APB Gets List Of Stuff To Be Improved

Despite some middling reviews, and a certain amount of internet grumbling, all is not lost for APB. It is set to be improved over the coming months, at least according to this post by the lead systems designer. Things that are to come under scrutiny include issues with camping, problems with cheaters, changes to rulesets, the improvement of vehicle handling, the look and feel of combat, the accuracy of match-making, and the strategic nature of missions. Which I am guessing encompasses most of what people have mentioned being concerned with. We’ll look forward to seeing how this stuff is addressed in forthcoming patches.


  1. Jimbo says:

    They should have called it DOA, amirite?

  2. cahode says:

    So, basically the entire game then.

    • bob_d says:

      Hardly. Some pretty significant, visible elements, though.

    • DJ Phantoon says:

      Yeah those things just happen to be basically every single major problem with the game.

      So yeah not the entire game. Just every reason to never play it.

    • Weefz says:

      Nah, the costumes and customisable music are fine ;)

  3. abhishek says:

    Just last week there was an interview on Eurogamer where some developer of APB said that the driving model was absolutely fine despite almost everyone who had played the game saying otherwise. And of course, he was full of shit, because they’re now talking about overhauling the system.

  4. leo says:

    Hope they allow me to bind vehicle controls to…you know…a controller. one of the nice things about BF2 (and 2042) was swapping between mouse & keyboard for shooting and joystick for flying.

    Granted, I got used to the crappy handling in the beta, but that’s because I’m one of those driving-game freaks. In GTA4 I would use the second analog stick to manually position the camera during turns because I kept hitting things I couldn’t see.

    • fallingmagpie says:

      @right analog stick camera thingy: doesn’t everyone do that?

  5. Mac says:

    Interesting list given that the developer said upon release that it was the public that just didn’t get APB, and the shooting and car mechanics were as intended and would not be changed.

    Good to see that even though they ignored the beta feedback, they have at last seen sense when the paying public say the same?

    For me, it’s just too little too late – I was really excited about APB until I got to play the beta …

    • Meat Circus says:

      Well, at least we should be thankful that “You’re playing it wrong! #WONTFIX” is no longer the official line.

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      Wouldn’t make much sense if they did. Perhaps they underestimated how many people among their possible clientele agree with the complaints made. But seeing how it affects the game (i.e.: profits) they’d be foolish not to listen.

  6. Flappybat says:

    I still quite like APB but it’s a real headscratcher why they didn’t delay and make these changes before release. At least for their benefit sales have been fairly good, from the numbers they said they’ve sold at least 200k copies, Alan Wake only sold 130k.

    • Meat Circus says:

      200K is still flop territory, given how long it was in development. And what do you reckon the subscription takeup rate will be? 5%?

      RTW are fucked.

  7. Meat Circus says:

    Oh, so all they have to do is replace APB with a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT GAME and it’ll be fine? This is a very liberal reading of “all is not lost”.

    All was lost when they decided to push this car crash out of the door despite vast amounts of evidence of its unreadiness.

  8. Simon Dufour says:

    Isn’t that how MMOG works? I’m still on my initial 50hrs and it’s alright. The driving is fine. Hard because of the delay but it works. That doesn’t mean they can’t tweak it.

    Same goes with matchmaking. Sure, sometimes, you’ll receive missions to bounty on someone with a SUPER HIGH rating. Just refuse the mission. I guess that’s part of the difficulty. They could scale the rewards. That’d make sense wouldn’t it?

    Weapon need balancing all around. I guess that doesn’t have to be very hard to change if they’ve done things scalable and easy to maintains.

    All is not lost for APB. Sure they can change everything and mix everythings. That’ll be one of its strenght actually. If they regularly add new customization and new mission structures.. it’d be A LOT of fun. Then, they could scale the idea for yours. Add recoils to gun and you get a really different game. Slow health regen and it’s even worse. Camping become way less important and the VIP would really have to be protected if its health don’t regen. Make health regen near ambulances.. or add a first aid skill that will make you static for a few seconds but heal you back. Nothing I said is impossible to do and would change the gameplay drastically. They don’t have any rule to follow. They could brainstorm and come up with interesting things like what I just said.

    I truly hope it’ll work because this game is not as bad as some people claim. The game has some moments that cannot be found anywhere else. They just have to work on that potential to get a solid experience. IMO.

  9. Sunjumper says:

    The only thing they are missing now is re-working the weapon balance.

    Putting sarcasam aisde (although they really have to work on the weapon balance)
    I am glad that they are actually working on the game. There is still a lot of potential in the game and their subscrition model makes it easier to drop in and out of the game to see if it has gotten any better.
    I certainly will give APB some time to become a better game.

    • Bhazor says:

      Except that GTA 4 did it first and they did it better and they didn’t ask for a subscription fee. I haven’t played the game myself but the core idea seems little different than what GTAs multi-player turned out like only with terrible unbalanced leveling and a weird hit box design (which is a bizarrely old fashioned Quake style full body hit box) which I assume makes sniper rifles hugely overpowered. The character designer does looks pretty neat though even though the models I’ve seen don’t look anything like the glorious concept art.

      link to kingslayer.files.wordpress.com
      I actually had one character design as my desktop, the one of a lady detective sitting on a chair with her arm dangling between her legs, but can’t find it now. I have a sad.

    • Stijn says:

      Actually there’s an NPC who looks just like the girl on the right in the game.

    • Sunjumper says:

      The game is not that close to GTa as you might think.
      It has a different dynamic and the story is non existent. (To bad as the premise is quite interesting)

      Also sniper riflles are very slow. you won’t be able to kill anyone with it who can easily access cover.

    • Tei says:

      Yea, thats one of the NPC’s of the social district. Snipers are not overpowered, you can’t oneshot people, and people get cover after the first shot = sniper never gets kills withouth help. Theres locational damage, you kill people faster shotting to the head. Having all the characters using the same bounding box is “by design”, so if you choose to create a big character, you are not given a much bigger bbox. I have created a very small character, just in case this is ever modified, but all other mixmaxers are ignoring the size things, so you get people on normal heights. ( with realistic bbox you will get a game of gnomes vs gnomes )

    • Weefz says:

      gnomes vs gnomes: haha, yes! Just look at any Chinese Aion video.

      tweaking the game: I’m glad they are as well. Just hanging out of cars with a big machine gun is fun and I can see the potential but yes, it’s not great right now. Speaking of which, I should get back in there and AFK in the clothing designer before they fix that…

  10. Stijn says:

    Sounds like they’re on their way to Amake APB a lot of fun instead of just casually fun. Glad to hear they’re still committed to the game.

  11. scoopsy says:

    This is pretty rich in context of the interview Dave Jones gave to Eurogamer about a week ago defending the game and saying all of these flaws were programmed in by design, and that players were just bringing the wrong set of expectations into the game.

    link to eurogamer.net

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      And whether he’s correct or not (it’s their game), facing a disappointing number of subscriptions and a wealth of complaints after release they’ll have to change stuff or.. well. ditch APB. Which would be a bummer. Probably a multi-million euro/pound sterling/dollar* one.

      *insert your valuta of choice here

  12. Baka says:

    If I remember correctly, they had the more or less exact same post in the betaforums promising fixes before the launch.
    At least the gist of it was spot on the same: “We’ll fix everything you complained about.” Hardly surprising statement here.

    In my opinion, no amount of tweaks can change the flawed game principle of driving to a landmark and teamdeathmatching it out with one party sporting a nice built-in wallhack.

  13. JimmyJames says:

    I enjoy APB. I came to it with few expectations though, as well as a clan to play it with. Driving only bothered me for a little while, and some cars seem particularly terrible, but my main issue is with the upgrade system–perhaps with fixes to matchmaking this won’t be as much of an issue.

    The bonuses from upgrades seem small but add up quickly. Someone with slightly more health, damage resistance, damage output, and rate of fire increase can be much more deadly. The matchmaking system in effect does not take this into account, combined with the fact that people can purchase upgrades and use them far earlier than they would unlock them (here’s where those RTW points come into play). If matchmaking is done properly then people may not face seriously unbalanced odds in terms of equipment. If you have a good premade team it’s not as bad, but PUGs just get stomped.

    Because of this, the solo experience, for me, is awful, but I love tearing around with my clanmates in vent. It’s also nice that though making a few logos and themes to sell it seems I won’t have to pay for a subscription anytime soon.

    I also upgraded my computer basically because of this game–running it even above the minimum requirements just didn’t cut it for me.

    Here’s hoping they keep tweaking what is a pretty fun game.

  14. gerafin says:

    I’ve played APB for a while now (beta and my first 50 hours) and I’ll have to agree with this “all is not lost” statement.

    The game feels unabashedly like an arcade shoot-em-up. This, of course, produces outrage from most people as it doesn’t feel like one of today’s “realistic” shooters, giving it a sort of retro feel that people will attack for being outdated. A lot of people I play with and against find this frustrating, and therefore have no patience to uncover the more redeeming qualities of this game. Playing with a couple of friends is exhilarating, one of the most fun experiences I’ve had in multiplayer games in a while. Yes, the weapons are unbalanced, but you just have to play to your strengths as a player/the strengths of your weapon.

    No, it’s not a perfect game. However, it’s a fantastic amount of fun. Which, in my definition, makes it definitely worth the price of admission.

  15. Cooper says:

    This made me smile. Having recently read the interview on Eurogamer:
    link to eurogamer.net

    In respect to the issues they are “fixing”, few of them were problems that needed fixing according to Dave Jones.

    Re: Vehicle Handling
    “No. I think this is a black and white thing as well. I don’t think we need to tweak the vehicle handling. … However, a lot of players come to this game unfortunately with PCs that aren’t quite up to spec.”

    Re: Camping:
    “It’s very strategic. You have to flank people. You have to get the high ground. It’s not just about running in there.”

    Re: The Look and Feel of the combat:
    “We’ve come in to the action-based game and we’ve made this hybrid, so a lot of people are still thinking it’s going to be more like an FPS combat system … Whereas we designed a third-person, more of a tactical combat squad-based game. … So there are a lot of people who aren’t making that leap. …
    Some people have adapted to the game better than others. But that was always the case.”

    That interview was a joke, by the way, it seemed to boil down to “You either don’t have the computer or internet connection to play APB properly”. Or “You’re not playing the game right due to your preconceptions”

    Never tell me my lack of enjoyment is because I’m not playing the game right Mr Designer Man.

    • gerafin says:

      I respectfully agree with your points here (ie that people should be able to have fun with the game no matter what they’re expecting) however, I feel that at least the “camping” section was correct on his part. When you have an item you have to hold from the opposing team, or you’re on a VIP mission, you really have two options: camp or run. Running is generally more successful than camping, unless part of the objective is to take out a certain number of the opposition. Then, any player’s first reaction would be to find a spot that’s difficult to reach and easy to defend. That’s not “cheap,” that’s strategy. Any player worth his weight should be able to use tactics (flanking, grenades, snipers, distractions) in order to force the enemy out of their hiding spot or even turn it in to a killing box.

      The real problem is, it’s super easy for a group of uncoordinated n00bs to hold a spot and camp, while it takes a well-coordinated team in order to take them out. But the game puts you in a world with dozens of other players on your side, you should be able to find a group that can work together. I know that you don’t agree with this strategy, but the game is set up so that it works best when you’re with a group. (It even says “We recommend joining a group, here’s a list” when you enter a world)

      I know that I wouldn’t join a Flashpoint game, or a Killing Floor game, or a L4D game with the expectation to run and gun without strategy and without teamwork and survive. Some games are just set up that way, for better or for worse.

    • DJ Phantoon says:

      I think everyone that’s defending the game is missing the point of:

      If the game were actually fun, wouldn’t it have changed my expectations if I gave it a fair shake?

      Dragon Age wasn’t what I was expecting. I gave it a fair shake. I can say I like the world and story, but didn’t care for the game itself. Now if I went and played 50 hours of APB, would that be enough to say “it’s just not a good game”?

    • gerafin says:

      I’m not quite sure what you’re trying to explain… yeah, some people aren’t going to be fans even after they’ve tried it out (like any game), but what is really making me grind my teeth is the hordes of people who seem to be yelling LOL! What a fail game! without ever giving it a shot. The second worst offenders are those who complain that it’s not a twitch-based super-overdone clone of every FPS/TPS out there. Yeah, the gameplay’s different from a lot of stuff today, but that doesn’t make it bad. Finally T-boning the car you’ve been chasing for 3 minutes, causing them to lose control and giving you the opportunity to take them out? Yeah, that’s fun for me. Perfectly bouncing a grenade around a corner to take out a bothersome sniper? Yeah, that’s fun for me. Watching a plan unfold perfectly? Fun. And rewarding.

      There’s a pretty easy test to see if you’ll like APB: if the words “tactics” and “teamplay” make you feel uncomfortable, then you won’t like the game. But if you have a group of friends (or have the time to find some in-game, not too hard either) who work together well than yes. The bottom line is, it’s a fun game, no matter how long you play it.

    • gerafin says:

      And I’m not trying to defend it as impressive in a strategic sense. It’s definitely pretty shallow as far as games go, which can be frustrating at times. But Space Invader was shallow too, but what mattered there was the enjoyment that you got out of it. I think a lot of people are ignoring this “enjoyment” factor far too much nowadays.

    • Weefz says:

      @Gerafin, You’re right that a team with good tactics should be able shake a camper out of his spot. However, combine camping with a fairly short mission timer, (as most of them are), and the fun of trying new tactics quickly runs out.

  16. The Pink Ninja says:

    They’d been in Beta since Mid October last year. You think they’d have fixed these things by now.

    Has an MMO ever recovered from an unsuccessful launch?

    • gerafin says:

      Even with a successful launch, most MMO’s fizzle out anyways. I’ve always heard that this is due to WOW, and that the type of people who play MMO’s just get sucked up by the Blizzard Behemoth®, but since I’m not really an MMO person I don’t know if that’s true.

      It seems like EVE has been pretty successful at least, does anyone know how EVE’s launch was?

    • Mac says:

      Age of Conan is making a mini revival – but nothing like the launch figures.

      Given that the other piles of turgid shit have now improved to be very good games – Vanguard i’m looking at you – it is a real shame that they did not launch in better shape.

      You would think that developers/publishers would know now that you only really get one chance at launch.

    • DJ Phantoon says:

      I guess I have to agree. WoW’s launch was fucking shit terrible. The servers were rarely up all day. Luckily they hadn’t time traveled to keep themselves from being successful I guess.

    • Polysynchronicity says:

      @gerafin – EVE is a bit of an odd duck, I don’t think it’s ever suffered the “post-launch subscriber slump” as it had very few subscribers to begin with and not a lot of funding, and has just kept gradually snowballing up users.

      Turnover seems to be going up a bit for EVE these days though, probably due to CCP’s tendency to add a shiny new feature next expansion and then never fix or improve it (the latest CSM meeting notes even feature CCP claiming that any major rework of existing content is delayed until they finish their shiny FPS, despite all of the player representatives’ opinions!)

  17. airtekh says:

    I really hope they manage to improve APB.

    I thought that with the original GTA devs behind it, that it would be a surefire hit; but my enthusiasm for it was crushed by the damning reports from the beta testers.

    I sincerely hope they manage to patch it up good and proper, because it has been the kind of game I’ve dreamed about since GTA 3.

  18. Tei says:

    I am enjoing the game tremendously, and I hope the game is not ruined by these changes.
    The driving has a learning curve, but once you are there, is the best driving in a city simulator. Much better than GTA4, where all car feels like dune buggers.

    There are some balances and unbalances issues, but is not that a big problem.

    The changes I would do to the game, will be in the line to add flesh to the city. To make it a more live area, withouth modifing the core game.

  19. Zogtee says:

    “Which I am guessing encompasses most of what people have mentioned being concerned with.”

    I suppose it does, but come on now, these are things you get sorted out before you boot the game out the door. I’ve been into gaming for a long time now and I’m surprised to see this kind of thing still going on. Put some care and love into your games and they will sell better

  20. SamuraiPie says:

    I really can’t relate to why everyone hates APB so much, it’s got its flaws but overall has been a really fun game for me, my friends and players we’ve befriended in-game so far. I just bought another 20 hours action time yesterday with RTW points I made in game just by selling a few items and custom cars that I no longer need… that felt awesome to me.

    I’m all for the game mechanics being tweaked based on community feedback – that’s a good thing and I hope it happens; there is definite room for improvement and some of RTW’s ideas have indeed missed the mark. But a sizeable amount of actual complaints I’ve heard from players in game are just “comes with the territory” stuff of online gaming to me. Campers, cheaters, aimbots, overpowered items and characters… This has been part of my experience in pretty much every online game I’ve ever played. You find a way to deal with it, even if that means you telling yourself “it’s just a game, calm down” over and over.

    Ultimately for me, what works in the game works very very well, and it can be a great way to spend a few hours with some friends. There’s plenty of action, the customisation side is absolutely brilliant and adds a lot of unique and fresh feeling to the game world, the mazes of alleys and side roads are superb for chases, grenades are deliciously satisfying when you’ve mastered their cooking time and arc, driving by with proximity VoIP is often amusing… We’ve had some absolutely hilarious and unique moments that have made the game well worth the asking price to me so far.

  21. Flimgoblin says:

    Of the time I’ve played so far (nowhere near the 50h yet…)…

    Playing with friends in a group = fun
    Playing in pickup groups = not so much fun
    Playing solo = really not much fun at all

    But the first has made it worth the purchase price – and I quite like the option of “buy 20h action time” instead of a monthly fee (since I just don’t get to plough silly hours into a game anymore…)

    Perhaps it’s like Fallen Earth and the fact I’ve turned up with little to no expectations has made it harder to disappoint…?

  22. JKjoker says:

    lol, this just cracks me up, its TOO LATE, this is something they should have done at the end of the beta, all these issues were KNOWN at that point, its not like they didnt have the time, they just went “well do it later” just like they thought about most of the content, well just add it later, theyll never get back that first impression, reviews are out there, they wont be rewritten because of this at best theyll get a “is not as horrible anymore” line in “that” part of the site/magazine nobody reads

    APB is dooooooooomed, they could just remake the game from a scratch and it will still be doomed, they screwed up the most important time for a mmo, ppl that left are never going back and those that were skeptical already moved on to some other game, when crysis 2 and starcraft 2 comes out youll never hear about APB ever again, im not even sure this game even managed to get important enough to go down in history along with humongous fails such as Daikatana and Hellgate London

  23. luca says:

    Basically, they are saying WE WILL IMPROVE ALL THAT SHIT THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE BEFORE SELLING THIS CRAP GAME IN THE NEXT FEW MONTHS. Considering it has taken them like 5 years to give birth to this down syndrome game, those “few months” could as well be 6, or 11, all the while some people are paying by the hour or month for an incomplete turd.

    This game will be free to play and in the bargain 5 euros bin in less than 4 months, eat shit monster with 21 feces

  24. RvL says:

    Conveniently, this list is every single complaint that was raised.

    During beta.

  25. Mac says:

    APB stands for Another Pisspoor Ballsup doesn’t it?

  26. terry says:

    At this point these statements smack of trying desperately to attract people into subscribing because they vastly overestimated interest, rather than any great concern over the play experience. Releasing a minimally-massive online game with a sub requires something special straight out of the box to hook people, because that playerbase will start eroding from day 0, and doubly so if you make boneheaded decisions such as dismissing tester feedback in favour of pursuing your EXCITING VISION OF THE FUTURE WHERE CARS GLIDE LIKE DOUGH. As others have said, I don’t think they can shoehorn a satisfying game experience into their framework retroactively.

  27. John says:

    WoW had a pretty terrible launch for the most part, I remember them having to give a lot of people free time because of how much the servers were down. It’s all about the content. WoW launched with 2 continents full of complete content for characters from levels 1-60. There were always several dungeons in your level range as well as tons of quests and areas to level. That is why it succeeded. They didn’t release a half ass product. That’s the most important thing… much more so than a successful launch. It was a very solid base MMO that was modified with consistent add-ons. More raids, more dungeons, more features. You are given a reason to pay a subscription fee.

    MMOG’s like APB are coming out with half ass amounts of content, and they fail despite how good their launches are. No content. Game gets old in 2 hours. Everyone wants a piece of the MMO pie since they see how much blizzard is making, but they fail at releasing a product that has any substance to it to begin with. You just can’t compete with a developed product like WoW if you’re going to release something that’s unfinished. People will see how little content there is and they won’t even give it a second chance because there is a superior product on the market. That’s really a shame because I have seen so many games with sky high potential since WoW hit the market. Vanguard is a prime example, the game sucked so bad at launch… now it’s actually a pretty great game but no one wants to go back to it… fail. Realtime Worlds welcome to your doom. You won’t have the time or the resources to fix this abomination of a game.

    • Tei says:

      PvP games are low on substance by definition. Players fight against other players, so no AI need to be created, or quest. People fight each another, and don’t need very good reasons to do that, “and in the game”.

      Is easier to draw a chess table, and the rules for two human players to move the pieces, than that and writting a decent chess oponent. So you get PvP games, because are cheaper to make.

    • GenuineEntropy says:

      Key difference here John:

      WoW (YAEC) = Yet Another Everquest Clone.
      I recall many of their launch problems appeared to be technical and had little to do with design vision, because they didn’t really have any.

      APB (SALN) = Something A Little Newer.
      Many of the problems appear to stem from the “YOURE PLAYING OUR GAME WRONG” attitude of the folks in charge. Words they appear to now be gobbling down with a healthy slice of humble pie.

    • Dude says:

      Think the problem was that the game was advertise as a twitchy shooter and didn’t put enough towards the fact that solo or in pug it is not that fun. Now they are trying to address that by reworking the matchmaking system.
      Not sure the game lacks content that much, in two hours you probably still have your starter weapon (or just above) no nads, a crappy car and a tramp wardrobe. I have play 20hours and still want to play more:
      – Cause the game is fun
      – I want higher car/weapon/character upgrade

      The only big problem long term is that they need to put clan pvp so that high level player have something to play for…. At the moment the league do not mean anything as it is quite easy to farm.

  28. Thiefsie says:

    They screwed up big time and nothing is going to bring this game back from the dead except a free to play model… I didn’t even realise they didn’t make Crackdown 2 until a few days ago…. What are they doing? Obviously getting the infrastructure and engine ready for a new console game… seriously though they’ll have an epic battle ahead to stay alive imo.

  29. Dude says:

    I have the feeling that the Beta was to get the game running correctly and improve netcode and such, now that this is done they will look at gameplay tweak.
    Even if they should have fixed that before release, it doesn’t bother me at all so far. This game is one of the few in past year where I have real fun playing. It is face paced, jump into the action in 30s and never stops.
    I think they are right when they say that a lot of people don’t get the game. It is not your basic shooter where if you played CS 24/7 for the last 4 years you are going to own everyone, no it is a team base tactical shooter more than anything else. You need a team with a range of different weapons, you need to think as how you going to flush out those camper and if you are coordinated enough it will work. I have played with 4 well coordinated people against a group of 8, it was tense but we won, that was hugely satisfying.
    You also need to understand the best range for your weapon…

    The matchmaking changes that are currently discussed on the APB forums look really promising and might fix all the problem people are complaining about. I guess it might come sooner than later

  30. Kadayi says:

    Good to see some tweaks are in order. No surprise to see the usual RPS ‘I played 2 hours in the beta 4 months ago then uninstalled’ Trolls doing their thing as usual.

    • poop says:

      I played the beta in june for 30 hours and I only hated it more and more. no surprise to see Kadayi pulling his “im a sycopant” thing as usual

    • Kadayi says:


      And you are?

    • poop says:

      hi im poop,
      i dont like apb because it is a terrible game,
      thank you

    • Kadayi says:


      Still needing to learn that distinction between opinion and fact I see.

  31. Chris D says:

    APB’s problem is that its set its own bar too high by having a subscription charge. Sure, WoW has a subscription charge but it’s not competing against WoW, it’s competing against the likes of Modern Warfare, Counterstrike and Team Fortress.

    APB may or may not be a good game, but that’s not the issue. APB has to be an exceptional game in order to even get my interest high enough to overcome the pricing.

    • Dude says:

      See that’s where you are wrong, APB has nothing to do with CS, Moder Warfare and Team Fortress, the only thing in common is that you are shooting people, that’s it.
      Its major problem is that a lot of player do not understand that this game is different. They expect to go alone at it and that the game will play well, similar to CS that you can play “alone” (meaning not in clan or with friends). APB in pug sucks for the moment, you need friends/clan to make the most of it.
      And if it was a clone of CS, I wouldn’t play it.

    • Chris D says:

      Fair enough, I haven’t played APB or Modern Warfare or Counterstrike actually, so I may well be wrong on the details. APB has been described nearly everywhere as a shooting/driving game with great customisation though, so it does seem to fit that general category rather than going in with other MMOs for which a subscription charge is the norm.

      I guess my question is why do you choose to play APB rather than another game which doesn’t require a subscription charge? What’ the draw?

    • poop says:

      what chris describes is pretty much the biggest problem APB will face, it is way too instanced to feel like an MMO, even if it does have 100 player servers you still never interact with more than 15 or so other people at a time.

      APB is lacking as a MMO and the shooter part isn’t nearly satisfying to make a subscription worth it

    • Dude says:

      To me it’s the setting, the fact that the map are quite big. You might fight twice at the same spot but the approach might be different. The level design is quite good (it has some problems at some spot but overall it’s not too bad), you usually have several way in, you usually can provide cover with a sniper and there is enough cover on the ground so that it doesn’t mean that one sniper can make life hard for everyone. The problem at the moment is that there are uber camping spot, but they will tweak in the next patch.
      Another part that I like is the continuity in the game, you do not reset to the start of the map, you just jump in your car and drive to your next objective. The way mission works can also bring it’s own chaos, when both team racing toward an objective it can degenerate in a full on fight/car chase, which is usually fun.
      The reward are also sweet to get, new weapons, new cars, new clothing.
      I also like the combat system, because it encourage team work and tactics rather than pure skills. Good use of cover and knowing your weapon will make a huge difference.
      Another great part for me is the clan and customization. I am part of a good clan and people know how to play, the game therefore is a different beast. Customization is great, it’s the first time I can actually identify someone without looking at his name tag, never happened to me in a MMO.

      The game has issues, but I think it also suffers from misconceptions from people expecting a CS style FPS with a Drift car game. It is neither. You will do well once you understand that you need to play with you weapon strength (no luck trying to kill someone with a snipe at close range or shooting some one that is 50m away with a MP5), and when you play as a team rather than running for the objective and getting killed. Driving also takes some skills and it will be a while until you get the cool cars that are much better than your starters or the one you can “borrow” in the street.

      Lastly, about the sub model, a lot of people ignore that you can actually sale your stuff for what they call RTW points, which allow you to buy gaming time/monthly fee. I do not do it because I cannot play much at the moment, but if you play a lot or design cool stuff you can basically pay your subs using this. A lot of people in my clan are doing this.

    • Kadayi says:

      Chris D

      I find it a bit weird that you throw a bunch of comparison against it, but then fess up to never having played any of them. Have you even played APB? Or are you looking for people to provide you with some kind of rationale to? Given your lack of familiarity with shooters of any kind I’d say it’s probably not going to be your thing. However

      APB is at it’s core a fast paced hardcore on the fly tactical Coop based team TPS, set within a an open world environment. If you enjoy working with other players to outwit other players, then you might enjoy it. If you lack social skills and want to kill 10 rats, then this is not the game you are looking for.

      Why play it? Albeit the nature of the missions might be the same, it’s rare if ever that the ‘play’ is because the environments are much larger & complex than your traditional multi-player shooter maps. Plus there’s a degree of chaos thrown into matters by the fact that you’re never entirely sure what’s going on around that corner during a high speed chase.

  32. KindredPhantom says:

    Has any of the RPS hivemind played APB? If so i would be interested to hear or read your musings about it.

    What RTW has said recently makes the right noises of them listening to the playerbase and the reviews and making changes based on that feedback. I look forward to testing these changes in the closed Playtester World they run.

  33. Moonracer says:

    As someone who is enjoying the game but very on the fence about buying more time once my 50 hours are up this sounds interesting. I really want APB to succeed just because I think the combination of killing people and playing with dress up dolls is funny.

  34. Havoc3D says:

    Eh, I dunno. I feel like they didn’t want to be making NFS, so they made the cars fairly squirrely to keep it challenging without going 180mph through a city. Once I got used to how they handle, they’re fairly decent. I HAVE had some large SUVs flip after driving over some small littler curbs, but that was maybe twice.

  35. Johnny says:

    Damn skippy! Built in wallhax, with a stun gun, shotgun, sub-machine pistol, and totally unbalanced teams…wtf were they thinking. if this game lasts more than the 6 months it will take to make a new game out of it then i will come back and waste the rest of my free 50 hrs, but nothing more untill I can at least fucking drive ( a vastly important game mechanic ) or go into a mission without getting killed 3 seconds after I spawn because my enemy can see exactly where I am…5 times in a row…You lost!…no shit.