PC BFBC2 To Get Onslaught At Some Point

PCG have gone and got DICE to confirm that the Onslaught co-op mode, in which four of the multiplayer maps are reworked for 4-player co-op, will be coming to PC. Although it’s not clear what this means for the server model, which was the reason that was given for it not being released earlier. There are also no details on price or release date, but we’re assuming it can’t take too long… Can it? Hmm, given the back and forth over recent patches, we can see why DICE weren’t forthcoming about this originally, and haven’t provided any dates this time. We’ll see it when we see it, I guess. And then we can start imagining there might be mod tools? No, you’re right, I’m just being silly. I want the moon on a stick, I do. And the strength to wield said lunar lollipop. I’d used it to swat space monsters, or kraken. Probably. I’m all about saving the earth from gigantic horrors.


  1. Nick says:

    Well, one of the devs mentioned that they basically fucked themselves with their clever new server file updating system here:

    link to forums.electronicarts.co.uk

    Which in some way accounts for the patch delays and stuff.

    • suibhne says:

      Of course, that was about a month after they initially blamed the deal on striking QA staff in Eastern Europe. Brilliant.

    • Tei says:

      It sounds like sould create a simple binary diff program, live with it (all updates will be big files) and start memset-ing all the memory to zero prior to use && ordering lists prior to saving.

    • Tei says:

      “Of course, that was about a month after they initially blamed the deal on striking QA staff in Eastern Europe. Brilliant.”

      On software, the more tecnical you get, the more suspicious people become.

      The server crash, and you have to tell that to your userbase.
      “The server crashed”, all people happy.
      “The server crashed, because too much concurrent connections, can be a bug on the client that reopen connections”, some people thinks you are lying, other people thinks you are lying and you are a poor programming, other people trusth you.
      “We have found the client reopen connections, and never close then, even a single client can get into a loop that can create 200 connections. In a even, 8 clients opened (somehow) 40.000 connections. There are systems in place to queue 8000 connections, but not this ammount, and other bugs make it all crash after 6000 concurrent connections”. By this point, everyone thinks you are a con artist.

      Is fun, because If you lie, people trusth you more:

      (total lie) “We are under a DDoS, but we are adding more ram to the server”. Some people is suspicious, but most people thinks you are adding more ram to the server.

    • rocketman71 says:

      Well, at least they admit they fucked up, although I see zero effort to correct said fuckup for either MoH or this. I hope this supposedly upcoming patch corrects me, although I doubt it.

    • rocketman71 says:

      Ooooops, misread that, thought that they were finally admitting that they fucked up with their paid dedicated servers model due to greed.

      That gives me even less hopes that they’ll correct their mistake here, since they were saying that Onslaught wouldn’t come to PC since it would convert a lot of 32-slot servers into 4-slot servers and create a vacuum for gamers. Their fucking fault for not releasing dedicated server files for everybody.

    • Tei says:

      About my comment “people trust more lies than the truth”.
      heres some science papers about the problem.
      link to idle.slashdot.org

      link to en.wikipedia.org
      The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which an unskilled person makes poor decisions and reaches erroneous conclusions, but their incompetence denies them the metacognitive ability to realize their mistakes.

  2. oijmnhedjho0xshjw` says:

    Do not want. I want different maps, not just reworks of the original seven for conquest/rush. Although I do applaud DICE for supporting their game, I just want to see something new. And Wake Island 2010 maybe????.

    Seriously, to make modes like Onslaught, which are just arena based games vs. A.I, work is diversity. What’s so diverse about one infantry unit type, light tanks, tanks, and helicopters? You fight them all the same way… I can’t imagine this game getting dynamic like Halo:ODST’s Firefight mode, where there were a ton of different types of units that are fought differently and fight you differently. The differing combinations and use of skulls to handicap the player as he advanced in level really made the sup-par mode turn into something you and three other friends could enjoy. Bad company just lacks that fantastical creative license to pull off it off, I don’t think. I shall remain skeptical, ready to be pleasantly surprised.

    Personally, I’m pretty meh about this potential update. I wish they had more man-power on generating more maps with more stuff to destroy, but that’s just me.

    • DJ Phantoon says:

      “Blah blah ODST blah”

      WARNING! Halo fanboy detected in vicinity. Filthy console gamers will not be tolerated! Please leave this zone now before you are eliminated via Railgun. You have ten seconds to comply. Do not try to resist, we all have 200 armor and Quad Damage and can run much faster than you.

    • jon_hill987 says:

      And more importantly we have been able to turn at a respectable speed thanks to our mouse look since Quake.

  3. Premium User Badge

    Eric says:

    No worries, I’m sure it won’t take them longer to put this on PC than it took them to get Battlefield 1943 to the PC.

    Oh, wait.

    • Premium User Badge

      Eric says:

      To clarify, I like BFBC2 a lot, and I like the PC version a lot. I’m glad Onslaught mode is coming and I’ll probably get it when it does.

      I just don’t think their confirming it for PC implies anything about when it’s coming, because of 1943.

    • Mac says:

      Add to that, how long the BF2 patch took (over a year)

  4. Mac says:

    Well with 4 map packs released, without actually releasing a new map has to be some sort of record …

    We won’t get jack from Dice/EA – at least I won’t be wasting my cash on any more of their empty promises …

  5. Real Horrorshow says:

    I don’t want this trash. I want new maps. I wonder how many ways DICE can think up to give the game new content without actually adding new content.

  6. Roadrunnerr says:

    “No details in price”
    ….how can we force devs to give out free DLC like humane non-twats?

  7. Dreamhacker says:

    Eh, just give me BF3, I’m done with BC2.


    Me, I’m extremely excited and happy! I dont really want new maps just yet. There’s a few out there already and honestly, every time you play the map should be subtly different.

    Yay! Coop!

  9. IvanHoeHo says:

    Speaking of mod tools… I originally bought BC2 in anticipation of Project Reality coming out for it at some point.

    BC2’s fun when it works (which is actually most times after this latest patch), but I guess I won’t be spending any more money on their games until modding’s possible again.

  10. Gocartkid500 says:

    A-to the freaking-men I want bf3 so bad. I heard its coming out in 2011. But knowing Dice idk how long it will be until :/

  11. Vodkarn says:

    “I just want to see something new. And Wake Island 2010 maybe????.”

    Argh…. my brain… too many… jokes…

  12. Brahms says:

    Did you just say you want new maps, then ask for Wake 2010?

  13. The Sombrero Kid says:

    top little too late you can’t take TF2’s crown with token shit like this, sorry dice.

    • Heliocentric says:

      Really? Because the subjective police called and counterstrike wants you to know it still has the crown objectively.

    • The Sombrero Kid says:

      My point is that i own Bad Company 2 and i prolly wont play it online again because they’re not interested in fixing it, i believe that you can’t support a healthy community on PC without balancing it since TF2, because TF2 does that so well and objectively I’m pretty sure more people play TF2 online than CS.

    • Schaulustiger says:

      @The Sombrero Kid:

      Nah, you’re wrong. It’s gotten alot closer over the years, but both CS iterations are still a bit more popular.

    • The Sombrero Kid says:

      I stand corrected, that’s truly baffling to me tbh, i can’t even comprehend who still plays it?

    • Heliocentric says:

      The natural selection community were always very glad the counterstrike community existed. Not only did it offer a steady stream of people looking for something else. It also offered an alternative to those with poor attention spans. Its always been the big dog.

    • Corrupt_Tiki says:

      @ Sombrero Kid

      I still play CS 1.6 and CSS.
      It’s a great game, fairly balanced, and on a good server with good regular admins (to ban the millions of 14y.o hackers) it is a great game.
      I think what did it for me was it was like a tourney game, ala Quake Arena, very competitive esp if you had alot of friends playing it.

      I like TF1 and bought the Orange Box with TF2, but haven’t been able to get TF2 working, and just have given up now so meh. Spend my days playing other games I spose.

    • Tei says:

      “I stand corrected, that’s truly baffling to me tbh, i can’t even comprehend who still plays it?”

      My brother plays CS. I think he plays it because he “don’t buy new games” (to say it lighty, he is after all.. my bro), and because of the community. CS Guilds are very important to the game. Guilds buy/create/rent servers, organize events… seems CS is a GvG game.
      CS will work amazing well for people with very old computers or computers with intel graphic cards (=shit). If you main computer break, people will continue playing on his girlfriend laptop (extra kissing will be needed to maintain gf happyness). My bro has a decent comp and a decent graphic card, but he plays with people that probably thinks 800×600 is a decent resolution.
      Theres also the wazat effect: people always need decent deathmath games. CS is a very appropiate game to get decent deathmach fun.

    • Schaulustiger says:

      It baffles me, too. CounterStrike sure is a phenomenon, because I can very well remember the time when it became hugely popular and that was like 10 years ago. I have never seen a game that constantly sustained such a huge player base.
      I don’t even think that CS is a particularly good game. It has a flawed concept (you want me to wait for 4 minutes before respawning? Seriously?), too simple mechanics (in comparison to other FPS) and a terrible, terrible community.

      But what Helio said: It keeps the immature audience away from the better games :P

      Btw, no offense meant to people who play CS and I know there are quite a few even here on RPS. The only truly retarded thing about CS is its idea of having to spectate most of the time, especially when you’re not that good.

    • Heliocentric says:

      I honestly believe that the wait was critical to counterstrike’s success. It gives people a chance to chat, helps detect hackers, encourages self improvement and promotes the elitism which 13 year old boys thrive on.

    • Corrupt_Tiki says:

      @ Schaulustiger (and a lesser extent tei – I guess)

      Schau, you seriously think, that because you choose to not play CS, and spend your time in other games that you are better than everyone who plays CS? Dude get your head out of your backside and wake up. Wtf, I am allowed to play CS regardless of my intelligence level and/or attitude, so stfu.

      ‘Too simple mechanics’ – yes it is a basic shooter, it does what basic shooters do, err shoot people.
      It is a good game the same way Unreal Tournament 2004 is a good game, It is a tournament style shooter like Quake Arena, very fast, very fluid, and from my experience online really quite sadistically hard.

      I found the respawning and spectating mode great when I was learning as I was able to watch players much better than myself, and see how they got so many frags so easily, and because it is a tournament style game, it is extremely competitive – so I just kept playing and eventually got really rather good at it.

      I will admit the community is less than desirable, somewhat like CoD:MW2’s horrible community, but this doesn’t – detract from the game itself. But Mind you I have yet to find a game with a really really welcoming community (although most people on L4D are decent people).

      @ Helio, The respawning times were great for getting snacks or drinks ;P

      I don’t play much CS or CSS these days, but I still have it installed and occasionally have grudge matches with close mates – just for old timesake

    • Schaulustiger says:


      Dude, chill, I was not personally attacking you. All I said was that CS has a mostly immature community – which even you admitted.
      We might look for very different things in multiplayer shooters, though. For me, shooting people is just one aspect of a great competitive FPS and frankly, games like Quake 3 are way more fluid with all their movement options than CS ever was.
      Plus, spectating a few minutes might be fine for you, I simply find it annoying. I want to play, not watch. And whem I’m unlucky, I spend 25 of 30 gaming minutes in spectator mode. That annoys the hell out of me, since I don’t have that much gaming time anymore. It’s like being forced to watch a 30 minute cutscene with no chance of interacting (hello MGS4).

      Your mileage may vary, I was just stating my opinion on this game. We are both not superior for playing our games, I just wanted to point out what – in my opinion – the flaws of CS are and why I can no longer enjoy a single minute of it.

    • Tei says:

      “That annoys the hell out of me, since I don’t have that much gaming time anymore.”

      Valid replys to this are “Tough luck”, “It has to suck to be you” and others. But I reject these, since are very low in empathy. Really, you have made a conscious decission, to choose games that concentrate as more pew,pew,pew has possible, in the less minutes. This is a decission on taste, style, but not quality. There are good and bad music with very fast timming. That don’t make CS bad, it just make CS inappropiate for what want in FPS games.

    • Chiburger says:

      I stopped playing CS for a few months and recently got back. Yeah, it’s loads better than BC2 (while BC2 is still a fantastic game to play, it’s still rather a mess and CS feeds my primal urge to kill people). But all games have immature communities-you’ve all seen them: the high voices over microphones, the whiners, the ragequitters, the non-teamplayers, etc. It’s a fact of life, and will continue to be until parents decide to learn more about what their kid is playing.

  14. H says:

    Personally this is about the only thing that would get me to come back to an FPS now. I miss co-op from games like this; it’s generally all I play. I think it’s a great idea, although to please more people perhaps it should be fresh maps only for this new play style?

  15. rabidbob says:

    I’d much rather they spent some time sorting out all the aimbots & other cheats.

  16. Nick says:

    As long as they don’t program the AI to spam gustavs I’ll have a reason to play BC2 online again.

  17. i am paul newman says:

    i’m still playing, about 300 hours so far, it’s shoddy and great at the same time

    there’s just something magic about battlefield, the wonder of seamlessly sharing a world with vehicles is still awesome for a nostalgic generation, beyond the broken mouse and lag and ea shenanigans bfbc2 does feel like the endless fun i had in karkand and tobruk years ago

    ..i’m certain i won’t buy bf3 or another dice title tho

  18. Hugh says:

    They should be concentrating in getting the multiplayer to work, nevermind co-op. For a massive 43% the server browser is not working. 43% of people paid for a game that didn’t work.

  19. Rubs says:

    10 bux for a surival mode? lolno.
    How about for some new MAPS. LIKE. REAL maps not just patched in modes for other maps.

  20. Mevthlack says:

    CS was always a greame more thanat game in my opinion, allthough it was simple and basic it still was entertaining, and with the massive amount of mod-ability it became more than just an fps, people say it needs more weapons , more detail, bettergraphics, wall penetratio, etc. But, do we really want it more like mw2? the simpleness was its charm, yes bc2 is a great game, with all its flaws, but the community that cs offered was immense, valve cared for its ysers, moreso than dice ever will

  21. BCHarvey says:

    don’t make light of the fact we have no console for this game. it’s atrocious and treasonry. hackers get aimbots and everyone else just gets shot in the head. what valve is doing with TF2 is what should be done with a battlefield game. i want more helicopter levels and i want them NOW