Boot Disk: Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

With the international foot-to-ball championship settled with the final battle of the Hollands versus the Spains, it came to be that foot-to-ball is now finally complete, and we can move on to other sport. Konami have chosen to commemorate the end of this particular sport with a new videogame, which is called Pro Evolution Soccer 2011. In it you can participate in all the things that made that lost art so popular with all the people who have now moved on to badmington and skiing. You can see the commemorative mechanics below, in a splendid trailer. So long, foot-to-ball, you made us proud.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 will be lobbed onto the unruly pitch of games in Q4 2010.


  1. The Hammer says:

    I love how the oddball style and presentation (with the mismatched music) hasn’t changed in PES games since I used to play them a decade ago. It’s a video-game constant.

  2. Schaulustiger says:

    Will be an interesting competition between FIFA and PES this year. I’m more looking forward to the EA game, though, since it finally gets the console graphics engine.

    • Kunal says:

      I’d like to see PES implement their Wii-like control scheme on the PC version (along with the regular controls), so that you can use the mouse to tell players to make a run, while simultaneously controlling the the player who has the ball with the WASD keys. After all PC gamers are the master-race so we should get to choose between their console-specific implementations

    • Ian says:

      @ Kunal: They seem to have done a Wii-lite style control system with FIFA Online I think, but I’d like to see somebody do a full-on mouse-and-keyboard equivalent for PC.

      Once I got past the “This is fucking peculiar” feeling when first playing PES 2008 on Wii I realised it’s the finest control system in a modern footy game. All it needed was to add a little bit more individual ability to the players, as it lost that at the same time as making team play much more satisfying and creative than with normal pad controls.

  3. Wisq says:

    I tried out PES2010 but promptly abandoned it when it became clear that it was one of those supposedly “PC” games that demands you have a gamepad and plays like crap on the keyboard.

    • neems says:

      It’s a football game, of course it plays like crap on the keyboard. As do racing games, and to a lesser extent platformers and action adventure games.

      There is no reason whatsoever why PC games shouldn’t be controller oriented. In many situations they are simply better.

    • Jhoosier says:

      “There is no reason whatsoever why PC games shouldn’t be controller oriented. In many situations they are simply better.”

      True, but I don’t have a gamepad and am alternatingly too poor/lazy to go get one. So for me those games just play kinda crap.

  4. jon_hill987 says:

    Does it feature Vuvuzelas?

  5. Radiant says:


  6. soccer jersey says:

    I like PES2008…

  7. V. Profane says:

    Since when did PC game mean ‘keyboard and mouse only’? I seem to recall joysticks being standard equipment for PC gaming not so long ago. I play about half of my PC games with a wired Xbox 360 pad and find it a very good device.

  8. sfury says:

    Oh dear zombie Jesus, when will they finally put some real physics and make the football “simulations” less uncanny and more like the real thing?

    I’ve quit playing those almost 10 years ago and whenever I see a new one there’s almost no innovation, just a new feature or too on the same old base…

    • Jockie says:

      Well that’s what Fifa did a couple of years ago now, proper ball physics rather than having the ball tied to the players animations. Konami don’t seem to have copied that particular innovation and the game looks very slilted and fake in comparison.

  9. REALITY says:

    Welcome to sports games!

  10. TeeJay says:

    Can you run around karate-kicking people Dutch style?


    • Ian says:

      FIFA ’98 had what was effectively a Red Card button and most of the resulting tackles made that one against Alonso look like child’s play. :D

  11. Risingson says:

    Sorry, but I think this is the perfect post to do this:

    WE WOOOOOoOOoOoooOOOoOOOOoOooOoOn! I still can’t believe it but it’s true!

  12. newn says:

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