Aye, Aye: E.Y.E

I think I mocked this Source-engined oddity when it was announced, because it had a silly name. It still has a silly name: E.Y.E. but it now also has some fairly interesting game footage. Christophe from Streum On Studio got in touch to say that: “Our game takes place in a dark and futuristic universe and the video shows several ways to solve a situation.” That situation, given that this is an FPS with RPG elements, is killing several men, but you see that done with guns, hacked turrets, conjured soldiers, little hoverbots, and some – er – menus. Surprising, promising. There’s some more info on the main site, and some terrible screenshots. Oh dear.


  1. Okami says:

    Seeing the guy spend what felt like ten minutes clicking through some menus reminded me, why console games are so popular.

    Apart from that: Yay, Shadowrun!

    • Chaz says:

      Yeah I thought that hacking sequence was a bit over long and not particularly interesting too. I’m not saying every hacking sequence should be attached to a mini game, but if all you’re going to do is show a bar going across a screen, then you may as well make it short and sweet.

    • Rich says:

      Not a fan of Deus Ex then?

    • Rohit says:

      Deus Ex’s menus were pretty short and easy to understand.

    • Adrian says:

      I can’t believe how people are always talking about these stupid console ports and how 3rd person sucks and now at last ONE old school looking shooter shows up and still nobody seems to be satisfied.

    • Okami says:

      I never complained about stupid console shooters, I actually enjoy quite a few of them. And while I’d agree that there are a lot of things that classic pc games did really well and should be copied by modern day, clicking around in a menu for two minutes isn’t one of them.

      Making things complicated isn’t the same as introducing complexity in your game. And making your player click twenty buttons instead of one doesn’t give him more control over the situation. I have no idea what the person playing the game was doing in this menu, but I don’t believe for a second that by deleting 99% of the clicking you’d make the game less enjoyable, less complex or lessened the ability of the player to have impact on the game world. This all just screams “BAD DESIGN!” at me.

    • bob_d says:

      The UI needs a bit of work, I think, more than anything. It could be more exciting and streamlined.

    • TeeJay says:

      @ Okami: “there are a lot of things that classic pc games did really well and should be copied by modern day, clicking around in a menu for two minutes isn’t one of them”

      There are whole games based around clicking on menus. It’s true that if it’s pointless it is just a pain but in some contexts it can be a lot of fun.

      This game is based on a 1998 pen-and-paper RPG by the same company. Personally I love the idea of an “old school” French sci-fi RPG in the source engine self-published by genuine role-players far more than yet another identical, bland, highly-polished, “consolised”, big-name game.

  2. AndrewC says:

    “Hi guys! We love Deus Ex! Does this footage remind you of Deus Ex? Deus Ex!”

    Not that that’s a bad thing. It could even be an awesome thing if they’ve got more than one street scene working.

    But then, like, the different combat choices just kept coming, and they all started looking the same, which bodes bad for cluttered or confused design, and then the hacker looked at a bunch of menus and then…shot the baddies like a normal fighter? Weird.

    And are those descriptions ironically over written? With the dualist pan techno knowledge and the octuple disciplines oh my.

    Still. Do you like Deus Ex? I like Deus Ex! Deus Ex!

    • CMaster says:

      It looks more like a dungeon crawler from FPS perspective and a “dark future” setting, rather than anything you could call an “immersive sim”.

      That said, FPS dungeon crawler with cyberpunk leanings sounds like it could be fun

    • AndrewC says:

      A Hong Kong-esque street scene that looks open plan rather than corridor-y and lots of ways to approach combat – i’m getting lots of deus ex-y stuff out of this. I guess you’re right though in that the RPG stuff is far more likely to be about levelling up loot. What a shame.

    • CMaster says:

      Honestly – I thought the street scene looked exactly like a Left4Dead level, which is very much “corridor shooter” , sure quite wide corridors with a few ways through, but not open at all. Hence why I compared it to Dungeon Crawlers (the other reason for the comparison was the lack of anything to do or problems to be solved shown other than kill people, combined with a bunch of combat-centric character classes.

    • bob_d says:

      I had to watch the higher-resolution video a couple times to figure out what the hacker was doing; they’re hacking one of their opponents, using them to shoot the rest, then shooting the guy they hacked. Then it appears that they shoot an enemy that avoided the bloodbath by turning invisible. Not a very explanatory video – a different scenario would have made the various characters’ abilities a lot clearer. (Actually there were a number of things that could have been clearer – adding some animations and particle effects would help indicate where these various characters that pop into existence are coming from, and at one point the viewpoint seems to move to the turret with no indicator that that’s the case.)
      The “different approaches” seems to mean: shoot your opponent, stab your opponent, summon minions to shoot your opponent, or hack someone/something to shoot your opponent. That’s all very fine and good, but it’s hardly Deus Ex, where you had a number of choices, and killing your opponent was only one of them. Game levels have to be pretty carefully crafted to allow that sort of play, and most developers don’t really have the resources for that. I also suspect there’s a heavy multiplayer component to this game that restricts play to different ways of killing opponents.

  3. ikkmnlkkuklu says:

    If it was a 3rd person shooter, I’d be more inclined to be interested.
    However, another first-person shooter? Nah, the game would have to impress me somehow more than that trailer for me to spend money on it.

    • Phinor says:

      I’m thinking exactly the opposite. Finally a promising first person shooter in this day and age of hundreds and hundreds of crappy 3rd person games.

      Very much looking forward to learning more about this one.

    • Adrian says:

      @Pinor I agree

  4. Spd from Russia says:

    uh they need to work on the level design. the texturing is rather inept

  5. Web Cole says:

    That look cluttered, slightly incomprehensible and… bizzare, at times.

    Also, how is it a choice when every outcome is the same?

    Its like that ridiculous game show I keep seeing advertised “101 Ways To Leave A Gameshow” It’s not 101 ways if they all end up in a swimming pool!

    Just to prove I’m NOT crazy: link to youtube.com

  6. N says:

    Cool, reminds me of Requiem: Avenging Angel.

  7. Daniel Rivas says:

    “After an unending war with the metastreumonic Force…”

    Well, someone’s been making up words. Unless “streumonic” is a real word, in which case, hey, I learned a new word.

    • Delphiki says:

      If you google the word you get a total of 7 hits all related to this game :+

    • Colthor says:

      Also: After an unending war?

    • Vitamin Powered says:

      Maybe the war involved a lot of time travel.

      Or dictionary redefinitions.

    • TeeJay says:

      “Cette action prend place dans un futur sombre qui a vu se dérouler une interminable guerre entre la fédération, regroupement de plusieurs mondes, contre la force Métastreumonique, une mystérieuse et antique puissance.”

      link to eye.streumon-studio.com

  8. vanarbulax says:

    Well you have to love a game with Dermal Stealth. I have been following this on and off since it was first shown as a mod, it looks ambitious, crazy, unique, rough, unpolished, inventive, derivative often badly translated and completely nonsensical.

    …Sounds brilliant!

    • postx says:

      ambitious, crazy, unique, rough, unpolished, inventive, derivative often badly translated and completely nonsensical…

      Sounds like cyberpunk! and I love cyberpunk:)
      I’ll keep an eye on this, hopefully it will be good.

  9. TwoDaemon says:

    From their website,
    “After an unending war with the metastreumonic Force, the powerful organization Secreta Secretorum you belong to is finally ready to undermine the head-strong federation, despite an intense struggle for power.”

    ‘Metastreumonic Force’? ‘Secreta Secretorum’? Really? Sure, it’s a little unfair to pick on them for their backstory, but I’m going to have trouble taking anything with organisation names like that seriously. And as AndrewC noted, all that octuple-whatsits and mystico-hermeticajigs is similarly bizarre.

    And yes, the ‘cascade of menus’ combat style applied by the hacker character types was a bit unfortunate. I think the hacker described near the end was probably hacking the enemy combat suits or implants or whatever, to channel a little cyberpunk thought process. The multiple approaches thing is always good, of course, and I do like cyberpunk done well (see, as has been noted, Deus Ex). I guess this belongs in my ‘keep an eye on it but don’t keep your hopes up’ column…

  10. John says:

    I love how there’s so many people complaining that there aren’t enough games like Deus Ex, and then one comes along with some similarities and people act all cynical about it.

    I feel inclined to buy this just because it has a mouse-driven menu and a lean function. How terribly old fashioned and excellent.

    • AndrewC says:

      I think caution is warranted. Some very circumspect flirting, perhaps. Maybe we’ll catch each other’s eyes as we find excuses to pass each other’s table. Maybe compliment each other on our shoes. But nothing more, just yet. My Phaelonic Pulzinor is moro-keenering near the zinco-trophic hemi-decapine at the moment.

    • disperse says:

      @John, AndrewC

      Hey, is this chair taken? I think I found the comment thread populated with people of my point of view.

    • LionsPhil says:

      I wonder if you can…

      …dare I say it?…

      …lie prone?

    • Adventurous Putty says:

      My thoughts exactly…with Alpha Protocol.

      *jumps out window and into waiting helicopter before the bullets start flying*

  11. CMaster says:

    Years former to 2116: Dark Ages.
    Period from 2116 to 2250: Technological Middle Ages.
    From 2250 to 2379: Era of Darkness.
    2380: Rebirth and departure of the new era, it’s the new year 0…
    Year 15: Where our story begins.

    The history of the Earth remains a mystery because of the many wars and catastrophes it underwent. We only know that it’s during this dark period (before 2116) that psychic abilities were studied and admitted by science, initially by the army (in the 1890’s), then by civil science (1970). We also know that the consortium of Mega-corporations was created, at the same time as the first Martian colony.

    In 2116, the space colonization began alongside the discovery of inter-dimensional space. Then Mars proclaimed its independence and launched an offensive against the Earth with equipment unknown to the human race.

    This flash attack decimated 2/3 of the human race. The surviving countries formed an alliance – the Federation – in order to better counter Mars, but almost all their military equipment had been destroyed. The megacorporations, having their own war weaponry, proposed to help the Federation, hoping to extend their power and influence.

    During this war, the Federation used telepathic soldiers. These new troops were called the parapsychic Legion. Its role was mainly to inform, misinform, torture, spy, search for and find traitors … At the end of the war, the legion became the Federation’s “inquisition”, constantly gaining power and influence. It was renamed federal parapsychic army, and was separated from military command in order to keep its autonomy, but remains under Federal control.

    [Would you like to know more ? Click here]

    No, no I would not like to know more. My brain is already dripping from my ears.

    • Okami says:

      This is what you get if all you do is feed your brain with roleplaying supplements, comics and franchise fantasy novels. It all collects in your brain, at first forming small puddles but as the years go on your whole brain is drowned in a sea of fantasy and scifi tropes until it all oozes out of your ears and nose in the form of black sludge. This black sludge is semi conscious and can slither around the floor and climb up chairs and desks. It will try to reach any pen, typewriter or computerkeyboard in it’s vicinity which it will use to procreate, spawning fan made fantasy/scifi universes such as this one…

    • Sunjumper says:

      I have to say that the backstory is adorable in its own clearly confused way.

    • Crane says:

      Would you like to know more?

      Remember – Service guarantees citizenship!

    • Dave says:

      In AD 2101 war was beginning. What happen? Somebody set up us the bomb.

  12. Navagon says:

    While it’s easy to knock the 2004 standard of graphics or the lack of accessibility, it does nonetheless manage to be more interesting than a lot of big budget games of late.

  13. Azarea says:

    I guess it’s a bit complicated… Let’s have a little French class here !
    “streumon” is the “verlan” for “monstre” (which mean monster). What is “verlan” ? It’s “verlan” for “l’envers”, which means backwards (sort of). It’s a way of speaking where you rearrange every syllable in the words backwards, with a nice recursive name for it.
    Thus, “metastreumonic” is basically a silly pun name for any uber evil force… Plus it sounds pretty cool.

    • Chris says:

      reminds me of the Gotan Project – same backwards-naming thing!

  14. Raum says:

    Tyroll corporation. Hah.

    • Malcolm says:

      That’s the point I stopped the video. I mean really – either go for tongue in cheek humour and punnery or po-faced sci-fi seriousness, mixing the two just looks amateurish.

  15. skyturnedred says:

    It has lean. Game of the Year.

  16. Martin says:

    Well, since they’re standing in the middle of a crossing I guess one way to kill the subject might be to wait for a bus to run them over.

    Would that be the homeresque slowpoke’s way?

  17. nayon says:

    That looked interesting to me, even though it looked unpolished. I just recently read a scifi novel where they used weird and made up terminology for everything, and it did alienate me a bit, but it’s a game, so it can better immerse one in the world. Also, the screenshots didn’t look awful? I’ll be watching this one.

  18. Kruul says:

    Wow! In 2006 this would have looked only slightly outdated!

    I actually like the idea of a dark cyberpunk shooter with hacking and some sort of magic.
    But the backstory and graphics simply gave me a bad feeling. It just looks cheap.
    There you have it, I don’t like it just from two early low-quality videos, awful screenshots and an awkward story that makes me feel embarrassed for playing video games.

    No game mechanics hidden in state-of-the-art combat-menus can make up for that.

    • LionsPhil says:

      No game mechanics hidden in state-of-the-art combat-menus can make up for [dated graphics].

      You are everything that is wrong with computer gaming today.

  19. Tei says:

    It all make sense to me.

    • Shadow Aspect says:

      Well, of course it did. ;-)

    • vanarbulax says:

      I was pretty sure that the backstory was a work of masterpiece I just could not comprehend. Knowing that Tei does confirms this theory.

  20. tharglet says:

    I did watch some of that game show on iplayer the other day… wow, it was bad. Sooo much filler, for the sake of filler. Couldn’t watch more than the first question’s conclusion for it being so slow and boring.

    • tharglet says:

      [in ref to my comment: I clicked the reply button next to the “101 Ways to Leave a Game Show” comment, but for some reason it didn’t nest it. Grr]

  21. Alexandros says:

    Hey console kids, a litte word of advice: This game and this thread are not for you. If you want your familiar ‘streamlined’ games and awesum action, look somewhere else. This game is for the PC grown-ups who actually want complexity and varied gameplay and don’t mind mediocre graphics. I know, what’s up with that? I guess they are lame and stuff. Ok? Ok, bye now!

    • AndrewC says:

      Oh, now you’ve gone and made it no fun.

    • Ex Lion Tamer says:

      Oh boy. There’s one in every post-apocalyptic future.

    • Unaco says:

      Hey, Console kids… Also remember that RPS is dedicated completely to PC games anyway, so you really have no point coming here, and I don’t think there are actually that many of you here. So, there’s probably no real need to make proclamations towards you.

      As for the game… yes, it may look as if it has complexity and variety… but at the same time, it looked to be about as much fun as filing a tax return.

    • Vitamin Powered says:

      Wait, are those who like “consolified” games not allowed to criticize “grownup PC” games now? Because I think the “grownup PC” side in this made up debate has been breaking that treaty pretty solidly on a daily basis for the last 10 years.

      Of course, maybe you really do have a point, and every time Invisible War is mentioned we end the debate with “Sorry old PC dudes, this game just isn’t for you”. You know, just to be fair.

    • jalf says:

      @Unaco: Yes but a true PC gamer *appreciates* filing tax returns. After all, its one of those quintessential PC activities, something you *never* get to enjoy on console. Games that are like filing tax returns are just proof of the superiority of the PC.

      Of course you’d know that if you weren’t such a console kid…. ;)

    • Unaco says:


      No… A true PC gamer plays a game that is like filing a tax return, but can imagine it as being a game of filing an Interstellar Mercenary Bounty Hunter’s tax return, while under fire from the Mauve Confederacy, while maneuvering their Centauri Class Cruiser through the Skeksy Asteroid belt… or similar. Both Elitist PC Gamers and Console Gamers would play that same game as if it WAS just filing a tax return… Elitists because its the premier Tax Return filing sim they’ve been drooling over for months, and Console gamers because they have no imagination and must have everything given to them partially chewed, like baby birds having food regurgitated into their open, waiting maws.

      But, I wasn’t saying this isn’t a true PC Game… it does look like it is. But, just being a true PC game doesn’t make it fun… and that didn’t really look fun to me… The hacking looked procedural and stale, just pressing buttons with no feedback… why press 5 buttons in each of 3 menus, when a single button in each menu to do all the procedures would work just as well, and conserve the cartilage in my mouse hand? Also, as many have said… all those choices/options, and the end result was the same… 4 corpses.

      Maybe that’s just the initial impression, when they’re giving us an over view of all the different paths available. Maybe when they show us in a little more detail some of those paths, I’ll be a little more keen for this… maybe then I’ll be able to imagine filing Case’s tax return while Molly keeps going on about ISA’s or tax deductible charitable donations.

      And as for console kid… Moi? Last console I had, I had when I was a kid admittedly, and it was a MegaDrive/Genesis+32X, and it was pretty awesome.

    • bob_d says:

      Their UI for the hacking (at least) needs some work; probably some streamlining, yes, and some better feedback (which other parts of the game also need). That’s not a PC/Console issue, it’s an issue of good design. Ironically, the console influence on PC games has been to sometime make various menus less streamlinedx due to the limits of console controls. (This means console-centric games might have two or three steps to access a feature where a PC-centric game would only have one.) The video doesn’t give a great sense of the game play, but since hacking a turret and just shooting some guys gives the same results, both activities should be equally engaging. If, as a player, your options are to spend a long time pressing a series of buttons or engage in an exciting gun-battle, guess which one most people are going to pick?

      I say all this as a PC game developer who hasn’t owned a console since the freaking Atari 5200 (that is, the opposite of a “console kid.”)

  22. Dawngreeter says:

    Surely this has to be mentioned among the worst RPGs ever, right below The World of Synnibarr.

    Ridiculous background story and made-up names are still not enough to rank it together with FATAL, though. They’ll still have to put in some effort for that honor.

  23. Baconismidog says:

    Looks fun actually. I like a hacking aspect that doesn’t involve some sill pipe puzzle. Hopefully you’ll be able to hack more than just turrets – I’d like to have some of the screen clutter – old car, soda machine, etc start causing a racket as a distraction.

    Also, with those guys all clustered, why did they show the ‘toss in a grenade and yell PWN’D!” option?

  24. rebb says:

    Would you like some Tea with your Streum ?

  25. H says:

    For some reason that video gave me a weird Syndicate vibe.

  26. Ian says:

    “Oh my god, he has menus! TAKE COVER!”

  27. disperse says:


    Any time you decide to make a hacking mini-game, play Introversion’s Uplink first. No questions.

  28. roryok says:

    looks like awful muck.

  29. Forscythe says:

    Looks like it has huge potential. Unfortunately this kind of game is amazingly difficult to make well. I’m feeling about this one sort of like I felt about STALKER say 6 months before its release. (Which did finally show us that miracles can happen!)

  30. roryok says:

    And might I also add, those screenshots are not to be missed. Terrifically bad. Some remind me of Rise of the triads. Others, well….

    “DAMN! I Failed Attack”

  31. bill says:

    I don’t mind the idea of hacking menus… it’s kinda different from mini games, and a little more realistic. Particularly if you have different tools/commands you can employ as the hack progresses – it’d make things more reactive.

    But when the words make no sense, and everything ends up the same – i’m not sure there’s a point.

  32. vash47 says:


  33. Tei says:

    Is Work In Progress from a mod group, in a engine that is showing his age. I think most of the harsh comments here are too harsh. Hell.. whatever is released, if is multiplayer could be lots of fun.

    • Vitamin Powered says:

      Yeah, this is a game still in development by a mod team, and I think a lot of sins should be cleaned up in the polishing stage.

      I’ll definitely give the demo / pre-release a go.

  34. Ovno says:

    Ace looks good to me.

  35. suibhne says:

    link to eye.streumon-studio.com

    Can that be a new tag-phrase? Please?

    • matte_k says:

      Which one? The one across the bottom, or the one in the top left? Hopefully you mean the top left – if only everything I did gained me Brouzouf, maybe my days at work would be a little easier :D

  36. Agrajag says:

    “Superhuman reflex saved me!” Brilliant! Where do I preorder?

  37. TCM says:

    “Secreta Secretorum”

    I think this might be a secret organization, guys.

  38. JohnnyMaverik says:

    I’m really exiting and yet really hesitant about this. Been watching it for a while now… glad mod teams are starting to step up and try and make a mark with commercial releases on mass now though. I mean there’s this, Nuclear Dawn, NS2, The Ball and Raindrop (off the top of my head) all in the works atm. Orion may be joining them soon.

  39. Taillefer says:

    Crossing my creepily long fingers that this has aye-ayes in.

  40. JonFitt says:

    How is it Sci-fi writers manage to knock out classic titles with ease and Sci-fi games end up with titles like E.Y.E?

    Oh I know, because they don’t employ writers until the game is long past name selection!

  41. el Chi says:

    I’d love to say that it looked like it had potential, but I’m really not convinced.
    Hacking looked horrible.
    Captions were jarring and sounded STUPID.
    Visually it’s really drab and by the looks of things, a lot of the deisgn work is either boring, rubbish or both.
    The “freedom” of the approaches all came to the same result – four men dead – just with slight variations as to how you dispensed the bullets.

    Then again, it looks like it desperately wants to be interesting, in-depth and at least vaguely experimental and for that, the devs should be commended. Sort of.

  42. LionsPhil says:

    That it dares to have a big ol’ status screen is kind of promising, for all the sharp and tetanus-infected rough edges.

    Dear god do they need a better writer, though.

    (Especially if one can also diplomancy your way past those guys. I note that sneaking is absent too, but presumably very possible given the cloaking tech.)

  43. TheHumanBlur says:

    Wow. I thought RPS was a place for thoughtful, considered discussion.

    Clearly someone didn’t get the memo.

    • Tom says:

      Indeed that’s what i’ve been thinking. I don’t understand why 90% on RPS of the time i never see all these kinds of comments that just crap onto a small indie game. And here’s a ton of them at the start of the comments thread!


    • TeeJay says:

      Also it is very unfair for people to nitpick the words used when it is a French game (ie. translated) being made on a shoe-string budget – they don’t even seem to have a publisher… (presumably they’ll use steam?).

      This does have rough edges but it is great to see a self-published, indie, old-school sci-fi FPS/RPG in the source engine. Of course it *might* end up totally rubbish but how about keeping an open mind?

      I think if RPS had given a bit more background people wouldn’t be heaping so much criticism on this. In fact if with a bit more of a sympathetic write-up pointing out some of the background and interesting things we’d probably have tons of people here raving about how much they were looking forward to it.

      I seem to remember some people laughing at things in The Witcher and STALKER and hammering EVE – before they all proved themselves and built large fan bases. On the other hand big budget games often have slick adverts, marketing and PR getting everyone drooling over games that are boring, one-button-dumb and formulaic.

    • AndrewC says:

      I think the developers should take it as a very encouraging sign that most people here are just reacting to it as a ‘full’game, instead of giving it lee-way for being mod/indie/small team stuff – and that the reactions are, while laughing at the rough edges, that the game shows real promise.

      And I do think the nit-pickers are doing it very good-naturedly. Very much like all the ‘what a shame’ nonsense with Deus Ex.

      Plus 120-odd replies to a short article about a no-name game says people’s interests have been piqued.

      The reactions should actually be quite heartening.

  44. Jacques says:

    yeah yeah, you folks are being a little harsh, and I think I know why, because it looks like Deus Ex a little, and it offers some Deus Ex ish stuff, and it scares people that their potential next Deus Ex like game could go terribly wrong while still having Deus Ex like elements that we all love, like depth (not that the hacking had much depth in DX, though I did like the limited time, after all, whoever’s watching the network should be able to detect someone breaking in and lock them out after so much time), which might bode poorly for future works that incorporate DX elements. I think this might be why, I think, is not I know, I am not a mind reader.

    Overall it looks ok, sort of like Dystopia but SP and with different hacking options (I like cyber space in DYS, but fighting in it becomes very dependent on connection speed)

  45. Alexander Williams says:

    No, dude, you mention FATAL and a kitten is /raped./ Then we roll for its anal circumference.

    • disperse says:

      @Alexander Williams

      Speaking of FATAL is acknowledging its existence which must be avoided at all costs.

  46. fucrate says:

    you guys are all like “hey! we hate all these video games these days, they’re all the same and shit and its just a super-polished version of the last one, booooring!” and then these dudes are like “here’s a new game we’re making that is kind of different, and it’s a little rough at the moment because we’re a mod team and its mid development, but we’re excited and want to show it to you” and you guys are like “what? thats a little different, and its scary and not very polished, it’s obviously gonna be horrible! fuck you for doing something different, we want polished experiences!” and then i vomit on to my keyboard the end

  47. Tom says:

    By knowing that the developers are using humor of at least the 10th level, you wouldn’t be wondering why they use such silly names for the story background and ingame stuff;

    This game is made by, indeed a mod team of guys who have played all those good old games you too have played, and are also very bored of the usual bullshiting we get in games, and how very often story backgrounds are very silly even when they try to be serious.

    So they made a hugely silly background and acknowledge that it is, indeed, very very stupid.

    How many real commercial games have you had the chance to play that at least tried to re-use effectively at the least 25% of what Deus Ex or System Shock were about?

    IF EYE manages to re animate at least 25% of what Deus Ex was about, it will be fantastic.

  48. drawcarlos says:

    This looks awesome, and looking through their site, something tells me that English is not the dev teams 1st language.

    • Tom says:

      Maybe all you english-speaking people knew it all along deep inside your guts, this is a french-made game!

      And now all hell is going to be released by all the other people who were showing enthusiasm!

  49. disperse says:

    Under Features:

    “Psychological and mental traumas management.”

    I am intrigued.

    • Tom says:


      It might be humor to try to cash-in on the fact that some war games are used as post trauma treatment on war veterans!

    • disperse says:

      I’m hoping for sanity effects like those in Dark Corners of the Earth.

    • disperse says:

      Psychology and trauma

      The player possesses a skill called mental balance which determines his psychological equilibrium.
      The skill-level is lowered when certain events traumatize the character, for example injuries inflicted by strange creatures, the teammate or allied NPC’s death, use of the resurector, confrontation with certain horrors.

      At each new mental unbalance, a test is given on the level of this skill. If the test is failed, one or several madness can entail for a time proportional to the player’s mental balance. Types of Madness.
      Types of Madness

      For each kind of madness, the player’s vision changes, becomes blurred and strange.

      * Paranoia: The player’s character shoots intermittently, not according to the player’s wishes.
      * Inhibition: The player’s character can’t shoot!
      * Paralyzing Terror: The player’s character can not move!
      * Visual Hallucinations: The player sees explosions that don’t really exist, horrific visions of dead friends or strangers beyond the grave.
      * Auditive Hallucinations: The players hears strange and mysterious sounds that don’t exist.

      This game is full of Win.

  50. geldonyetich says:

    I like a good FPS/RPG, but this one looks really, really rough around the edges. Like it was put together by folks with more enthusiasm than sense. Time will tell if what’s ultimately released will blow my mind or line the shovelware bin.