Black Bean Confirm WRC Date

It’s the 8th of October! There’s not been much choice out there for rally folks who wanted something other than Codemaster’s heavily coolified Dirt 2, so it’ll be interesting to see how Black Bean get on with the old fashioned tea-in-a-Thermos rallying licence of the WRC. Limited details and a brief trailer (is that poking some fun at Dirt 2?) are available over on the official site.


  1. Tweakd says:

    Ohhhhhh i cant wait! Last enjoyable rally game i played was Xpand.

  2. Pete says:

    Ooh, excellent. Did rather enjoy Dirt 2, but I’ve been hoping for a good, pure timed stages WRC-style game with no other cars on the track, as it should be. Fingers crossed it’s up to scratch.

    • Scautura says:

      There should be other cars on the track. :P Just at larger intervals than DiRT2 did it in rallies/trailblazers… I can’t remember if it’s a 30 second or 60 second interval these days, though. It would be nice to have the previous cars leaving their marks on the track, while having a proper rally system (time, not points!)…

      Nice to see WRC has finally graduated from the PlayStation to the big boys… PC.

  3. jon_hill987 says:

    Hopefully it will be more than just 2 stages from each rally. My favourite rally game ever was Network Q RAC Rally Championship as you could play through an entire rally.

    • terry says:

      Amen to that. I used to play Network Q for hours in a smoke-hazed dorm at uni and nothing has quite captured the tension of a full rally or the range of conditions quite like it. I guess the original Macrae Rally on the Playstation was close (RS200 at terminal velocity on Corsican roads = fun).

  4. -Spooky- says:

    I hope this titel goes back to the roots, with car cfg etc.

  5. Ben McMahon says:

    Please be successor to Richard Burns Rally! A change back to proper motorsport is freshing after plenty of sun-bathed ‘awesome’ style games, but sim fans haven’t had any rally games since 2005, if it had some older RWD cars as well, it’ll be amasing

    • Phinor says:

      Everything we’ve seen about this new WRC game suggests we will keep playing Richard Burns Rally. Luckily RBR is now slowly getting new tracks and obviously cars so at least we get something new. Even if it’s for the six year old game that might never get beaten when it comes to rally games.

    • Bremze says:

      Do you still have to juggle around the car slots to use moded cars? I’d be a happy man if the source would get released.

  6. Schmung says:

    Balls. I’m in faraway land when this is released :( Been hankering after a decent rally game for years. With a WRC licence it at least means proper stages and stuff, my only concern is that the car selection will be crap as the WRC in it’s current guise is very dull from that standpoint. Hopefully there will be some sort of classic mode with cars from the mid seventies, eighties and nineties.

  7. Jason Moyer says:

    Eventually some developer is going to give us a game that has the simulation aspects of Richard Burns Rally with the real-life stages from Rally Championship 2000. Doubt this is going to be the game, though.

  8. Derf says:

    Excellent news. My rally fetish hasn’t been satisfied since Network Q – RAC Rally.

  9. Schmung says:

    I too hold fond memories of ye olde Rally Championship. It had proper stages! The 26 mile bastards in Kielder and the 15 mile jobs in Staylittle and Sweetlamb. Them were the days :(

  10. Lucas says:


    Magnetic Fields also developed Mobil 1 Rally Championship, which is probably the most solid proper Rally game I’ve ever played.

  11. Mythrilfan says:

    I wonder what the point of this is when WRC has all of – oh – two cars on the tracks. Then again, RBR isn’t an alternative either (I couldn’t get force feedback to work.)

  12. sink257 says:

    WOW! They’re the same devs who make those awesome SBK games each year! I can’t wait to play this title then :D