Weekend Gossip: Spore RPG? PVsZ 2?

Yes, I remain the king of photoshop.

Just catching up with the Internet chitter-chatter suggests that a couple of announcements may be incoming. Perhaps most predictably is that following Popcap sending a Save The Date August 2nd 2010 with a zombie hand attached people are speculating that Plants Versus Zombies 2 is going to be announced. More unusual is the news that leaked out in advance of next week’s San Diego Comic Con is that the EA’s panel will feature “a brand new, Sci-Fi Action-RPG based on the DNA of Spore.” VG247 speculate this could be “Darkspore”, which EA trademarked earlier in the year. This will have to go some to actually impress people, but you can see the logic in doing an action-RPG based on some of the still-brilliant character-creation technology. I’m at San Diego, so will try and bring you an update straight from the con floor, unless I’m lying, passed out on the con-floor. Which is far from unprecedented.


  1. CMaster says:

    OK, a noticable subset of the RPG crowd like character customization to huge levels (see how much it gets banged on about in APB).
    Spore had a fantastically versatile creature creator, even if it did cheat a little (mostly it seemed to try to make your creature move like things it already knew about).
    So an RPG, maybe with a “mutation” stylre progression system sounds like a fantastic idea. Let’s just hope it’s a bit better than the “WoW-lite” gameplay of the creature section of Spore.

    • Collic says:

      It definitely has potential. You can never tell with MMO’s though. Most of them seem to fail after 6 months to a year.

  2. Schaulustiger says:

    PvZ 2… could be great, could be mediocre. I just hope for no more sunflower clicking. A “real” Tower Defense game with no fixed lanes would be awesome.

    • Aldehyde says:

      To me, those things made Plants vs Zombies different than all the other tower defences out there. The sunflower clicking, the lanes and all that jazz.

    • DrGonzo says:

      I liked everything but the sunflower clicking. It was a dumb idea.

    • AndrewC says:

      The sunflower clicking was a genius design choice to make the player believe they were actually doing something. No irony – it was brilliant. They may have even more of those simple ‘observe and click’ type thingies in the sequel.

    • mcwizardry says:

      They could have used mouseover, would’ve worked just as well.

    • Jeremy says:

      I think it was a pretty good mix up of the TD genre in general. I’ve always felt that having multiple options is a great thing, and PvZ gave us just that. Plus it had more charm than the combined efforts of every other TD game every created.

  3. RQH says:

    It wasn’t implemented particularly well in the original (there were some parts that were simply, obviously better than others), but it was a nice idea that the parts you put on your creature were not merely cosmetic, but impacted its “stats.” It would be nifty to have an RPG where you could make some really outlandish creatures that were designed to be good at particular things, and that really explored the impact of making a dude with six arms versus some sort of armless winged amphibian. I don’t know that a Spore RPG would be that RPG (it definitely sounds like the kind of simulation-heavy concept that is almost exclusively the domain of indie devs, these days), but I can see the potential in it.

  4. Drexer says:

    Spore already had the grind and repetitive quests perfected once in the space stage.

    Now they just need to avoid that.

  5. pilouuuu says:

    PvZ 2 is going to be amazing! It just needs more variety and to be longer.
    Darkspore could be good, but Spore was a major flop. They need to make it more hardcore and less dumbed down.

  6. Lars Westergren says:

    If they make more varied minigames in PvZ 2, as well as the opportunity to customize your garden more (plant positions, purchasing decorations, create a zen garden by raking gravel etc) it will be digital heroin for me. I will be doomed.

  7. Clovis says:

    I wonder if this Spore RPG will tout how the design of your creature will have major impacts on the gameplay. Like, a three-legged monster may seem like a good idea, but it in practice it doesn’t work. How well can you defeat mobs if your mouth is on your tail? But, in the actual released game, the editor is just cosmetic and you just get points for adding random parts anywhere you want.

    Anyway, this sounds kinda like Spore X Pokemon: “Never catch ’em all!”

  8. Navagon says:

    I loved the first PvZ. But despite the fact that it sold well, a sequel is surprising as the first game was to be about as comprehensive as it could have been within the limited premise. So I guess the solution to that is to expand the scope of the premise. Whatever they do with it I hope they include widescreen support this time.

    The Spore RPG could be a better Evolva with RPG elements. That might be interesting. More interesting than Spore at any rate.

  9. ascagnel says:

    Action RPG Spore? Meh. Give me an Overlord/Pikmin style of game with the ability to create your mobs in the Spore character editor.

    Think about that for a second. You can design your dudes, and the ways to solve a problem grow exponentially when you can do that. Add to that the Spore-style limitations to prevent you from powering up super-dudes too quick and you have the beginnings of a good game.

  10. pilouuuu says:


    Yeah and HD resolutions! :-D

    Evolva was an entertaining game. Anything is more interesting than Spore. What a wasted oportunity! Hopefully now they can do something good with the great engine.

    • Navagon says:

      HD would be nice. Generally just visuals that don’t look like they’ve shambled their way out of the 90s.

      Evolva was great. Got it through GOG. But there’s soooo much untapped potential there.

  11. Choca says:

    Meh… Maxis isn’t even a shadow of what it used to be creatively speaking, I won’t get my hopes up to end up with another stinker like Spore.

  12. sfox says:

    PvZ2? I hope so.

    Over 47 hours invested into it and still missing 2 achievements for it on Steam… PvZ is one of the most addictive games I’ve ever played and the game is just dripping with awesomeness.

  13. Zogtee says:

    PvZ is a fantastic game, one of the most addictive games I can remember playing, and I always thought a sequel was a no-brainer, considering it’s popularity. Not only did I think so, I really WANT a sequel that gives me more stuff to do. I’m totally fine with just more of the same here.

    Spore then, ptooey! The original game sounded absolutely fantastic and it still does. The game that was released, however, was embarrassingly simplified and dumbed down to the point of retardation. I’m not sure how this came to be, but there has been a lot of talk about the internal politics at EA at the time and suggestions that this was the cause. Obviously I don’t know and you can probably google it and read for yourselves. Regardless of what happened, it was the biggest disappointment of that year for me.

    If this Spore sequel or whatever it is, turns out to be the original game, then I’m all over it. If it’s more dumbed down shit aimed at consoles this time, then fuck it.