either – executing combos, switching stances and blasting off spells all worked naturally and looked gorgeous. A lot more visceral than your typical Bioware game with underlying turn-based combat, without turning it into yet another button-masher.

  28. Kael says:

    Finding the dialogue to be quite good and well acted… With exceptions of Triss and Margot, which comes off as far too Americanised. A little smoother transition between lines here and there and, if you close your eyes, it’s like listening to a Radio 4 period play. I think the combat was for demonstration purposes only, especially the engagement with the guards.