BFBC2: No? Oh.

DICE says: “The article published by PC-Gamer is not accurate. We are currently researching if Onslaught will be available for PC. No release date.”

Bummer. But don’t blame the messenger, eh? EA/DICE need to get their wires straight.


  1. Metalfish says:

    They could just, ya’know, decouple the xp/leaderboards/whatever and let people host it on whatever servers they want with whatever weapons they want….

  2. Tei says:

    I suppose creating new maps don’t make sense for the bussines type.
    “Why I would use my money to give something for free.Sorry, but are you crazy?”.
    I could tell “I am not playing your game, since I am bored of the same 4 maps”
    “Finne”, will he say, “I already have your money, hahaha”, then he will go walking to the bank, laughing.

    Two years from now, we will meet again.
    “Hi, Mr.Gamer, I want you to buy me this awesome game. Do you remenber the old one I have already sell you? fun game, a bit outdated now”.

    “Yea, I remenber It, It was a good game, I got bored of the same 4 maps ”
    “Yea, sorry about that”, will say the bussines type. “Looks the new game, is shiny!”

    “Shiny!… oooooooh, mine mine mine.. how much maps this one have?” I will ask.
    “4 fantastic games, with 8 modes, thats about 32 maps!” will say him. “with, maybe, a SDK released later, so the community can make some great infantry-only maps”
    “I hate infantry-only maps”, I will say. “Durr.. not a problem, probably I am lyiing and we will never release that SDK”.

    And I will buy the new game, with the new 4 maps, for $50.

    • P7uen says:


    • SanguineAngel says:

      Tei, you are my favourite poster by far

    • Tei says:

      *scratch head* hmmm…. what?

      *removes mask* …I am Fred Rogers!.

    • ChaK_ says:

      I think you won the internet for today

      That was utterly sadly true, poor human kind

    • Farewell says:

      To me it seemed that most people who bought BC2 were people who were fed up with the MW2 fiasco. BC2 delivered dedicated servers and free “map packs” and yet the game is just as shitty. Now, if Activision’s next contender can make similar promises and still leave players wanting after purchase, this cycle could go on for quite some time..

  3. the affront says:

    Or they could just keep their stupid Onslaught and make a few entirely new maps…

  4. Brendan says:

    $10 says this is your standard PR bullshit and they are denying all knowledge until EA give them permission to announce it.

  5. battles_atlas says:

    “Researching” if Onslaught will be available? What, are they repeated refreshing the wiki page in the hope that someone from EA updates it with the news? Or do they mean “phoning our publisher”.

    • ascagnel says:

      DICE said that, because they went with dedicated servers for BFBC2, they removed all the peer-to-peer code that was in the console versions. This put them into the sticky situation they’re now in. Implementing a whole new network architecture with no guarantee of a return on investment makes it even hairier.

      But yeah, a legit new map once in a while would be nice. TF2 shipped with 6, but now has a bajillion. Would it kill EA/DICE to release one or two every now or then?

  6. Ricc says:

    Did PC Gamer quote any sources for their article? They probably didn’t just make it up, so why are DICE denying it now?

  7. Baka says:

    Most used picture in RPS history?
    As for new maps, if they try to sell BC2: Vietnam with FOUR ALL NEW creations, the chances of free updates are pretty slim. A pity, the game could have lasted longer.

  8. Handsome Dead says:

    What a shame.

  9. Thermal Ions says:

    So by researching, do they mean:
    1. Leak a story that it will be available
    2. Deny such
    3. Gauge the amount of rage / disappointment / boycott / “I’ll just buy it on console” talk in forums
    4. Depending upon 3. either officially announce PC release or string gamers along with “unable to confirm or deny” line until such time their hooked on getting the game then announce console only.

    • Sir Derpicus says:

      They’re probably researching how they’re going to duplicate the success of the L4D2E1M0 community/server listing/selection capabilities.
      No way in hell are they going to put up their own servers for this crap.
      Lastly, my only problem with bad company 2 is that after you get C4 platinum, you don’t feel like using C4 anymore – which is the best way to play the game (as is with almost all battlefield games)

  10. Kazang says:

    I’m rapidly losing faith in Dice after this bullshit. I was annoyed with the way they treated BF2 with it’s multiple tiny expansions fragmenting the player base and generally screwing people over when it came to dedicated servers and modding support.
    But they apologised and said they weren’t going to do that any more.

    Now after a few years they are going back on that trying to squeeze as much money as possible out of people. While offering a re-skinned map pack as a new game…….
    What happened to your soul Dice?
    Where are the people that made BF:1942 ? I want that Dice back.

    • Corrupt_Tiki says:

      I agree I want BF1942 Back…
      I thought games were supposed to get better not worse…

    • Tei says:

      “I’m rapidly losing faith in Dice after this bullshit.”

      How can you have any faith?
      After one BF title before other, you can’t call then game developers any more. Game is too broad of a concept wen you are making clones of your older titles. Is like these comicians with 1 famous phrase, that have to repeat than one phrase everywhere (I think theres a Simpshon episode about that.)
      link to
      Bart messes up his lines and stumbles, accidentally destroying all of the props on the stage. With the crowd and cameras focused on him, he exclaims “I didn’t do it”, which causes the audience to laugh and applaud. Seeing this, Krusty immediately uses Bart and his “I didn’t do it” catch phrase in later sketches, and eventually creates a franchise out of it.
      Krusty=EA, DICE=Bart, “I didn’t do it”=BF franchise

      BF is a hell of a good game, but has to be soul destroying to create it again and again and again. Theres a special circle in hell, for developers stuck on that circle, and is actually a inprovement of the eartly version.

      I think BF jumped the shark before BFV, but there are fans that like BFV.

    • Alexander Norris says:

      How can you have any faith?

      Pretty much this. Dude, it’s DICE. You know, internationally renowned for being terrible and accidentally stumbling into genius because no one else really makes anything similar to their games?

  11. AbyssUK says:

    The real question for DICE is why haven’t you made CODENAME EAGLE 2 yet ?

    • Jimbo says:

      True. Any game that lets you strafe-swim deserves a sequel if you ask me.

  12. Schaulustiger says:

    It should have a huge “Why?” written next to the soldier.

    • airtekh says:

      I have a feeling it would have, had it been posted by Kieron and not Jim.

    • Frenz0rz says:

      I pictured it more as a sort of Calculon-style “WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYyi?”

    • ChaK_ says:

      all my circuits fan club approves this.

      Anyway I don’t trust that bunch of stinky bastard anymore. They’re unlocking maps on our HDD with 10ko files and pretends like they kind with us?

      Then we should pay for a 10$ coop? come on.
      And… for a map pack called vietnam?


      I’ve uninstalled that game already, after 300h+ i got bored. You know, isla, valparaiso, rince, repeat. Maps are too small, it’s too much focussed on immediate action. It lacks diversity and calm-paced action too.

      I really wanted BF3, but there is no SDK I’ll pass, and that will be hard to do

    • Jake says:

      300h is quite a long time surely? Isn’t that pretty great value for money?

      Just playing devil’s advocate, but it sounds like if you got that many hours out of the game, it would be reasonable to pay more for extra content. Most games are about 30 hours at most, I’ve found.

    • ChaK_ says:

      If you compare it to gear of war then yeah.

      Now let’s talk about TF2, CS, BF2

      I got for my money, but I don’t like being taken for a dumb

    • Kamos says:

      You can’t seriously compare 300h from a multiplayer game with 30h from a single player game.

  13. rocketman71 says:

    EA/DICE need to STFU about how much they care about the PC.

  14. Heliocentric says:

    Its PC Gamer, not PC-GAMER or PCgamer.

  15. Seamus says:

    Fucking typical. It’s not like they’re going to need to recreate all the stuff from scratch for this.
    I mean I can understand not porting a whole game to PC, but I can’t really see this being interpreted as anything other than console bias. Poor show.

    • Ricc says:

      “Console bias” doesn’t make any (business) sense, though. There gotta be some better reason.

    • Alexander Norris says:

      Sure it does. Why waste effort on the PC version when the console version “isn’t pirated” (ha ha), “sells better” and is on a completely locked-down market? It makes perfect business sense for the same reason that making games unmoddable makes perfect business sense – you spend your money on making sure people buy more games, not on making sure they keep playing the one they already bought.

      I’m not saying it’s necessarily the case here since BC2 sold pretty well on PC and the MP isn’t really pirateable on a large scale, but it makes perfect business sense.

  16. B0GiE-uk- says:


    1. DICE can’t be bothered to add Joystick support to BFBC2 for the PC.
    2. DICE can’t be bothered to add DLC or timely patches for BFBC2 for the PC.
    3. DICE have also failed to deliver on the promise of a release of BF1943 for the PC gamer.

    So much for them loving PC Gamers.

    DICE sold out to the consoles a long time ago. Sooner people realise this they can move on and not bother with the DICE shitheads any more.

    Screw you DICE.

    • Activision Blizzard says:

      It’s going to be great when they reveal Battlefield 3 and all the PC gamers will be on their knees again, until they actually play the game and realize it’s another buggy fiasco from DICE.

  17. KilgoreTrout XL says:

    I was initially really annoyed that points awarded in onslaught don’t count towards your global score. I know it shouldn’t be a one-to-one basis as compared to rush or any other versus games, but I was hoping for a percentage, say 25 or 30%.

    It’s nice to see Valparaiso at night though.

  18. squirrel says:

    Onslaught mode doesn’t sound very attractive. I personally tend to play with real gamers who react in more human way, unless DICE is able to make bots like those in Quake III and Unreal Tournament. Of course, this would be more difficult for BF since BF is not some unreal sci-fi shooter. Therefore, it really isn’t so much of a selling point for me. If they provide bot support, however, that would be a selling point. Afterall, only 4 co-op players are not enough to build-up an exciting battlefield for server resources to be allocated to this mode from other game modes.

    BTW, dont bother to ask for real new maps (not some stupid “New Map Packs” which bring no new map but only new modes). When EA announced expansion pack before any new, real DLC, I realize that DICE and EA will not give out new BFBC2 map free of charge. Afterall, its major competitor, COD6 has no free new map (or is there any? correct me if I’m wrong). And EA didnt cheat any buyers. It never even hints that they plan for any free-of-charge new maps other than the one in the disc. Of course, it’s then up to our judgment to buy the next BF game while we can expect that EA will not bring any new content to keep the game alive after launch.

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      Team & Class based games are far more difficult to write bots for than simple arena deathmatch. I wouldn’t hold your breath, it’s taken VALVe about 3 years to do them for TF2 & they’re still not all that great.

  19. abhishek says:

    The people complaining about DICE now are the same ones who were heralding them as the saviours of PC gaming after the whole Modern Warfare 2 drama when DICE realized it was a great PR opportunity to sell themselves to the suckers who think the PC still holds the important position amongst all gaming platforms.

    The fact is this… apart from EA controlled dedicated servers, there is absolutely *no* difference between DICE and Infinity Ward and their approach to the games they made. Almost every tiny thing that IW got crucified for also applies to DICE, but they have used PR brilliantly… not just to avoid criticism, but to actually get praise for it.

    Both games have no lean, no prone (MW2 has it actually), no developer console, no mod tools, no custom servers, no community maps, ineffective anticheat systems, no lan play… in addition, BC2 shipped with a load of issues especially with the frontend, the server browser, friends list, instability, connection problems and what not. Even now, we get patches ridiculously late, the whole onslaught mode is missing for the PC and heck, they are about to sell BC2: Vietnam (a 4 map pack) for money which people are looking forward to, but the MW2 DLC got roundly criticized.

    Understand one thing PC gamers… DICE is no different from any other developer. Their priority is towards money, which comes mostly from consoles and you are not their favourites no matter how much you want to believe that you are.

  20. Activision Blizzard says:

    Glad I only bought BC2 when it was $19.99, I would feel pretty ripped off right now had I actually purchased it at it’s full retail price.

    Also, they will never released an SDK for BC2, wanna know why? Because then you probably wont buy Battlefield™ Bad Company™ 2©: Vietnam® Expansion℠.

  21. Malibu Stacey says:

    An interesting study would be to see how many commenters post in here condemning this behaviour from DICE and have also hypocritically condemned VALVe for doing the exact opposite with the Team Fortress 2 updates in the TF2 posts.

  22. Blah64 says:

    DICE has done more than just re-has the Battlefield series. They are also the ones who made Mirrors Edge. I really enjoyed that game and it felt fresh to me.

  23. Blah64 says:

    DICE has done more than just re-hash the Battlefield series. They are also the ones who made Mirrors Edge. I really enjoyed that game and it felt fresh to me.

  24. Hellstormer says:

    Make sure you guys read this too:

    link to

    Looks like we’d be lucky to get ANY new patches… let alone new content. See why ports are bad now eh?

  25. ThePieSpy says:

    Whew! When I read the PC Gamer announcement I thought DICE might not have kept with their policy of supporting BC2 on the PC with incredibly mediocre content. Glad I can rest easy now knowing BC2 continues to be the most disappointing Battlefield game ever.

  26. Gleep says:

    We will probably eventually get the sdk to BC2 but not until they’ve finished milking it to hell on the consoles and released BF3. Think about it, right now there doing the “makes better sense to get it on the console because….” thing. Once thats done with though they’ll probably give us the SDK and then all the ppl on the consoles will be like “OMG pc version gets custom maps and unlimited possibilties!?!?! I must get it!!!”
    From a sales perspective its amazing, right now, pc gamers are being swayed towards the console version. (just check the twitter page to see the tactics they use. Nearly every post is about cool stuff they’re doing for console versions only) there hoping to get ppl to buy the game twice at least. Once they’ve done that, they’ll give the pc something that consoles will never have and push it big time. The console game owners will be so jealous that they will also buy the game twice!

    Sad but actually genius.

  27. wat says:

    You clearly have no concept of marketing or business.

    DICE are just terrible developers.

  28. UrineLuck says:

    I dunno, would some extra maps be great? Sure. Would it be great if they were free? Sure! But I’m at 270 hours for a game I paid $50 for, plus got to play the beta. At the rate I’m going I’ll be paying $0.25 to $0.50 per hour to play the game. That sounds like an amazing deal to me. As far as I’m concerned that’s amazing. I hate console, damn dual analog joysticks. Just because I suck at them, doesn’t mean everyone should hate controllers, but dammit I hate them! Love my PC. Hope more maps come out for it, but I’ll surely buy BC3 when it is released. I’ll probably even buy the Vietnam. I’m actually excited. Say what you want about DICE or EA, I have enjoyed the hell out of most of their games, and their business plan seems to work just fine, because I’m buying their games and they are selling them, not the other way around. When I can make a better game I’ll bitch I suppose…lol.

  29. Rubs says:

    Release dedicaded server files you idiots at dice.

  30. iceadvice says:

    PC Gamers of the world! We must unite! STRIKE AGAINST DICE’S HORRIBLE SERVICE!

    DICE has slapped us around for too long with BFBC2. This game had tremendous potential and it was fun to play, but we were dying for patches forever because it just DIDN’T WORK! Even after a patch was FINALLY released, it would fix one thing and break 20 more!

    After we pay them their $50, they see no reason to fix these HUGE problems so they release these so called “VIP Map Packs” that just added the modes to all the maps we already had to make it seem like they are doing something. I don’t know about you, but it seems to me like that’s something that should have been there since the first launch of the game.

    Then they blame a TRANSPORTATION STRIKE in ROMANIA for the delay of their much needed patch. I read a report someone wrote on that that said “people, it’s a patch” obviously they had never played the game. If they did, they would have known that it’s not just a regular patch, but a total remake of the entire game because that’s how SHITTY IT WAS!

    Now I’ve been going on for a little while but this is just a small sample of this blatant disregard for PC gamers. And if you’ve ever been on a DICE or EA forum telling them about all the shit that’s wrong with this game, you know that they don’t GIVE A SHIT about what you have to say. So if you want to have any impact on how they treat PC gamers after they’ve payed for their games, DON’T BUY ANYMORE DICE GAMES!!! Unless anyone of you have a better idea this is the ONLY WAY to have a say in the way we are treated!

  31. SpyderCanopus says:

    Bull$hit! GRAW!!!!

  32. psyckoninja:D says:

    hehehehe try to put in your yoystick in to BFBC 2…the sensitivity is so high that you can’t look up without doing a backflip 720 with your yoystick. and if you lower the sensitivity it doesn’t matter it will still be extremly high sensitivity:(

  33. originalgamer says:

    I like how all these companies treat PC gamers like shit now. It’s not like we were the ones that made these games and companies popular when they were ONLY out on PC.

  34. Amen says:


  35. micnolmad says:

    Who in their right mind would ever want a game from dice for pc anyways? They make games for consoles which are only mediocre and even worse ports.

    Dice role over like the rapid-infested dead dog you are. (And yes, I am a sad old grumpy man)

  36. Circlestrafe says:

    Yup, DICE sucks. Unknown hours BF1942, 1200 hours BF2, 2600 hours BF2142, 335 hours (and counting) BFBC2. Those bastards ripping us off!

  37. pubes says:

    Yeah your facts might be right but compared to mw2 it was a lot better. sure bf had some bugs when it first came out, but huge ones? i remember a connect issue because of the number of login servers being too small the first 2 or 3 days after release. then there was some issues with the server browser. but anyone who’s played mw2 for the pc can probably relate to the endless number of hackers that would populate the servers, that valve did jack shit about. So far playing bf i’ve only seen 2 since release and because of dedicated servers i just left and joined another.

  38. Star says:

    WTF >> RESEARCHING ?? they have some programators and they dont know if its available for pc ? THATS A BIG BULLSHIT , 1st – pc better performance than consoles , 2nd onslaught is nothing more just a map pack with new skybox and some little changes so why they cant do it – its impossible ? lol.
    I can do it if they cant just gimme acces. SO pc players payed 50 euro for game that they cant have everything what consoles ? – market step. They want us to buy more consoles , microsoft payed 50 milion dollars for rockstar just if they will tell us gta 4 will be not for pc. Console buy was up to 60 %.
    Why ? Consoles – xbox = microsft , after half or more year , they announced it for PC lol what a suprise ?
    First week after comming out just for consoles GTA 4 they get 550 000 dollars for buying console nerds.

  39. Yes says:


  40. Batman2372 says:

    Ineffective cheat system? I’ll beg to differ. PunkBuster support is far better for BC2 than what Valve calls an anticheat in MW2. At the very least, server admins have at the ability to remove players that are cheating with PunkBuster, something that VAC doesn’t give. Besides, PunkBuster has caught the major hacks, both private and public, time and again in BC2. VAC has only established that they have banned a whole slew of innocent players, only to remove all the bans.

  41. Gordon Freeman says:

    TF2 has regular free updates/map packs, with each one Valve claims there is a fairly big increase in the amount of people buying/playing it.

    Its not necessary for developers to release new map packs free, but it really makes you feel like they care about the game and want to support it rather then letting it die out so they can release a new one.

  42. The Trojan Horse says:

    Im not great fan of DICE, but i give the devil his due. in this case bfbc2 has been one of my most played games since release. Its not perfect, there were issues, but all seems to have ironed out into a well oiled game. Its not groundbreaking-ly brand new, theres too much risk vs reward to fly off the handle in game development.

    The lack of SDK is of course part of the parcel, gaming has become big business and all of us who grew up on challenging games like mario, sonic, alex kidd, umm doom, wolf, quake etc etc, have to bare the fact that theres a ton of new console gamers that have expendable income and buy stuff on the consoles without consequences. and even on pc, steams best seller list had the 2nd codmw2 map pack (15 bucks?!?!) at number one. a bloody map pack! When u can make 15million sales on ps3/xbox and 300k on pc, (mw2) wheres the money coming from? im not blaming piracy, i think the most challenging aspect of pc gaming and the reason its overlooked all the time, is because currently pc games run and look just as well on xbox/ps3, so why bother over investing in a smaller market? Sure mouse and keyboard have their benefits but with controllers everyones got the same handicap.

    Just wait until kinect and move come out and see all the silly kiddy sports titles and dancing games that come with it, and let pc make the jump to fully realised directx 11. Then pc will pull ahead again hopefully.

  43. computer repair toronto says:

    why do all the pc gamers get the crap end of the stick??

  44. yamazaki says:

    Because they don’t care about your feelings they just want to hit it and quit it. another words your money. give them your money. they don’t care about anything else. they will never learn there lesson and now that EA is calling the shots expect for things to get worse.

    EA thanks for fucking over west-wood

    If dice hasn’t learned how to code and release normal patches by now what makes any of you think they wont put you through the same hell they did in battle field 2 and in bad company 2. granted both games where good bf2 being the best. there where buggy as hell and in fact every release by you guys is buggy. how is a company that makes millions still have coding issues 6 years later.

    you guessed it there either super retarted which is not entirely the case because they make millions or there making there games bad on purpose. those days where you install a patch and more bugy game play comes out of it, those days where you expect more maps but you get shitty game mods, those days where you convince others to buy the game and then regret it after words because there disappointing, those days where punk buster kicks you out, those days where punk buster thinks your hacking and your not and bans you forever and you have to buy another game, those days where oh wait this is the 5 title from dice in the battlefield series and people are still getting kicked by punk buster???those days where you realize dice lies in there news feed when they say the update fixed the Russian helicopter brightness(they said they fixed it twice already but its still to bright). those days where you encounter people more angry about the game then you and you try to defend the game but you realize your being a hippocratic or even devils advocate and decided ah fuck it the game does feel like the same old game just crappier. those days where you notice dice blames transportation issues in romania. those days, those days,those days, those days,those days, those days,those days, those days,those days, those days,those days, those days,those days, those days,those days, those days,those days, those days,those days, those days,those days, those days,those days, those days,those days, those days,those days, those days,those days, those days,those days, those days,those days, those days,those days, those days,those days, those days,those days, those days,those days, those days,those days, those days,those days, those days,those days, those days,those days, those days,those days, those days,those days, those days,those days, those days,those days, those days,those days, those days, those days when those days where days just like the days before. its just another day just like that one day but different because it just adds to the shit, and you get shit code stacked on top of shit code. so much shit code stacking that shits just every where how the hell you gonna play a game when your in shit? how the fuck am i suppose to have fun when those days are fucked and there shity and everything thing about dice is just shitty and there shit is pure shit pure shit……

    I must say those days…are shit.

  45. Kroete says:

    Hey Soldiers.. BFBC2 sucks with 4 maps, we know. You know Project Reality Mod for BF2? A lot of huge Maps, every half year you get a new version… I’d like to have the same with BFBC2 as Backend… and a lot of us would be happy with big & awesome maps instead gettin boring.
    greetz kroete (BFBC2. BF2 PR MOD)

  46. Anonymous says:

    Valve didn’t make MW2, what are you on about, boy?

  47. Anonymous2 says:

    we don´t need new game mods we need more maps and bigger maps DICE and sdk so people can make their own maps you never have thought about thath is how you keep a game alive and some new unlocks and jet plane

  48. anonymous4 says:

    kane and lynch 2 in a few days suckas! dont expect to get ripped offm there!

  49. Cris says:

    I used to love in 2142 that gamemode that got replaced by crap rush were you would board an enemy airship and blow it up from the inside. what was it….. OH RIGHT titans

  50. ineedhelp pleasee says:

    i bought this game for pc. when i try to join a server, it says, “Connection to the game server has been lost. Please check your network connection and try again.” , i CANNOT join ANY games at all. ive had the game for 3 days now. cannot join any server, cannot do the “play now” and can’t even play single player for some reason? it gets stuck on “waiting” screen thing when its loading.(when choosing difficulty for new campaign)i fully manually updated the game and punkbuster.can anyone help me?

    • Kamos says:

      You are probably using WinXP 64.

      As far as I know, the only way you’re going to get it running is using another OS. There was a fix for the WinXP 64 problem, but it was hackish and didn’t work for me.